How to Design a Sustainable Schedule

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Is every day a burning fire? Do you struggle to find the time to do the things that are most important for your life and business? If this is you then listen in as Clay Clark teaches you how to build a sustainable schedule on this podcast version of the Thrivetime Show.

 Step 44 – Design Sustainable Schedule

  1. ACTION ITEM – Define what your ideal schedule looks like by scheduling / blocking out specific times for the following aspects of your life:
    1. Faith – Example
      1. I listen to TD Jakes every morning 7 days per week at 5:00 AM.
      2. I watch the Facebook Live broadcast of Pastor Brian Gibson at River City Church in Owensboro Kentucky at 9:30 AM on Sundays
    2. Family
      1. I take my wife on a date on Wednesday nights from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM
    3. Finances
      1. Vanessa and I meet at the office bar on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM every week to make sure that we are under budget for the businesses and for life.
    4. Fitness
      1. I workout on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 AM and Fridays at 3:00 PM
    5. Friendship
      1. I spend 6-10 hours per week with my favorite friends Doctor Zoellner, Eric Chupp, Jonathan Kelly, etc.
      2. I schedule specific time action items into my schedule to express gratitude or to stay in touch with certain individuals.
    6. Fun
      1. I grill virtually every night.
      2. I watch as many New England Patriots games as possible.
      3. I love helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and because my work is what I do for fun, I have fun every day and I cut off ties and relationships with anybody who is consistently contacorous, negative or dream killing.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We all work hard. We’re all as busy as can be. When it doesn’t seem like we could possibly get any busier, we do. But if you’re not focused on the right things, you’ll be the busiest guy in the poor house. You have to focus on the right things in the right order, and you have to tolerate a lack of perfection. There will always be more tasks than time and more decisions than data. Your task is to determine what’s really important: what do you have to do and do well? The challenge is the same whether you are running a startup or a multi-million dollar company that’s been around for thirty-five years.” – Jim McCann (The founder of
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If I were to offer one piece of advice to entrepreneurs it would be to stay very close to the product and be hell-bent on making it as good as it can be. In other words, make your customers as happy as they can be. You’re trying to get them to give you money and the best way to do that is by giving them a product that they enjoy.” – Elon Musk (One of founders of PayPal and the man behind SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey (American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. His most popular book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
  5. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Business Insider – “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals.” –
    1. Maintain a daily to-do list.”
      1. Rich people who agree: 81%
      2. Poor people who agree: 19%
    2. Use vehicle as a mobile learning space
    3. Surround yourself with successful people.
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.” Thomas Jefferson (American Founding Father who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and later served as the third President of the United States from 1801 to 1809.)
    1. Massive Time Wasters:
      1. Not doing a group interview at the same time every week
      2. Not doing a three-legged marketing stool and networking instead
      3. Not doing weekly training with your team at the same time every week
      4. Not following up
      5. Group messages
      6. Social media
      7. Watching any show
        1. How Much Do We Love TV? Let Us Count the Ways
      8. Learning from less than a best practice
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.” Thomas A. Edison (The famous inventor who is credited with having invented the modern light bulb, recorded sound and recorded video. When he wasn’t inventing everything he also organized and grew General Electric into one of the largest companies on the planet.)
  8. ACTION ITEM – Schedule daily staff huddle
    1. Build a sustainable schedule so that you do not retreat from it.
      1. Vocation = Your calling
      2. Vacation = Retreat from
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Management is the opportunity to help people become better people. Practiced that way, it’s a magnificent profession.” Clayton Christensen (American scholar, educator, author, business consultant, and religious leader who currently serves as the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School of Harvard University)
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to. And by commit, we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.” – Tony Hsieh (The CEO of Zappos)
  9. ACTION ITEM – Daily meta / planning time
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.” – John C. Maxwell (American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. Titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.)
  10. ACTION ITEM – Schedule time / block out daily time for the following activities:
    1. Faith
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.” – Joel Osteen (American televangelist in Houston, Texas. Osteen’s televised sermons are seen by over 7 million viewers weekly and over 20 million monthly in over 100 countries)
    2. Family
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Money is a magnifying glass. Money makes you more of who you already are. If you are a jerk, it will make you a bigger jerk. If you’re insecure, you become even more insecure. If you are generous, you become even more generous. If you are nice, you become even nicer. Making money is like holding up a magnifying glass to who you are, personally and professionally. It creates a lot of energy and power, and it’s up to you to use that in a really good way..” – Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx)
    3. Finances – Looking at the weekly numbers
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Winning at money is 80 percent behavior and 20 percent head knowledge. What to do isn’t the problem; doing it is. Most of us know what to do, but we just don’t do it. If I can control the guy in the mirror, I can be skinny and rich.” – Dave Ramsey (Author and Motivational speaker who has written numerous books including five New York Times best sellers)
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is no expedient to which a man will go to avoid the labor of thinking.” – Thomas Edison (The founder of GE and the inventor behind recorded audio, recorded video and the modern light bulb)
      3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Treat your capital supply like an oxygen supply. Money serves many different functions. It allows you to bounce back from failures. It buys you time when you need time. It gives you the ability to withstand adversity that comes out of nowhere. Managing money is complex, but there is one fundamental fact you have to keep in mind: if you run out of money, you’re toast. Businesses don’t fail for any other reason. It’s like oxygen to a scuba diver, the oxygen gauge is the only one that really matters. Whatever else you do, you can’t run out of cash.” – Jay Walker (The founder of
      4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” – Dave Ramsey (Author and Motivational speaker who has written numerous books including five New York Times best sellers)
    1. Friendship
      1. FUN FACT: “75% of employees are stealing from the workplace.” –
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” – John D. Rockefeller
      3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Align yourself with people whose values you share.” Clay Clark
      4. Clay’s Observation:
        1. God created Hell
        2. God created Heaven
        3. God created the rules
        4. God is the judge
        5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10 (The Bible)
    1. Fun
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney (American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons.)
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author of How to Win Friends and Influence People)
    1. Fitness
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn (American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.)

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the business coach thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and claim doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air, alright tribe, nation. Welcome back to the conversation, it is the drive time show on your radio. My name is chloe clark on the former. Us has to be a entrepreneur of the year joint here with eric chop, the business coach and marshall morris, the co-author of the best selling amazon bestseller book, they’re called start here, which you can always download the e-book version of for free at thrive time show.Com. What are we talking about today? We’re going to be talking about designing a sustainable schedule. That’s what we’re going to be going over to designing a sustainable schedule before we get into the specifics of how to do that. Why don’t we take just a moment to define what a sustainable schedule is, so it is relates to my life. I can say that my default, my default is to grind so I would if I was single I’m, just telling you how my life would work. This is what would have I’m taking notes. I would only eat meat and vegetables every meal and I would only shop for it right before I ate it at right. Now, when I come home, I’m married by just basic go to reasor’s I buy the meat, grilling and I would I would just do it everyday, though the same meal and I would have a very routine schedule and I would go 7 days a week. I’ll give her the exact same time everyday eat the exact same food. Have the exact same workout routine. That that would be just would be. For me to be a magical. Empty existence like I would definitely get a lot more done for me, because I would just go 7 days a week now I signed up to be a father and a husband and I don’t regret it.

Oh I meant by love it. So with that being said now, I have to have a new business coach normal, because I can’t just get up at the same time, everyday eat the same food and just who’s on me. Me me I’m, going to focus on the wee wee wee and she really it’s it’s it’s she wee and maybe me it’s like more of the sheath and if we get to get the way, but maybe me it’s it’s not no ego, she go see., we., me?, happy, wife, happy life and I would encourage you to devote to design and define what your ideal schedule looks like so mars I want to tap into your brain and chaplain tap into your brain before we teach how to do it. So your mind is a perfect schedule. What is the ideal schedule? Look like for you in a work-life balance, go monday through sunday. What does it look like for you? So monday through thursday is pretty consistent in. This is one of the important things that I found with my schedule. I, wake up at 3, okay, amen and I will do about an hour and a half to two hours. Hours of meta time when it is the best and I was i, was so great because I get to wrap myself. I got a blanket that I really like erykah get caught. Saw this blanket the other day he was like. Are you cold regularly yet? And I can say yes in the morning I’m freezing and I love. It doesn’t turn his heater on i, don’t regret it so so so I’m wrapping myself up in for a couple hours, I’m doing three things:okay, during that a time this is sustainable schedule number one, but you got to get your email inbox down. 2-0 okay number to you’ve got to create your business coach to-do list for the day and number three you’ve got to create all of your appointments for the day. So that’s what I do so between 5 and 6 I’m, getting ready for the workday 6.

