Staff Management in Churches | How to Find, Retaining and Releasing Staff

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Hiring, inspiring and retaining top-quality talent is a challenge every business owner must overcome. Pastor Brian Gibson, Pastor Jessi Gibson and Clay Clark teach you how to never have a human resources crisis again

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the challenges of running a startup is solving critical, short-term problems without neglecting long-term ones. Recruiting is a long-term problem; it’s almost never the answer to the problem of the month. Clearly, you need to have the right talent on board, but it’s not likely to solve the key problems your business is facing right now. Yet the longer you wait to do the long-term things, the more likely it is that you’re going to die from something that requires a longer time frame to be solved.” – Reid Hoffman (The founder of Linkedin, one of the original founders of PayPal and the venture capitalist partner with Greylock Partners)
  2. ACTION ITEM – Schedule a Weekly Time for Your Level 10 Meeting
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – You must hold your people accountable – “I find it remarkable that I can explain the reality of a situation to people and still not change their point of view. The facts are very plain and the reasoning is very clear, but they still won’t agree with the conclusion. It’s crazy. Rather than learn from their experiences, they choose instead to engage in wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than reality. But I think that wishful thinking is one of the most profound human failings, the major reason that people adhere so strongly to wrong ideas. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be optimistic. You simply have to be realistic as well.” – Elon Musk (One of the founders of PayPal and the man behind Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Do not tolerate the following excuses: I did not have time / I left the report on my desk, in my car, etc. I forgot. Emotional outbursts” – Clay Clark
      1. Start on Time
      2. Reporting – Hold people accountable for their numbers / Every week
      3. Identify the Problems
      4. Discuss the Problems
      5. Solve the Problems
      6. Assign the To Do List
        1. Who is supposed to knock the action item out?
        2. What are the details of the action item?
        3. When is the action item supposed to be done?
    4. Follow Up on Last Week’s To Do List
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being successful is just about doing whatever it takes to get stuff done. In the early days of Zappos, we did everything. If we have 100 orders that needed to go out, everybody stayed late at night packing boxes and chipping in. This is true for all of us, not just for me.” – Tony Hsieh (The founder of Link Exchange the CEO of Zappos)
  3. ACTION ITEM – Schedule Weekly Training Time for Your Team
    1. Block off and schedule the actual hours into your weekly schedule / calendar
    2. “The heart comes before the head.” – John Maxwell (Leadership expert and the New York Times best-selling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Management today is mentorship. You must invest the best of yourself into the training of your team. People have to know that you really do care about them. Before they will care about doing their jobs correctly. People have to buy into the companies’ long-term vision before they will care about hitting company deadlines. You must connect with your teams’ hearts and then their heads will follow.” – Clay Clark
  4. ACTION ITEM – Create a “Join Our Team Video” for New Potential Employees (Eventually finding quality people will become your biggest limiting factor)
    1. See
    2. It inspires trust and builds rapport (thus increasing your conversion rate)
    3. Schedule “Join Our Team” Video:
      1. What is your name and what is your role with the company?
      2. How did you originally get started in this niche?
      3. Why would a potential employee want to join your team?
      4. What kind of training do you offer for team members?
      5. If I’m on the website right now what do you want for me to do right now?
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    1. How to Inspire and Retain Quality Employees –
    2. How to Deal with Employees Who Don’t Buy into the Company’s Core Values with Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts – Lee Cockerell) –
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching professional for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright, rebelution boca back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast, download and I know many listeners out. There have been saying to themselves recently. I know this because I talk to you guys and, ladies in and one things you’re saying is the show just sounds so clean I mean it’s like the microphone to be where you what is going on. But how do you? How have your back? How have your microphones how’d your bathroom’s gotten so good I went to the conference in the bathroom for like it was like the the taj mahal. It was like I found myself confused. Is that a urinal or is that a water, fountain and I get it I get it cuz I have made the same mistake too. I took it so clean. It’s abruptly I level, I mean if your on your knees and so I would just say right now. If you were out there and your said, I want my office to be as clean as you guys. Sound I want I want my office urinals to double as a as a water, fountain, pretty close and then john’s like dudes come on that you’re you’re selling out for our advertisers. You can’t go out there and actually drink from the urinal, urinal and I said john I can do what I want to do and then we need she left out the door and I won’t tell you what happened. I’ll say this I get emotional. Just talking about our flooring is so clean. I now feel compelled to eat. My breakfast off of the floor and I’ll tell you why it’s because of good folks at the classic clean are cleaning our office it. So you might say to yourself they’re paying you to say that I’ll tell you this that’s right. Second thing microsoft and they use the new star uses a new start. I, don’t know about dupont, that’s what those are three companies I know.

