Rich Dad Poor Dad Author (Sharon Lechter) Breaks Down Outwitting the Devil

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author (Sharon Lechter) Breaks Down Outwitting the Devil

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.” – Matthew 15:19

  1. FACT – In 1908 Napoleon Hill was charged by Andrew Carnegie to study and documents the world’s most successful people. 1937, Napoleon Hill released his best-selling masterpiece, called Think and Grow Rich.
  2. How did you first get involved with breathing life into Napoleon Hill’s 1930s manuscript for Outwitting the Devil?
  3. FACT – Outwitting the Devil has sold over 100 million copies.
  4. Sharon, I named my son Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark after Napoleon Hill. He was charged by the world’s wealthiest man at the time, Andrew Carnegie to write the book, Think and Grow Rich. Can you share with our listeners more about who Napoleon Hill was and how his writing has impacted your life?
  5. Fear can either stop us or motivate us.
  6. Sharon, this book has many profound notes, and it is filled with countless epiphanies and mindset altering notable quotables, but since you are here with us today, I would be honored if you could break down 6 takeaways that I was able to glean from the book,

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success in any calling.”

  1. Perseverance – means to understand that fear can cripple us and know that you can choose to overcome it.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet with opposition, and not one out of ten thousand (people) will keep on trying after failing two or three times” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Controls people by making negative thinking and destructive actions pleasing to them.” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The class of people who control their environmental influences are: “The non-drifters. All who are victims of the habit of drifting forfeit their power to choose their own environment. They become the victims of every negative influence of their environment.” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

  1. What are you allowing in your space? Are you putting yourself around people that can support you or around people that want to hold you back? What are you feeding your mind as well as your body.
  2. Think of the term “go with the flow”. The terms “Drifters” are the people that go along and do not have a plan or a definiteness of purpose.

How do you keep yourself from drifting?

  1. I get up and look at my email so that I know what is waiting for me for the day
  2. I want to think about what my TOP priorities are.
  3. I want to make sure I am focused and not suffering from “Shiny object Syndrome”
  4. Having systems in your office will allow you to focus ON the business.


  1. Sharon lives with her books and obsesses about her books on the beach for a few days.
  2. She comes back to the book a month later.
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and business podcasts download and Chubb. If I can, I’d like to leave A. I like to start off today’s show by sharing with the listeners or leaving the lesson or listeners with a notable quotable that that’s not positive term. I want to start off today’s show on sort of a a downer. We’ll take it down and then someone can bring us back up. We’ll work right back up because on today’s show we have the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad on today’s show, the best selling author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series on the show, and she worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to write a book about this topic. I’m going to bring up right now, and if you are somebody who’s a Judeo Christian, then you’re probably aware of, or you’ve heard the verse, Matthew Fifteen, 19, where it reads for out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication.

Wow. This is pretty light theft, false witness, slanders, and I have found over the years having coached a lot of clients is I’ve found that the vast majority of America is struggling with some vice and slash or issues. And so chuck, I’d like for you to copy some of the show notes from our sex and drugs, a business podcasts because there are so many examples that have blown my mind over the years of people that are behaving badly and their business is struggling as a result of it. So I’ll just give you a few examples. Uh, according to the US Chamber of Commerce and CBS News, 75 percent of employees steal will. You might say, okay, well that’s employees. I’m an entrepreneur. But what’s crazy is I found that the same number is true when it comes to entrepreneurs. I’ve seen entrepreneurs that quote a client a price and then they keep raising the price just to see how high they can raise it there.

Just gouging customers. I’ve seen entrepreneurs not paying taxes. I’ve seen entrepreneurs stealing in multiple ways. Uh, you talk about here, Matthew Fifteen, 19. He talks about adultery. Gosh, I have seen some serious firsthand up close in person adultery chip. I’ve seen a lot of business owners who’ve had a very successful company. I lost it all because of making poor decisions, uh, after work or before work. According to psychology passed, statistics have shown that in the US, 50 percent of first marriages, 67 percent of second marriages in 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce. Will put the show notes here for you. Here’s another one from the Washington Post. Seventy percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner. Five years.