We have our first meeting and then I’ll work till about 5 or 6, so you’ve intentionally define those first couple hours of your day, that’s right, I want to tell the thrive nation what I do i? Don’t get chuck steak on this, but it’s all this has different times in different different ways. We go about it for me, that’s the time when I listen to td jakes to, and that is also the time when I read books. So I read i, really only read from like 3 a.M. To 5 or so because the rest of it my day is not practical. To read that impresses me about you by the way what they read through more I can’t read in the mornings. I just will sleep on the book will, but you have to understand what I do as soon as i. Wake up. This is so good as I wake up I have like cold coffee, ready, I’ve heard. You say that you really do this to starbucks. You just poured an instant coffee and it’s already made and I come downstairs, i, usually just if it’s like and I’ll put it up stairs lot of time. So I can do the show up here. Cuz I do I know that I wake up like instant messenger want to do it in the shower as soon as possible, because otherwise I’m not going to want to do it right, but you to coffee where i, like my finish, my shower and I’m ready to go. That’s why I crank music up bro like it’s loud all the time so I don’t pay their temperature at your schedule. Look like I’m at a time matches marshalls pretty much. Do you know I got to get up got to get my to do list ready, got to make sure that I’ve got everything scheduled out, but as far as like a sustainable actual business coach schedule, what I found for me personally everybody’s different ride, but is it socrates who says know thyself? Yes, that’s what he says right.

So you got to know about you and for me, I need schedule. Throughout my day, idle hands are the devil’s play toys like i, find myself doing things that don’t matter or aren’t getting me to my goals. If I don’t intentionally plan my time so I’m going to walk the thrivers through my business coach schedule, monday through sunday. Here we go I get up in the morning every single day, around 3 from 3 until like 5:30 i, just work, uninterrupted planning out my day, organizing my day, reading books, just it’s planning and strategic life. It’s I enjoyed reading. That’s what I do listen to td jakes while I take a shower i, try to hop in the car exactly at 5:40, I called shelby at 5:55. If I have something I want to talk to him about. Our meeting starts at 6 I like to be in there at 6:05 at john start the meeting. That’s my day, I like to do that. Then I get to go meeting to me to have a meeting at 6 meeting at 7 meeting at 8 meeting at 9 meeting at 10 no gaps 11:12 so before I’ve, even got to like to I’ve, already had non-stop meetings from 7 to 2. So far he had seven meetings with clients and then I like to go record the show and then I record. The show I have a great time. I love, recording the show. It’s a lot of fun, I love, doing that and then I love to spend time with the wife at my wife, my wife, my kids, so I go to research every single day and I go to the meat department every single day or sprouts. We still have by sprouts, but I’ll go there. Every single day and I will buy some kind of meat product and I grill. Every single monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday friday i, like to take the kids out for a movie I like to go see. Whatever movie is available, we can watch one of the house and then wednesday nights, so I’m kind of out of order a little bit but monday through friday my schedule. So every day it’s pretty similar but wednesday’s date night. Every wednesday without fail, i, take notes on a date and I like I like to go, see a business coach movie that that I have no expectations for and I didn’t even know, existed, i, don’t watch previews i, don’t watch tv, so I can just show up and see what movie starts now and then go see that much. I want to go, see it and then saturday, hang out with the kids go to hobby lobby I’ll go to that would probably twice twice on a day going to hobby lobby twice go to research twice:go in there, just look for things to buy I like to burn pinon wood in and read when I sunday with your family time, every single sunday night.

It’s it’s a perfect flow for me. I, don’t i, don’t have a desire to go on in which means to business coach retreat from because i, like my schedule every week, but yet we have multiple companies. I want to challenge you on something like that, because there’s a lot of business owners out there that have a family. They have a wife, they have a husband, they have kids, okay, and so after the work day, your time is completely devoted to spending time with them and you’re, not working throughout the evening you’re not trying to do the dinner and work on the business. At the same time my phone is off and your phone is off at some point. So why did you choose so early in the morning to do it? Well, clifton taulbert he’s a best-selling author he’s a guy who helped introduce the stairmaster into the marketplace, and he pointed out that I’m abnormally at ambitious. What’s the term? Is it abnormally ambitious I thought was awesome. He said so either you’ll be divorced or an early-morning guy soon and I thought well. So this is why I want you to action. Item number one in trouble to make sure this is defined as an action item, because this is something everyone needs to do. You need to go ahead and design your schedule. What you want that to be right now and it might take you awhile to get to it. Would you have to have in your mind’s eye and I begin with the end and there’s a notable quotable from jim mccann, the founder of 1 800 flowers.Com? He writes. We all work hard, we’re always busy, as can be when it doesn’t seem like we could possibly get any busier we do, but if you’re not focused on the right things, you’ll be the busiest guy in the poor house, you have to focus on the right things in the right order and you have to tolerate a lack of perfection. That’s big I want to highlight that I’m go to hudson,. Did you have to tolerate a lack of perfection? There always be more tasks than time and more decisions than data. Your tasks. Your task is to determine what really what’s really important. What do you have to do and do well the challenge the same with your running a startup or a multimillion-dollar business coach company. That’s been around for 35 years. That is so powerful iii, the profundity of that I’m. Just do you have to be able to tolerate a certain lack of perfection to let me give me example:have you seen the new org chart that my wife and john kelly work done for elephant the rooms I have to? Yes? Have you seen the new bonuses dudes? It is my wife’s, probably best piece of business work I’ve ever seen her. Do it double. What it is is the guys who work with us now have essentially through reducing a layer of management that wasn’t needed she’s, giving them bonuses that will out every front desk person to make almost $70,000 a year.

What, if they implement the moves that authorities, but if you’re an aggressive, but you could it’s not like run likely? You know what I’m saying and so that’s pretty cool you can make 60 to 67 68 70 thousand a year if you’re a grinder, you know-and it gets repetitive I mean through pet if I mean you’re you’re, seeing men you’re taking care of their haircuts, but to build a system like that. I mean a my wife. Looked at it and looked at and I was dealing with a non perfected system. I was going okay, I know you can get there, but it’s going to take somebody about 20 hours to do it and vanessa was doing taxes and she’s doing legal agreements, and so my wife handle that aspect of it. Whenever you get a chance to sit down and obsess on I promise, it’s going to be, and she did it. She nailed it, and so it’s hard for a lot of clients, though, to deal with things not being perfectly almost want to get everything perfect before they start business coach marketing. But you have to start marketing reid hoffman, the founder of linkedin, said:if you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product and you’ve launch too late, you just got to get it up and going in order incorrect it along the way, and as this relates to scheduling I used to be this guy I can’t have my to do list. I can’t have a tight schedule. Cuz there’s too many fires to possibly might sell. My business doesn’t lends itself well to it to do exactly, and so then what I had to read. This is exactly what he’s saying his quote:hear you. It’s not going to be perfect, so build that schedule out and then know that you’re going to revise it, it’s not a one-time event. You’re going to have to make that thing better. Over time, I turned my phone off I do to turn my phone on timothy 80% of the day yesterday, when I turned it on I’m, not exaggerated north of 50 text messages, it’s so funny. How does a burning fire than you see it resolved itself burning fire resolve itself, it’s funny how, if you’re not running around being reactive help a lot of problem solve themselves right now here is elon musk. This is the founder of the founders of paypal, the, man, behind, spacex, tesla and solarcity. It doesn’t come up here.

