Part 4 – How To Grow A Christ-Centered Church with Pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson

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Are you learning from mistakes or mentors? In this Thrivetime Show podcast Clay Clark and Doctor Z are breaking down the idea of using best practice and provens systems in your business and how to find your differentiating factor to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Step 7 – Determining Best-Practice Systems That Other Christ-Centered Churches Have Proven to Work

  1. ACTION ITEM – Get their print materials and packaging in your hands.
  2. ACTION ITEM – Make a spreadsheet of you versus them that should include the following column for comparison:
    1. Branding (Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest).
    2. Marketing Systems / How Do They Acquire They Customers? (Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest).
    3. Quality (Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest).
    4. No-Brainer / Offer (Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest).
    5. Location?
    6. AMPLE EXAMPLE – See
    7. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Us versus Them – Section –
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you give someone a present, and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe the gift has higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige.  That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything — our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper. Public Relations is like gift wrapping.” – Michael Levine ( Mentor and the public relations consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, Nike, Pizza Hut, Charlton Heston, Nancy Kerrigan, etc.)
  4. ACTION ITEM – Take photos of all of their marketing materials (brochures, business cards, signs, print pieces, advertisements and let’s beat them).
  5. ACTION ITEM – Determine why their packaging and brand is loved so much.
  6. ACTION ITEM – Determine what your niche is going to be. You must find out what you can do better than them, and what your competitive advantage or difference is going to be.
  7. Podcast – Determing who your biggest competition is –
  8. Downloadable –

Step 8 – Creating a Church That Brings People In While Finding What Makes You Different

  1. ACTION ITEM – Find your parking space in business
    1. BOOK – Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back
  2. Defining What Your Church is Going to Be
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business-people realize this, and they work to minimize (but not eliminate) the risk from the process.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of Purple Cow and the man who sold his marketing business Yoyodyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice.” – – Seth Godin (New York Times best-selling author and marketing expert who sold his book packaging business YoyoDyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you create a great Purple Cow it’s going to be criticized. The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, never stand out, and go through life as a politically correct nobody.” – Clay Clark
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t  like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” – Seth Godin (New York Times best-selling author and marketing expert who sold his book packaging business YoyoDyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (New York Times best-selling author and marketing expert who sold his book packaging business YoyoDyne to Yahoo! For $30 million)
  8. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Dental Depot
  9. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Harley motorcycles are super loud
  10. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Wholefoods – Earthy millenials and hipsters with dreadlocks named Skyler serving you organic food while women in yoga pants shop.
  11. ACTION ITEM – Create your color scheme
  12. ACTION ITEM – Create your slogan.
  13. ACTION ITEM – Create your niche / elevator pitch (don’t get stuck on this).
  14. Podcast – ?
  15. Downloadable –
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, all right rod, nation will get back to this lifetime show on your radio in podcast download. Now this is this. Is this next subject is a subject? I’m very passionate about and I know. Dr. Z shares my passion for this because you are a very pragmatic person, but it’s learning from best practice. Improvement systems, as opposed to learning from guesswork i, don’t know, I think we should reinvent the wheel at every turn. Pastor jesse take on this phone is going to warm up the conversation. So here we go. You study, mathematics and optometry in school at nsu in oklahoma this correct that is correct, and then you went from optometry, which would make sense to go. You would be the next business after you run a successful optometry clinic. You have two of them, arguably the largest or most successful in the region. It makes sense to a best business coach meeting and then go into the auto auction industry, because your vast knowledge of cars and optometry that you could see they they parallel cuz. You are an automotive mechanic, expo you’re, not that is incorrect. So knowing knowing nothing about cars, you moved into the automotive industry. How did you do this very good question? I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically made a decision in my life I’m an entrepreneur trapped inside an optometrist bodies, as we said before online, and instead of going around the country traveling and open up other optical stores in which I could have done could have them. I said to myself:i would want to grow my my empire, if you will empire empire i, want to do other businesses within tulsa and they can also leverage the relationships I had, and fortunately the optometry clinic with my name, and so you don’t have to spending so much money on advertising people.

