Part 1 – How to Grow a Christ-Centered Church with Pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson

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On this segment of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner are talking with pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson of River City Church in Owensboro, KY about the importance of ongoing education and how to create a workflow.

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Step 1 – Ongoing Education is Essential for Organizational Growth

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman (Early member of PayPal, founder of Linkedin, and a venture capitalist partner at Greylock Venture Capital who has invested in Facebook, Instagram, AirBNB, etc.) –
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. – Matthew 16:18
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Your mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz (An American motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big in 1959.)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (Best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week and early stage investor in Uber, Facebook, Evernote, etc.)
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you spend time with dogs you get fleas and they don’t teach you a whole lot about business either.” – Doctor Zoellner
  6. FACT – “90% of startups fail.” – Forbes
  7. FACT – “8 out of 10 businesses fail.” – Forbes –
  8. FACT – “75% of American employees steal from the workplace.” –
  9. FACT – “The majority of Americans have less than $500 saved.” – “
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Step 2 – Create a Linear Workflow That Documents the Entire Church So That You Can Discover How Things Fit Together, Where the Ball is Getting Dropped and Where You Can Actually Improve.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire people to execute solutions, to solve problems. Don’t hire people to solve problems. Fundamentally, you have to solve problems first, then hire people to execute against the solutions you’ve created.” – Jay Walker (The founder of
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” – W. Edwards Deming (American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.” – Henry Ford (American captain of industry and a business magnate, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire your weakness. Like most entrepreneurs, I couldn’t afford to hire anybody else when I first launched the product. I was the inventor, I had $5,000 and that was it. I had to be every department. But after two years, I gave a ton of power and strength to my CEO, Laurie Ann Goldman, who’s been with me for nine years. She’s a very strategic leader. Most important, she’s consistent. To be an effective manager on a day to day basis, you have to be consistent. I’m more of a creative person. I recognize that about myself, which is why I hired my weaknesses early on. I think if most founders don’t relinquish some control, then we hold back the development of our companies.” – Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx)
  5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – River City Church –
  6. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elephant Workflow –
    1. Create Box 1 = Branding
    2. Create Box 2 = Marketing
    3. Create Box 3 = Sales Conversion
    4. Create Box 4 = Service / Product Delivery
    5. Create Box 5 = Human Resources
    6. Create Box 6 = Accounting
    7. Create Box 7 = Strategic Growth
      1. Corporate owned growth
      2. Taking the company public
      3. Franchising
      4. Licensing your proven system
    8. Create Box 8 = Public Relations
    1. Five Reasons 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail
    2. 9 Out of 10 Start-ups Fail. Here’s Why!
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    1. How to Create Repeatable Processes and How to Design a Linear Workflow –
    2. Creating Workflows and Determine Key Performance Indicators –
    3. How to Do Workflow and System Design –
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Audio Transcription

3 2 1 broadcasting live from the center of the business podcasts universe, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170, that’s right time show on your radio. My name is clay clark. The former ussba entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission to get your organization into a great position. Inductor see that includes churches. Why wouldn’t it well? After a while later pick up churches hold on last week, I can only imagine if you had you seen this before. Was it the first time you had seen this movie first time. I saw this movie, it’s a great movie. I passed. Have you seen the movie yet I have not so it is unbelievable boots. Have you seen it? No, this time your I’m pretty much working 6 days a week, that’s all over the sabbath and the ncaa. Whatever come on sleep may I ask what did you like about this movie? It will too true story and it’s really about the development, and we have the song that written, which is which I didn’t realize. It’s like the number one selling christian business podcasts song forever and it’s unbelievable, the live 2 chainz and then the whole thing is the background of the the man who wrote it, the guy that did them he’s the head singer, bart for a mercyme, I told his life story. How we came up and then ends with the writing of the song. It’s an incredible story. An appointment on the radio today or on the podcast some other day go see it do yourself a favor to get the heart beats. Are you take some tissue because you might shed a tear or to make sure you have adequate carbohydrates before seeing it?