If I were to offer one piece of advice to entrepreneurs, it would be to stay very close to the product and be hell-bent on making it as good as it can be. Another words make your customers as happy as happy as they can be you’re trying anyways as you’re, trying to get them to give you money in the best way to do that is by giving them a product that they enjoy. So how do you stay that close to the product will also adhering to a sustainable schedule? We come back we’re going to talk about how to define a to say, a schedule, that’s sustainable and how to adhere to it, while also focusing on perfectionist want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe and itunes leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at tgrivetime show.Com to claim your business coach workshop tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us in our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come. True. I should welcome back we’re talking about designing a sustainable schedule, we’re talking about designing an ideal, sustainable schedule. This is how to design an ideal. Sustainable schedule love my schedule right now. I love, it I love it. But let me just tell you the psychological problems that I used to have you used to say that, because elon musk instructs us I’ll, read it one more time, so we can soak it in here. You lie too much. This is the founder of paypal, the mets behind spacex and tesla and solarcity. He says if I would offer one piece of vice and I was listening to entrepreneurs. It would be to stay very close to the product and I stayed super close, I never went home had to be hell-bent on making it as good as it can be, make your customers as happy as they can be, and that’s what I did by randy j connection. That’s why I did wear an epic photography you’re trying to give them that you’re trying to give to try to get them to give you money in the best way to do that is by giving them a product that they enjoy. I wanted to do that until I thought was, I was going to work every single hour of the day and so marsh I said the kiss of death for sustainable schedules. I said my current schedule does not lend itself to a calendar, and you would say please be candid with me:please help me to improve I’m stuck in the cycle of being always busy. Help me get unstuck, and you said:okay I will help you. What would you say I would say clay. Yes, I can appreciate that you feel a little overwhelmed. Okay, but out of my willingness and desire to help you on the half of your wallet, you need to quit out all of this craziness, because you with that mindset, you’ll never get to where you want to go to make sense on the weekends I wasn’t dj cuz I want to quit time for them, I would go to the other shows and just show up and I would watch the entire show and I would like to know where djs or yes, I would not tell them. I’m coming up this week is going to have to work really hard to make sure I could build a system with cd.

So. Now I’m going to go to other people shows I drive out to like there is not another man dj for 6 hours and take notes about what they were doing wrong nice, how to make it better. Not to my credit, I got a lot of really really good ideas for checklist and systems from watching that, but at a certain point, I should have said I’m not going to do that. Friday sat sunday, but dude I did everyday well, i. Think what you’re saying is this next notable quotable here by stephen covey? He says the key is not to prioritize. What’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities, the key okay, the key unlocks things, that’s what he does. The key is not what you just did that. Can you set a key unlock? Something in you know if you have some time after the show, I would like to help. You unlock something, okay, see what that means, but I don’t know where the key is not to prioritize. What’s on your schedule, so it’s already already dysfunctional. Don’t prioritize! What’s on your schedule, but schedule your priorities, what actually matters run these things through the filter of what’s best for the business and your schedule, but that’s not true. It is, but it’s not a voicemail everything matters irene’s important. If that’s, if everything is that important to visit with chuck help somebody you just literally have to, if you have these business coach things, that you are determining our priorities and you got to block out time on your schedule. I have just finished, putting together a book and it it you can get it for your business coach will help you out things on amazon. Now you did the art of getting things done. In this thing we decide teaching moves. There’s like many men. He moves that. You can use like to talk to dr. Z about so he’s moved so I moved.

You might go, that’s a really dirty move, but this is an example. If somebody calls you, you don’t have to call them back what that just broke somebody’s mind like so you have to ask yourself, you know, is this relationship that I want to maintain, so it doesn’t look, as example. If you email me, i, don’t have to email back, that’s a big something right. There, cuz I get thousands of emails. Don’t you take the boys that I’m doing it makes it less a commandeered it awkward! You can’t you can’t just cuz you emailed me doesn’t mean you could put something on my to do list make sure that you’re getting this idea. Just because somebody emailed me it doesn’t mean they just one-upped me on the organizational chart. Just because you sent me an email does not mean you have the right to take a minute of my day. So because, if you want to scale a business that would buy very definition would mean that you’re doing something repeatedly right, you guilty of mothers of customers. Now you can’t respond every single customer, every single day systems. The members of your team can-and here is where the tyranny that I see this is where the tyrannical rage of your mind isn’t slaving you as an entrepreneur. I see this. You say well, the customers deserve to work with me. Cuz I’ve always put the tile and every home, and so in order to build the business to the next level, I’ve always got to be the guy who install install the tile I’ve always made the cakes myself, and my customers expect me to make the cake I’ve always dj’d myself, I was told the insurance myself I’ve always had people always ask for me personally, they said I want you to install the tile and you have to eventually get comfortable with saying. No and I’ll tell you how you say:no, you make it to do list, no chapters, a study that came out there. It’s called the habits of the rich, it was published in business coach insider, it’s been published by dave ramsey tom corley is the author.

Who did all the research for this? They studied multi millionaires, millionaires, very successful people and they said what are the things that they do, that no one else does and almost every millionaire they interviewed. They did these three things, one they maintained it to do list jump, jump jump. You got to have it to do list. What are you doing it during your day? If you don’t have it written down somewhere as a business owner, there is no possible way, especially as your scaling and growing. They are going to remember everything. The pants were remembering the mind is for strategic thinking. The second thing very wealthy people do they turn their car into their library when they were driving, it would listen to self help to business coach podcast audio books, not just whatever the radio is thrown at him right and the third thing they did is they were very important about who they surround they’re very focused on who they say proud of themselves what they were very determined to spend their times. I was spending time with people that could lift them up. People who are sources of wisdom. They were very intentional about making it to do list be listening to audio while driving in three surrounding themselves, with people who are a successful or more more successful than they were because you do become the average of the five people. Did you spend your time with the most? Then we come back we’re going to talk about the importance of not having idle time and shut this pricey lot of entreprenuers losing a lot of time. I mean a lot of time. A lot of time is lost, being idle, so I want to do during the break marshall above, if you could just stream of consciousness go through some of the areas where you see former clients current clients, what they told you, man, i, am I used to waste a ton of time on these areas and I want to list them all out.

Cuz I need a lot of people are wasting time on things that they don’t realize. Our time, wasters did anything for me right there. In fact, massive time-wasters. If you ever struggled to live a ideal schedule, you want to stay tuned as we break down some of the biggest time-wasters that we’ve seen as business coaches attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at thrivetime, show.Com, alright tribe, nation, welcome back to the drivetime show on your podcast download dive into the subject, because we’ve had literally thousands of people that I work with over the years. Who told me that they’re struggling to design the ideal schedule I want to make sure you’re getting this cuz. What’s going to happen today after we record the show I’m going to go to atwoods and I’m going to buy chicken feed the chicken it’s it’s, it’s a chicken feed. It’s a help that the chickens lay eggs like the eggs like a pellet that helps them lay more business coach eggs or something then I’m going to get some new bedding for the the the new silkie chickens and then I’m going to burn, painted wood and I’m going to read a book and I’m going to take my son to guitar center and atwoods I got a lot of stuff planned to go to the office, and my kids apparently want to make a a cart where they can offer. People like yourself in the office like food beverage, cart food. If they want to be like a vendor like they want to be like a vendor or something i. Think I’m selling beer and angelita came up with this idea. They would be like office vendors office area. I’m saying is like this is what I’m doing that’s? What I want to do, that i, don’t want to i, don’t I’m not going to do a lot of other things which allows me to do those things and I am happy that I’m going to grill some meat and I’m going to change my life around. That’s what I’m going to do the picture of things and I’m probably going to watch a national lampoon’s movie? Yes, these are what I do to you.