You don’t got to know me and I felt like to know me, but they do know that people open some doors and so I did the sleep center i. You know did the dme companies, the durable medical equipment did the the auctions, and so it allowed me then to use those relationships and that that to goodwill, if you had that already had in tulsa to to grow the other businesses, but the way you did it, which is powerful. This is why I want pastor jesse, you reinvent the wheel at every single. You never looked at any respite, I’m at work. You never study, that’s best practices. You put your head in the sand and yeah I suspect I reinvented how to make concrete, because I thought those guys out front of it. You. It’s not rocket science. Folks, it’s not best business coach rocket science, you so don’t go to the top of mount. How did the greatest of all-time get to the top of the mountain? So now we introduce pastor jesse and you are a pastor of a church with a thousand people and you guys are growing by leaps and bounds, and it’s got to be somebody listening to they put their church is stuck. What are some of the best practices that you now are implementing as a pastor of a church of a large church that you wish you would have known back in the day? Oh, my goodness, we did every single thing wrong at the beginnings. What we’re doing that day, but I think one of the things lately that I have that I wish that I would have known up front is just the branding part of it and how you, whether it’s a van or a logo, or the way that you’re designing the building or whatever i, think a lot of churches. They just know where they went to church and they just see what they’ve done from the get-go. We have always loved every church.

We will pass on a road trip. My husband would say, I wonder what they’re doing inside of that church and I would be like. What do you mean he’s at I really need to know what they’re doing inside of that church it didn’t matter. If it was tuesday at 2 in the afternoon. You would make us stop. We would harass the secretary. She would make her. Let us into all of their rooms and bathrooms, and we would tour, and so we we had all of these ideas, but as we brought them back, we just kind of like through them and a lot times and still kind of messing up brandon, because it we like things from different places and but he didn’t have any consistency and so I think the things that I wished I would have known as like pick something and ride that horse all the way to the finish line and and make it look like you and your spot. I also haven’t worked a lot of churches, i, see that very few churches or small businesses have checklist for things, and it seems like that. Every sermon every service every day at the office people are looking for basic things are going. Where are the batteries in the camera? Where’s the camera and assumed it was this last minute:panic when you don’t have checklist to try to make sure that everybody who did their best didn’t forget anything as to how important are checklists to running your church as you’ve grown, river, city, church, best business coach volunteers, and so a lot of people just want to be like it’s a volunteer culture. So we’re just going to volunteers, do whatever they want. So that means they can just come in and run any ministry in any way that they want.

Norwich can I get to let it flow cuz, they’re, good people and they love jesus and it’s their second grade. English is not absolutely children understand every single time so having that checklist like just the other day and time ever at graders, were new and they were saying I just don’t understand why I have to wear the lanyard. It’s on the check list of what greeters do but I’m just not sure why I need to wear the lanyard whites on the checklist and they were trying to bring their culture, but they brought in with them to our place and are at leader was just like. Listen. Thank you so much for volunteering, your time, but the reason you have that lanyard is because it’s on the checklist. The reasons on the best business coach checklist is because 80% of people want to know who can answer your question and your lanyard says:if you have it says, have questions. Ask me:you need your lanyard and it’s on the checklist, so it just helps everybody understand where you’re going and how’s everything flowing with volunteers just coming in and out, not there 40 hours a week, it helps them feel like they are part. The minute they walk in. My wife started working with you when she was just 18 19 years old, she’s working there. It was crazy, but she was able to learn how to do her. Job kylie taught her how to do or kylie still manages you one of your optometry clinics, but kylie taught my wife. How to do her job within like a week was crazy. Shouldn’t have to be there and learn through osmosis over a period of like a decade. Clinics where does function is the normal, and you hear these people would have literally met with doctors and dentists. That will say well, you know to be a good front desk dude. You got to work with me for 5 years. You can just teach you in the morning like a week which always baffled us there was I was part of that. That was a very bad feeling because she had to do that.

