How to Effectively Market to Humans Using Search Engines in the Church World and in the Business World

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Clay Clark, Doctor Z and Pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson team up to the discussion how to effectively market your church to humans on the planet Earth using search engines.

Making a Unified Brand | Consistency Throughout

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Search Engine Optimization for Churches

Determine Winnable Keywords to Optimize for in Google Search Engines
Write down the names websites of your top 3 competitors.
Go to the actual website and right click in the browser and select view page source.
Work with your coach to use to determine what keywords the competition is winning.
Another free option is (not as good as SEMrush)
Ask yourself how many keyword searches are available?
How many are you missing out on due to not being top in Google?
Determine the keywords being dominated by your competition

Making a Unified Brand | Consistency Throughout

4 Part Google Domination Equation:
Most Google Reviews
Most Canonical Compliance
Most Mobile Compliant
Most Original Content

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, eric, chop business coach. Welcome back to the lifetime show dr. Z. Welcome back to the thrive time, show pat o’brien. Welcome back to the thrive time. Should I want to ask you to search up? Do you recall the urinals in the office ever being so clean? No i! Don’t, and you know what I’m really excited about that help you I want to know. Why did you confuse the urinal with a water fountain, and it was that clear to me? I saw you coming into work last week, all the sudden I thought we installed new water, fountains and the doctor, and you and you went for the porcelain, was just calling me and I had some things. I wanted to get to him. Z I wanted to wanted to I was over there, I didn’t have the diligence or tenacity or class needed to say something, and so we just let him have that hey I’m feeling pretty good as a best business coach, are super clean right now, I think there’s somebody out there listening z ask yourself:are our bathrooms clean or not, because it’s a really is a first impression and say you have kind of a pet peeve about this about clean restrooms? Can you can you play clean restrooms you like it quick trip, clean restrooms, you like it starbucks clean restrooms, you like it some places not so much better about dirty bathrooms. Is it isn’t it self-evident? I mean who want to go to the dirty bathroom i, like it I mean really, you think about it. That’s like tiptoeing around and is a female. Listen I really enjoyed his best friend they just to feel so good when you’re in there it’s about a person takes care of their house, their business, you’re. Thinking what that’s having to take care of me details details. It’s clean, it’s nice and it’s good! It’s come on it’s you know you want to hang out and read a book and I can pay off service in town, so I called and I said. Here’s the deal. We have a lot of people attending our conferences. We bought a high-traffic areas. We want to make sure that our office is clean when it gets. When are conferences. We have hundred people here, let’s make sure they’re clean, and this is not an exaggeration I said who do you work with? They actually already janitorial service of choice for google who do *? What and dupont rumor has it dupont? Wasn’t a competition started yesterday, see if you’re going to get your bathroom clean?

Why do you want entrusted to a janitorial service that bigger companies? Well, I mean you want quality best business coach people to do the work because you want it done right and unless you want to get in there to clean it, which I know play one of your hobbies cleaning bathrooms toothbrush, where you put a battery into a way time, I was supposed to use that toothbrush after drinking the water pressure. Does a certain appreciation. You have another person to go to that restaurant I mean is that the best use of your time? So you know things like that that you can hire out and have somebody else do it gives you some time for the website? What’s the phone number to