So you don’t get dehydrated and I’m sure stack up on me. A question does er there any zombies or aliens in the movie. You know i! Guess they were I missed it are you miss them? I went to the bathroom today about the 23 step, proven path for growing a christ-centered organization and for all of the the agnostic or atheist was saying this could be the 20 step, perm path for growing, an organization we’re going to really get into the weeds the details of going to church because I there’s a lot of people listening who run non-profit since so many things are applicable to start off with this first step, which is regardless of what kind of organization you have you have to buy into the concept of ongoing education, it’s absolutely essential for growing growing, any kind of business podcasts organization, so we’re going to have ongoing education. That is essential for ongoing growing organization, so pastor brian gibson, here search what church should I say, you’re with now that you’re kind of cocoa pastoring. What church should I say you’re with this point? Yes up, I passed the river city church in owensboro kentucky and my wife and I jesse. We found it at 13 years ago and right now we’re helping also victory church in amarillo texas. My father-in-law password that for 35 years, has recently had a few health complications, so right now we’re running the entire team. So how about a thousand members or both of those campuses and hey, we believe god wants to grow it, make it more out there whose maybe not into church cultures, make sure you get this. You have a largely volunteer army of people. Yes, thousands of people that are coming to hear the message of christ on a weekly basis. I want to ask you what role does ongoing education play for you, I mean I thought about just not reading the bible anymore, because you’ve already read that book before no ongoing education is everything, and we believe that you know you are what you eat, what you feed in your life, it gross and so would a lot of people do. Is they come to a certain place in line somewhere around 30 years of age?

They stop learning I just kind of park the car right there and if you park that car you don’t keep it moving or not going to grow it again and you’re not going to grow as any kind of business or and you’re definitely not going to grow as a church. We believe wholeheartedly that g and I were christian. We’re talking about church grow, so I believe that jesus wants to grow his church. He said that’s his primary mission, matthew chapter 16, verse, 18 he, said I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it pretty crazy piece of history. But there’s this massive gate in the north of israel and the ancient people thought it was the gates of hell. I’ve been there several times, I’ll be back in november, and so jesus takes his people on this road trip to this gnarly massive cave won the most pagan places in the world, all kinds of sacrifice and worship there. That was really nasty and right there he says:hey i, got this organization called the church I’m going to build it partner with me, listing out there and you’re trying to figure out. How does this work ozzy I want to get your take on this I want to get paul’s. Take on this tooth is so powerful, reid hoffman, who is not a pastor but he’s the guy who found linkedin he’s one of the early founders of paypal iu piles on his concert ongoing education. He says the fastest way. Z to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already where you want to be. He says, I can the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.

Why is that so essential? That goes into a harder to the core thing of what we’re doing here at thrive nation at the mentorship. The idea that, when you’re hanging out with people you don’t iron sharpens iron when you’re hanging out with people that are better doing stuff, you want to do you learn through osmosis. You learn to hanging out with them. You have the casual questions. You can ask him and and see how they respond to different life, things that come at them and then you could save yourself hey. You know what I mean when I’m hanging around people. One thing I noticed is that I start saying some of the phrases that they use, I can only imagine I do you could set that. Would that be your network? Is your net worth in the runs? The people that you hang out with you become more like them. You show me a guy’s top 5 friend and I’ll. Tell you a lot about that guy. This is so concept. Paul you’re at your cpa, you guys are a b or c p is abnormally large pastor brian’s church is abnormally large, the average church ministries in churches. What happened to so start they’ll get to about 250 members 3 remembers and they kind of get stuck there in overtime. They say well, I’ll be want to do. Is we just want to stay small, our clients, all of our members of our church, because I want to ask you? How did you break through the mindset, but we’re at right here? Most of the accountants I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years once they get to one location. They can’t seem to grow beyond that. How have you been able to grow to bartlesville claremore tulsa, I think you’re taking over parts of delaware? How are you doing this? Well, i? Guess it’s just the nature of who I was who god made me i, believe that god put inside me certain putting everybody certain abilities and talents, and, and we honor god, by how we use those talents and I believe I’ve got a lot to bring to two which of the financial world today with those so many people that they can’t even put was at forbes. It said the average business podcasts person can’t put 50% of people can’t put their money in their hands on $600 or something like that and I believe I have something to bring to the table, and so it’s my job, my obligation as a spiritual man to go out and do that. You just said something:i want to cite it for a listener’s cuz I can google this. If you type this in the average american does not have $500 saved during to find that, regardless of income or aids, the average american does not have $500 saved. According to the federal reserve, that’s been reported in forbes and a variety of publication from david j speaker, because I wrote the book the magic of thinking big, and he said your mind, is what the mind is fed on a spiritual sense.

