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Listen in to this podcast episode of the Thrivetime Show where business coach Clay Clark will give you the moves to detail out a workflow for your business and talk about creating effective KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

How long did it take you to perfect the workflow (step-by-step systems) for the Elephant In The Room experience?

Step 1 – It’s never done (kaizen).
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (Co-founder of Twitter and Square)
Step 2 – Two years to build a scalable system.

From your experience, what are your rules for creating key performance indicators that actually matter to the business?

Step 1 – Profits Per Day
Step 2 – Process Errors Per Day
Step 3 – People Problems Per Day
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Knowing your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (Co-founder of Microsoft)

We are answering questions that but emailed to us directly from great drivers like you to info at thrive time show.Com and, of course that was emailed to us from a thriver with how long did it take you to create the workflow. I think those of you who aren’t familiar with the word workflow it bae systems, the the step by step system, so i, guess the question would be:how long did it take you to create the workflow aka step by step systems for the elephant in the room? Experience well step, one. My friends understand the concept that it’s never done. Whenever I mean it’s, never never going to be done. The moment that you stop improving is when you lose so he was there’s a word called kaizen kaizen kai’s on its japanese word. That simply means change for the better or continuous improvement. So you’re never done you want to know how long it takes to go to work flow. That is perfect. How long did it take you to perfect the workflow? Well, the answer is it’s never done so it’s it’s never going to be perfect, but it’s it’s it’s. It’s close. It’s very good. Many many things about it right now, because I feel, like you and jack dorsey, might have said it better. I, don’t know where I don’t know what the weather is. Have you ever use to square the credit card? Processing company i? Don’t i, don’t know what that it’s have you ever been outside? Have you ever have you ever. I, don’t know what that is. Have you ever seen a cloud? No I mean everybody’s heard about twitter i, don’t care about twitter or 1/3 about square right, but does anyone else take any chris, interest who built square and who built twitter I mean i, do but I’m kind of a weird guy i, don’t know if anybody else cares. Who was the co-founder of of of both twitter and square interesting to you guys, but the guys name is jack dorsey and jack dorsey. He says and I’m not reading. My quote: jack dorsey says make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect one. He just use the word twice and perfect and limit the number of details to perfect, make every detail perfect and limit the number of in limit the number of details to perfect. Let me try to get make every detail perfect and limit. The number of details to perfect solutions, head with me, make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect wow wow.

That would win whenever you have a notable quotable in a big idea that intersect that right there begins to infect something that I want to dissect I want to break it down and that’s powerful. So you want to not have a whole lot of details with your sister and you don’t have like thousands of detail. So you know the elephant in the room:men’s grooming, lounge i, pretty much done with new ideas. I, don’t really want to have new ideas. I just want to make the current ideas we have better and better and better. That being said, maybe a few new ideas that we’re working on right now. It’ll be implemented, but it all really new ideas for what I did we’ve had in the past that are just now coming to fruition. But the idea is you do not want you just don’t want that. Thousands of details to perfect and what you do want to make every detail perfect in limited number of details to perfect so step 2. It took me 2 years to build the elephant in the room system, and just so you get this I helped to finance the business and marketing for the business and how to build out of a system for the company fly. Brother-in-law was in the trenches everyday. It was his vision. It was his idea to offer a men’s grooming experience that was head and shoulders. Above anything else of the average man could get in most markets and say elephant in the room is really addressing. The issue is at most many elephant, the river most benefit most men I’ve had a bad haircut, and so he had this hypothesis this. This idea that he could offer the best grooming experience possible, and so now we have a challenge as if you live in the tulsa market, and you want to get your haircut for just a dollar I mean your hair. If your first haircut is just a dollar. So if you want to see if the experience is in fact good or great or above-average your first haircut, just a dollar care of a doll, not a dollar, it’s a dollar I mean, if you don’t like it, I mean just don’t come back right, I mean whatever it’s a dollar but we’re so confident. In the experience and the back-to-back you coming back to try it again that we do it for a dollar and that’s a powerful idea. Another idea that we have out there is that we have created a business conferences workshop that it’s called the thrive time show workshop friend, because you just tuning in on february, 16th and 17th. We only have right now:18 tickets left with 18 tickets left, so we are selling out 18 tickets left, but 18 tickets left. That means more, that’s true, but it means that we only have 18 tickets left. So if you go to drivetime show.Com and you click on the conferences, but you can see everything we teach you at the workshops and these workshops are as close to perfect as you can have as a business workshop at that workshop we cover.