owens to call them on the phone to visit their website? What how do we do it? The first of all, if you become a new customer with classic janitorial service, they’re, going to include 3 of fuller treatment every month for you something that most companies upcharge for they’re, going to buff the high traffic tyler, yet classic queen.Com v classic clean.Com and their phone number is 918-671-2046 claiming to say it one more time for you, its 918-671-2046 classic janitorial services get a hold them and clean up that. Clean up that office website. You have to go on the internet, so I’m just going to ignore it until your pastor, brian gibson, on the show. Today he is the man, his best business coach wife. They started a river city church together as more than a thousand members out there in owensboro kentucky. Just put this in perspective. 2% of all of owensboro goes to your church. I thought about 2% of the entire population goes to your church. Can you talk to all the pastors out there? All the monsters out there that maybe they have a wonderful church and they’re just ignoring the internet, cuz i, don’t know how it works. Can you can you speak some encouragement in the lives of the pastors out there there are ignoring the internet. I would love to play it’s it’s like this, the game of finding people and helping them finds you it’s continually changing I’ll, never forget one time:i was in a planning and zoning meeting. You start building buildings, renovating stuff, planning and zoning. You want to make him your friend. They can become your worst best business coach nightmare and they become my worst nightmare and we had a prime piece of property we’re going to build something on, because everybody could find us there right and a guy that work for the city in their looks up at me, and he says:why would a church need a prime piece of property like that? You can put up a building anywhere and people can come, though it was crazy, crazy, i, love him in the love of the lord I’m, just saying it was. It was kind of like, and so I answered, my sister. Why would anybody want to build a nice church in a prime piece of real, estate and I just said i? Don’t you see that the best businesses churches, if we go out in the woods and put up a tent people, are coming to have to find us well now? The way they find us is they find on the internet and I’m sure that game will change again in the future or some other form of communication will have to learn that game? What what you have to do as a pastor, if we want to help people and the only way we can help them is we have to get them to the building, all right clay and the thrive team, what they do and what they taught me that they taught me about seo search engine optimization, it’s not something I studied in school right, i, study, ministry! It’s not in my in my primary thinking of the day.

I’m, not thinking of all the book of google. We will not teach you the canonical rules, they don’t do that and so guys, like us, listen we want to minister to people. We want to preach the word in power. We want to see the lost, save jenny business, help and guys that can help you with this kind of thing and get you up on that list of google where people can find I want to get to be tough to do it so I’m going to go to the point. I! Don’t have you break it down my friend, okay, so one if you’re a church or a business, any kind of organization. You really want to write down the names of your top three competitors, not know pastor brian. His goal is to reach the lost people that I do currently do not have a church home he’s not going to still be with other churches, but if you’re in a business or church, you have to look at what is best practices. He can you explain to me why it’s important to at least know of the top three people that do what you do. It’s really a good study because lot of times, I’ll I’ll ask people who’s your competition, the black population. Island. Are you kidding me and we were so good at what we do. That’s not the right attitude. It is why reinvent the wheel, tell me he’s doing it. Well, you can maybe learn from them. You know you’ve got eyes to later on I like that I like that. But then you know which account with your competition is what your thoughts are good. We just got to know that and then, and then you want me to steal, borrow. Something is what you do to go to their website and you’re just going to right click:z, do you use a laptop or use are using a laptop these days? Are you using a phone? How how do you navigate the internet when you do navigate the internet, I have all kinds of forms, a phone, ipad laptop and then a bit. Can you wait till now desk computer? If you have a mouse right, click it. If you have a mac computer, you double-click with the two things to figure click. What to do? Is it you’re going to pull up their source code and it’s going to show you see this is crazy, I’m at it right now, so he can i. Do this right, now. I’m, going to google, tulsa optometrist, just real, quick and I want. To spell it right. That’s the key to ask you google. I pulled up here. So this right here, oh there, you are sir, on page one. So what I’m going to do? Those? Let’s go to the other best business coach name on the radio, if it’s very expensive, to mention your competition exam already, we want to view page source and right here. It shows you the actual words that he’s optimizing and it says he looks like he’s optimizing, the terms optometrist, tulsa and eye exam and eyeglasses nosy.