Maybe tell me where you see clients not doing this work rate problem. Okay. I have done a business coach group interview on friday I know if you guys saw that on friday on friday, we’re off to visit, invite a group interview on friday and I interviewed for call center reps at one time for the elephant in the room, but then I found two that I like and so I’ve made on. My hiring I didn’t have four separate interviews and I literally did the interviews in a total of 30 minutes between all four what are supposed to be more than 4 people showing up 9 and 4. So if you would have scheduled 9 hours, we have a sound of the elephant noise and then we do. Is she mediately calls you and she schedules and I said just don’t we just schedule a time to have him show up at one time and then I’ll interview about one time until I said I’ll interview about friday like at 1 or something, but it to interview them all on time, and we made the hiring decisions. Over. Marshall didn’t read my resume to a couple of years ago and I was reading some nonsense, blog that is told you you’re supposed to read every resume. How much time are entrepreneurs wasted by not doing a group interview, they’re wasting a ton of time and they’re losing a ton of time in efficiency with somebody who is disengaged at their job in so you got to do the group interview every single week? Okay, it’s the most effective way. Okay, don’t be reading bill’s blog. That is telling me that, well, you got to spend at least 5 hours poring, all that rectify I’m good people as we want to see now.

The first step is really the fastest way to bankrupt your businesses to run a background check on everybody that applies for your company. So what you do is you lily. Somebody applies for the job. You respond to their email, no matter what their resume says. Hey I love your resume like to interview the interview, all the candidates. At the same time, every single week after interview the candidates, the ones that are not high. Not we are not crazy, not drunk., late, those people. You say you know what I think you might be a good fit I’m going to shadow me a shout of you for 15 or 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, maybe all day half day, whatever I paid the business coach guy. Yesterday, $12 cash, hey here’s your first hour at work. They do a girl. Eight bucks boom here, 30 minutes, work, cool i! Ask you to do a task last one guy to address envelopes and put stuff in it. As other person, I asked her to make some calls she’s like really. This is an interview and they both could do it. The other three were nimrod morons, argumentative, smart lazy, distracted. Whatever and I said hey, you know it’s not working out and then we’ll do. Marshall is I’ll check, background checks now before I bring them on the floor is a full-time employee only after they have weed themselves out so group interview can save you literally I’m, giving you like 25 hours a week back I’m telling you this this one system alone would have changed the concrete business. The way we operated, justin, tirely colaw fitness, told me he said we would not have been able to run the three multimillion-dollar shops.

The way we do, the 3 ultimate our gym. If we did not do a group interview check out colaw fitness very successful company in marshall you a three-legged marketing stool, you know I’m trying to live an ideal steel. Schedule. I want to do that. Instead, I want to just mark it and pass out cards at local chamber events. Marshall talk to me about when somebody’s out there refusing to do a three-legged marketing stool. Well, here’s the deal when they’re not doing the three legged marketing. Still there trying to invest time and money into 17 different marketing schools in you send your business to the grave. If you were just trying to do everything all at once, if you’re saying all this a new innovative marketing strategy, we need to try that, and rather they’re spending copious amounts of hours at the chamber event or at a networking group or a referral group or a men’s business coach breakfast. That’s what that’s what I’m saying, if you feel like going to a men’s breakfast, is good for your spiritual development than you go to it, but if you feel like it’s like a way to get leads, but it doesn’t actually generate leads, get the crap out of their second of all. Moreover, that system is dependent on you going to the men’s breakfast guys. Listen I got to tell you something. I want to hear I actually used to do that. Three breakfast today I went to every single breakfast networking event and cause I swear. I swear. The rotary had one remember the red one, the bixby chamber had one can you say who had the best breakfast and I can’t and I was literally gone to like 30 breakfast I mean i, probably wouldn’t you like 20 breakfast, maybe 15 to 20 every month. That’s a lot and they had business after hours that the marshall not doing weekly training with your team. If you just refuse like the right now starting I think next week on I believe it’s tuesdays at 7 to get is the time to start doing the ongoing training for the call center reps relafen the room, cuz there’s so many of them. Now that I need to do that. What happens if you don’t do weekly training with your spending like 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, trying to train people, and it just becomes all-encompassing because then they need ongoing training. But if your proactive about the training you will get, it done, you’ll get people trained up in rather than an indefinite amount of time or if they’re not trained up at all, they’re going to screw up and in your customers are going to be upset. What, if you don’t do a group interview at the same time every week or you don’t do the weekly training at the same time, every consistency builds confidence today consisted I’m, not following up. Pulling up with people after you delegated tasks. How much time do people lose when they delegate a task and they don’t actually follow up? You lose all kinds of time, because then you have to circle back touch it once get it done. Move on group messages marshall this group messaging about everything.

I was at waste time, but it just all of your friends they’ll, send you group messages, you’ll be added, on. Just turn it off delete it do whatever you have to do. We come back for the wage war on mindless, work-related social media, mindless work-related social media, to thrive time, no on your podcast download were teaching you how to build the ideal sustainable schedule. The keyword to your ideal, sustainable schedule state want to attend the legendary thrive time. Show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective business coach review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Orange friday should look at back to the conversation were talking about how to design the ideal sustainable schedule. Would your life be like if you have control over your schedule, I do and I can tell you I like it over here, so I’m not sure what you’re doing over there, but I like it over here at the grass is greener over here. It’s how I did it, how I didn’t do it? Okay, so back we’re at the dj business I thought that my schedule is too busy and too much dynamic fire too many things going on to build a set schedule, a calendar. My schedules too busy for a county has the same way. So if that’s the mindset, you have I’m trying to free you up and give you massive. Just time-savers here, give you wings and if you’re just now, turning in on you can get on the podcast download. You can hear the entirety of all of us at thrive. Time should I come pick up the podcast button, so massive time-wasters. If you want to waste a lot of time interview, candidates individually interview the candidates individual, if you want to waste mastiff them at mass amounts of time, if you want to meet clients and you to meet them individually, that makes sense, but it when you’re interviewing people. You really want to interview them as a large group, and then you want to find out who’s the best fit me. A lot of specific training is on that, but don’t say 27 individual one-on-one interviews. Also, if you want to waste a massive amount of time, just only network pass out your business card and buy into the belief that all your business comes about via word-of-mouth say that out loud enough, you’ll start to believe that excuse, and so I have to be at all the networking events.

I have to do it all myself and if that’s what you want to leave as your legacy is that you were the person who network the most, then you could do that, but we would advise you a three-legged marketing school, which is automating your marketing a sustainable way. Your business coach can help you do that. If you want to live a dysfunction in entire team, hey guys I’ll circle back this week off, you know for the training time, I’m not really know what we’re going to do training this week, but I’ll circle back. What we’ll do is we’re going to circle. I, don’t have a set time right now for business coach training the will circle back. If you want to live that kind of dysfunction, dude you’re going to lose not going to be fun. On that note, you know the next one we’re going to talk about here is the group messages right right, I see sometimes there’s a business owners out there that they try to bypass following up by using some technology to group message their team like a mass email? Will you see, see everyone in your organization to follow up on every right or some? You know scheduling, builder thing where everybody has this form they can get on and then typing like nobody’s going to get on there. Nobody is going to learn from you they’re going to read it as you’re attacking them. It’s going to be a terrible situation. It’s funny! That’s what it’s called! It’s ridiculous dells emailed adult center. Is it the ideal, it’s so stupid? What it’s like hey, bring that video. What font do you want? The other person that just responded to you now they’re, like a manager and they’re going I want this phone, but I got distracted from what they were doing right and then you right back thanks for that they go. Thank you and then right, hey do you said chuck norris joke going to go back and forth. It is ridiculously a man while you could just turn around and just ask them. What van do you want to believe social media I want to make sure someone’s getting this idea. I understand this social media, social media, social media, so many blogs out there talk about. He got to be relevant on it, so I’m going to go on to the elephant in the room, so she’s meeting right now and I’m going to read to you the things that I’m missing out on here. So as I as I pull this up explain to her explain to the listeners where you see people wasting tons of time on social media.

