The Importance of Having Consistent Branding Throughout Your Church or Organization

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Why does your branding have to be consistent? On this episode Clay Clark, Dr. Z and Pastors Brian and Jessi Gibson teach you about branding the importance of being consistent with your branding.

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3 2 1 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business coach school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170, welcome back to the thrive time, show on your radio and bring me out there listening from the great city of tulsa oklahoma people listening from portland oregon people, listening from the state of oregon people listening in the state of oklahoma z people listening tuning it from other planets to listen to the broadcast excellence they are in for a treat today, because we have pastor brian gibson studio today and we’re talking about a topic. I know you’re passionate about and it’s making a unified brand keep it consistent. And so-and this is an example when you think about z66. That’s your auto auction correct and you think about z’s business coach sleep disorder. Doctors ease with multiple z a to z medical in you think you think about you. Think about you know it’s! It’s just i, don’t know what it is or something there. That’s in the common denominator in associate I feel like i. Don’t know when is chuck does seem like there’s something and type of common thread I’m in common denominator. That seems to be there don’t know I’m having see you at all. Those are all the brands she talked to me about. Why is it so important for you, as you grow in your brand, to incorporate the z or the seller into all of that branding? What were you build up? Goodwill with you and you build up a by brand? Then you need to be consistent with them. My build-up of brandon did not use it. I need to see a chart. That shows me like I need to see this, the math of it. The statistics of i, don’t want to hear that the people can wait to use that yours, oh i, see i, see i, think oh yeah, the one guy and this guy has is a nice guy. Just has a good guy did visit with him over here. Why wouldn’t I do business over here? My daughter gets her glasses there when she died and in so I did an excellent job. There, too, what’s give her a warm and see how many times have you heard that kind of what happens more than not? Is that you know whenever I open back up the auto auction? Again, all the car dealers in townsend hot dog, we got good.

Are you going to date? Oh yeah big-time chiropractor. He was trying to see who’s going to name and brand. His business I said was helping idiot mean you got the last name. Zellner I mean I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars spreading that name around this business coach town. Why would you just call us cellier chiropractic? He goes nowhere. You know doctor doctor check snap and crack. How do you know it’s like the other names you could have put in there, but it’s you know why not find the parade and get in front of it until when tim was building a parade just get in front of the thing you know you on musk. This is a guy who is very, very good at finding a parade and getting in front of it. So here’s an example:he realizes it more and more people are using the internet. You know so I should probably be the smart guy, and so he came up with paypal okay, so he came with paypal paypal first online, a w

ay for you to move money from a to be securely exit from paypal got bought out without his knowledge we never going to be in case. She goes on vacation for the first time. True story company, so he’s like okay, well I’m. Moving on to my next next next thing is:is tesla. Electric cars were a thing and he wanted to get in the beginning of it before it became big eyes also involved in a company called solarcity. Anyone to get into that before. It became big, but he’s very consistent about making sure that you understand and elon musk company stands for innovation and absolutely maniacal focused on that innovation. It is very, very consistent with that. So I want to ask you pastor brian, if someone’s listening to the business coach show today, and they are a pastor of a church, what role does brandon play in the church and why do they have to keep a consistent brand and not just allow themselves to take the idea of the month? Well, brandon is massive because, let’s face it, if somebody’s going to come to your church, they come to your church. If your leader, because they’re buying into you as a leader, first right that they’re showing up typically they’re going to be there, the kids ministry might be great. The music might be wonderful, but they want to know what are these people all about that are leading these think this thing, and so everything you do everything you put together. It has to have a brand and it has to represent your spirit, your goals, your vision, what you’re, what you’re doing, what you’re aiming at and then it has to run consistently through the heart of the ministry. It’s your flow with your vibe. It’s what makes you different! What makes you unique and everybody, even even if they’re, not selling it or pitching it big time, you start to feel through that that brand who they are, where they’re going through I didn’t eli musk, he says brand is just a perception. He said a perceptual match reality overtime. Sometimes it will be ahead. Other time I’m stable, be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product that pastor brian has been on billboards before buys for pastors ready, client any business owner who’s going to end up being on a billboard.