Here’s the deal. Do you know that more people search for the phrase optometrist tulsa, the new search for the phrase tulsa uptown looking for then they put the city after it just what happened so I can’t look at your competition and you can determine what they’re doing another tools you go to website called sem rush.Com, which are thrive time. Team can do for you and we will show you what your competition is coming up top or this is a powerful to tool. Now you want to ask yourself how many keyword searches are out there and what one is the top search term trip? Why would it in all be valuable to know what your competitions coming up top foreign google, because if that’s your main competition they’re probably doing fairly well, and so you want to be getting front of those same ideal unlikely, so what you’re doing you’re looking for these key word is you’re going to be thinking about the actual literal words that people are going to type into google to find your business or your competition’s business. And then you want to optimize that website so that you come up higher than they do for those specific terms, example of how this guy, whoever this guy is, he has 770,000 people her months that are going to his website for the first time. That’s a lot, that’s typing in the word life coach! That’s what you’re typing in life coach. Another example as if you go to oxyfresh, which is a business that I’m involved in this, is powerful again just showing the drivers out there how this works I’m going to spy., to spyfu.Com. Is it isn’t blocking me out there champ? Okay, let me go to spyfu real quick,, so maybe 3,000 people a month or finding oxyfresh for the first time as result of us being top in best business coach google, and if you click here on the key words you can see the number one turn the typing in his carpet cleanings. So if you wanted to beat us, you could beat us for the term carpet cleanings, and you would know that that’s the term that give his gives us, the goodness see. Why is it so important to know what the competition is it? It’s like war I mean you:could you got to have scouts you got to have people out there sooner, but going to ride, to go to laugh at the trying to flank you that coming around I mean you know it’s it’s warden toe by knowing the enemy’s not like the other guys play you can counteract them. You should go for the next movie. You want to figure out what keywords your competition is dominating. Your or the other churches are dominating and we come back we’re in teaches step.

Six and shuffle really want you to take the lead on this, because a lot of drivers struggle with understanding, there’s only four variables that control who comes up top and google, there’s four main variables and there so many blogs that say google is changing with over well since 1996 they never made a fundamental change, but they try to keep out scammers right. So it is true. There are little changes they do, but fundamentally it’s theirs is the same as the same for moves that affect your google rankings. We come back eric, chuck business coach, going to break down to us break down for us. The four moves, the four variables that control who dominates the google search engine results, whether you’re a church or a business. You absolutely have to know how to get where the people are in the people are searching on this great invention called outdoors internet’s. They do like a horse with blinders spoke to see you score. Footsie. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air, alright, drive bayshore! Welcome back to the best business coach conversation, we’re talking about search engine optimization and for those of you just tuning in if you want to never miss an episode of the podcast or never miss part of what you’re hearing today, I know the average person driving their car for about 15 minutes and then hustle back to work, and so, if you missed anything, we’re covering on today show just go to thrive time. Show.Com click on the podcast button and you can find our exclusive drive time to archives podcast with pastor brian gibson and his incredible by pastor jesse gibson, pastor jesse. What’s your connection to oklahoma I mean how did you drove here from owensboro to be here? But what’s your connection oklahoma, where you originally from i, am from amarillo texas and I went to school in tulsa? There was a great school here and I and they offered the degree plan that I wanted from here. So I just shot this way. What school did you go to for the listeners you want may be familiar oral, roberts university about it like? Was it part of like a ponzi scheme? Did you get sucked it I had you here, but oral roberts, university I think my dad was a primary thing was that he was a healing evangelist. So oral roberts was just a like a like a like a celebrity in our house. I, don’t know, I just grew up knowing who he was and that he had this incredible school and there were a lot of people that wanted to go there and then I was a senior in high school and actually a family called me and I said. Listen. We think you are called to ministry. We think it’s a great school and if you’ll go to oral roberts will give you a full ride, will pay for everything giant hands before we get into search engine optimization. Do you remember when you saw brian for the first time I do when was that he was at my house?

