Set Boundaries with Your Schedule as You Scale Your Business

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As your organization begins to scale it becomes increasingly important to set boundaries with your schedule. Pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break down why you must become excellent in the area of boundary setting as you scale your business.

Boundary Setting | Design Your Ideal Schedule for Your Ideal Lifestyle (The F6 Life) (Part 3)

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Cognitive capacity and overall brainpower are significantly reduced when your smartphone is within glancing distance—even if it’s turned off and face down—according to a recent study.” – Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid? – Psychology Today
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In June 2016, another study reported that the typical smartphone owner typically gets interrupted/interacts with his or her phone an average of 85 times per day.” – Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid? – Psychology Today
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must set digital boundaries to win. The smartphone is the biggest distraction, productivity killer, intelligence reducer and stresser standing in the way of success for 90% of the clients that I have worked with in route to helping them achieve success. It’s hard to write a business plan, to update your proforma or to make sales calls when you are on Facebook or Twitter responding to a push notification or reactively responding to the text messages of everyone who has ever been in your life. Set digital boundaries and you will win.” – Clay Clark

Boundary Setting | Design Your Ideal Schedule for Your Ideal Lifestyle (The F6 Life) (Part 4)

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.” – Daniel Goleman (The psychologist and New York Times best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence)
  2. ACTION ITEM – Write down specific times in your schedule for the achievement of the following items (this would mean that your phone would be off while you mentally and physically engaged in these activities)
    1. FAITH goals
    2. FAMILY goals
    3. FINANCES goals
    4. FITNESS goals
    5. FRIENDSHIP goals
    6. FUN goals
  1. ACTION ITEM – Make a list of the things you will now begin saying no to.
  2. ACTION ITEM – Turn your phone off when you are not intentionally using your phone to call people (80% of the day).
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective business coaching program review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime, show.Com, north, bradley, smoker. Back to the conversation we join here today with pastor brian, gibson and pastor jesse gets it from river, city, church or talking about boundary, said I’m specifically, when you have a thriving organization, a growing organizational just say when you have more customers, then whose names you can remember. This is how it is when this gets real. When you’re bored we only like 10 customers, you know it’s i, know:chiropractors i, know doctors who they have 25 i, literally no doctors that have 25 patients as possible. What to do if it’s think of concier medical. So you have medical insurance, but you might shell out $1,500 a month to your doctor and then he just always available for you and just 15 other patients, and so when you’re doing that emits a premium service, okay and so maybe a few more reachable. But if you have like a hundred patients are 2,000. Eventually you reach your breaking point where you can no longer know their names. I want to ask you this pastor brian, when you have a thousand business coaching program people attending your church and your cell phone numbers been shared with people. How do you know when to turn the phone off? How do you do it? How do how do you do it? You know we started the church. This is crazy, but looking back not knowing the things we know now, we started the church with some billboards out whenever we went first sunday morning, services got some money together, don’t have a lot of money, but we were going to we’re going all-in right right, so we put billboards up river city church coming and it have a number to call. If you were interested in that number was my personal cell phone. You know I promised you I took every call around the clock, every meal, I’m talking I’m, inviting I’m trying to get some guns for seven, a prayer line call this number 2 the time, and so finally, it’s like wait a minute.

This is not going to work for life. I cannot do this, so you start learning about setting business coaching program boundaries. You start learning about priority in life, start learning about about what matters, and so what you have to do is you have to learn that you still have to attend of those needs, but it can’t all be you. It’s not possible. I have to take care of my family. I have a responsibility to the people who are helping me row, the ship? Okay. So so, like we’ve got this place, we’re going think about it like this were in a row. Boat together and I do take care of not at any time that they want me to 3 in the morning, but I am going to take care of the people. Helping me row that boat and then they’re going to intern take care of the other people. So there has to be a system. Jesus have 12 disciples had 12 disciples and by the way, jesus went a little bit north of what lee cockrell would recommend lee cockrell, who wants banished 40000 employees at the az executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. He had a million a million customers all week, broken arrow, which is where the man cave in camp, clark and chicken palace. The studios are located. Broken arrow oklahoma has a population of about 75000 people, owensboro see 50,000 people, how many people in owensboro die every day. I haven’t counted. Think about this, for a second I should count more cadavers, deepest idea. We pointed out to me with a million guests visiting a week. It is a statistical improbability that we will ever go a week without somebody dying well, I would think would be multiple times daily with men who are taking their kids between the ages of 50 and 60 grandkids to disney world. It’s it’s improbable that there won’t be a heart attack at some point, so it is always an emergency in the happiest place in her.