Yes. What percentage? Seventy eight. That there is a full 20. Two percent of American men don’t cheat on this. Yes,

he was another terrible statistic. Chop. Now let’s see. Seventeen percent of couples are content in their partner, which we have only 70 percent of people even like their their partner. Oh Chop. We’ve got merit. We’ve got a lot of Americans struggle with gambling addictions, right? A lot of Americans struggling with alcoholism or so many vices and problems until four to 6 million people. According to It would be considered problem gamblers who’s gambling affects their every day lives, so what happens is what happens is is that a lot of times people know what to do, they just don’t do it. And if people did know what to do than teen pregnancy would be a thing of the past. Chuck, you remember how hilarious it was in high school when the guidance counselor would come in and give a group of high school seniors and juniors have safe sex talk.

Do you want to know what’s really crazy? What’s that? We didn’t even have any type of education. High School. They did it one year in sixth grade. I just giggled the so silly. Yeah, it was just. This is how I recall it happened. I remember we’d had a guy in my seventh grade class, sixth grade class, who gets up there and he says, all right everybody, I want to talk to you about the company there wouldn’t be serious today. Let’s be mature. He’s good. He’s an auditorium of like probably 150 boys, middle school boys. And so there’s, there’s a couple of things babies are created as a result of the penis and the vagina engaging in activity. Now the vagina will then I’m like, oh, he said vagina and then, and then we’re like, get together. And we’re like, we go, don’t laugh, don’t laugh. And then, and then it would be like a now, uh, men around the age of Yada Yada.

Their pituitary gland begins to develop and the female pituitary gland begins to develop which causes and barge mammary glands. Yeah. What, what it needs it. Clay, did you have something you want to say? No boobs. And that was like, that was what happened, you know? Yes. But we already knew all these things. You learned about that on the bus for years before. Right? And so like in eighth grade, seventh grade, I remember eighth grade, the first girl that I’d heard of who got pregnant, I remember ninth grade hearing of a girl that got pregnant. I remember my 10th year in high school there was dozens of girls that got pregnant and every time they got pregnant they wouldn’t make a special announcement. We all knew what happened. Right? And then they would have another class and they would, the school board would get together and concerned.

Parents would get together and they would just, they would get together and make these, these new classes and curriculums. You say nude classes and curriculums? No, but new clouds and curriculum of a Freudian slip there, Jeff. But what happens is they will make these new classes and curriculum’s designed to help us learn how to be more effective. And so I remember they had one class that went as far as to teach how to put a condom on a banana. And that was actually taught how to put a condom on a banana. And I remember I got invited to a party and I won’t mention the person’s first name and I’m sure she’s changed since that time, but it was a birthday party at her house and I’m like 16 or 17. I really didn’t go to a lot of good a lot of parties at all my junior and senior year just to totally chose to kind of opt out.

But I went to one of the parties and so I’m knocking on the door and it’s like a. and the parent is there and the parent is obviously intoxicated. And they said, hey clay, here’s the deal man. Come on in man. Come on in. I said, great. I said, Hey, I’m just looking. I’ll be fuddled. He goes, here’s the deal man. I’d rather be the parent that has everybody drink here than the parent who allows you guys to go out and drink. Well, I don’t know what’s going on. If you read that, I’ve ever run into that kind of parent. Yeah, right. So I run to that kind of parent. So I go downstairs and there’s a girl from my high school who’s totally naked. Oh Wow. Yeah, and all of the guys are like getting it on with her, like multiple dudes getting on with the same girl.

And I’m thinking to myself, I’m not kidding. There’s like three guys. And I’m going, oh, on a ping pong table. I remember going, oh, so I go upstairs because I’m at this party. Right? And so I’m like, okay, hey, you going upstairs, you know, looking for some food eaters of everyone’s got beards except for me. So I’m like, okay, I’m going to go outside, go outside. There’s somebody getting it on, everyone’s getting it on request. Right? So anyway, this is just, stuff happens. Everyone’s intoxicated. It’s crazy. So, uh, I remember talking to one of my buddies and I’m like, dude, what was that all about? I thought you were dating this person and you’re just like, oh dude, I uh, I, you know, it doesn’t matter man. We were just hooking up and uh, and so I said, well, we just had this guy come into our class and talk about the, the one of the teachers talk about safe sex and how x percentage of high school students were getting pregnant and how if you did get pregnant, your chances of success are going to decrease dramatically, dramatically.

