How to Create Repeatable Processes and How to Design a Linear Workflow

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Do you find that the ball gets dropped at some point in your product or service delivery? If you are the only one who can seem to get the details correct then you need to listen in as Clay Clark goes over the details of building a workflow.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire people to execute on solutions, to solve problems. Don’t hire people to solve problems. Fundamentally, you have to solve problems first, then hire people to execute against the solutions you’ve created.” – Jay Walker (The founder of
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” – W. Edwards Deming (American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.” – Henry Ford (American captain of industry and a business magnate, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire your weakness. Like most entrepreneurs, I couldn’t afford to hire anybody else when I first launched the product. I was the inventor, I had $5,000 and that was it. I had to be every department. But after two years, I gave a ton of power and strength to my CEO, Laurie Ann Goldman, who’s been with me for nine years. She’s a very strategic leader. Most important, she’s consistent. To be an effective manager on a day to day basis, you have to be consistent. I’m more of a creative person. I recognize that about myself, which is why I hired my weaknesses early on. I think if most founders don’t relinquish some control, then we hold back the development of our companies.” – Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx)
  5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – River City Church –
  6. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elephant Workflow –
    1. Create Box 1 = Branding
    2. Create Box 2 = Marketing
    3. Create Box 3 = Sales Conversion
    4. Create Box 4 = Service / Product Delivery
    5. Create Box 5 = Human Resources
    6. Create Box 6 = Accounting
    7. Create Box 7 = Strategic Growth
      1. Corporate owned growth
      2. Taking the company public
      3. Franchising
      4. Licensing your proven system
    8. Create Box 8 = Public Relations
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright trap, nation welcome back to the thrive time show on your podcast download or your radio broadcast up. So many people have reached out to us over the years. I’ve asked me don’t say on the phone. They say when they fill out the form at drivetime, show or it’ll say to me in person. I will say to you the marshall when you’re doing you’re, 13, point assessment still say to you and rick shop. When you’re doing the assessment still say, my business has gotten to a point where I’m starting to make some profit, but I need help making systems right you’re there delilah. Do you like system going to duplicate myself, somehow it systems but i, don’t think people understand what systems look like now, marshall I’m going to get your I’m going to lean on you heavily for this segment of the of the show. But this morning in the meeting, remember the voicemail we played this morning. What was the voicemail? He kind of explain the listeners where that voicemail came from those I mean this is obviously a church ellensburg. What was the date, the origin of the voicemail? What was a voicemail about is the church in owensboro about the workflow and things flowing correctly and i. Don’t know how far I can go with the business coach quote, but but this was the first week it was a voicemail in response to the first week of having all of the systems operate. They were the way that they were supposed to operate. Their signs on the street with people waving at people are right by inviting them to go to church. That christ loves them. That’s right, and there was somebody who was really going through a rough time in their life, and they called the church to tell the church how much those just out of the blue. It wasn’t. It wasn’t like they were soliciting like customers, but just the experience of executing the systems and not to go super deep I’ll go in a little bit.

There was one at church, I work with way back in the day, and a woman said that she was going to have an abortion, which would mean you would terminate the life of an unborn child, whether you are in favor of pro-life or not that’s what that means. You’re going to abort life of an unborn child minutes, somebody would not get a chance to live that so, like 50, cent, curtis, I last name jackson the rapper. He grew up in a rough environment where his mother decided not to have an abortion of famous people out there. They don’t realize, like steve jobs was an adoption baby, there’s. Actually someone who called this church and said I was going to have an abortion, but you guys the business coach signs. You said there is an option. It’s called adoption of those signs caused me to look into it and that’s why I have a kid today and I’ve heard that numerous times. So when I talk about at church, putting out signs like to me, it’s serious deal and if you take away the religious aspects of the abortion or something heavy you think about, like your haircut business, you don’t put up the signs. If people don’t show up so the linear workflow, it’s creating the documents, it’s documenting the systems that have to work together and it shows on a whiteboard on a big wall, how the systems fit together and where the ball is potentially being dropped. As you go from left to right on the timeline from the time that you turn the left, you do your branding, then you go into marketing. Then you go into sales.