Everybody has this idea that you’re going to get busy if you’re going to make money from just social media. Now you can advertise, you can have targeted advertisements on certain social media platforms that can help you make money, but if you’re just trying to have this awesome, updated social media speed in your twitter and instagram is just the coolest thing ever. Nobody really cares. You can have a ton of followers, but if nobody’s buying from you what’s the point so yours, what’s going on at in the room on our social media, we have a guy who wrote a frank is the man. I went in not sure about what style to choose for my haircut and frank was very helpful and I appreciate that one job I wouldn’t trust any other establishment. With my hair, david gest rights, david is the best he should get a bonus anthony rights. This is a great place. Thank you david. You are awesome I’m, as you’re going through these neil wright self in the room is awesome. Thank you, chad wright elephant. The room is awesome. Thank you. Anna writes places amazed and images go through this and you’re going to realize that this is what people are business coach doing. The writing positive things about the company, there’s also negative reviews to go up there from time to time and I could spend my entire day riding you’re right. Thank you. I appreciate and I do appreciate that right and I do make announcement as needed on social media. Here’s. The thing, though, instead of going there in reading all of the social media posts that I posted, if you’re going to spend time doing, that use a tool like lucky orange to analyze your website traffic right, you’re, going to use that time. Do it doing something, that’s actually going to help grow or systemizer and I respond all the social media at one time which keeps me sane, i, don’t do it everyday i, don’t even allow. This is me to apps on my phone. Yes now. The next thing is watching any shows a lot of business owners that come home at like 536, and maybe they have a family dinner. If they don’t, you shut your family. What’s a you? Don’t that’s:okay, not beat me up over that. Would you do just unwind found someone to watch something, so you turn on the tv and you click on a show and you watch about 7 minutes of a show, and then you say this shows not right. I mean this is like the end. I already seen the csi already seen this one I’m pooping to netflix netflix in your, like almost you feel like. Oh my gosh I got to get caught up and made a whole new season of house of cards. When did that happen, I thought the show was cancelled. It is cancelled, but I missed the last two seasons:i need to like get caught up butter. Binge then you’re like well hbo game of thrones I mean that I never saw the last two and you almost feel bad that you missed an episode of a show. It’s not telling you! You should go bad, that you’re missing episode of your life dave, just drifting around watching, shows and according to the new york or will put the stat on the show now to be look this up here.

There’s a study that might nielsen it was reported in the new york post I believe it will put the link to the average american is watching tv 5.2 hours per day and I want to put the stat on here jump. It says the average american is spinning over 2 hours a day on social media, so marshall. How do you get anything done if you’re watching 5 hours of tv a day and listen to two hours of social media feedback? You don’t get anything done in years. The easiest thing just stop doing it. There is no. There is no strategy. There is no like tips for success, just stop doing it. Just like caught like right now, right now, during the break, you call up directv you call up. Your cable company is hansel, it just cancel, can’t I just cancel it off and you will feel so howard instead fill your mind with best practice sources of wisdom. But here’s the deal I don’t spend a lot of time watching tv, but what I do is I do tend to read a lot of blogs. I tend to read a lot of blogs and where are the blocks that I discovered? It says, that’s, not how you get to the top of google, how you manage your people I’ve, caused everyone who writes a blog is entitled to their own opinion and their own I read anybody’s blah cuz everyone’s opinions. If, it’s written marshall, it’s a valid source until I watch, all the youtube channels and all so I feel like I’m doing self-help, I feel like I’m, improving my company by watching every youtube expert out there and every you know how to help us. So it was actually a pretty unique thing that business coach client steve currington asked me the other day. He asked me if I read any fiction books anymore, I go no i, really, don’t think. I do and I understand that why some people do it, they read for entertainment, they enjoy it and that’s a hundred percent.

Okay I actually am entertained and learn. I enjoy. Reading autobiographies and I enjoy learning practical stuff to help me grow, and so the thing is, is you got to learn from people that have done it? You got to learn from the greatest of all time. You have to learn from the best practices of the proven systems. If you want to grow in your business, if you want to not grow your business, you want to get the feedback from every single person that you’re around that you run into, and you want to treat everyone’s opinion as equal. That’s the key to not having success now. Thomas edison, if he were here with us today, unfortunately thomas couldn’t make it he said be busy, does not always mean real work. Object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends, there must be for thought system planning, intelligence and honest as well as perspiration seeming to do is not doing so. We come back we’re going to talk about how to stop being busy and how to get down to business, how to stop being busy had to get down to business, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his business coach group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at tgrivetime show.Com welcome back to our conversation about how to design the ideal sustainable schedule how to live the ideal sustainable schedule how to designing it’s one thing:everybody’s read a self-help book at one point where you’ve read the book, I think four hour work week is probably a book you’ve read or you read that say like 21, irrefutable laws of leadership, and you said yourself chess the possibilities, the bus, what to do cuz. This is what I’m going to do it so you’re on that cruise bo2. They got the band to get the cruise boat in there they’re singing. You know:could you, be loved, oh yeah, could, you, be loved, but I’m put on put on put on pump up but I pump. It up, but I’ll probably end up blocking your wife’s out there in the water, but I pump it up, but it up bubba and you’re, having unlimited lobster and you’re just you’re having a good time and your port of calls jamaica you’re reading this for I work in the possibilities. Henry boy:oh yes, so we have that you’re, so you’re so excited about the possibilities. If you come back to your job and you go back and I think a lot of business owners live for vacation now. I want to put this on the show notes. Everyone can get this because I am very passionate about this as a business coach. I say this a lot, but it may be i, don’t put it on the show, not enough cuz. It’s been chilly. This will happen if it she’ll get it. The word vocation write. The word vocation. That word means you’re, you’re, calling that’s what that word means vocation. It means you’re calling the original latin word meant you’re, calling all right, vocatio you’re, calling that’s what it means. Okay, vacation vacation was it mean to vacation vacation means to retreat from it’s like you’re escaping from it. So you want to build a sustainable schedule so that you never want to retreat from your schedule. I mean I love. My schedule, I honestly feel like everyday is kind of like a vacation. I got to be honest with you guys, I actually get so fired up to come to work on monday and i. Get so fired up. Hang up my kids on friday and saturday and sunday and I love wednesday cuz, it’s a date night I love enters i, get site, I could borrow about wednesday i, get fired about, friday I get fired about sunday cuz, it’s family time.

We get to hang out and grill things like part of a monday. Not there certain elements of working on this certain things you might say:i hate my family and i, we’ve gotten some extended family that comes over, makes you crazy, and you know what I can relate to that. I could relate to that. What you do is you make it sustainable you don’t have to save the family can come over all the I’m right. Every second of every day from you hey guys, it’s 830 my grandma used to say to my grandpa honey. Why don’t we go to bed so these nice people can leave there? We go that’s right. So what you want to do is you got to create a sustainable schedule and I one of the keys to doing that. If you want to have a daily staff huddle, a daily staff, huddle marshall, why do you want to have a daily staff huddle? If your aim is to build a sustainable schedule in the workplace and not just reactionary trainings? Whenever the need arises, will you got to schedule this because every single day you need that that moment? Maybe it’s a 15 minutes standing meeting where you get everybody on the same page and everybody has the same mentality going into the date, because between the hours of whatever it is 5 p.M. 6 p.M. And whenever your office is getting going, you know for us at 6 a.M. For you. It might be 8 a.M. Or 9 a.M. There’s. This thing called life that is happening to everybody. Okay, and so you got to reset everybody to get everybody back on the same page and empower and motivate them to get things done. That day, we cockrell who managed 40,000 employees at walt, disney world resorts in a million customers a week says that the business coach day is chaos right. You better be ready to go. So this is what clayton christensen right sees a harvard business school professor. He said management has the opportunity to help people become better people practiced. That way. It’s a magnificent profession. You guys are in our staff meetings. You get the feeling. That’s right, I mean:can you explain to the drivers out there ever been to our staff meeting? What is our our 6 a.M. Staff meeting like their chopper? What are out of our our training is like everyday I mean what what is that like for benton who navy has not attended our daily coaching meeting for the coach, the coaches or our weekly all-staff meeting with the coaches meeting, it’s an opportunity for us to learn from the goat, the greatest of all time of year. The steps that we need to do to execute the system that you and doctors have built right. Do we have the opportunity to grow professionally?

