What To Look For When Hiring Your First Employee

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PR Expert Michael Levine has worked with brands and celebrities like Pizza Hut, Nike, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and more and in this podcast download segment of the Thrivetime Show, business coach Clay Clark answers a listener question about what to look for when hiring your first employee and how to help yourself in life and business

How to Help Yourself and to Spoon Feed the Media News Stories with Michael Levine

I’m struggling to learn enough to be confident when I hire my first employees.
Question: If you had a time machine, what would you go back and tell your younger self to do before you hired your first employee?
Step 1 – Hire character and train skill
Step 2 – Never stop recruiting because you want to be selective
Step 3 – Never stop having new candidates shadow your top people
Step 4 – Have a process for onboarding

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to a conversation we recently had her with michael levine. Michael levine is the pr consultant of choice for nike for pizza hut for prince for michael jackson, for nancy kerrigan for cameron diaz or charlton heston grammy award winners, oscar award winning actors are the people that who’s who of the ultra successful people, 58 academy, award winners for grammy award-winner? How is it possible to michael levine? And so, if you want to hear the rest of the interview with michael levine, you got to go to thrivetimeshow.Com and just subscribe to the podcast just going to thrive time show.Com are you can find the the podcast right there? You can just hit play and play them or if you never want to miss an episode of his broadcast and the exclusive podcast that are only available on the podcast. You just need to go, find the Thrive time show on itunes. If somebody wants to find cuz, we have a great offer we’re making right now and if someone wants to find free business conferences tickets for upcoming february 16th and 17th workshop i, look at 14 tickets left here we go. How do you? How do they score those $240? It’s not hard. All you have to do is google the termdrive time show and then either the word stitcher or itunes before I invest the time needed to actually run google search. The word thrive time should the word the phrase drive time show and itunes. Why would I want to attend the workshop? Well, the main reason you want it in the worst job is because it is a one-stop-shop for all of the business knowledge and systems that you need to grow and scale a business teaching the rhythm of successive how to build your daily schedule.

That’s right how to organize your files and save them properly. Market, your business market, your business, how to do sales, how to train your people to hire and fire properly how to manage to optimize your website? Okay, so I want I want to get the free business conferences tickets, are normally $99 a piece but bring it to free tickets to dinar value. India two copies of tangible boom book actual doctors on I built 13 multimillion-dollar businesses in that book is the rule book. It’s specifically how we did it our systems, you get the step-by-step book and the two free tickets and how we do it. All you got to do. Is click on that link after you search for thrive time show on google, open up, stitcher or itunes, and you want to subscribe to the podcast click subscribe time in and then just rating review us click the stars and then click little box. You can enter in a message and let us know what you think about the show and then all you have to do is send that screenshot it and send it to info at thrive time show.Com with your phone number. So you can call you contact information contact info to info at thrivetime show.Com, with proof of your review and you’ll get two free business conferences tickets to the february, 16th and 17th conference. You back to our exclusive interview with michael levinedid. You see that that’s it’s it’s dangerous at the average american is not aware of how much gift wrapping affects our decisions, or are you cuz? You know you you’re part of the gift wrapping process. Do you kind of? Let me know what your thoughts on top of my list is not that they don’t know what the tiffany theory is. I got other problems with so I’m concerned of the reason that I want to talk to people.

The reason I want to talk to you besides, being ass, cuz I want to try to get some messages out to people not only about public relations but about life and about how to how to take a bad hand of cards and playing well and if you’re sitting around, if you had a bad hand of cards right and you’re, waiting for brock or oprah or cheney or bush, or need to come and save your good, nobody is coming to save you. Not the government. Not me not your mommy, not your father, not yours, twin you’ve got to figure out how you can save yourself and if you don’t know, but he’s going to be sorry than you. I grew up in it financially challenged environment where we were homeless. But you know we are not poor. Just a, min tality of people in the town I grew up in no one really thought that they could do something big, and it was a big thing for me or do I need to write. The calvary is not coming to help. No, no, and if you now remember you got to keep that idea in your head right. The calvary is not coming yeah exactly the moment:human history, where politicians are going to be trying to blow smoke up your saying they are coming they’re going to give you a bunch of free and say nothing I want to say to you today is going to be more important. What I want to say to you right now and that’s it thomas jefferson, had it right. The worst day of any man’s life is the first day he starts looking to get something for nothing, whether your man or woman, gay straight black white young old, if you’re sitting around scheming, how to get it for free. You got a big problem. You may not even be smart enough to know you got a big problem. The worst day of any man or woman slide is the first day you start scheming on how to get something for nothing. Let me ask you this because your ear entire career, you, basically how you talk about in a pr 2.0.