So I want to ask you there pastor jesse I’m right now we’re showing the. According to psychology. Today the average person gets interrupted by their smartphone 85 times a day. You set those boundaries. How do you do that? How do you set those boundaries? We just had to make a decision that we weren’t jesus and that these people needed help, but it wasn’t always today, but people don’t like I mean you know we had to say these are the hours that we are offline, that we are out of contact that we put. My child has just got engaged, that’s right and it’s a friday I want to tell you I want to see if you can I want to book your right now for the wedding right now, it’s so exciting. My my child just is eating dinner, so I’m going to go ahead and finish, feeding them dinner and I’m going to go ahead and finish, putting them to bed and I’m going to get up in the morning and when I’m in the office I’m going to call you I’m going to congratulate you, you know, if that’s, what were what we’re doing, but we had to just because now facebook is so open to everyone thinks I can just send you an inbox, but it’s when does push notifications. You think you got to respond to my business coaching program father-in-law. Just died. Call! U z! I have having an ocular emergency. Might my retina and my pupil i, don’t know i, don’t know who I am and i, but I think I detach tonight my retina eye baby of detach my eye I can’t find it hurts so much I can’t see how you do it.

Well, it’s the same thing:i mean you have an answering service after hours and you are the 10 emergency that you call nine-one-one are going to hospital, but if it’s something else and they’ll deal with it in the morning to leave a message and you can be dealt with it, so you don’t have gatekeepers, as we talked to her yesterday, show you need if you put gatekeepers and place, you have good policies and you just sometimes it’s tough love. It’s def! It’s the tough love. The smartphone is now the biggest distraction, productivity, killer, intelligence, reducer and stress, or standing in the way of success for 90% of the client I work with, and it’s hard to write a business plan or update your performer or to make sales calls or hit on your wife or do anything when you’re on facebook and twitter. Constantly reacting to push notifications, you got to set those digital boundaries to win. You know:daniel goleman, the clinical psychologist and new york times bestselling business coaching program author. He says this is he he says we need to recreate boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary, see that didn’t exist before she help somebody out there, a business owner who just feels like I can unplug man visible, you I mean i, remember, I’m old enough play do i. Remember we had pagers what that was you or somebody had to pay by a group called hi-5 r&b group. His boo is hitting him up on his pager he’ll, ignore everyone else’s pager., inner, circle i, can’t even remember before we had pagers it’s crazy that sound I mean I’m, that old play dodgers back then you know we have a fence between me and my neighbor to boundary. You know we have you know that the telephone ring somebody else answers into boundary. You know and they’re gatekeeper right there, but it was easy to set up a, but now with the smart phone you’re connected to anybody and everybody around the world as far as boundary setting, generally speaking, people respect each other’s boundaries but allegedly had a neighbor in the past. He wanted to destroy your.

What was that? Did the bush, the bush? You have the appliances bush bush k-8. What was the book in my old house? I had a great view of them of the pain, but the the neighbor’s yard, camp kind of backed up to mine, so in other words they convicted plant stuff in their yard. That will block my view right in front of me, even though I’m on the pond at the better view. What I want to listen to understand? Evil you set boundaries. Somebody always wants to plant a bush. That obscures your view. Somebody wants to break those boundaries. Drive time show on your radio and no back to the drivetime shell on top radio 1170. Before we went to the break, we were talking about setting boundaries and one of the things that I have discovered as a business coach that there’s someone else like an unwritten rule out there right now that people are are starting to feel like that being busy is a state of awesome. It’s almost like it’s a badge of honor to be busy when you’re in a group of people, that’s how you doing I’ve just been blowing up I’m super busy, but yet I think that busyness is a form of laziness and so business coaching program superstart daniel goleman, the clinical psychologist from the new york times bestselling, author of the book, called emotional intelligence. He wrote we need to recreate digital boundaries. When you carry a digital gadgets that cry virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before a psychology today is showing that the average person is interrupted 85 times per day, with a smartphone push notification, and somebody even see when you do have the presence of mind or the intentionality like pastor, brian and pastor jesse done when growing your church to set boundaries.

Some people want to step over those boundaries and i. Think of no greater example than when you purchased your your home. You guys had a view that overlooks kind of a neighborhood lake or neighborhood pond. It’s a majestic setting behind us behind a gated community in the wall. Things are, things are good and there’s lines of demarcation called your property boundary, and so you have an obscured view out of the water correct, and so the the neighborhood yard sale kind of came a little bit behind mine. So it will come look at an business coaching program angle so in other words I’m looking over his property to the pond part of you. But did you look out there when you wouldn’t really tell so one day, they’re out there in the very corner of the property planting a crepe myrtle in the great burger king can get pretty big. They get pretty bush eat. If they’re not trying to make those things. Can you pretty big, so I walked up to the edge of the property. I said:hey how you guys doing well, we are marking the property line. This is make sure margie at this is this. Is this? Is our far corner right here to the speed we’re just marking it and I said well? Why you doing that people walk through their yard, walk around, the pond cuz the right around the pond is:is community spay spring by neighborhood, actually walking to our lawn, and that’s where it is? Look at me and I said:okay, so I formulated my brother and I went down and we accidentally spilled some roundup on said bush ever thought we were. We were so clever. Give me the moment. Silence. Is, that the dark of night wearing black spilling round of accidentally could have happened.