Why would you recommend if they have professional headshots taken and not just two phone that they happen to have elon musk said in that quote, that brand is a perception and overtime. It’s going to match reality, so you want to look big and look awesome from the very very beginning. You want to have that brand nailed so that the first time somebody identifies who you are and your brand they have that image in their mind of high-quality. You know if you’re going for character whatever that is you want to nail that branding right whatever you started, I have put I put on the show notes for all the way out there to go to thrive time show.Com and you click on the podcast. You can look at the show, not too busy I’m going to pull up. Some pictures that are team took okay with some clients, you’re, all right, buddy to get hungry. This is sushi fork there, a sushi restaurant and you see the photos, are high quality and see. Why would you recommend that every restaurant on route there gets high quality photos of their food in by default? Can you explain to me why most people don’t was most restaurant to work with have really terrible photos of their food? Previous to our team, taking photos like this in case you didn’t realize it. Everybody, everybody, dodge, ram, hemi phones are really just cameras that you can talk and text on quality and everybody is out there taking all these. You know emo kind of pictures of your matches, my seat, just my feet up and get on front of a fireplace smell like we know to take a picture and it’s night and day business coach difference. But you know, if you don’t know what you don’t know now. The reason why you have to have it is exactly what butter chip just said, and that is that it’s it’s a calling card. It’s it’s! The first thing, I miss about you special on your website. I mean lot of people going to google you they’re going to get to get on there. They can look at your reviews. You can look at that. The quality of it and it’s very important, have a high-quality. If you are not a professional photographer, don’t take the pictures you can put on your website website out. There were putting us on the show, know:it’s called kp, cb.Com kpcb kangaroo, be like paul c light cub, be like behr.Com investors, kleiner perkins investors in google, amazon.Com I’ve never heard of it all twitter nest airbnb, who you know I’d i, just I did I put soundcloud no spotify, no I never been outside. Actually what country are we born? Yesterday? Everybody knows about kleiner perkins release the companies they funded and they have a professional business coach headshot of all of their partners and see why, if you’re going to put a photo of your teammate, why would you want at least to have a professional headshot of every team member?

Why so you look good, it’s impressive people want. You know you look good to jd’s right there. If the background lighting the everything about it, it’s in it’s in focus. It looks good, I think what it when I see a commercial on tv when I see the website, it’s done kind of not very well, but will come like that. Your poor people are going to waste of money and resources. I don’t want to go there now so now examples of steve jobs. This was the last portrait setting that he did before his death. Steve jobs was a guy I called it. All of his photos were taken tight, like that. He said if you can’t look into my eyes, not interested in having a photo taken. All of his photos are like that. Why are their pastors out their business owners out there from your perspective that are resistant to taking a hedgehog and steve jobs was maniacal about having head shots because he said that was to look into the soul of the company. Why do you think a lot of people are resistant to that? Well, i. Think a lot of times pastors, especially don’t want to say this thing is about me right. It’s like a false humility. It’s a false pride and they’re, saying it to headshot of me or you put my image up there. Then it’s like I’m, not selling jesus, I’m selling, myself and i, actually had trouble with that years ago. I would never put myself on a billboard not put myself here. It’s like it’s about christ, but people are going to jesus’s he’s here, he’s available to them, but they’re going to connect them through that person and, if you’re, going to connect to a person, you connect to the facial features when were speaking the eyes say a lot more than the words to write so tight headshot. That has the face as the eyes it’s powerful and you got to get this stuff right cuz. If it’s not right digitally, if you don’t have it going on on the internet. Really, the internet is a lot of smoke and mirrors right. It gets a lot of smoke and mirrors. So if you can’t get it going on there, where do you have it going on my again? Not religiously, not a big fan of the guys. I, don’t agree with all of his world these, but my business hero as relates to those I’ve read about my favorite one that I’ve read about is russell simmons hip, hop music out there. All of his business coach style head shots i, mean z, every headshot and put them up on the screen. I’ll put on the show notes, but he’s always smiling he’s always wearing a baseball hat and it’s always a tight. Why is he? Why is it so important that your head shots are consistent? We, why is it so important if you’re going to go through the effort of having had shots that you look consistent from year to year photo to photo? Why is that important? He knows the power of those tight shots, and so that’s, why he’s just been it throughout them? You know he understands like steve jobs.