And so we just had the talk and I said, I kind of looked at him, I’m like, dude, at least did you, did you at least do the whole safe sex move deal? And he’s like, no, it feels better when you don’t wear a Jimmy hat. That was his actual quote. It feels better when you don’t wear a Jimmy had. No, I never heard that phrase used before, but I thought that’s kind of clever, but yet that’s not smart. And uh, so long story short, these people had a baby and this just kept happening. That’s what happens throughout high school. Um, I remember a junior, a junior year finding out how many of my friends had stds and had babies and it just. And it’s not about education, it’s about implementation. And so Sharon Lechter is a financial educator, she exposes you to the knowledge, but she also encourages you to implement and what Napoleon hill discovered and what he wrote about in the early 19 thirties was actually caused him to get, to have actually caused him to become depressed, is that a lot of people know what to do now.

Most people read the book and they still don’t do it. And so, and he’s, he discovered like, gosh man, I think that, why people don’t do I think like a why a lot of people don’t have success is because of their own vices. They’re caving into their own worst inner, most carnal, primal desires. And so he wrote this book called outwitting the devil. And when he finished the book, uh, his publisher, his wife, everyone thought the book was too crazy because it was talking about how to have a conversations with yourself or the devil and say, I’m not gonna do that. No, I’m not going to disrupt boots about willpower. It’s about self discipline. I really feel like this book outwitting the devil can change the life of somebodies life. I’ve given that book to dozens of people and I own a copy of it that’s in the man cave at all times. So thrive nature. Without any further renew or further ado. Further Redo Pony. Further, Redo. Redo it once further. Ed Do. Back to our exclusive interview is Sharon Lechter. She breaks down her book that she worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to create out winning the devil.

Sharon might. My son was born blind in 2007 and his name is Aubrey Napoleon Hill Clark. I named him Aubrey Napoleon Hill Clark after the late great success author, Napoleon Hill, and I was so excited when I saw that you were digging up the old manuscript that Napoleon Hill wrote in the 19 thirties and I believe it was his wife who banned him or encouraged him not to release the book at the time. Could you share why the book outwitting the devil wasn’t released a w. You know why it was held kind of a secret since the 19 thirties and how you got involved with the publication and the freshing up of that manuscript.

Well, certainly. Let me give you a little bit of background. First, in 19 zero eight, Napoleon Hill was charged by, um, you know, Andrew Carnegie to go out and study the thesis of success, understand, and he was going to introduce him to all his rich friends and it turned into a 25 year endeavor. And from that, in 1937, Napoleon Hill published the book think and grow rich and it was an instant success, but he was frustrated because he said, even though people know what they’re supposed to do, they don’t do it.

And He,

I realized that that was true in his own life. And he says, here I am, I’m the custodian of this, this thesis of success. I mean, I’ve lived it. I breathed it and I still have my ups and downs. What’s wrong with me? And he sat down, out of his frustration and just a few short months, he wrote this book, which he kind of said was a download from a book called outwitting the devil. And the title scared his wife to death. She worked for the Methodist Church. She forbid it to be published. And it was actually locked away and they really is a interrogation of the devil. And Napoleon Hill says, you can believe I’m talking to the real devil or an imaginary double will. You derive any benefit from what I share. And it talks about how in let’s talk about it as a man made devil.

So we keep people on the line, they don’t get mad at us. So we each have that negative voice inside of us. The saying, you’re not good enough, you can’t do this. And we live in this world of fear, fear of poverty, fear of failure, fear of success. How about fear of criticism? We’re so afraid. Other people are gonna. Talk about us and what we’re going to look like. Or we don’t want to like be the be the one that goes that path less traveled. Even though that’s where the true successes, we want to follow the masses. And so this book out winning the devil talks about fear and how fear can cripple us. Spirit does one of two things. It can either cripple us, paralyze us, or it can motivate us. And in 99 percent of the cases, fear paralyzes us and so he talks about personal, we need to recognize where that fear comes from and once we recognize it, then we can move forward and overcome that fear and take control of our own lives.

And when we are in control, we recognize the fear is still there, it still comes, but you recognize it and you don’t allow it to consume you. You turned it around and use it as the energy to keep moving forward. And that’s the whole purpose about winning the devil. And I will tell you, I think there was a greater end at work because had it not had actually been published in 1938, I’m not sure it would have been competing with think and grow rich. And now thinking grow rich has sold 100 million copies. It’s established the brand and outwitting the devil came out right after this latest economic crisis. And it really, our goal when they, when they asked me to step in and support the foundation, was to reinvigorate the teachings of Napoleon Hill for a younger generation. And outwitting the devil is perfect for that because it’s a little in your face, it’s a little irreverent. He goes, basically says, wake up and smell the and don’t give up your responsibility and the authority for your life to other people. Take back control and then things that you can do to get rid of that fear and be able to overcome it. And it really is working. We have had to say it on the bestseller list for a long time ever since we published it, and it truly is speaking to the younger generation. So I’m thrilled by it.