You also with those meetings and our weekly. Training. There’s always going to be some type of theme:wear overarching principle that you’re trying to help all of us learn to help us be better employees that are family members in general management. Right and I will tell you and every audience every crowd, you’re going to have a group of people that look at you with that face like they don’t care and that’s the challenge, because in the meeting we’ve got one guy right now, I swear this guy. He always looks pissed and like he doesn’t want to be there and he could take the joy out of that room yet, and so, instead of taking the joy of the room, I will take him out of the room soon, but I’m, not if you’re in a business right now or your staff is not motivated. You got to be the spark that creates that motivation. Tony hsieh the former ceo of zappos, he writes. He says we believe, that’s really important to come up with core values you can commit to and buy commit. We mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re. Well, on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brandy want to build marshall. Can you walk me through what that means? What what is it? What is that mean? What is he talking about? A lot of business coach clients or owners, I’ve seen, will hire and fire people based on numbers strictly jack welch. Does this profound quotes jack welch, former ceo of general electric? He grew the company by 4000 %. He says that great culture will drive great numbers. Great numbers will not drive great culture, so you got to build a brand that you want and that you have to hold people accountable to in that daily staff meeting that that every single day, you’re resetting the team you’re empowering them to exhibit the core values that you’ve set forth in these core values are going to be what dictate the culture ongoing spectations. If you do not do this I promise, you will find yourself living a very reactive existence, because your team, you have to build the team you want. You can just look around for the team. You want people that are talented but different, high character. You have to coach them up and teach them how to think like you and how to do the system if you want them to do-and you have to do that, but if you just run around responding to got him in at meetings, are going to lose. John maxwell, he talks about the importance of scheduling planning time, so marshall I want to get your take on this. He says time. Management is an oxymoron time is beyond our control and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we live our lives. Property management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. What’s he talking about well, the thing is:is I think we all have the same amount of time in the day right so oprah, steve jobs.

Everybody has the same amount of time to build their businesses 24 hours in a day. That is a constant, the same amount of resources, but it’s how you spend those resources. So what john maxwell is talking about his eye? I did it. You are very busy. You have family issues that come up. You have business coach friendships that need your time to be invested in, but when you decide to deal with that burning fire issue in the galactic, your business for working on that issue, that means you’re placing the priority of that friendship or that family situation, whether it’s necessary or unnecessary, you’re, placing that above your business right and when you make that decision over 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. That’s how you end up getting to a place where you’re, like i, haven’t grown business in 10 years and one thing I see the pile on. That is that you got to realize that by definition not everything can be a priority right if everything’s on the same level, but nothing come on now and i. Think that’s pretty deep right! There. Let me know if everything’s on the same level than nothing is an actual priority, then you’re never going to accomplish your goals, because how do you aim? How do you? What do you aim at to shoot? Everything is a target you’re going to spray and pray. How you going to do this, so what you have to do when it’s all said and done as you have to break down all of your goals and your life into this f6 air. You want to make goals for faith for your family, your finances, your fitness, for your friendship and your fun, but you got to make daily goals and you put those daily goals on the schedule and then they happen. But you got to make daily goals for those areas and they’re going to start with faith now I know we have listeners who listen to the show. They have all different faith, all different faiths. But what do you have to make time for it? So if you do believe in a certain faith, then you have to block out time to build that faith or to invest in that religious pursuit I’m. A judeo-christian i, do believe that jesus christ is the only way to have eternal life, and it actually did the judeo-christian principles if implemented on the planet. Earth produce a much more fulfilling life, but if you don’t believe that that’s fine but joel osteen, the one of america’s number, one televangelist sees a best-selling author.

He writes when you focus on being a blessing god, make sure that you are always blessed in abundance, and maybe you believe that maybe you don’t, but if you’re going to go out there and and really you know, river of life of faith, you got to put it on your schedule. What time of the day are you going to read the bible? He doesn’t say when you drift to becoming a blessing. He says when you focus on it when you bring it into focus when it is important to you when it is a priority, when you are blessing, god will make sure that you are blessed in abundance. What time today, are you going to spend time reading the bible or investing in your development of your faith or your your worldview or or we are reading the bible? What we going to do that? What are you going to listen to praise and worship music? What are you going to go to church? What time specifically this week or today, texas family, you got a block off time for family and family. It’s it’s kind of interesting, because clients will be very quick to complain as soon as there’s a problem with family usual. Take it and take it and take it and take it until they break apart and so you’ve got to make sure you prioritize family, because a lot of the listener I hear we have great great wives and great husband. But if you don’t put your business coach family first, nobody else will and then eventually you’re going to lose that family and that’s not what you want. So you’ve got to prioritize family now, blakely the founder of spanx. She wants said that money is a magnifying glass money makes you more of who you already are. If you’re a jerk, it will make you a bigger jerk if you’re insecure, you become even more insecure. If your, if your generous, you become even more generous if you’re nice, you become even nicer, making money is like holding up a magnifying glass to who you are personally and professionally. It creates a lot of energy and power, and it’s up to you up to you to use that in a really good way to a lot of people think that okay I have a lot of personal problems right now, but once I have money, that’s going to stop those problems, but money just magnifies it to the person that you are. You just become more of that, the more money you make f as finances we’ve got to block out time every week to look at our finances until we come back from the break. I want to get marshall. Marshall morris is taking this as a business, coach and eric chuck take on this when’s the best time to look at your personal finances. Where do you need to be to look at your personal finances? Just want to really get into the details of it. Did the nitty-gritty specifics of how somebody should go about managing their personal finances, because, if not my default, you will drift and lose stay. 2 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review.

Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to an voi,thrivetime show.Com, alright, drive nation, welcome back to the podcast were talking about how to I haven’t, talked to design the ideal schedule how to design the ideal sustainable schedule for your life. It’s it’s one thing to have the idea of having a sustainable schedule. It’s another, though entirely to live it. It’s all I want to help. You do this if you’re struggling and it comes down to the f6 goals for life. You have to schedule time in your schedule for faith family finances, fitness, friendship and fun. I, repeat, you have to schedule time in your life for faith, family finances, friendship and fun. Is there now talking about finances and you’ve got to schedule a specific time to look at your finances or by default? You won’t do it so marshall talk to me about in this digital age, where everything is accessible on our smartphone and our fingertips, where we could look all of our numbers at a at a just a click. We could just a touch of a button. We could look at our numbers, but yet the overwhelming majority of clients we worked with over the years, never ever have looked at their finances. Previous to working with a coach house at plus I see three things happen. Number one is the business owner just never looks at their numbers because, for whatever the reason is, is they don’t want to know the truth? Okay, they don’t want their like I’m scared of what the numbers might shows, I’m just not going to listen or that or they don’t know how to look at the numbers. Okay, in that, that’s not a problem if you’ve never been taught that before you just need to be humble enough to reach out and ask for help, and we can help all of our business coach clients do that on an ongoing basis, then the other two things that I see is people will analyze all the time. It’s analysis, paralysis, okay, they are just always in the numbers and they’re never out of the num bars in so they just have all this data, but it’s never turned into action and looked at all the numbers. I have the number to have her base. Wake him up. Much of pie, charts and I’ve. Looked at two books and I’ve got this new little eye app that I can plug into quickbooks, which is new thing. It shows make a pie chart I’m, able to look it up. I do something with it. That’s right in the third thing is you’re looking at the wrong numbers, okay, so the number of impressions that you have doesn’t ultimately turn into sales. So if you’re stunning, as my ad, has been shown to 2,500 people this week-and we are now successful in impression-which business owners need to look at their numbers. I want to get into this so I’m, going to read some notable quotable I demand that you teach the listeners that you break down where we, where we should be looking at our numbers, when we should, we look at it or numbers, give us that education give us, give us the crystal ball from dave ramsey. He says winning at money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge.

