Guerilla Marketing for Churches | How to Create Your Dream 30

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How to market effectively on a small budget? Clay Clark, Pastor Jessi Gibson, and Pastor Brian Gibson break down how small churches and small companies can market effectively using the Dream 100 system and guerilla marketing techniques.

Create a Dream 30 List

  1. Every Local Sporting Event
  2. School Ball Games
  3. Starbucks
  4. Kids Classes (Dance, Gymnastics)
  5. Market to Every Service Provider You Buy From
  6. Market to Every Product Provider You Buy From
  7. Go the Same Grocery Store Every Time
  8. The Gym
  9. The Dry Cleaner
  10. Restaurants
  11. Chamber of Commerce
  12. The Country Club


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only 3% of any market is in the “buying mode” now.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be strategic, call them all until they cry, buy or die.” – Clay Clark
    1. Richard Branson – Started his empire cold-calling out of the phonebook businesses to sell them advertising.
    2. Clay Clark – Started by cold-calling some of the biggest corporations in America to book their holiday parties.
      1. Step 1 – Created a Dream100 list
      2. Step 2 – Created a sales script for your team to use when calling every month
      3. Step 3 – Send out a mailer every single month
    3. Slap Watch on Ellen –
    4. Slap Watch on Kathie Lee –
    5. Lori Montag Interview –
    6. Ryan Tedder of One Republic –
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine, I just filled out an excel sheet and I just started dialing for dollars, right? First ten guys I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out, a few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up, and three of them said ‘I’m interested, let’s meet.’. And if you’re cold calling and three out of ten say ‘let’s meet’, you’ve got something.” – Travis Kalanick (Founder of Uber)
  6. ACTION ITEM – Create Dream 100 List
  7. ACTION ITEM – Commit to a sustainable rejection regimen
  8. ACTION ITEM – Embrace stoicism and the business duck “Emotional Tradeoffs of Success” philosophy (page 8 of the BOOM book)
  9. Downloadable –
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Audio Transcription

My name is clay clark of the current business coach and former us sba entrepreneur of the year. If you are listening from portland, we welcome you to the show, thank you for taking the time out from watching the gray whales pass by that’s amazing. If you came to tulsa, we also have will aaron and just have you seen the blue whale in catoosa? Have you seen the moon? It’s glorious? Yes, it’s beautiful and aunt is here the guy who’s that the head of sales for shaw homes, the largest home building, company oklahoma, and we have pastor jesse here with the river city church and pastor brian wood river, city church were talking today about guerrilla marketing for churches and we’ve hit on on sabrina’s podcast I really want to get into the business coach details, because I noticed listening owns a business or somebody out there who owns a church. Where is the head of a church or is part of a church in your saying, what is the best way that I can get in front of my ideal and likely buyers, ideal unlikely congregation members, my ideal unlikely people who would want to attend the church in a way that involves little to no money, I mean what’s the best way to do it. On a on a good with you when we’re going to guerilla marketing on a shoestring. Budget, start with you, I pastor jesse, but first I want to read this notable quotable from chet holmes holmes best-selling, author of the ultimate sales machine, not the head of a church, the former partner of charlie munger, who is warren buffett’s partner. He says only 3% of any market is in the buying mode now, so it’s geico warren, buffett geico.

They never stop running those ads and saying. 15 minutes could probably save you. 15% I know in the church, business you’re, probably not making it over later for a missing piece. We can save money on the insurance, but do you not try to consistently talk to people over and over and invite them to church? Are you like a once-a-year kind of invite, or how often are you are you inviting people to church, but we definitely have the best product available, and so we put two weeks at our church. We put to invite cards in every seat on sunday morning, so when they walk in, they automatically have something in their hand that they can touch base with someone around them, and we remind them to look for someone unchurched unsave. Every single week, in the way that we do that as every business coach ball game we go in every coffee shop, we make it a point to be in public a lot of people. I, don’t know why christians in church that they feel like they need to like get introverted and going to their office, but we really make it a point to always go to lunch, to always go to the coffee shop, and if we have completely saturated that place in and buy at every human being, that is alive and breathing. Then we will always change our dry. Cleaner. The grocery store that I go to on a weekly basis and every person that I run into grin eye. They love my children. If they compliment my kids I say:oh, thank you! So much we’re going to keep them and we would love it. If you come to church with us and in my kids are like yeah ministries amazing they’re like i, have kids and then they want to come so every place we are is always at the forefront of our mind that there is somebody here that needs river, city church. So you don’t have any shame in the game about inviting people to church me to consistency. You don’t feel bad about it. There’s somebody out there listening, know who says I just want i, don’t want to offend people.