Come pick her up and this up noxiously loud car have no i, cannot I cannot defend myself and he would come in. He would like just going to be smoking and you look like you wanted to pick a fight with anybody that gets his way. Kylie she’s a blonde haired lady she’s, a sharp, sharp, sharp dressed lady, but she has that look sometimes if she gets to look at the cobra, where you realize that you’re messing with z’s stuff that I remember, i, have the subwoofer on in a mazda mpv shake the windows and she would come out and knock on the window like that and I’m going to apologize verbally I think it’s amazing how you have built systems that teach people coming to your company and your systems from all different walks of life and regardless of the lack of mental capacity like i, demonstrated back in the day. Does systems work when you have great systems that you can scale, they do and it’s a way to train people quickly and best business coach efficiently, and just like password volunteers, volunteer mindset and when I come in here with the way you can train them, you know you’re having consistency and what each one of them doing in all the different categories that you may have, the guy still come in. Wanted you to teach the kids to the greek. Is that what you said? You’re moving many churches where I’ve seen people that literally will come up with her own curriculums and haven’t seen the greek exam, but I’ve seen people bring in just the most bizarre training, modalities

and systems of the kids. Don’t understand what they’re passionate about these systems? How to make your church fun! You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can my topic focused on topenish and not focus on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen plans broadcasted from advance to the back to the portland, and now my friends, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see it. Yes, that would stick it like that man, damn national really enjoyed you, don’t know, i, don’t know i, don’t i, don’t think I like them at all, i. Think as you brought this up, this was a a sore subject. I think i, really don’t like them at all. No I’m not eat them. I’m! A guy with no class really no standards, I’m a kind of guy that could not if I was single I before I was married. I would literally eat the same meal every single day. There was no variety outlet the same meal and what was that he had the cottage cheese to a lot of protein are working all the time and you get ahold of that in just a little bit of pineapple search, veryfit, just a lot a lot of protein and then after I would do that accept chicken breast I cook them all at advance and I was just eating. Nothing, but not every single best business coach day., my wife says we get married. You just do you want a bagel with that I’m going to be just like your egg and I’m going i, don’t know if I was single I would the same meal, every single thing, I just don’t care, and so, but I will tell you if, given the choice, I would definitely not eat. Pecans I would not eat any kind of cashews. I would just avoid the I was just checking. I did not. I did not realize that food stretch the number to do with me.

You know it’s stress, logemann use a freak out panic attack. A man doesn’t like a cashew of the cheesecake factory in just feel it pulsing I just did a big menu. Oh my god create an experience. That’s going to differentiate you just going to make your organization different, specifically under the context of a church, to be a pastor brian on the show he’s a great great guy, great client he’s out based out there in owensboro kentucky were so honored to have him here. He’s traveled here, as he specifically to be on the show I’m just honored to have him here in this could be a lot of fun here. So I’m going to ask you this if I’m trying to create a church that brings in people while trying to find what makes me different, how do you do that? Cuz i? Don’t like anybody, away. I’m at church, primarily for wrapped in a middle-aged people when somebody walks in his older, you said everybody:how do you have to find a way in a church? We’re not a demographic matters? On this, let me just say that what your building and what size population matters. So so it really is different. If you’re talking to a church in a country town, let’s sit down to five thousand or town of 2 million. Are they have different games? They have to play so to speak, but you you want to create something that makes you stand out and still have to tip your hat to. Let everybody know that they’re welcome if that makes sense, but but here’s the main thing about churches or anything I think you have to this kind of dates me, but you have to give to jerry maguire right. You have to have them from hello, and so the best business coach stats show that people know if they’re going to come back or not like my wife, jessie the first time she saw me, she was madly in love with me:i had her from hello and ever I’m, not at all cuz I was a drug addict in her father’s drug rehab. She wouldn’t talk to her phone here. As of yesterday, they say statistically, we know they know if they’re coming back, not within 30 minutes within minutes, almost like that blink factor, you know what I mean is at 7 minutes. My wife is telling me it’s 7 minutes.