How is that true? And then? How is that true, when you’re running the organization of a church? How is your mind? What mind is fed well out of the abundance of the heart? Jesus said this out of the abundance of the heart. The mouth speaks in the ideas:everything we have. It flows out of our heart. Other scripture also says this. It says:guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of my life, so my heart my mind. The way I think the way I view the world it is framing the world. I live in a lot of people think that their life is being trained by something on the outside. You know it’s the economy, it’s the government, it’s my neighbor! It’s my boss! It’s my ex-wife! No! Actually it’s our heart and I used to go before I got my life on track. I was this kid that had the wrong kind of thinking and because I had the wrong kind of thinking, I had the wrong kind of life. Myself messed up in anything, you could to mess yourself up you mind if, on the radio show of I mentioned your copious use of drugs, meth smoker freebase I love, god I’m from kentucky, so I cut my teeth on moonshine in methamphetamine. Those are nice to of the food pairing confirmation, eminem without doing for you around, where you hanging around some of the brightest sharpest neurosurgeons in the end, the end, the county in the country in the state when you hooked up with methamphetamine culture to me and before math was mainstream, cowboys truckers and bikers had meth and we work long hours. My father ran the largest cattle brokerage in america in the world, and so when the cattle were being sold, even if the kid like 12 years old, I’m in the stockyards helping process cattle and we work till it’s time to go home, go go back to school in the morning and some around all these dysfunctional cowboys and truckers, and they used to math and drinking to cope with with the workload, and so it wasn’t like they were going to party were going to use math. It’s like he hears, they called it speed back then take and these two weird strings of my life one were were some of the biggest business podcasts man in the world. I knew all the biggest feedlot guys all the biggest cattle industry, guys you could, you can meet and, on the other hand, I knew all the derelict methods that were destroying me and who I spent the most time with began to control my soul. That makes sense, but I would hang out with the crew out in the yard that was cranking it to make it crank it more.

If I started hanging out around my dad and my brother, they weren’t, they were strong business, guys messed around my dad partied a little too much, but nothing like that and then I would begin to think the way they think it’s all. Who are you letting feed your mind I’m, going to give the listener some really terrible statistics in a row out good and I’d like you to lift us up? Okay, there we praise your heart or simulated, is when you spend time with dogs, you get fleas and they don’t teach you a whole lot about business either. Starting a business is growing an organization hey, the stats are 8 out of 10 businesses and organizations fail scent of american employees are stealing from the workplace. Cnn money would take. The average american has less than $500 saved the world of darkness. So how do you dr. Z fill your mind with positivity on a daily basis? Are you hanging out with the cowboy ranch, your friends that pastor brian as long as moved on from when I see the negative things and i? Are you don’t like the one thing? I, don’t go to scary movies, you would we talk about movies earlier in the day you know, i, don’t i, don’t know. I just know excited that I have bad dreams, I didn’t sleep for 3 days, cuz I thought there was something or he’s my bad I’m like dude. What you think don’t do it? Don’t don’t don’t you give that? Put that in your mind and so I will, if I’m watching something on tv that isn’t edifying. It isn’t encouraging I turn to channel retreat get the tv. If you don’t try to read good things, I try to put stick positive thoughts and I try to be around positive business podcasts people. There’s nothing worse. I’d like to borrow my apologies, if there’s nothing worse than being around negative nancy negative nancy on the name skyler for years, but that you’re always mocking people by the name of skype break super quick or should put into their mind one book I should put into their mind here. We go pastor brian. What’s a you what’s the book called the book of? Is the bible you’re talking to a pastor right now? So that’s a start off with the gospel of john, proverbs and psalms, but right now, I’ve been on john maxwell’s, intentional living. Do you want just a business leadership book? How to do life and intentional living is a great read back from the break. Paul hood will tell personal share with us. His book recommendation right here on the front of time show and back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. Yes, that’s right. I’m business coach show route to make your business grow, provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big-time called of what each of the system to increase. Ship. Does optimize cells multiply beside a call, so we can get the truth out of paper next to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. It is always ecstasy.

Wenzy is next to me answer. You were looking clean. You know you are reinventing. A new genre of music is its the street, its large jazz jazz rap, but you know what I mean for my vote:yeah I think you’re a much better-looking man in clark gable appreciate your lack of attention to your own eye care, and you know that I mean come on. Let me know and thank you for saying, I look thing. You did too by the way. I appreciate that and I have to give thanks a big shout-out to the classic clean. These guys are doing a great job, keeping the thrive studios clean up to tell you. If you were looking for somebody to clean your offices, z, nothing says:i, love you more than the gift of a clean office. Doesn’t. Help people grow a business and your business isn’t clean. I, don’t know if you’ve ever walked into a business. It’s not clean. It just makes me feel like what else are they doing right clean.Com during the great job and i? Think I’m not going to do it, but I think I can eat out the floor after they’ve been in there I thought about using our urinals as drinking fountains. Now that I’ve done that’s the classic clean up there sometime here, we are getting classy now last year from owensboro kentucky. How are you ma’am? How are you I’m excited to have you inside the studio and we’re talking about how you can grow your organization by creating a linear, workflow basic kind of business podcasts getting the steps out of your head and documented so that it can duplicate? And you and your husband are are growing? Are your tortillas started the church from zero people? Is this correct at this train? How did you do it? Did you guys run a couple commercials for a few days and then river city church, be honest? We went to a pizza shop or everybody hung out and we gain 40 lbs bible study on that same pizza shop and we would eat pizza again. So I don’t eat pizza very much anymore, but we got a lot of people out of that. So you’re, just very consistent, the community, networking and friends inviting friends-and what’s it got to you, know what 500 members? When did it start to feel like? Oh wow, we have a lot of people there. When did it kind of go beyond we’re, just you and pastor brian. What you felt like this is this is a thing now I’m sure you had paid. That would happen, but it’s also feels a little.