So I went to the store and I bought a dwarf, place myrtle. You actually did crepe myrtle and then that night it happened to i, wouldn’t spanish I want to switch it. So I took a lot of work. I put it over my other side of my property place. Every time I saw it. I can smiley go yes, I relocated, I didn’t harm this one. There was no harming the second time around a baby. Have any plant. That’s correct it so now the growing happily and safely is a dwarf. Crape myrtle with a playwright, three or four others are huge and has a good story. Summit twp sopo, don’t put them on the spot. Here. There has to be a time where you and your wife have set a boundary with the church. You said, like I love, you guys so much, but you can’t come to my house or something where I n somebody just didn’t respect that boundary, miss, cuz, they’re, so pastor listening right now, who’s set the boundaries, it’s just not being followed. Can you give an example? Jersey is how good must your life business coaching program systems be to have the time to fight the war of the crepe myrtle? It was worth it was worth the fight. I believe I’ll say this early on when we started with young church and we had to start her homework in the family. Going in our day off back then was monday morning monday, and there was a young lady that jesse was ministering to in the church that had no idea what a boundary was and she would show up. Knowing that monday was our day off, you could be making out that’s right. We could be doing anything in that noodle. You beat me to scrap, we could have been starting a family and she shows up like clockwork every monday and she’s like what he’s doing he’s like well, it’s our day off and she’s like well good and should come in and sit there for like 6 hours, and it’s like you, don’t understand it’s our day off from you. We want. We want to be more specific, her dad and say. Actually we take a day off from you, like I’m, taking my day off from she couldn’t understand. I, don’t want to be with you if you want to give back. So when you came to our house clay said this:he drove to her house I sold that house that has neighbors that know what I lived.

This is the house before i, move out into the country, cuz I’m, going to make sure nobody ever dropped by my house again, so I’m duggan out there with like a ulcer, preppers and things like that, but but it’s a boundary and then jesse and I know you were talking about taking care of your family earlier we have the law of sevens all right. So every 7 days we’re going to have a date, and we preach that we talked about date night to our people. Back in action movies were going to eat on a five guys little things. I want to do. What does it look like I look, however, we want it to look that week, but most of the time it looks a lot like eating, really terrible food cuz, it’s cheap and doing whatever we like to do inside in silence outside of our town that we pass urine if you’re close enough to another town, even if it’s a small town that has like a little diner or something i, really encourage you. If your pastor to leave your business coaching proigram town, because you will be pastoring at the restaurant and go somewhere so you’re not going anywhere without having a member there, so we go somewhere else and we preach date night until our people learned on thursday night, we’re on date, night say hi to us, but don’t stay at our table. I would say that from the pulpit forever. So now, if you see our long-term members on a thursday night, they will not. They won’t come near me at the table. It’s kind of like you just a boundary, so you set those boundaries. David robinson I went with him to subway we’re going through anything I’ll take a 12in turkey with whatever, and she just looks at him like i. Never she just broke your david robinson yeah and I would like to have a 12in. Could you sign this and she reaches for the napkin.

True story:will the construction guys across the street like it’s all these guys are so mean the whole? The construction crew is running in and pretty soon it happens and he’s it was explained to me. This is like what his normal is, and he really does love the city of san antonio, but for his sanity, it’s almost like you have to have those boundaries. Z capstone thought out there who has more than a thousand customers you’re working with and you’re, really struggling with setting boundaries. Cuz, you don’t want to be a mean, mean boss. You love your customer, so much help me set my boundaries, so I can take my son on a mandate. Help me set of batteries. I think you had a lot of good stuff here right now. You know you we’ve been talking about that and do it if you can’t be that person that have get an assistant or gatekeeper to be that person, for you, know, final everything through them and it sometimes even have to go to extreme to change your number and sydney play for you, as setting for the schedule schedule time with me that go through her and that she has, she has all answer. Her calls. Don’t answer her text and we’ll get things scheduled. You know so that’s how you do that kind of weather moves you do, but you may have to go to an extreme play if it’s.

If it’s really bad, to be able to be productive, you might have to change your number or give that number to an assisted. Let them final all those calls through them. You know once people get the idea and you give it to get him educated, then you’re going to be much you’re going to have this bad reset. I have like a rude. It’s positive. This is it sound like a bad business coaching program deposit has, let me know through osmosis, as well as to direct direct communication during a man session. One time if you ever need something you can call me, but don’t call me unless you need something these updates. Where you’re telling me an update, just update me, there hasn’t been an update, I care about you. Don’t call me urgent text and calls, because you have so many people you work with it, can wear you out, not to be as it can wear you out and just takes time and takes effort and takes energy in and it pretty soon you’re like you know, you was going to go, see everybody and that’s not healthy either. So you want to set up good boundaries and let people know if I should the ones that are close to that. Have access to and I really do love our relationship and I honestly I think twice before texting, and so, if you need help setting boundaries, we can help you or next person. Workshop. You can get your tickets today at thrive time show.Com. We can find videos, podcast 101 business, coaching in a lot lot more. My name is clay. Clark is always on in the show, with a boom 3


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