Identifying Your 3 Legged Marketing Stool and Committing to It

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How do you turn your dreams into reality? How do you grow your business. It starts with having a product or service that really solves the problems for your ideal and likely buyers and then the path to profitability begins and ends with your ability to market your business effectively. Learn how to create an effective 3-legged marketing stool to take your business to the next level.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (The marketing expert, New York Times bestselling author and the founder of Yoyodyne which was sold to Yahoo for $30 million dollars).
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Without sales you have no business.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The goal is to build a time-freedom and financial freedom creating business not a job that is 100% dependent upon you and 100% non delegatable thus we must focus on creating turn-key marketing systems that have the ability to generate leads for your business without you personally having to go out and to generate the new business. Many self-employed people fall into the trap of being the only person within your organization who can generate leads, sales and essentially life giving income to the business. You want to develop a three-legged marketing stool that you are not dependent upon just one marketing system and so that the consistency of your lead generation never stops regardless of whether you (as the owner) are on vacation or not.” – Clay Clark
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “On your business is profitable and you are confident that it is going to survive, it is time to build your business’s four core system:
    1. Lead generation: your system for finding prospects.
    2. Lead conversion: your system for closing sales.
    3. Production and delivery: your system for producing and fulfilling your core product or service.
    4. Collections: your system for collecting on what you are owed.” – – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of
  5. ACTION ITEM – Define Your 3 Legged Marketing Stool That You Believe Would Work Best (Pick from the marketing options listed within the BOOM book).
    1. Leg #1 – Search Engine Optimization
      1. Option A – Must record 4 hours per week of Podcasts – Long-Tail – Search Engine Domination
        1. 10 minutes in length
        2. Weave in the keyword 10 times
        3. Transcribe your content via
        4. Example –
      2. Option B – Have the Thrive Time Business Coaching Team Write the Content for You
        1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – see
        2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – see
        3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – See
    2. Leg #2 – Design a mailer to be sent to your ideal and likely buyers on a monthly basis.
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For a lot less money, you could send a special direct mail effort to just the best neighborhoods where the best buyers live. The secret is to do it continuously so that you build top-of-mind awareness among those best buyers” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
    3. Leg #3 – Dream 100
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “About 3 percent of potential buyers at any given time are buying now. 7 percent of the population is open to the idea of buying. The remaining 90 percent fall into one of three equal categories. The top third are “not thinking about it.” The next third are “think they’re not interested.” The final third are “definitely not interested.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
    4. Leg #4 – Launch Ads
    5. Leg #5 – Design Retargeting Ads
    6. Leg #6 – Launch Adwords
    7. Leg #7 – Design Facebook Ads
    8. Leg #8 – Optimize Home Advisor (gather most reviews) *Do this only after having successful launched the other legs of your marketing stool
    9. Leg #9 – Optimize Houzz (gather most reviews) *Do this only after having successful launched the other legs of your marketing stool
    10. Leg #10 – Optimize Angie’s list (gather most reviews) *Do this only after having successful launched the other legs of your marketing stool

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Audio Transcription

alright, Thrive business coach nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio I’m burning excessive amounts of business coach pinon wood, smoking out the man cave studios here at camp, clark and chicken palace, where I make up for my lack of classiness with my amount of birds, chickens, turkeys and I were talking today about three legged marketing stools and one of the things you have to do grow a church or any organization. Business marketing is a contest for people’s attention. Seth godin marketing is a contest for people’s attention, and this is so funny and I just want to I want to listen to get. This is a kid. I got started a lot and I got made fun of a lot, and so I really didn’t care. What anybody thought a lot and so, and it just is what happened and so I is an adult carried out. The same, not really caring at all about what anybody thinks, except for i, keep a diagram of my office but I care. What god thinks I care of my partner doctors? He thinks you’re, my wife thinks but I can’t read until somebody says:hey what you just said could have offended god clean up a little bit here. So I can buy. Wife was offended, I want to know where doctors eat, but I don’t really care about what the general population think. So as an example, just a little shocker for you, I was doing the math. You today don’t think about teacher pay. You know the number of people on her show agree with me on this.

So I’m sure. But this is my thought:oklahoma we pay our teachers in the end of support, lowest third-lowest in the country. You know when I was looking up. The least expensive states to live in and we’re also the 3rd or 4th lowest and so I in our teachers, work i, don’t know, I was working 12 months, I know so most of my friends who are teachers, work at 9, so I thought to myself at the job. They know what they’re going to get paid. I thought yeah, they didn’t like it was going to pay you. You know, and it’s okay you’re making like $31,000 a year and then upset I thought. You know if I was upset and I don’t work until david jewelry I would go to work for a fry fry go work for elephant the rumor, but you know other people would like to go on a business coach strike and so I would just stay out there. If you took your not being paid enough and you’re a teacher just quit, and you know what just give up on the students who cares, i, don’t care. In fact, I didn’t get anything out of my high school at also all the teachers that taught my high school. That goes with the exception of miss janson I didn’t even care. If I said miss jackson in my high school I seriously would not have missed a beat. My entire is my tire. Senior year was ash a mockery. My junior year was ash a mockery. My sophomore year was completely ridiculous and I didn’t learn. Anything I can guarantee you if I did not go to high school at all, it was trained by wolves. I would have got the exact same educational benefit, and you know why I’m saying that, because I sincerely don’t care who’s offended, cuz I’ve never met a teacher who an entrepreneur and I catered entrepreneurs, and so I’m just saying. If you’re a teacher you’re not getting paid well enough, I might or might not agree with you, but if you’re not here’s the deal, bro thomas quit your job, but if you want to go on strike and make me feel bad and raise my taxes, that’s what’s going to happen, but because i, don’t care, I can say it what’s crazy.