You know i, don’t like the lady. She cuts my business coach hair and, if I invite her to church-and she says no, it’s like gretzky’s denied and I feel like it’s weird now. It’s like I propose for somebody. If I proposed, and she said no me talk to me about when you’ve invited somebody that you know service provider may be the oil change guy, the hairdresser guide, hairdresser, lady and they just shut you down. Pastor jesse I miss her time with her just shut you down, but I have only ever had someone shut me down whenever I been most. The time has never happened to me. One time have I been in a public setting and someone’s been there, and she was sick and I said:hey can I pray for you, people love it. Whenever you ask them, if they can breathe, believe it or not, they are so looking for some answer that, if you say, can I pray for you to say:yeah, cuz, I think you’re going to go home and go into a closet somewhere and you’re going to pray for them. That’s wonderful business coach ham in your hand and they’ll, just like a real short for like god. We thank you for your healing. We thank you for your blessing and i. Just ask that you bless this lady, a message. Oh, my gosh is tears up. She loves it. I don’t ever had one lady tell me no, and you know what happened she had. She had stage 4 cancer and she told me no I absolutely do not want your prayer and it was shocking to the entire hair salon. They were like two weeks later at school, but she was going to die anyway.

So it’s no loss is like it’s a lost her family but I just mean the prayer, wasn’t a loss, but it wasn’t a lot because I tried I did everything that I could do. She didn’t want it? It’s the one time in 14 years that anyone has ever shut me down for prayer or invitation i, don’t turn into your show for christian tips, that’s cool, that’s cool! That’s great i, appreciate that these are universal principles. One could use to grow a church or a business that sells hamburgers that you have to deal with the fear of rejection, so step number one I want everybody out there to take today, make a list of 30 places where your ideal and leila ideal unlikely buyers hang out, make a list of 3030 places where ideal unlikely buyers hang out over the churches. I got to go to pastor brian patrick jesse had to time a list. You got a few that they recommended every local sporting event, one to school, ball game, 3 starbucks for kids classes, get your kids enrolled. In a class there pastors market every service provider you buy from six market every product provider you buy from buy from the grocery store every time that jim the dry, cleaner restaurants, the chamber of commerce notable quotable, the country club i, mean portable. Think about this. Only 3% of any market is in the buying mode now, so you have to get in front of a hundred business coach people a month to get 3 people to say yes supposed to run away to talk to you about this I mean. Can you give an example of somebody that you actually invited to church from your guerilla marketing efforts who became a intrical member or a key part of the church, or somebody who became a member of the church of long term as a result of you quote, on quote to some people at the dry cleaners are at some place on your list. Your can you think of an example:men. The list is so long, a people, especially in the early days when we had no other marketing plan, jesse and I wish.

We lived in a pizza shop, inviting people talking to young people. We lived in the coffee shops and there was a group of 20 year olds that we’re investing in their lives are are kind of falling apart in and we weren’t old, but we’re 6 years older right. Where we look, we married able to these people can stabilize relative when you’re 6:20. So so we wouldn’t, we would invest in these people all the time and now I see them. I. Think about 1 gal, the first real millennial, the first business coach millennial I ever met and I hired, and this is before nobody talk about millennials, nobody knew what they were and we, minister to him on a college campus, will call his name up bubba bubba, to conceal his identity until we minister to him and his friend, and they come to the church. Cuz our church was meeting all the college campus, so I would work that then it and he came, he got his life right with christ god touched him moved on him, and then he was a part of the church forever. Then I hired him and some of those millennial characteristics showed up and all the guy decided he was going to live. He was, he was doing. Kids minister for us. He decided i, didn’t understand this at all.