Are you saying they use the classic clean, absolutely no brainer off or if I’m going to move forward. When I don’t get excited about urinals, so clean you could drink from them. I, don’t think i, don’t get excited about clean floor. I know what you’re dealing with right now, you’re busy and stuff going on here’s the deal you call my good friends of the classic clean at 918-671-2046 is 918-671-2046. If you add up all those numbers, what do you get? I have no idea, but he called it. Books at classic, clean and I want 867-120-4632 come out to your office, and I can do a business coaching special deep clean. This is like the colon cleansing of your office. I’m telling you. If you were going to do a deep cleanse, oh yeah, they’re, wonderful i, actually did you feel great I felt phenomenal I walked on I walked three feet off the ground for the following week. What were you doing? Are you eating to get to that clint? There is a food group that unicorns eat to grow their horn and you can buy this at the health. Food store actually blended in carrot, juice and it tastes wonderful, like kale, there was some kind of magic potion. Jesse got me at the health food store, so it was like 7 different drinks can I drink it for what 21 days once chest pains for 21 days, you could do that or you could just call her good press, the classic clean., here’s the thing if it least one of you will call them right now, I promise I will never talk about it again until tomorrow show how about that right now and I were talking today about this idea. How do you find and retain and release people?

I have met many many successful entrepreneurs and every single one of them without fail has told me this. My number one challenge is in finding great people I’m not going to teach you how to find the great people read the founder of linkedin, one of the original founders of paypal and venture capitalist behind greylock partners says what are the challenges of running a startup or any business is solving critical short-term problems without in the collecting long-term ones. Recruiting is a long-term problem. It’s almost never the answer to the problem of the business coaching month. Clearly you have the right talent on board. If it’s not like, we just saw the key problems. Your business is facing right now, get the longer you wait to do the long-term things, the more likely it is your people, the more likely it is that you’re going to die from something that requires a longer time frame to be solved. I’m currently little over a hundred under construction at the same time, and how many of those homes are very good with the nail gun how many of those homes are you building yourself me personally 0? Maybe you misunderstood the question of how many homes are you built and come on at least two three? How many? Those are you in there with a nail gun during their doing the framing yourself, and you got to be talented with those tools to build jobs other than for fun, on weekends, shooting at animals in the wilderness, with a nail gun, i, don’t use one of north of a thousand people, river city church out there in owensboro, kentucky you’re, also and serving as the interim pastor for victory church in amarillo texas. Yes, how often the pastor you can get up there on the mic, pontificate about the that you teach you illuminate the scripture.

You know if I ever actually walk up to the my life. All the music is still going in. The crowd can accidentally hear my voice, buy some mishap from the soundboard salmon tackle each other to turn things off because listen to this voice, I mean come on, I preached it out. I’m told it out. It is a it’s a work of art, so nevermind joe, cocker kind of a yes i. Do you are studying music, ministry I believe and you could sing if you wanted to I can think about the youth group. When was the last time because he have a great youth program, you have a great business coaching program for kids. Do you? How often do you leave the kids services? How often do you do you leave them yourself, you’re down there you’re leaving the kids services or how often are you cleaning the church, I mean what would it? How often do you clean the church and the kids never date? They took the keys away from me about 5 years ago. It’s not because you you don’t want to help its highest and best use to all three of you have to never stop recruiting, always correct it. When people turn in their last-minute notice for their there.

I am sitting there two week, notice for praise and worship leader or for framer or tyler got tile. Guy are typically is it always is when it’s convenient for them. It always is when it’s least convenient for us and most convenient for them. So, let’s start with this idea, if I’m listed today, I decide to stop recruiting to there I’ve, never even I just recruit. When I have a fire, then I stopped I recruit. I have a fire i, stop what will eventually happen. Eventually, it’s going to be you they’re doing the things that you shouldn’t be doing and what you should be doing will be neglected at the highest level so everyday it we’re in the recruiting game right, I’m trying to get people to come to my church, I’m, recruiting business coaching members and I’m also recruiting leaders paul. Who was the guy that wrote 2/3 of the new testament the apostle paul. He told his followers to find you seen that movie. He told him to to find men who are faithful or at character got to recruit. You got a five minute of play phone number one, and then they have to be able to have to have ability for what your having them do so I’m all always looking I’m looking for I’ve, never done it before, but I really believe it’s not going to happen so that they have to have ability right now, just good guys, sometimes will be good guys in churches are notorious for this, sometimes I can be drink. I smoke up all the time.