You say that everyday we do the journalists work for them, coming up with ideas, devising angles showing them why they should do stories on her clients. We tell them what’s news, we get them to agree. Nobody came to you, though, and said hey. Will you do this? No journalist came to you until you do this work for us, but you basically realize that this was an itch and you started bringing the work to them right, because you have to stand there and listen to the listen. My dear friends, listen to this. Every business relationship right, not most every business relationship, there’s a buyer and a seller right, buyer, the seller. Once you do that, if you got to answer brains, you got to try to figure out if you, if you figure out that you’re the seller and this guy’s, the buyer yeah right, you better first understand something fundamental:the seller works at a buyer location. Get it to him is wrong with you right. So there you go. Where is there the buyer, the obligations first to find out what they want? Second application to get it to. Let me break it down to it really third grade level, just to make sure that I’m getting at here, savannah reporter I work at the local news station I’m in my twenties and early 30s, and like that everyday I’m. Looking for a story I’m trying to please my boss, you call me with the story-and you say:hey:here’s. A spoon fed story ready to go about a business and I’ll cover it cuz. It helps me do my job, but they’re also helps me sort my boss and you’re. Just looking for the buyer and the seller and win win that was michael levine, the pr guru of the stars do I catch the rest of that exclusive interview. Just go to the thrive time show and you can hear it on the podcast. Only addition we put out a lot of content every week, that’s only available on the podcast additional and we offer business conferences. We come back from the break. We’re going to answer your question. It was just emailed and I could just came in from a thriver to info at thrive time show.Com.

If you’re listening to email [email protected] and who knows, we may answer your question right now on the air, with a quickness to have you ever thought about the power of email technology, it’s really powerful female technology catches on it could be a game-changing. Things are going to do her participate in the conversation. Just email us at thrive time should I e-mail. Is this cool thing get ready to enter the thrive time? Show 321 Thrive time show on your radio. We’ve had an action-packed show. Today we just had a question emailed in to info at thrive time, show.Com and search up. What is the question that we just got emailed in from a member of the thrive nation, okay, so I emailed and said I’m struggling to learn enough to be confident when I hire my first employee, / employees? Okay and is question is, if you had a time machine may be like on bill and ted’s excellent adventures. If you had a time machine, what would you go back and tell yourself to do before you hired your first employee? What would I go back and tell myself to do before I had my first employee, correct, okay! Well, let me break it down the big three I like to like to do it that way. So one is, you want to hire character in train skill, that’s just an over and over and over throughout all of the interviews. We do with super successful people in the podcast edition of the show on the videos that we have a thousands of videos where they interviewed and like like lee cockrell, the guy used to be executive vice president, who managed walt, disney world resorts in close to 40,000. People are going to just keep hearing that you want to hire character and train skillet never had this concept. I was always looking for the guy that could do everything I needed immediately and looking back. It was just like a psycho sound of a kind of a sense of laziness, because I was trying to find the person that did everything so I wouldn’t have to spend the time to train them and what end up happening is I hired for skill ever character and got burned, but time after, time after time from somebody that either a was a liar about what they could do. So they lied about their skills right or be. They would come in and then try to change. Your system, because they already had how they wanted to do things and if I would have known about this character in chambers keller would have just revolutionized the whole business. So one step one hire for character and train for skill too, as eric just said, you can never stop recruiting because. You want to be selective. That might seem counterintuitive, but you never stop recruiting because. You want to be selective. You want to be able to hold out for the right one right, because you want to be so i. Can we do a group interview every single Wednesday at 5, we’re constantly recruiting people in this week? I have a dilemma:i found a really really talented man and a very, very talented woman, high character. People have to choose which one of them is the best fit right. That’s a great problem to have really good I might good friend, joel david with a j david jewelry. He just told me today, I’m looking to hire somebody so I’m going to refer the person that I found isn’t the right fit for us to him, and so she will be able to benefit from that and she’s great.

We just don’t have that particular position. How’s it going to win, win, win, win and let’s say that you really really needed to have a running back. You needed the guy. You could carry the ball, you can you can hand the ball to him or passing the bugs real fast do usually smaller into their height there very fast free, lusive people. If you need a running back and you only held an interview or you only tried to bring on a new player on your team once a year and good luck and you and you only went to you I scouted, one team interview, one candidate you’re going to have to do take who’s available, lineman back there at running back and that’s why i, absolutely love beat the patriots in one thing that they have done for years, which I don’t think a lot of people realize the bill belichick. Does this his coaches on his staff, whose full-time job is to scout the practice squad of other teams so he’s looking at who they have on their team, who isn’t a good fit to start the in the indian? 53 players are on the team, but you have a practice squad like those guys are scrubs right, very, very good, running back or you might just be sitting behind the best running back in the nfl. Are you might be a ridiculously good quarterback, but you might be sitting behind tom brady, and so what you do is you have people you keep that practice squad so in practice their job is to simulate the other team scrimmage practice against the other team and roll play. That scenario, but also it’s a place where you grab people from the practice squad. If you have a key member hurt so give a team team member on your team who gets hurt, then you can pull somebody from the practice squad in a lot of times when the team finds a new free agents are very talented player, those signs somebody and will demote somebody else to the practice squad, which means it’s somebody else just lost their job on the practice squad. So they might be looking to make a move. Yes and bill. Belichick grabs people off the waiver wire all the time because in the nfl, if you in the super bowl or go to the superbowl your schedule, the following year is the hardest in the league’s. The two teams that play have the toughest schedule the next year and they take away all your high draft picks, so the cubs schedule in the lowest graphics the lowest draft pick of each round. So you end up having this so bill belichick is built. His entire team off of getting the players quote and quote that nobody wants because he’s never done recruiting, and so is example. If you go to patriots.Com I’ll, put up a link that on the show, notes but chunky to patriots.Com, and then once you go to the patriots.Com, there is a a but there underneath news that says: team transactions of patriots.Com.