It was senior night senior graduation, my junior year, I wasn’t graduating that I was going to all these parties and I showed up at my house in between parties, and he was there in a polo shirt. Wranglers cowboy boots sitting beside my father and I came in the door. My mom stopped me and she said:i know that the boy in the living room looks like a choirboy, but he is not he’s on drugs. Don’t you even think about perfect, but he then go to oral roberts university. Did he ever attend oral roberts, university, first and victory bible institute, and then he was already going to oru and that was kind of how he wooed me said. You know we love each other and we’re both going to school in tulsa. Anyway, we should cut down on rent and getting married, but I want to do this up. Bro letters out there I want I want I want to see this up. I was listening to one of your sermons, which to me was a life changer. By the way, it’s huge i, listen to one of your sermons. Cuz you preach. Sometimes pastor brian purchase both of you print from this great book called the bible, and you were teaching about how praise and worship is not for me as a present, worship is not for me. It’s for god, and briefly, can you explain what that means? This was like. I mean it’s probably all right to go down. Is a click larkin changing moment. Can you explain what that song was all about say? Oh, my best business coach goodness, I’m glad that you like music or I’m, glad that it moves you but honestly, I’m, just not emotional in those moments and i, don’t feel like I need to emotionally express myself so any time that people are singing or clapping or raising their hands or something they think that maybe that’s an emotional way of expressing themselves to god in like something comes to them through it, which I’m not arguing the point that you do get something out of worship but as we look through scripture, god is always asking us for specific things, and he says things in scripture like clap your hands, all ye people shout unto god with a voice of triumph, but he doesn’t say if you feel extremely emotional today about to be happy. If you’re super happy I’d like you to go ahead and shout out, louds I’ve been in church long enough. That I was so happy that was forgotten. For me because they’re a lot of days that I didn’t feel like worshipping god, but when I understood that really god gets a lot of joy and fulfillment through it.

And it’s why I asked us for it. If god wants it and I love, god I want to give him whatever he’s asking for you deep into the bible. That’s what you do! That’s your profession, that your passion about your vocation, vocation and greek means you’re, calling it’s what you do. Doctors owner knows more about the human eye optometry than the average person eric church up over here is a business coach for thrive. You know about more. You know more about how the internet works in the average person. True, so please break down to us and on on a 3rd grade level, what the internet works, because the average person’s is i, don’t know how it works, but I need to powers of I have to work a lot of people out there. A lot of web developers a lot of search engine. Optimization companies are going to try to explain it to you. It’s too complex, you’re never going to be able to figure out what really there’s only four parts of the equation. We call it the the google domination equation. Okay, part 1 is you’ve, got to have the most google reviews:okay, that the google reviews those show up on the map listing when you google what I’m going to do I’m going to google. What’s boro church, let’s do that test. Pastor jesse pastor brown on this here, really, if you’re not talking to the pastor, brian’s fault, he’s right, another church has 3 review they’re, getting close to you better. Keep going in this is so it can. If I’m online I see one church with 282 reviews, the next closest has 18 can I see you on page one of google and not because you’re passionate about christ. It’s because you understand how the agnostic best business coach google works, and so you have the most reviews. Therefore you’re in the conversation. What’s the next step, okay, the next step is the canonical compliance. You have to have the most canonical compliance on your website and what that means. Is it it’s kind of it’s google’s rules, it’s their architecture on the back into the site.

They want things to be labeled as a question about ministry i. Don’t want to know how google works. Well, that’s, okay! You can hire us at the thrive time showing will actually do this part of it, for you write that will make sure what that your website is falling. All the canonical rules you’ll do that for me, you’re great I’m, going to be there wizards next move is one of the most mobile complaint website with people and turns out they do, and so therefore, google wants these results that come up organically. They need them to be high quality optometrist uses the internet to find our look at reviews and making decisions on view glasses, erykah, badu, drivers pee. We are on their tries to come in right to get a great treat a stye get a great eye, exam that pick out awesome, glasses and everything is great. They check out to get out there and clean places. Clean nice smells good and very friendly high five and fist pumping and his glasses have to go out for vision rate for insurance reasons to another lab they make them and then I come back and one of my employees dropped the ball and doesn’t call him immediately. Never happened in the history of american business. How much you can have it? It’s so true. You have this chain. You hook up the back your car going to pull out a stump out of your yard right, but the problem is right about where it is, but there’s one link, there’s one link, that’s not so good guess what guess, which ones can break that one, and so I 95% I mean really poking me. I want come on clearly see how was brian’s a bad hilarious, pastor brian’s facebook video advertisement became overtime because the trolls are truly in control of the start, writing reviews and writing reviews and writing their theological, pontifications and then commenting on those best business coach pontifications. Until it’s super important that you become very intentional about guarding your internet reputation, guarding your internet reputation, we come back over and teach you how to get to the top of the google search engine say to


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