You understand that you know if you can’t really get in your clothes and see my features than what the picture, for you know, oprah oprah very consistent, always does head shot together tight there from the chest up see. Why can’t you just mail it in and get whatever photos? You just say whatever you want you can you can’t the impact his lesson, and so these are little trixie’s. Are digital super moves, your action items at your listing at the right now you can do pull up your own website. Look at the photos you have on there and make them better. My brother from another mother is you:i, have audio branded yourself and i, don’t think you wake up every single day. Always super duper. Happy is probably days where you choose to be happy some days where you are happy, but organically anytime, you’re, on a radio, commercial or on a radio. You do sound a certain way. Yes, I want to keep it real as a business coach man. They all have a vision really funny when I meet people and I go I’ve heard you for years. I didn’t know what you look like:i pictured, you different that you don’t know, but I hope you pictured me more hints times. I didn’t have my image after that much and then the early days, because it’s kind of fun people not knowing you. What I look like I like that, what was that show tool time or whenever to time it was with the neighborhood. You never quite saw his face. I thought about you in tv, commercial, like that to work I’m, just always just about a half, a half, a click away from seeing me and everybody else. Your pastor brian on the show today but search engine optimization for churches and everybody else you nosey, rumor has it people are using the internet. Thank you and thank you for doing that. But how do you get to the top of the google searches? How do you show up in the search results? Google now are such a state I want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Vibe, nation, hello and welcome back is the business coach thrive time show on your radio we’re joined here today with dr. Robert, zoellner, eric chop, the business coach and an incredible gas tear all the way from owensboro kentucky pastor jesse.

How are you good? How are you this is? This is fun because because he and I actually own companies. This is a real situation happening right here inside the studio we have people that occasionally chop it’s like they’re chronic crisis. People’s I might have to make a hiring decision while we’re in between in between bricks right-and you were just telling me-you said clay-there was a less you taught me so before we get into search engine. Optimization I would like for you to share cuz. This is real time. Stuff is all time what it’s like to really on a business hires 1 hour and time freedom with your family, and then you have to know your behavior cards in front of your like I’m, going to have to fire this coach. Is this all the time and took it to her clients, and that is when you’re going to have to fire someone fire them on your time, cuz they’re, going to quit you on their time whenever it is anyways, whenever I do this at every week, by the way, that’s what you have to do, and so one of them a couple years ago to a half years ago, whatever it was clay I was just walking to the office. You say chuck and a certain somebody had gotten caught handing out personal business cards while shooting a wedding for you and ethical tiger fee. Also the same person got caught in the open business coach office watching the game of thrones throne. Yes, i, remember seen on his second video monitor print photos at the office and I said you need to stop that. He watched american beauty nude scenes cuz, you can play on youtube.

Please watch them on his second monitor, and so, if you could see it, but no one else can see it, but I can see my walk by same guy, so I found out. What’s going on, you heard, what’s going on with what’s his name right, I just fired him in my head. Right now am I right now, I’m literally 5 months later months ago, when I said what’s his name of it I’m going to fire him, it’s happening right now and boom right that it was public hanging and he would go down and I see why you do. That is because this person was a very skilled business coach person, but you can hire character in train scale, but you write train character, and so this is just a teaching over be out there. If you have some of your team right now see, that is absolutely certified to be at to be formal to be cray. Cray, yes, they’re crazy, and you know you need to say it. Why is it important not to fire them instantly unless you want to do their job for them that weekend at the guy that will be named later? If the man just came here is what you think what they think he probably was scheduled out for some months of what exactly what you want to go shoot those yourself. You know you like it in your brain, and you said you know when I’m ready, i, even i, get them to replace him, then I’m going to go through and find them and I want to ask pastor jesse this, because this is a tough, tough question.

