How to Inspire and Retain Quality Employees

Show Notes

Clay Clark breaks down how to create an employee experience and overall atmosphere (culture) that will help you to inspire and retain quality team members (employees).

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the challenges of running a startup is solving critical, short term problems without neglecting long-term ones. Recruiting is a long-term problem; it’s almost never the answer to the problem of the month. Clearly, you need to have the right talent on board, but it’s not likely to solve the key problems your business is facing right now. Yet the longer you wait to do the long-term things, the more likely it is that you’re going to die from something that requires a longer time frame to be solved.” – Reid Hoffman (The founder of Linkedin, one of the original founders of PayPal and the venture capitalist partner with Greylock Partners)
  2. ACTION ITEM – Schedule a Weekly Time for Your Level 10 Meeting
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – You must hold your people accountable – “I find it remarkable that I can explain the reality of a situation to people and still not change their point of view. The facts are very plain and the reasoning is very clear, but they still won’t agree with the conclusion. It’s crazy. Rather than learn from their experiences, they choose instead to engage in wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than reality. But I think that wishful thinking is one of the most profound human failings, the major reason that people adhere so strongly to wrong ideas. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be optimistic. You simply have to be realistic as well.” – Elon Musk (One of the founders of PayPal and the man behind Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Do not tolerate the following excuses:
        1. I did not have time / I left the report on my desk, in my car, etc.
        2. I forgot.
        3. Emotional outbursts” – Clay Clark
    4. Start on Time
    5. Reporting – Hold people accountable for their numbers / Every week
    6. Identify the Problems
    7. Discuss the Problems
    8. Solve the Problems
    9. Assign the To Do List
      1. Who is supposed to knock the action item out?
      2. What are the details of the action item?
      3. When is the action item supposed to be done?
    10. Follow Up on Last Week’s To Do List
    11. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being successful is just about doing whatever it takes to get stuff done. In the early days of Zappos, we did everything. If we have 100 orders that needed to go out, everybody stayed late at night packing boxes and chipping in. This is true for all of us, not just for me.” – Tony Hsieh (The founder of Link Exchange the CEO of Zappos)
  3. ACTION ITEM – Schedule Weekly Training Time for Your Team
    1. Block off and schedule the actual hours into your weekly schedule / calendar
    2. “The heart comes before the head.” – John Maxwell (Leadership expert and the New York Times best-selling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    3. “Management today is mentorship. You must invest the best of yourself into the training of your team. People have to know that you really do care about them. Before they will care about doing their jobs correctly. People have to buy into the companies’ long-term vision before they will care about hitting company deadlines. You must connect with your teams’ hearts and then their heads will follow.” – Clay Clark
  4. ACTION ITEM – Create a “Join Our Team Video” for New Potential Employees (Eventually finding quality people will become your biggest limiting factor)
  1. See
  2. It inspires trust and builds rapport (thus increasing your conversion rate)
  3. Schedule “Join Our Team” Video:
  4. What is your name and what is your role with the company?
  5. How did you originally get started in this niche?
  6. Why would a potential employee want to join your team.
  7. What kind of training do you offer for team members?
  8. If I’m on the website right now what do you want for me to do right now?


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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send your info to us at thrivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. The flash time show on your radio and podcast download I’m the father of five incredible humans, and my wife is just a gorgeous wonderful lady and end I’m. A man bear pig and so I’ve won the game of life. I got a great wife, great businesses and the trade-off you see. The trade-off of that this is this:is a trade out. The trailer for the trade-off, isi think so. I had to get up in the morning at 3 in the morning, so that I could end my day at 2 p.M. I am, and the reason why I have a great wife is because I tricked her into staying married to me everyday i, diagnose opposite for scription, so she might be in 2020. Was it? Let me give you the 20 100 contacts and see it’s a process that you must go through if you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur of embracing the trade-offs you see, freedom isn’t free and you see check this out. This is how you do it. Those who cannot self discipline them self must be disciplined from the market from the legal system from the mortgage company on the bottom of the boss. These are all things that happen in so that we have a question that was asked from a thriving I want to be talking about. Herebut I will make sure you’re getting this, no matter what we’re teaching you to do. If you don’t do it, it won’t work, nothing works unless you do to quote maya angelou. So true, nothing works. Unless you do to maya angelou, that’s the best song poet author. We talked about going to be talking about how to create an employee experience that inspires and retains quality employees. Okay, I’m going to walk you through the steps to do this, and this is this is this-is big but I want to make sure everybody listening to the show here that you would take notes on this, because if you don’t, we are going to lose here, I’m going to read it at work or doubles in chubbs, going to break down what to do with ok reid hoffman. This is the founder of linkedin, one of the founding partners of paypal and the venture capitalist partner behind greylock partners rights.