Let me let me just give you an idea. What we cover we cover, delete, we teach you how to generate leads and say we teach you sales conversion, we teach you, we did your time management. Would you try to manage your team? We teach you search engine optimization, we teach you accounting and financial management. We teach you social media marketing, we teach you branding, we teach you how to lead an effective meeting. We teach you how to increase your sales. We did you try to create time for you, but you shouldn’t believe us. You should really do your research and, if so, if you do your research into thrive time, so you’re not going to find you’re going to find that way. As you compare us to anybody else, we are the best ar workshop and, if you go to like let’s say you go to a tony robbins seminar or you go to a rich dad poor dad seminar, where you go to a maui, mastermind seminar business conferences, you’re going to be up sold the entire time homes you’re going to be pressured into buying more and more and more stuff program. It’s just $99 to buy a ticket $99. We thought about the decor, the atmosphere, the music, where you sit next week to do a 45 minutes sprint, where we teach the subject and take a 15-minute break for you to ask any questions. I’ll write your questions on the big white board. We have white boards, we have tortillas restroom grab a coffee whenever they come back at it and we answer any of the questions. If you have so no one gets left behind and we’re so confident in the system because he perfected it overtime. What’s over a decade, I’ve been doing this, we actually will give your money back if you’re not happy, so tickets are $99. Now, if you want to get free tickets and I know, some people want to get free tickets ever wants to be a good steward of their finances. All you have to do is find the drive time show on itunes or stitcher. You just go to itunes. You find the type and drive time show and itunes find the show when you find the show subscribe to the podcast version of the drive time show and leave us an objective review. It doesn’t have to be a homer for the show, just proof that you did it. You know if your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com and will send you two free tickets and works just like that, you could, you can make up $200 of savings and just like a couple minutes visit us at drivetime show on itunes get ready to enter the thrive time show. All about you remind me to show on your radio on your email and spring break that topic.

If you want to get your free tickets to thrivetime show workshop on february, 16th and 17th is the next business conferences workshop. All you have to do right now is just go to itunes, find the drive. Time show right now on itunes, find of the thrive time show on itunes subscribe to the podcast, give us an objective review. You know just tell us how we’re doing you don’t have to give us a bunch of braids and we just tells how we’re doing how are impact in your life and you’ll get two free tickets to get the ticket to email. Proof that you did it email. Your contact, information to info at drivetime, show.,, getting emails to info at thrive time should I come to free tickets, so step number one homies step number one step number one you got to go to drivetime show on itunes step number to write a reviews for three emails:proofread it to info at thrivetime, tom will email you them will give you two free conference tickets to our next in person. Drive time show workshop. So it’s actually just came in here. So let me read the question we pulled up on the email. It reads from your experience:what are your rules for creating key performance indicators that actually matter to a business from mike? From my experience, what are my rules for creating key performance indicators that actually matter to my bestest good point? We’ll keep performance indicators are kind of like you. Every month you like a water bill and look at your water bill, and you know what your water bill should be and you look whether it’s one up or you went down, but you know what should be a baseline, and you know what your mortgage should be. You have a rent payment, maybe or a car payment cable bill. I, don’t have some kind of bill cell phone bill and you know what it should be, and so you have a bill, and you know if it’s a if there’s an outlier a few back in the day that used to be this thing called roaming minutes i. Maybe some of you somehow still have a cell phone plan was running minutes, but you basically, if you, if you wanted you made calls within that area, you weren’t charged extra. For me that was a huge deal, because I started my first company dj connection.Com. Before we built the billion-dollar business i. Basically I was on the phone. It was missing. The 9 I didn’t have a 9 on the phone I couldn’t dial a 9 without using a pin. Cuz I was missing the actual button for a 9, and so when I would make calls I was going to make calls within my area, because, if I ever made calls outside of my calling area, I got charged a huge price. How do I know what the bill was? I looked at the bill from cingular wireless. How do you remember when someone would call you when you’re single on your cingular wireless wireless phone? But it is you do do do do do do do do do do do do it, but you knew the baseline number.