They walk up. It’s almost like you know. If you know that feeling, if you think somebody is not sincere or you think they may be, calling you almost like it’s an instant got caught, they want to be swampy, so I think people get the same vibe when they show up on the church and in so you have to create a culture that allows them. You have to create an atmosphere of excellence and I believe that joy is a massive part of that. It’s got to be fun and i. Think if it’s like that people want to come back, she got to create that through your identity. So let me just give her some every actionable thoughts here, the best-selling author of the purple cow book and the guy started yoyodyne. When she sold yahoo for 30 million says he says he boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business people realize this and it worked to minimize, but not to eliminate the risk from the processor or invisible, make a choice if you’re remarkable it’s like that, you have to like it. Some people won’t like you to see if you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of being remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous parade. The best of the timid can hope for is be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. He has a lot of things he’s saying he is a contest for people’s attention. Help us make this action. What do we need to do to activate this well I’m? At me, this is going to end up telling him a little bit and that’s something I think people have a problem with. Is that as they become remarkable, they get some rejection and then went to get rejected. The next demi. This thing down, I’m just I mean i, got a dummy. This thing down, i, don’t want i, don’t want anybody to reject me.

Listen, there’s no product, there’s no service! If there’s no business out there for everybody and it’s going to take care of everybody, there’s no church out there, that is, for everybody, there’s not there different flavors I mean you know. Baskin-robbins has what 31 flavors I don’t know how, but they have I tell you this. It’s addictive cycle. If I go that drives, says worker just walk away, but it is about choosing things like that, but it’s like what’s happening but I go there when we were traveling to owensboro. Are flights got delayed, so we smoke at marooned in dallas and then we’re flying to louisville and vanessa to explain who the flowchart of how it works? She’s like oh, we can take this flight. If we do that, then this happens here in this happens here. That’s all the sudden. It’s like mental tetris at word, problems as a kid I get it. Yes, that’s when the things that a good business coach does for businesses you come and then you say:listen i, don’t know how to be remarkable. I, don’t know the moves. I, don’t know how to create my purple cow i. Don’t know how to create the buzz i. Don’t i, don’t know how to do that with people after they do. We can help you with that. We can help you out with that example, to get the wheel to turn in charles co law to take on this fitness. The dental depot says you know what I got to do to best business coach differentiate.

Maya dentistry I got to come with a purple cow to listen to the tramp time. Shall I get it so I’m going to put in front of his partner, says wyatt train. He says why not seals were decreasing. They went to bankruptcy twice. They bring back in one of the original family members from the harley family. He says people like them loud so go make them louder. You go sober whole foods. You got to hire an earthy millennial name, skyler he’s going to be dating someone who works yoga pants. All the foods organic there going to be riding with chalk on the sign means he’s going to have a a a spiritual connection to the word kale different than what the pergola fitness one thing is:is r value propositions very good. We got a very the benefits to get for the $5 a month:price, 24, fitness, 2014 24 hour, massage free trainer instruction free nutrition instruction. You can bring a friend for free. Your friend can work out tan, massage anytime, when you have to go with you, but all that’s included for as low as $5 a month. It is the best value inn fitness on the planet, I’m going to ask you as well: pastor pastor not done pastor non pastor, best business coach friend dr. Zoellner. What makes doctors eve dr., robert, zoellner and associates unique, and so we we always have a inexpensive frames that are high quality and warranty. Today, I built the two stores that when you walk in you go wow this isn’t this? Isn’t my my dad’s optometrist back and you know punk ville, your physical, aesthetic, beauty, beauty! You can’t just rely on that clutch i, don’t know about there. I think I think it’s we knew who we were early on that maybe we can even know how to say who we were, but we started like this like we knew. We were here to reach people that weren’t already church so come on out.

So the idea was we’re going to build a church that reaches those who are far from christ, and so we took that we invited if we went down one of the first buildings we got. There was a bar in town. The owner got popped for dealing, x and coke out of the bar, which is hard on your business. Don’t do that if you, if you own a business and he got arrested and I love the idea of taking that tavern in making it a temple, cuz i, just I was, after that kind of crowd. So early on, we had like this night club best business coach atmosphere in the church, you’re you’re, worse than jesus you’re, preaching bible messages, but it’s all designed to reach the lost now he did was like that. I had that music when all the time, but now I have this interview of time go to drivetime.Com, and you can hear the remainder. This interview on the podcast downloaded. How do I pray to hello


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