What to do isn’t the problem doing it is most of us know what to do, but we just don’t do it. If I can control the guy in the mirror, I can be skinny and rich. You could take the very first since they’re winning at money to take that money off of that. This kind of applies to life in every scenario right dave, that was the powerful dave and dave just got deep there, some marshall. Where do we need to be to do our accounting? When do we need to do it break it down, for you got to do all of your counting with somebody that is not may be scared of the numbers, okay or somebody that feels confident with dealing and managing numbers, and you have to do it far removed from everybody else. So, in order to do your weekly numbers review, you got to know how much money came into the bank account how much money, how much money came into the bank account this week number to you actually did this with tip top kids ride for like 4 hours on friday. The second thing is:you got to know how much money went out of the business? What were the businesses fences? What did we spend money on? How much did we pay each business coach person in the business? When you do this, you really analyze the productivity wow did I really pay them that much that person didn’t do anything goes wow. That’s a lot of money, I paid them! That’s a ton of money that I need to make sure I hold on to them until you have to review this every single week so that it doesn’t go months, you’re, not waiting for the quarterly review from your account and sync okay. This is how much you guys spent is how much came in thomas edison, who could not be here today, the founder of ge and inventor of the door behind the record, the audio, the the modern light bulb. He says:there’s no expedient to which a man will go to avoid the labor of thinking, marshall i, believe it was martin luther king counter with a quote is rarely rarely. Do we find men who are willing to engage in hard, solid thinking, okay and so I counted your photo with another quote:people just don’t want to do it. Is it’s covered sucks it? It’s painful! It’s like you, it’s work, but it’s it’s also. People aren’t scheduling and we’re talking about this sustainable time is a good time at a time thing that when people don’t understand the concept of why you need to block out time outside of your day, you’ve got to have that to do this kind of stuff.

I woke up this morning at like 2:30 and i. Remember thinking to myself, but woke up a mic. I am crazy.. No I have a whole series of wake up moves that I do that are just weird I’m, just giving you the right now. I will set my alarm I get to 30, but I’ll put it far enough away where I can’t just touch it off as a knee-jerk reaction to roll on the floor. All the way to get up as soon as I’m up in like will I get up right away to the cold copyright to get up that early i, don’t want to never been inspired to get up on there, but yes, leaving out of bed. Then, once I get up, take a shower now, all of a sudden I want to do some things, but the feeling that I get after getting the things done is so good that I couldn’t describe it and a non-sexual way. So now, I’ve written a very sexual narrative that I’m going to be reading, I’m not going to be doing that. So now we move on to the next jaywalker the founder of priceline. He says, treat your business coach capital supply like an oxygen supply money serves many different functions. It allows you to bounce back from failure. It buys you time when you need time it gives you the ability to withstand adversity that comes out of nose. Managing money is complex, but there’s one fundamental fact that you must keep in mind. If you run out of money. You’re toast businesses don’t fail for any other reason. It’s like oxygen to a scuba diver. The oxygen gauge is only one that really matters. Whatever else you do. You can’t run out of cash. Wow come on jay walker, that’s profound, but I’m only going to review my cash, my cash level every 3 months. Would it be ironic if he got a ticket for jaywalking? That would be ironic, dave ramsey piles on the notable quotable he says. You must gain control over your her money or the lack of it will forever control you again:dave ramsey best-selling author. He said you must gain control of your money or the lack of it will control you. We come back. We can talk about scheduling, time for friendships and I’d like to get you guys take on this. But again it’s about designing and ideal and sustainable schedule. Not a schedule that is not sustainable station. Is the thrivetime show on your radio and podcast download want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free since 5 on itunes leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river come by and we’ll be able to make your dreams come true. All right, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time, show business coach podcast, download or radio show we’re talking today to to you about how to design and how to actually live the ideal schedule.

One thing, 2 design it it’s another to live it in my biggest issue that I’ve had with building my ideal lifestyle. My biggest problem that I’ve had is this next one. This is the one that has probably been the worst and hardest part for me about getting to the life that I love. I really do love my schedule right now, and that is friendship and I have determined now I want to give you.. I won’t tell you my conclusion until I’ve told you what happened so I remember when I started dj connection to hire guys I knew from college. One of those guys was so appreciative. Cuz he’s waiting tables, making like 10 bucks an hour 13 an hour after tips tonight dj. He told me thank you so much. He invited me to be his wedding. He said all the right things and then he skipped a wedding. He did not show up at a wedding, so he we a bride book to dj with my company and he did not show up, and he told me that he was getting it on with a girl and then that event later produce the child. And that’s how we told me cuz I was at the time he told me, there’s a car accident and this and that, but he was literally engaged in a sexual interaction with a girl at the time of of someone else’s wedding, I thought that was weird al’s first time. It is that kind of thing happen to me, an employee who maxed out where my card buying gas and I thought. Okay, that’s second time weird cuz I kept growing as a business coach. The businesses I discovered a u.S. Chamber statistic that said:75% of employees steal from the workplace and I thought that can’t be true. That’s hiring more people, I’ve had every possible level of deviancy occur, I had people steal, equipment, I’ve had people lie and I had one person that didn’t file their taxes for 3 years, and then they try to come back and say it was my fault and I dealt with that I’ve dealt with stealing I’ve dealt with people in the office having affairs weird, that is when you come to the workplace and somebody’s having an affair with a number and another member of the office team, your team are having a bear with each other and you know about it, but maybe the husband or wife doesn’t I’ve. Had people download crazy stuff on there were computers. I’ve had people take cash on cash, I’ve had people take customers, I’ve had people start companies it to directly compete with me. I’ve had people all over the place. Who done these things to me? I watch him. Do that and then I watch I’ve hired a rainbow guy who is raymond, I thought meant to say, I’ll be great as rainbow guy and then that rainbow guy started the competitive company.

Still a bunch of customers. I’ve had employees email anything, you know each other. Things are so crazy that you could even speak about on the radio mutineers that we had so many terrible things happen, and they keep happening over time. That I got to a place where I thought I don’t want any friends at all, because it’s easier for me to not have friends, it’s just easier, it’s easier for my heart to not have them, but this is what has set me free help with. This is helpful for you business coach guys there. This is the deal. This is. These are just things. I use my observations. Chip I’m going to show no tickets can think about it. One I realize that god created hell to I realize that god created heaven, free I realize that god created the rules for I realize that god is a judge. So I’ll repeat, god created hell, god created heaven, god created the rules. God is the judge, so somebody screws me I now have to let god just do what he wants to do, but as far as friendships for me, I only have friendships with people if I share their values. If I share their values, they don’t have a friendship if I do not share their values. I’m not going to be a friend based upon just geography or based upon the fact that I just work with him or based upon the fact that I just know them. I really only have friendships with people that I share the same values with them, and so that is where I want to listen to this show, and you are a self-employed person. You have been screwed chop, your own business. Have you not been screwed every time? What was the craziest craziest reason? He thought that right there is the craziest level of being scared of everything. The one that comes to mind right now would be.

We had my mom nancy. She did all of the books. She was like meticulous. The guys would have money bags for fuel and equipment, whatever cheap balance to the penny every single week, and she was missing. Some payroll you’re missing, like $643 for the pair count one week and we find out how to get a hold of him with one of the guys mechanic woodworking for his head, forged a payroll check to pay a second cell phone bill, of which he was using to have an affair with his wife. Now now he turned all those messages onto his work phone as well, so I had his wife fired. Then we found this out. I had his work phone and it was just a crazy thing. The guy shows up getting ready to work. We change the locks, we be all he’s done. You’re done we’ll have what happened. Then. He wants to fight physically physically fight and I said:i went through the glass door in our office. I held up the phone with the naughty text, messages that he was sending. He turned around and got his truck really quick, and that was the end of that. So I mean they’re. Just crazy things happen, people stealing large pieces of equipment that it’s going to be obvious. Yes, we know that you had our backhoe for three days over the weekend. This to you, you the listener i, want to give you a bible verse that you can hopefully put your faith in to matthew 5:10 and it says I want to make sure that I don’t a pair of frames that chip. So we can find the the verse for matthew 5:10 and pull it up. I want you to read it cuz I think it’s! It’s prevent a business owner. I promise you you’re going to be screwed more per capita than anybody else in the world, and if you’re, not careful, you’re going to become a hateful  business coach person, very careful is matthew. 5:10 says blessed. Are those who are persecuted because of their righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven silly marshall boris is probably the most kind, thoughtful hard-working guy that I know. So when you started managing some people and you started seeing the crazy stuff they did, are they were doing? Did you ever? Did you ever find yourself going I’m being persecuted for just being right which what righteous man found yourself and bring that well? What you’ll find in management positions is that it’s your job to hold people accountable, which often times will mean telling them that you did not come what you said that you were going to complete and therefore they will hate you for it right. You are not a you are not a source of energy and excitement in their life, but you are the velvet hammer that is coming down on them, and that happens time and time again, but all you were doing is defending the righteousness of what said was going to be telling the truth telling the truth, and so what lee cockrell? When you shared this lee cockrell quote with me. It was magical but lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort, says:if you’re going to tell the truth, you had better be funny, so we come back we’re to talk about how to have healthy friendships at work, because I do have healthy friendships at work now. But how do you do that? How do you build healthy friendships at work? If you’re going to be screwed, all the time stages of drive time show under podcast agenda world’s best business workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did and your contact information to invoice. Drivetime show.Com all right, go back to the podcast and or if you’re listening on the radio show.