Your bill should be a performance indicator when you run a business when you run a business like a daily card of certain things. That should happen everyday, and if those things don’t happen, you should lose your mind and so the three things that you need to worry about when you run a business, are profit, you got to make sure making a profit. I mean you just have to be able to make a profit, and you have to know what your profit is on a daily basis. If you don’t know what your profit is on a daily basis or that you know about, isn’t very good, then you’re not going to do very well. You just have to know the profitability. So to give that example, back in iran, dj connection back in the day or most most recently with epic photography, epic photography beaver did less than $30,000 a week of sales. I was irritated. Why? Because 30,000 what’s 30000 x, 52 weeks means the company was doing well. That means that if it for tography was doing 1.56 million dollars a year for doing 30,000 a week, if we’re not doing 30000 week, I’m irritated so I knew the numbers and I knew what I paid myself the property. What I did the percentage I paid myself from that and I wanted to realize, roughly 10% of the revenue as a profit, and so for myself, so I knew that if we made 1.56 million dollars a year, that I would pay myself. One point:i pay my $756,000 a year, and that’s that’s that right. You have to know the profitability of the visit. You have to know the number to give you a bill gates. Somebody on here says:i i, don’t know. If you’ll get this I don’t know, I never heard the name. Bill gattis is a bugattis that are you saying that is it built? Is it bill gates bill gatti’s woohoo using bill gates, the co-founder of microsoft? He wants said knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of business. What does that mean? Is it means it’s a fundamental iconcept? You have to know your numbers, you don’t know your numbers, then you’re not going to do well, and why won’t you do well, cuz, you don’t know your numbers. You’ve got it all your numbers. If you don’t know your numbers, what’s going to happen, you’re not going to do well. Why was bill gates says that you have to learn that was just know. Your numbers is a fundamental precept of business. You have their numbers, I see so many entrepreneurs that never look at their numbers at all. They just talk about their vision all the time. Your vision, your your ear goal, your passion, your you can’t do that you have to look at your number if you have to eventually look at your essay eventually daily. If you don’t do that, you won’t be successful right. The second thing you have to do from your experience, a question was asked by the rules for creating key performance indicators. You have to know if the processes are being fault, fault followed seems up to your liver process errors. You want to track that its profits. You want to track your profits per day in process errors per day. You want to know who made the heirs and what they what errors they made every day. You want to know every single day, the prophet you’re, making per day in the process airs per day.

If you have a great system, but people don’t use it. As a matter of me, other awesome checklist on how to clean a bathroom perfectly. Even if somebody chooses not to do the checklist, it’s not going to work with that. That’s the difference between quick trip and everybody else, i, don’t think everybody else wants to have a dirty bathroom i, don’t like any other gas station or convenience store like you. If you’re not familiar with quiktrip quiktrip is a very high-end high caliber gas station are the other convenience stores are wanting to do a poor job, it just say:don’t execute I’m sure. If he’s billion-dollar oil and gas companies they know, I mean how could shell oil? How is it possible that show oil can extract fossil fuels from deep within the earth’s crust? How can I erect a construct? A massive oil rig that drills down deep into the earth’s crust and retrieves fossil fuels fuels made from decomposing dinosaur. Parts fossils. How is it possible? They can dig that deep into the earth’s crust and extract fossil fuels, but they can’t clean a freaking bathroom. How is it possible? How is it going? How is it possible when you want to use the restroom out of shell gas station? You always have to get the the front desk guy to give you a key to an exterior outside building almost like an outhouse, so somehow I know you have to go to the front desk and say I want to go to the bathroom. He will give you a key. You have to leave the confines of the warm gas station convenience store. You don’t have to go outside to use the restroom and somehow connected to some kind of a car wash and the key is attached to like a hubcap or a piece of metal. Why does it have to be that way? You have to know the number of processors / dates. Unbelievable shell gas station get your crap together step. Three people problems. People problems per day. How many people problems? Are you having per day? Are you having one today today what the crap is going on with your people? Are they doing their job? You know, did sharon leave upset in tears, did greg freaked out of the meeting is, is carl? Send you know when you got to know those things it is marshall dominating is eric kicking some butt is, is andrew, just dominating is jordan doing a good job.

You have to know these things. You got another people problems of the deck and those are the things you have to keep your eye on. You have to do the profits per day, the process errors per day in the people problems per day, and if you do that, you will win any business, you don’t win as a result of a big big event. You win as a result of being diligent and consistent inconsistent in the idea of a be consistent and diligent, doesn’t bother. You I know that you would have loved our in-person drive time. Show workshop civ 5 time show workshop you get all the details needed by going to drive time. Should I come clicking on the business conferences button or by just typing in thrivetime show reviews and right now we have 17 business conferences tickets left and if you want to get one of those 17 tickets, just go to the itunes, find the drive time show on itunes and a subscribe leave us an objective review. Tell us how we do it in email, as your contact info to info at thrivetimeshow.Com what she said. You two free conference tickets, italy for taking the time for writing an objective review about your experience with the thrive time show my business coach. We come back more answers to your business class


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