Did you go into product delivery? Then you going to accounting so I’m going to do another book or don’t like me to kind of break down at work clothes work there marshall sears, another recordable from jay walker, the actual founder of priceline. He says:hire people to execute on solutions to solve problems. Don’t hire people to solve problems fundamental you have to solve problems. First, then, hire people to execute against the solutions you created. The owner has to make the work. What what I’m so passionate about this just breathe? I had I had two meetings today where I talked about this in the this is what everybody that’s listening needs to write down mentally committed, listen back to it. Do whatever you need to do to remember this, but you as a business owner as a manager. You must manage strategy in delegate execution, manage strategy, delegate, execution, wet I am doing business coach okay, whatever it is that you’re doing whether you’re installing siding on a house whether you are doing a bathroom remodel. What who are the people who do the cyst? That’s right, what do i? How do I need to document what I am currently doing so that I never have to do it again, so what you are doing as a process that you don’t know what you’re doing now, wes carter, you are not a process engineer, but you are an attorney. Attorneys can explain the way the wall works on a third grade. Levels of the average client gets it for attorneys. Talk over the heads of their client explain why that is always true law school. Some people get the mistaken understanding that the bigger words and the longer sentences we use the better attorneys. We are when our job is really to communicate. Something to our client and clients speak in everyday language, and if we can’t communicate or not really worth the money they’re playing some language, would you continue hey a notable quotable breeze I did not get caught up and semantics, you know, but if you could just focus on the syntax, if you just wax poetic for a minute relate to the common.

People comes from a leather bound books. Thank you from henry, ford, okay, he says the competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his business better. All of the time and place you can catch issues in the system. If you can’t see the where the ball has been dropped, you can’t fix it. Til you make a linear workflow from left to right, a document, a map. It looks like a diagram equator diagramming, a sentence. It’s like you’re playing, the game was:what’s it shoots and ladders? It’s like a it’s a workflow from left to right. It’s a document that shows how your business fits together and we have ample examples that the human mind can handle and download and download. If you go to thrive time should I come when you click on the podcast. On the show notes, we have the workflow river, city, church and elephant in the room available for you to look at something to go through the boxes. Marshall, and you can explain what I should see their box number. One you’ve got a document, your processes for branding. What does that mean? That means everything that your customer perspectives, customer experiences or touches has to be world-class. It has to be high quality. Then you have to diagram your system for marketing. How are you distributing your business coach brand? How is it that you’re getting your product or service in front of buyers, box, 3, sales, conversion, sales conversion? What is the script that you were using and how are you recording calls of people reaching out to potential customers box for batting cleanup service and product delivery? You got a document that, because how is it that you’re providing your product or service box number five human resources? Why do we have to talk about that? How are you getting great people into your business who osmosis box number 6 accounting? What are the numbers?

Are you profitable? Are you not making profit? Are you breaking even box number 7 the perfect number strategic growth? What what do you need to do in order to develop strategically the your business development? What are you doing to progressive business forward so how you going to scale it like franchising, your license in your system for taking a company public tour that you’re having and get it out into the world, and this will help perpetuate further growth. Is a business coach? How do you help the client? How do you help an actual client, like our listener, turn these ideas into an actual linear, linear workflow? How do you help the first thing you got to do? Is you got to walk through you got it. We got this list of action and right here creating these boxes. We literally sit down with the client and we write it out on a whiteboard, because here’s what’s going to happen you’re going to go business coach through this i, don’t know four five six seven times and every time you do it. Imagine that you’re, the customer. You are the ideal unlikely fire walking through this process in your things, are going to open up a good example would be if you were working with the river, city, church, right and I use. This I use this example of light with my client, i, say:okay, let’s imagine you’re going to a big church.

What’s the first interaction you have with the church and they all say it’s either like greeters or getting coffee and I say you’re very close, but it’s actually the parking lot right if the parking lot, if you pull up to a building that has 15 cars out front, you don’t know where to park. You don’t know what door to go in you’re going to turn around and leave, and that’s why river city is so awesome. Cuz pastor brian has a heart to reach people that don’t know christ and he just wants to make a duplicatable process. So nobody gets forgotten. He wants everyone to know that christ loves them and his intention is not for anybody to feel like they’re, forgotten, west, winters and king. How do you guys, when you’re representing a client and you’re going through the process of representing somebody to help, do to defend their business? Or how do you guys use  business coach checklist, open systems to make sure you don’t drop the ball in a critical way? Incorporated around 5000, street, seattle and I have a checklist of hears everything you do to start the corporation. Here’s how you set up the bylaws, here’s, how you do the first minutes, here’s how you apply with the irs for your tax exemption, and so we have checklist to make sure that we don’t drop the ball and everything we do. If somebody was looking for a great attorney, how do I get ahold of you guys at winters king? They can call us at 918-494-6868 at 918-494-6868 or online www. Winters king.Com. We got the podcast b101 business, coaching, the in-person workshop video library of thousands of videos, and they would like to enter the three and a two and a 1/2 boomer go through


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