What are the challenges of running a startup? It’s all been critical, short-term business coach problems without neglecting long-term. What’s recruiting is a long-term problem. It’s almost never the answer to the problem of the month. Clearly you need to have the right town on board, but it’snot like to solve the product key problems. Your business is facing right now you wait to do the long-term things that you’re going to die from something that requires a longer time frame to be soft job. You got a constantly interview:why don’t the kontz army recruiting people forever, if you’re not constantly interviewing that you know a employee that unicorn employee, that person that you’ve been looking for for years, possibly if you’re not hiring the week that they get fed up with their boss or whatever reason they decide to move on they’re not going to find you you’re not going to find them, then you have to schedule step to schedule a weekly time for your team meeting. With your teeth have a weekly meeting with your meeting. It’s taught from gino wickman book called attraction. He calls the eos the entrepreneurs operating system. This is how you do what I’m going to tell you how to do the meeting okay. So this is what you dowhat you do. Is you say one? We start the meeting on time. That’s a big one! Then you report, everyone has to report what they did:cuz they’re everyone’s all the cattle anyone has to be in the meeting. You can’t do it via email, I got a question for you:okay, what if you got somebody out there, and maybe they all of their staff-doesn’t work every single day clinic at 1 same day again, what do you make same-day better make it happen? I pay just so you know we have a thrive coaches meeting every day at 6 a.M. And everyone who’s there. Last time, I checked it’s business coach paychecks, so I thought about what vanessa actually thought about this, and it cost me about $1,000 to do that. Meeting that I do everyday. That’s $4,000 a week, I spend on train the team right for their number every week, because it’s not that I’m holding you accountable. Third, you want to identify problemsfourth, discuss the problems on the show notes. By the way you discuss the problems. 5 you solve the problems, then you assign the to do list, so who needs to do it? What needs to be done and when is the actual I’m supposed to be. Now? This is the part where he’ll get it twisted. You don’t ever talk to your teammates again during the rest of the week, because they now know what to do. They know who needs to do it, and you don’t see him again until the next week, I got to jump in right here, as well as my cat jumping on trampoline and make you jump jump when you’re running this meeting. You cannot wait a day or two or whatever, to put these items on the to-do list. You’ve got to take these action items either assigned to somebody to put them on that to-do list immediately or do it yourself immediately? Do not let this drift because the next thing you know it’s 4 days past the meeting it hasn’t gone on anybody to do this and it’s not going to get done.

So you bring all your team together at one time everybody everythen, you hold them accountable and you assign the items in that meeting. You say I’m not going to speak to you again, not at all until next week, so there are there any questions you have would prevent you from getting this done. They have op ample opportunity to do a bit, but they cannot call you after that, because they did need to call you, then you would have to micromanage them, which would cause you to be and say never. So what you want to be micromanaged. You do need to micromanage them until you can replace the face. So now the elon musk. He says that I can explain the reality of the situation to people and still not change their point of you. The facts are very plain and the reason is very clear, but they still won’t agree with the conclusion. It’s crazy, rather than learn from their experiences. They choose instead business coach engaged wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than reality, but I think that wishful thinking is one of the most profound human failings. The major reason that people at here so strongly the wrong idea. This doesn’t meand that you can’t be optimistic. You simply have to be realistic as well. This little guy who built paypal, tesla, spacex solarcity. He just has sing. If you have the meeting next week and they didn’t get the action I’d have done, you would say:okay, so you I would say this in a meeting. This is why I say these things. I would say:okay, so you didn’t do the item okay last week, did you did you know what to do right? Okay, cool, that’s what I would say and then the silence will be deafening and then, as soon as the meeting is over I pull them aside. You should have to myself and one other person.

If it’s a female, it’s always me and someone else. Alright, dude I’ll be made directly on here’s the deal. You didn’t. Do your action item and there’s really there’s like a few excuses that I don’t tolerate in one is saying:i didn’t know what to dotwo is saying there was a miscommunication. Andrew was saying, I forgot and so hints for that can’t happen anymore. And so what happens? Is you just follow up and is uncomfortable conversations or what describes the growth in overtime? People don’t want to have the uncomfortable conversations, and so they begin to do what’s needed and so tony hsieh was zappos chimes and he writes. Being successful is just about doing whatever it takes to get stuff done in early days of zappos. We not he. We did everything if we are hundred orders that needed to go out. Everybody stayed late at night, packing boxes, and shipping in this is true for all of us, not just for me. People get that wrong so many times, I see working with different clients. Is that they’re, the ones who schedule just getting torn apart because you’re working your butt offif? You want this job, you have to do what it takes. If you don’t want to do it, then you don’t work here zactly. So then you got to schedule time and your counter a different meeting than this meeting. This is a different meeting. This is a second meeting in every week. You schedule a business coach meeting to teach your teen how life works, so you actually have to motivate and inspire the people john maxwell chimes and he writes the heart-comes before the head:john maxwell leadership, expert, the author of 21, irrefutable laws of leadership. He write the heart comes before the head. I would say:management today is mentorship. You must invest the best of yourself in training, your team, but people people have to know. If you really do care about them or they’re not going to care about doing their jobs correctly. So I don’t care how much they know what to do. If they don’t feel like you sincerely give a crap, then they won’t do it. So what you have to do home skillet? You should try to schedule a time to meet with the people. I told him account with me number oneme.

The number to that was to motivate. Let me tell you what sometimes you have to have a motivational meeting when you’re not motivated your true and if your team’s, not motivated it, will transfer through to the customer I just want to, let you know they will pick up on that. So here’s the deal chop you see me each week. Do those meetings every day at 6 a.M. Can you talk about those meetings? What that looks like for people to maybe have not been to our meeting well. First of all, it’s everyday right, which is consistent, our deck! We go over any questions that we have for any client so that it’s a learning opportunity for everyone. You don’t have to repeat yourself. What time do I show up for that meeting right as it starts like i, do on purpose. I! Don’t want to see anybody before that meeting because I want the meeting it started with john and I want to come with a blasty blast of phantasmagoria, never had any negativity getting on me, no negative business coach waves baby that I can’t stay out onto the day. So that’s how it works. You search up for somebody out there who sing I cannot find the time to shoot this video on my website for recruiting new people. I can’t find the timeat the weekly training meeting I can’t find the time to almighty. Macatawa can’t find time for these to start saying no to things that don’t matter, it’s not one of your s6 gold. If it doesn’t help you make more money that doesn’t help grow the business put it through that filter you’ve got to say no to it.


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