There’s got to be a pastor or 2 or 3 or 7 we’re listening, who have a praise and worship leader. The praise and worship leader z this person is talented and so the world lines up and says the way they sing when they say cuz it kind of have a raspy voice. Yeah I can only imagine a newbie I said services might say not to you, but other people. You know I am late, but last time I checked on the only person who can sing like that. My hair is messed up intentional in a way that only I can do it and I tell you what I I have a super certain set of business coach talents and skills that you couldn’t possibly replace, pastor jesse, so I am going to do whatever I want and you might have thought in your mind. Oh my gosh I love that the lord loves you because I know you want to say certain things right. Lunch so tell me:how do you balance that as a pastor of a church when there’s somebody on your team is obviously taking advantage of the fact that they are I’ll, praise and worship leader, a youth leader, some kind of leader? And you say no, you can’t replace the youth pastor. Super quick now you cannot replace the present cuz. It said they’re hard to find talk to me. How do you manage that? How you do it first and foremost, I think that it’s important in churches to have multiples like i, get really really nervous about anyone. Ministry, that’s led by one person when they start having one person that can only do this thing that I just start introducing all these people. That can do that thing like, even if they aren’t as good I start talking about how great the rule of three one goal is to make sure that we recruit in that department and make sure that we multiply, because we don’t want to be the laugh and you can share a story, but it has to be past 10 years ago. So that way, it’s not too fresh, maybe eight years ago, have you had an example or somebody knew that you didn’t have a replacement in the ministry to ministry again ministry business. In my opinion, every every organization is very similar, the rule of threes. Do you want to have 3 people to know everything? If you can have you ever had a time where you thought wow, this person is actually trying to take advantage of this. It’s very obvious. You have an example of the pastor. Listening who says:i, probably am the only one who dealing with this kind of situation.

Definitely, when you first start, every single ministry is only one person. Could you pull right and you’re, probably leaving like half of them yourself, and so you got these people in your just so happy that they took it off your hand and then they hijack that ministry and they eat, and you can’t no one get information unless this woman is at the info booth, because she is the master info deliver answer, she is forever and they usually come in the form, a very sweet kind, natured people that everyone’s in dr2 and they love, especially when I don’t know. If that’s the way it isn’t business, but in church it’s always a sweet kind of the nobody wants to make her mad or whatever her name is like there’s. Nobody else that can do these. Everybody feel so unwelcome yeah and we got in that predicament and then the next thing I know I would like you for this information and she’s, like you know what I don’t feel like. We need that information along because I really don’t want to do. But the thing is no one’s going to know that we’re having this mother’s day out program in the info on this sweet ladies. I will tell you this I will definitely not put in there because I don’t want the best for this minute. Go back to the people. I just feel like I’m being pressured to face it. Whenever that happens, then she blows hot today and she just Says:i’ve been taking so advantage of there’s no one ever giving out info again at a church and I say:praise god and we just put 3 in her spot, and now we don’t let it get to that point. The early on it was like every missed see. How do you know when it’s time to fire, and when do you fire him whenever you’ve had enough of the shenanigans number one? Okay, whenever to you, have them replaced unless you, unless you want to step in and do what you replace them. I’ve got the best story ever when we come back from the break. I don’t get the seo. You know what happens thanks for having such a good time and I’ve got a story. That’s going to rock your socks, pastor jesse, on to the next business coach segment. As we talk about when it’s time to let people go on the ministry might caught releasing people releasing people, we still love them. God loves. We want to


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