Yoda is always here right, so yoda’s here he’s a faithful yoda, but they don’t have no ability in the leaving in a spot just because he shows up well. There are things that show up, but that doesn’t mean they have the ability right we’re always recruiting faith one table. This is the question because he’s trying to go to space the most know he says that he says:i find it remarkable that I can explain the reality of a situation, two people and still not change their point of view. The facts are very plain and the reasoning is very clear, but they still won’t agree with the conclusion. It’s crazy, rather than learn from their experiences. They choose instead to engage in wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than reality, but I think that wishful thinking is one of the most profound human failings. The major reason that people out here too so strong to wrong ideas. This doesn’t mean you can’t be optimistic as a business coaching pro, but you have to be realistic as well. So a pastor guess he has have a weekly staff meeting where you hold people accountable, and why is it? Why is it important to everybody?

Listening to the show, has a weekly staff meeting to hold your team accountable and if you don’t i, look at and see hey, what are we doing? How are we going to go forward, then they honestly I’d i, believe that they begin to think that what they do is just not that big of a deal and they start laying down even the good people, even the faithful people, even the people that are super talented if they feel like there’s not a check in spot. They are. You know it’s kind of like a kid having a curfew at night, whenever they’ve been out with her friends, they know they’re going to have to look your eyes going to smell their breath when they get home. Are you saying that you even the most transparent, greenbelt, loving business coaching hipster out there could possibly occasionally let down their fellow man and not do what they said they’re going to absolutely I’m saying I can let down my fellow man and not do what I’m supposed to do if I don’t have the right checks and balances in order to hold me accountable for the work that I’m doing that week and knowing that I’m done, if I’m preparing a sermon and I supposed to prepare a sermon, I know:there’s a d-day like I’m going to be up there. I literally have dreams that I’m up in the pulpit and I have no clothes on and no nothing prepared. It’s just terrible, and it keeps me up all night long because you know there’s an accountability of d-day, so you prepare that serve and knowing that there will be people there waiting to hear something from you is I was just out there. I would encourage you to think about this. Do not tolerate the following excuses. Okay, one I didn’t have time cuz, that’s such an easy, easy move, it’s an easy out.

Don’t don’t don’t accept this? This excuse, you know I forgot. Nobody’s perfect, but the idea that I just forgot cannot be an acceptable thing. The emoji outburst move right. So what you want to do to have a weekly staff meeting. It starts on time where you hold your people accountable for their numbers. You identify the problems that are happening. The business coaching company, you discuss the problems, you solve the problem and then you assign the to do list, and you got to follow up on what was assigned last week to make sure it gets done. I missed all that following up and assigning and discussing problems and all these starting on time, you have to make people want to work with you. They have to want to work with you and so I tell people all the time. Management today is mentorship. You must invest the best of yourself into the training of your team. People have to know that you really do care about them before they will care about doing their jobs correctly. People have to buy into your company’s long-term vision before they will care about hitting the deadline. You must connect your team’s hearts and then their heads will follow up with john maxwell said it better. He says the heart comes before the head, who is john maxwell, 21, irrefutable laws of leadership, pdf of that a book about a reboot for anymore I just want the videos.

Yes, that is a book. It’s called the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership so and I want to ask you this question:why does every entrepreneur every church leader out there everybody who owns and runs a company or organization? Why do you have to inspire your team i? Can you not just give them checklist and assume they’re going to want to do it because people just drift they drift off its? You know, you’re going through the monday tuesday wednesday happy days. Is it better to do something today and it’s like you’ve got the list of the things you got to pick up from the grocery store and you’ve got the honey do list at home? And you just you got all these things that are like pulling on kind of a negative business coaching energy or emptying out your love, the bank, and it’s like you, got to have somebody who’s there as your cheerleader in life. Who can pop you off getting you inspired sing after your dreams. It’s just you and I got to text. Oh yeah, we we use a lot of horse hormones on our sales staff to just keep them pumped up all the time. So, but no really you just have to have that person in your life who’s your biggest cheerleader, to keep you going after your dreams, and we come back we’ll talk about the importance of ongoing weekly training in churches and companies. Dayton is the drivetime show on radio


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