The drive time show on the radio and I was clay clark in the former us sba entrepreneur of the year, the founder of dj connection.Com, the founder of epic photography.Com, the founder of elephant in the room, the itr lounge.Com, the founder of make your life epic. Com the founder of many things, the founder of five kids. Why do I tell you this because that’s work? It’s really have business to have family at all ties in together, and this is the guy won’t try to give you it. How I’m trying to teach you how to design the ideal and sustainable schedule, and we talked about the f6 life and setting goals for each area of your life. If your faith, your family, your finances, your friendship, your fitness in your fun and friendship, is one one of your business you’re going to be screwed a lot. So this is what’s going to happen by default, you’re going to put your armor up and no longer ever let somebody in because it’s too painful to be screwed a lot and I’ve done that. So this is where you I started as a kid like a lot so like when you deal with like being abused and you deal with so you you want to put up those business coach guards, but I’m hoping this is helping somebody if you’ve ever been abused or you haven’t you’re a business owner. I know you’ve been abused in your going through these things. What you want to do an inch of a want to make sure puts on the show notes. You want a wine yourself with people whose values you share, because otherwise the very relationship isn’t agonistic. I’m, going to give an example with marshall that I would make me live. It could make us crazy if we, if we, if we had that relationship. Okay, if marshall believed that socialism was really the perfect form of economic system where government system he believe in ghosts, realism was indeed the right path. If you fundamentally believe that, then it would be problematic for you as a business coach, because we’re in a capitalistic society that says that every business owner is competing for your dollars by offering a better service. So that’s why in and out burger, when it typically out of your building in and out burger broken arrow i, think they are all that for this to me, I’m, a pretty positive I’ll. Look it up when I move to broken, but I believe they’re putting one in there and when they do, they typically will wipe out the competitor, because they’re so good and people love, in and out burgers, and they go in it, took it puts the other guy at a business whose pretty sloppy with the system in it. In oklahoma we like to eat, we just like to eat them like to get some to eat after we get something to eat.

That’s right before we go get something to eat, so I get in-n-out burgers el. In the in the capitalism it would be should be celebrated because they’re so good at what they do their their hamburgers are so loved and revered that they literally will put other people out of business. The moment they go up, the other burger joints got a visit, but if you are socialist, you would actually want want to run to the aid of the failing company and you’d want to say that the economy-it wasn’t right, it’s not nice, it’s not it’s, not good, and so we have to do is you would have to then get a task force or get the government to? You have to get the government to more or less subsidize the billing company, because the companies have the company’s fault and then you would end up with companies like american airlines that are perpetually terrible. So is that the value you have of socialism to be very hard for me to be around you, so you going to have the same values so talk to me in with your life as a as a young guy going through life in your building friendships. What do you look for from the friendship you have and then, when do you schedule that into your schedule? Well, this is this is what I’ve done and it’s the john d rockefeller quote. This is so helpful. This is somebody needs to hear. That’s, okay, yes, a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. So what does that mean? You have a limited number of time, a limited amount of time to spend, with friends, family business co-workers and whatever you must pick and choose who you’re going to spend time with, and so what I have done is I have allowed myself to work in a business where I enjoy spending time with those that showcase their core business coach values through their work. Ethic, yes, and because of that I have grown a smaller group of friends than a large group of friends of people. That I may have realized that hey that’s kind of shady i, don’t want to spend time. That’s why they’re like I really spend time I’ll enjoy spending time with with it with chop up with the listeners. You get that why I enjoy spending time with him and me time with you marshall and you guys, because you have a hard work ethic and that’s what we have in common. So as we grow the company’s my job as the owner or founder guy and you’ll, see that overtime. I think you’ve seen that with everything, but it’s to push out authority responsibility and to share in the fruits of the businesses with other people as you grow and but I will tell you trying to be a friend of everyone in the office just because they work there is not the move.

Now you was owner, the business is your garden and you need to pull weeds, and if people are not people that share your values, I would highly recommend that you would fire them. I would I would value your friends that don’t show your face. Yes, yes, for the more i, wouldn’t have friends that did don’t have your right to fire. The friends who don’t have your values. I would do that, and so what the friends you have that share your values. You have to schedule time into your schedule to spend time with your friend skip. People who are not your friends are occupying your calendar. You will not be happy, no matter how much money you have, no matter where you are. If you are on a beach and you got a margarita in your hand, they got the world’s best pan, but you are spending your time working on your tan hanging out with somebody. You don’t like you won’t like it. It won’t be paradise. So you would have to make sure you block out time to spend time with real friend. Also block got time to become a real friend right now be there for people when they need you now fun, yes, schedule time to have fun. Walt disney once wrote. He says it’s kind of fun to do the impossible. So for him it was fun building businesses. For me, that’s how it is fun as a business coach. Building a business I’d rather go build a business with somebody, then to go bowling. Cuz I enjoy that it’s. What I had done rather go build a business with you. Then you go on vacation to build a business with you than to go on a cruise I’d, rather build a business with you and watch a movie. Cuz I enjoyed doing that. Don’t know what the little secret time-saver, if you can come by and some of these, so I legitimately do have fun with my friends and my family watch it so I can schedule that that is part of my life. I don’t need a lot more than that on fun. Cuz I really do enjoy really good family members. Right in my circle of friends, like marshall, said:i intentionally made it smaller so that I can have deeper relationship with him now dale carnegie, unless they have fun and what they’re doing again best selling author of how to win, friends and influence people, he’s I mean he’s telling the other people rarely win unless they like what they’re doing so. You need to get to a place where you really do like what you’re doing in the final area of designing an ideal and sustainable schedule for your life is jim rohn, who recently passed away in the last few years here, jim rohn headset. Here he said it was easy. The best selling author he’s a legendary sales trainer.

If you haven’t read his material, its greatest jim, rohn, r, o h and he says, take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in the d lee cockrell. He shares in this philosophy. Okay, i! Guess he then that’s why I lie is going still at like 6 in the morning to go work out, because he goes well I just built massive success in if I die tomorrow, then I’m not going to be able to enjoy it so I better, take care of my body, one more business. Guru quote this is a guy named john, mayer clarity says your body is a business coach wonderland. Thank you. Thank you. By the way does john mayer, always sing like that you buy, is what they always because more blues, oh my god. Why does it? Why does he always appreciate it? I, don’t like it should listen to more of those blues died in 2009, so he died. Cuz 90s born in 1937 he’s good at math. Let’s do the math that would be 79 years old right so again, I just want to courage. You guys to live the life. You had only have one life, so you might as well just absolutely live your best life now or next show our next podcast radio show me teach you how to dominate trade shows and trade shows. Are there complex in so we’re going to be? Having eight separate podcasts breaking down every aspect of a trade show how to dominate a trade show how to find the best trade show for industry understanding the goal of the trade show make it a trade show checklist. Everyone even need to bring to a trade show in your team, for the trade show where we say the word trade show a lot that you need to have in your trade. Show booth free talking about no shortcuts to having success at the trade show, because you have to invest 8 hours and training your team, how to be successful, you’re going to have to bring to teach you how to do all the things needed to it. When you go to a trade show, you are effective and you’re able to make copious amounts of cash as result of selling products and services to people that solve problems that they actually have. My name is clay clark I’m, a business coach if you’ve yet to go to thrive time show.Com and to book your tickets for next in person, workshop I would encourage you to do so. We always want to end the show with a three and a two and a 1/2. Here we go straight to one love


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