Is the more I say things that I believe the more people? Listen in the more people, hate and love, I hate you so much I look. So we did a show about stephen, hawking and I explained that he is proud of how many people he turned it to atheism and is a person who believes the bible is a a literal book inspired by god i, wouldn’t believe that he would be where he be spiritually. Worse than hitler, actually wasn’t a good person and he left his wife i. Don’t care I speak to the defensive? All I’m saying is if you’re listening to the business coach show today, nor in portland you probably already irritated but here’s the deal. Marketing is just a contest for people’s attention, but it has to align with your values yeah. He feels attention, but you have to be like proud of what you’re saying your mom can’t be embarrassed. I’m, going to start here with a aaron and his I want to start with jesse, but you say things as a pastor, I’m sure pastor jesse that are offencive to the majority of americans, who are now post christian. But yet you believe them. So how do you compete for people’s attention in a way that gets people’s attention, but might irritate a world of it? Is posted this year’s love, helping people and dealing with people and marriage on raising kids on finances on every single issue that we cover and everything that we deal in and then also watching people die a lot coming to be honest. They they die a lot, we’ve seen a lot of death in are 14 years, and after that many years you just get to the point where it’s like me, I’m, going to tell him the truth, I’m going to tell the thing that works, what I see when I see people follow it? It totally works for the most expensive you that you have patrick jessie on marriage that offends a secular world, but actually you know to be true, and when you say it, it makes people like unnerve, but you know that it is in fact true.

I think the biggest thing that we as you want me to really say that I do portland. Graywhale did stop watching the great business coach whales are tuning in. If you’re married, you have to have sex with each other, not what I was expecting right. It’s super offencive people think that they own their own bodies with the bible says that when you marry someone that your body now belongs to them, they hate their like I’m. Just what I’m doing is I’m being more of a monk, I’m I’m being celibate get closer to let you know they have all different reasons. Why all different reasons why? But they don’t want to be told that they have to do something about their body, that they don’t necessarily want to do that day or that our you have to get people’s attention. Sure in the world of marketing, which means you’re going to say something that people don’t foresee does beige vanilla normal. But you also know some people when you’re when you’re saying something like that, is there something? Is there a message or churches run over the years for marketing for river city church that you think may be offended some business coach people, but you fundamentally still agree with man. I’ve said so many offense of things, because I am a christian I followed this metal fence right by people. Jesus is the only way to heaven. There is one name under salvation under heaven, by which men might be saying. This all seems very defensive. I, say things like marriage is between a man and a woman. What’s wrong with you, I say things like:you cannot continue in a lifestyle, that’s destroying yourself and against the scriptures and be right with with eternity. So yeah i, say things and I get threats, but I do it. You never do it like you’re, happy about it right, I’m, not happy that people. There are some people. Some christians are like. You know that it comes across you’re, going to hell and I’m so happy that you’re going to the phone I’ve I am so excited about your lack of salvation I got to go, throw their happy that that they think I’m going to help it all they come and pick up. My church actually stand up in front of my church and scream at my connor gets butt butt.

So when I say those things, here’s the kicker, you got to say it with the tear in your eye, not hearing your voice right, you care about these people. You know that the to vegas comedian, magician guys, penn and teller okay, so so this guy. That gideon gave the big guy the big comedian, the bible or on on the road, and he did this. He did this video blog about this guy. He said man, this guy was a good guy. He cared about me. I, don’t agree with him. He told me. He believes that if I don’t receive jesus I’m going to hell, that’s what this man believed. He was a good man. He cared about me. He gave me a bible cuz. He cared about my turn and he said if you really believe that christians out there this is coming from a guy. That’s not a christian, and you see me stepping out in front of a business coach bus. Why would you not do everything within your power to stop that bus from hitting me trying to keep people from getting hit by the bus? Even when people want to punch me, they harass me I’ve been threatened. You know, and so again from page 160 of the in-n-out burger story, the founder of in-n-out burgers has my love of jesus is greater than my fear of what people will say so, even in a secular context, and you have to stand out with your marketing absolutely so talk to me at shaw homes. Obviously you guys are a prudent company known for being conservative and what are some things you’ve done over the years that maybe or anything you’ve done to stand out with your marketing sure. So we partnered up with local jewelry company here jewelry store jay david jewelry, and we offered for any customer who wanted to go on a model home tour with us. We offered them a free pearl necklace just for going on.

The tour didn’t have to buy anything from us. Just we believe so strongly in our product. I mean pastor brian, you mentioned, like you got to stop somebody from doing the wrong thing. While we believe that if they bill homeless, shelter, homes they’re going to have a great experience and enjoy it for many years to come, and we want them to have that experience with us if you’re listening right now, you don’t know how to sustainably market your company or business coach of going to help. You do that so go to thrive time. Show.Com! We can help. You find the right 3 business coach marketing avenues for you, the right, sustainable marketing, proven systems that work, weatherby, search, engine, optimization, retargeting, ads, youtube, ads, facebook ad. You don’t have to be a digital nerd. We are in a digital world. We can help you do that, but we can’t help you. If you don’t get a chance to know you so go to thrive time, show.Com and schedule your one-on-one consultation or book your tickets to the workshop or watch thousands of videos or listen to the podcast or send me an email to complete. You can send me a complaint to info at drivetime, show.Com and then I’ll hit delete. So that’s what I was thinking too. What is a great dialogue? You send the complaint I hit delete and that was at the end of show with a 3-2 in a one, but you don’t have jacob. If you have a complaint to email info at thrive time should I come and I’ll hit, delete, 3 to 1


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