Is it going to happen? You know, what’s going to happen now, all the sudden wow did that happen for you at the door and wait and say:oh god, I hope somebody comes and listens there in about five hundred i. Think I can keep up with everyone, their kids or aunt or grandma, and their names until it had about five hundred and then I just looked at by one day and I said I can’t do it anymore. I, don’t know. I can’t keep up with every single thing, anymore, question and I know you probably don’t discriminate, but I’ve got a gluten-free diet. Would I be allowed to come to your church. My sister’s gluten-free something you know, I wasn’t sure. So that’s good enough! Then we can love. You there’s a guy, that’s fair! That’s fair! He is a recovering glutton, glutton glutton and. You can hold up in elementary school by just like handing a putting a donut donut in the air. All the moms workflow allows you to do what kind of visually. What that looks like float in I think everything everyone was trying to do what they thought. They should do because overarching lee and staff at a church they kind of think they’re working for god and they want to be a part of a bigger purpose. I think they were like kind of giving it what they thought they should. But when we put the workflow in it, took all of the details out of mine and brian’s brain put it on a board, and now they can just see like either I am or I’m not and everything I mean are are mojo if you will have just like skyrocket, because they’re feeling so good about like finishing everything and doing the right things on the right time, so we we’ve loved it. It’s just helped our morale of our staff and you have 16 boxes there. The first box in the left of the marketing to take it people in as you move from left to right, you got the greeters, you got the people serving coffee, there’s a lot of steps and paul with accounting. I mean you know:how is it in hood cpas we’re doing some of the end of the year? Taxes maybe I’m wrong, but i. Don’t think you have a culture of just hand grenade checklist, we’re like what I think this is. What I’m supposed to do I mean. Did you guys have checklist for everything now or do you just kind of do people’s taxes by guesswork? Do you know we have processes? We have admin people, you know our car roll. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and ant. Look at it. What I’m doing what the next person is doing and push it down so that we have step-by-step processes of who does what and when and where and play the last song that you mentioned about what I would say a book that most people did. You know I’m giving that book away for free I did notice and his books or not free huge book. Warren buffett’s only authorized biography there is it called snowball and how do I claim it? What do I have to do? All you got to do is go to hood cps.Com and there’s a little short fill out a couple.

Little information about yourself and somebody from our office will contact you and let you know what is addition to the book. You get an hour free of bar staff time, and it can be about anything you can be about church chicken. It can be about accounting, be about. You know why oklahoma state didn’t make it into the big damn. Tell me what astronaut of communist, if you’re sure you know my time, especially this time of yours is very limited, but I want to invest in other people to invest in themselves. Why is it so rare that people within churches or small businesses why they, why they resist making workflows and taking the time to map things out without systems? I mean i, don’t want to be mean, but ignorant they don’t know what they don’t know. I mean how many people come to our in-person workshops and say:i didn’t know, I’m supposed to be doing that to go to backstreet business podcasts boys everybody. Why do you think you’re such a high percentage of businesses that are shutting down when they open I mean warped, is what 90% start up to 80% business? Is a man? That’s crazy! Tell pastor I just want to ask you this really listening out. There was in ministry who has not invested the time to make a workflow. How would you happen to know why would you recommend they do? How does it help you guys on a practical level, when I saw the workflow on the board? This is kind of crazy, but I just like what are you doing it like I have no idea what’s happening right now that I feel so excited and I feel so happy and I feel so relieved, cuz i, think I thought it was going to be more stressful when we had the board with the whenever I saw everything come out of brian’s brain and it was just. There is like how we can do this at the best part about it is that he no longer looks past us and at the wall, because he’s distracted by all the things he’s thinking of, but now we know what’s in the brain and he can actually look in her eyes and just kind of I got my husband back so I’m pretty pumped about that, and it just makes things so much smoother and people feel good about what they’re doing, because they feel like they’re achieving know. We talked about the importance of optimizing, your google map and getting those google reviews building your online reputation of time show


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