He decided he was. He was going to live in a van. This is a college graduate in the walmart parking lot parking lot to save money, I’m like menu in kids ministry. We can’t even have an what is. This is a minimalist these. This is that I’m, like he’s crazy, but he’s he grew up out of that, and now this guy is a great member of society. I can tell that story a hundred times a thousand times and some of them even moved on to other cities. Now we had our ears with them, so I moved on to other cities with their producing right now, because somebody walked up and invited them and invested in them, and that’s true in any business to church right, you’re going to start a business, you cannot just rely on digital marketing. It’s got to be right. The digital marketing has to be right, but you have to be able to do it as a unit walk up and tell him about your product. Tell about your service towing mega church. This is a business coach thought. I would have put into the minds of everybody out there. Why are we not getting in front of our ideal unlikely buyers options? One is weird lazy:while I’m, not lazy, i, just don’t move my body or my mind. I just I like tv I’m, past i, want to stay relevant I want to know. What’s going on in the news for 5.2 hours a day according to gallup I mean that makes sense. I’m a passionate person I want to stay relevant I mean that’s:okay, okay, fine you’re, not lazy, you’re, not you’re, not lazy, you’re, not afraid you’re. Just somebody like stevie, okay, fine, that’s fine! You have grown shaw homes by selling homes, to your ideal, unlikely buyers, correct ever ties and run facebook ads, not coming, but previous to that you had to just get out there and hustle. What would you say? The entrepreneur out there religious perspective? It says I’m, just kind of worried about getting getting rejected, I mean yeah, i, mean i. Think everybody who tries to market a product I can remember in the early days we would do. Is I told the sales people you know when you’re out there you’re at the bank, you’re running errands you’re at the qt gas station and you’re paying for something you’ll hear people around you talking about.

Looking for home I mean it’s an hgtv world we live in, and so there will be people out there who are standing in line and they’re saying you know the home we’ve been looking at it, it’s really beautiful. It’s got this, you know classic style, and so you just kind of turn around and around and smile a big smile on your face now tonight and I need you more than ever sing to them, but that’s a good idea I’m going to try that in the future, but we you know your turn around with a big smile on your face and you’re like hey. That’s really interesting that you’re talking about homes, I just happened to be and guess what you have a $0.20 business hurting your back pocket that pull out and all of a sudden your marketing is very inexpensive, are not marketing for a church or you are either way make a list of at least 30 places where ideal unlikely buyers congregate in every single month. Go there at least once and pass out a car to every single human out there and I’m going to give you a story that will help somebody out there who is dealing with fear. There is a a book that I read years ago, called in and out burger about this business coach company come in and out burger when I have title and the founder of in-n-out burger them harry snyder, and he was once a communist use, a common and he became a christian, and so he said this is amazing. It’s change! Your life I need to put this on the cops. If you get in and out burger cup, the bottom of it says:proverbs 3:5 vinny asked john 3:16 on cups on everything, so you guys can see it here in the studio. It’s on the big screen there, any print it out and everything in the book in-n-out burger by stacy herman. He is, he was asked and he’s asked hey, don’t you didn’t worry about?

Losing customers I mean you’re based in la for the hotbed of the bible belt. You know, and he said I’d rather be embarrassed in front of humans than god and so people, and so he took a lot of heat for doing this, but he, but he built it into the trust and into the bylaws and other companies run by people that don’t share his beliefs. They cannot change the packaging, no matter. What and I would just say if you’re out there and you’re a christian, you want a business coach and you say:i want to share the gospel on my package, but you’re afraid to who cares right, I mean I would just go for it. I would just tell you, you’ve got it and what are your marketing, a business or a church? You’ve got to put fear aside and reach out to your ideal unlikely buyers consistently, because only 3% of them are wondering what you’re selling right. Now we got back room to talk about defining your core story to finding your core story. What are you truly all about you, love cats. Do you not love cats, stay 2


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