The Daily Routine for Living & Eating Healthier with Rashad Jennings (NFL Running Back and Dancing with the Stars Winner)

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Looking to eat healthier and to feel better? Clay Clark interviews former New York York Giants running back and Dancing with the Stars Winner Rashad Jennings about his daily habits and routines for staying physically fit despite having a busy schedule since retiring from football.

  1. Tell me about your gluten and dairy free diet and your secrets to staying as in shape as you are?
    1. Rashad’s diet
      1. Gluten and dairy free  – very intentional about his diet.
      2. Sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.
      3. You only get one body. Take care of it. Your body has no choice to respond to what you put it through.
    2. Rashad wakes by 7:45 AM every day even without an alarm clock
      1. What keeps Rashad busy during his day:
        1. Drink water
        2. Brush teeth
        3. Drink the same shake 350 days per year
          1. 2 sources protein
            1. He uses chocolate and vanilla protein
          2. Raw milk
          3. Almond or coconut milk
          4. Chia
          5. Flaxseed
          6. Hep
          7. Oatmeal
          8. Banana
          9. Peanut butter
          10. Ice water
        4. Work out
          1. Boxing
          2. Basketball
            1. Some type of cardio
          3. Lifting weights
          4. Running
          5. Hiking
          6. Taking phone calls while running with headphones in.
        5. Writing
          1. He writes every day.
        6. Answering emails
        7. Auditioning
        8. Loves eating sushi
        9. Plans his day out but loves to leave some room or spontaneity
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio in during today’s podcast. We get asked the questions all the time from the thrive nation, so many entrepreneurs are so busy working. There are many entrepreneurs who work with work every single second of every day, they’re just grinding these guys. Wake up at 6 a.M. These. Ladies, are waking up at 6 a.M. 5 a.M. And you are working as soon as you finish. Working you go, take care of your kids, you put them to bed, and then you got to go to work again. You got to work, you go to church, you go home, you going to work, you going to church go home, but how do you become more healthy despite working a lot as you as you build that company and as you get that company up into orbit, and so we had a recent opportunity to interview rashad jennings, the nfl starting running back for the new york giants, who went on to win dancing with the stars?

Who is now the best-selling author of the book called the if in life how to get off lights sidelines and become your best business coach self and sore asking rashad, jennings you’re busy you’re on dancing with, the stars? Obviously you play the nfl where you were paid to stay in shape and to perform, but now you you don’t get paid to stay in shape, but yet he maintains the same level of physical discipline and he stays in great shape. So what time do you wake up everyday? What do you eat? How do you optimize your fitness level? These are just simple me, but even if you don’t ever lift weights, even if you never go to a gym and duke cardio work, his tips are absolutely game. Changing for anybody out there who is a busy entrepreneur who just wants to lose 15-20 pounds even without working out. These moves will help you get in the best shape of your life, even if you don’t work out so that it further ado fitness tips and he daily discipline of rashad jennings how to get in shape, how to eat right with rashad jennings on the new york football giants stadium, I’m gluten dairy-free is by choice. I have no celiac I’m, not allergic.

I. Just noticed that my energy levels are skyrocketed over the years. I’ve lost access weight over the years and mike on interstate has been very great, also sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber throughout the nfl season, 2 taking care of my body because I mean I’m vested in my body and myself. I didn’t know how the business coach stock market works when I first got in the nfl that gun that I knew how I was so invested in myself and I feel, like you know your body, you only get one of these things. I personally feel like one of the coolest things about our bodies. Our bodies have no choice. What to respond to what you do to it. It has no choice and so like when you get outside of your own two ears, and it really recognize the ability to maneuver your body and your thoughts and control it. You know you can do anything any doctor or somebody that’s going to college for multi years to they also tell you the same thing:that’s the way to get healthy and it’s like it’s not rocket science, people, it’s just a matter. If you don’t cut all the bs to stop making excuses in arad, I feel tagline for a podcast as business school without the bs. So what time do you wake up everyday? What’s your what time you wake up everyday I’m, going to wake up regardless, even if I don’t have an alarm clock to wake up, 7:45 7:45 7:45! What are you do?

Those first couple hours of the day, I have my shake:i, have the same shape, probably 350 days out of the year, the same one and that’s how I start off my back into routine everywhere. Every single person I don’t care whether it’s weed interview, the guy who I manage walt disney world resorts in or partners david robinson. You know the nba hall of fame basketball player he’s. One of my partners are all creatures of habit. So this is this. Is the part that excites me hear? So what do you? What is it in the shake that you have over 350 days here in the same, but I usually use a chocolate in a vanilla raw meal? Garden of life is great, but you toast, coconut milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal banana peanut, butter, ice water and it’s amazing. What happens next monday through sunday, but at some point I typically now, I got the schedule where I’m always going to get some type of workout and whether it’s the boxing basketball, some type of cardio, running hiking, then I hit the gym and lift some weights I’m on the phone call. I have my headphones on, while I’m running I’m, taking phone calls and checking business coach emails like I’m, so active throughout the day. I’ll pull on lights, to write every single day, I write because I feel like I am I meet somebody new everyday I’m, pulling from people’s life experiences I’m pulling for my own to write the fan, fiction books and create phone calls, galore auditioning for movies trade in script, philanthropic work. If I do go out the biggest sushi fan in the world. It sounds like you plan your day. You get up and you you organize your day. Your living intentionally.

Is that? What is that? What I’m hearing here I’m sure actually I’m mandated i, have a couple of questions for i? Want to ask you here before I’ll? Let you get back to to doing what you do. I notice, michael strahan wrote the book butcher relationship. What would like like with michael? Is he been a mentor in your life or or tell me about that relationship for very long time, I’m, just what he’s been able to do on the football field and learning that gold jacket? Obviously the giant I’m, a giant I didn’t play on the same team as him, I’m watching the game from a distance of seeing him also transition from football. To. The entertainment section I’ve noticed that he done way more and probably is recognize by it’s, arguably more so than a football player, and that’s something I can appreciate it and been a fellow giant him getting into different things that I’m into it. It just kind of we cross paths and he’s somebody who I got to share my business coach life story with and if you wanted to write the four and I was honest


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