Underneath that says team transactions. Did you see that button? There is no! Yes, do you see it? I will put a link on the show along with business conferences. Not so you can see the transactions they have her in a typical year, but they do more transactions than anybody. It’s crazy! How many people are adding to the team pulling off the roster and it I need to be fasting? Are the members of the thrive team to look at the roster changes they have every year and that’s how they win? You talk about employees than aren’t loyal and you talk about turn over what about being in the nfl? Where you get hurt me, your key guy gets hurt all the time at any moment, any single player, your main guy, are your top. Three guys could go down higher character and train scale to never stop recruiting because. You want to be selected and three and three this is. This is big. This is big, never stop! Having never stop having new candidates, new candidates right shadow, your top people take. That is a huge process in the filter. You do not want your candidates, new, can of who’s awesome to shadow someone who terrible. So you want your best people, training, other people that are right. You don’t want your best people, training, people that are bad people, training sitting back and never want to get into a bind or a spot where you have a really good new candidate being trained by a horrible horrible person, because that I mean all the time I see all my life. Do that all the time, but I’m too busy to train him just wants to discuss it with something I have to go and it would always end up bad I want a couple more things to get me out of this question here. So if you had a time machine to go back and tell yourself before you hide your first employee right, here’s what you need to do a driver, two things. You need to make sure that you’ve listed out the role in the goals that this person needs to have his. They come in, don’t just hire them in blind and then kind of walk around as you’re trying to do your daily business and tell them something to do so plan that out know what you’re going to have them do and also just make sure when they get there. You’ve got some sort of onboarding process to get the paperwork that you need filled out and touch. You want to train them before you send them out on their own, so you need to like I said, tell them what their roles and goals are and then make sure you’re on boarding and training process is set up and then get there and start recruiting and get that person hired.

Just added a special step for their have a process for on boarding. I. Definitely agree with that. You got to have a checklist in place for all the legal documents that allows why there’s the one side of it to visit your business side ii size, it’s not very inspiring to come work for somebody and you’re just kind of stand around your first few days, because they obviously don’t know what you’re supposed to be right right. So you want it. You want to make sure that person knows what’s going on so again, thrive nation! We care deeply about you and helping your business to be successful, but we can’t help you if we don’t know your questions so make sure you email us anytime, you’d like to [email protected] and are you can join us on the podcast edition, where, where to be answering a ton of specific questions from great drivers like you recently, we had so many questions coming in that we can’t answer them all, and so now, if you go to thrive time, show.Com you cook in the podcast button. We can answer them all, but we just can’t fit into the friendly confines of a 2-hour radio show cast as you can download it. Take it wherever you go jump in addition to a cool podcast, tell the listeners about our next february, 16th and 17th in person. Today, workshop. We only have 14 tickets left, my man, if you are starting or want to start or you’re growing, a business you’ve got to get to this workshop. We can have so many other business owners there and people just like you. We talk about it all the time, but iron sharpens iron. So you come to the business conferences workshop. We’re going to teach you let you know marketing really teach you how to how to build advertisement that work and what a no-brainer israel teach you how to hire, and fire and inspire we’re going to teach you all of the things that you need to know when you’re also going to have ostrich optimization calculus shut up. Yes, all of it you’re going to have fellowship with those other business owner. So you got to get out to the workshop february, 16th and 17th. If you want free tickets to free tickets, just google search, thrivetime show click on the itunes or stitcher button. Leave us a rating and review and screenshot it and email that proof, with your contact info to info at thrive time, show.Com for two free tickets and two copies of the boom book. When you get there and I’ll, probably take you 2 seconds to do it. If that works cited to rejoin with you tomorrow, as we answer more questions from great drivers, like you answer every single question this year, either on the radio show and if we can’t get to it on the show with matt to her format, it will be on the last edition show with a boom so that he further ado 3321 boo play broadcast


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