That book has so many profound, uh, notes countless epiphany’s these mindset altering, notable quotables. I mean, my book is just filled with notes, but I had a few highlights from the book. I wanted to read the excerpt to you and see if you could break it down here on the final few minutes that we have with you today on today’s business podcasts. Is that alright with you? Certainly. I guess it’d be kind of a weird time to reject me, but here we go. Here we go. Here’s the notable quotable, the capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains success in any calling.

Absolutely. I think if we use one word, the word would be perseverance and that is understand that that fear of rejection, that fear of failure can stop us in our track and it does. Most people you know, you just basically you don’t keep going because you think you have a negative. You get to know and they we understand now when you start hearing a no today, change it tonight. Yet and know the, the have to keep going, that you still have an opportunity. And I shared the story of my biggest business mistake turned into my greatest life decision and that is, you know, again, getting, keep going and the fact that they are making mistakes and having failures is part of that process. Part of going in that direction. I mean Walt Disney himself sale, he was, he was fired at the age of 17 for not being creative enough.

His first, he always first character was stolen by MGM. His first company, laughter. Graham went out of business and each time it kept going because he knew he had a gift, he knew what he wanted to do. Um, you know, uh, I think it is, um, the, the first studio that he took the Mickey mouse to turn it down saying women would run out of a studio with a big red on screen and that gave him the courage to start his own company. And so, you know, obviously we don’t need to talk about his level of success, but I don’t know how many of us would have gone through that many failures and kept driving. And that’s the essence of success.

Now, Sharon, uh, one of the notable quotables in your book, you’re talking about drifters and non drifters, and you right here, you say that the point he’ll rights and the books that you did with the class of people who control their environmental influences are the non drifters. All who are victims of the habit of drifting, forfeit their power to choose their own environment. They become the victims of every negative influence of their environment. Can you share with the listeners out there the importance of controlling your environment and what it means to do so?

Well? It comes into several different autosuggestion is part of that. What? What are you allowing in your space? Are you putting yourself in a group of people who want you to succeed? They’re there to support you and encourage you, or are you putting yourself around people who were basically wanting to keep you in your place and if you start to make an improvement, they want to pull you back, and so the. The environment is everything. It’s so important to understand what you’re feeding your mind as well as your what is, you know, what are you doing to support yourself in that concept of the non drifters? I’m think of the term go with the flow. Okay. Drifters, which Napoleon hill talks about 98 percent of the business podcasts listeners or population are drifters are the ones who basically don’t make plans. They don’t have that definiteness of purpose and non drifter knows what they want out of life.

They have a definite purpose and they create a plan to get what they want and they don’t. Let other people divert them. Certainly they get off the path every once in a while, but they know what their goal is and they recalibrate and refocusing and start moving forward. But the drifters basically never have, you know, they, they, whatever they say, well, whatever, for whatever you want or go with the flow, the lemmings, right? Right off the hill. And so if you know someone in your life, you know that you’ve tried to help you know that they’re lost and you talked to your blue in the face and they don’t respond, um, I always recommend give them the gift of the book outwitting the devil because they may very well find themselves in that book and find that lifeline of hope that will help them find that definiteness of purpose in their own life.

No shared. My final question I have for you, and I know Dr Zoellner has one final wrap up question for my final question for you is on a daily basis, how do you personally keep your self from drifting? What is your morning routine look like? You know, every morning like, well, what does that first hour or two hours of every day look like to keep you from not drifting all these years?

Well, I know a lot of people talk about they get up and they meditate first. No, I get up and I actually do look in my emails first so that I know what’s waiting for me during the day so that then I can go in and take a moment and think about what my goals are, thinking about what, what, what my top priorities are. Because so many of us, we’re multitaskers and we have so many things that pull us during the day. Particularly entrepreneurs. We have this something called Shiny Object Syndrome and we can’t get easily attracted. Luckily I haven’t people on my team that will recognize that I’m in my, one of my shiny object syndrome moments and remind me, you know, do you really want us to change priorities so that we can refocus it, but part of that is in the morning thinking about what is it that I want to accomplish today? What are the three or four major things that have to happen before I get in and start responding to the hundreds of emails and new requests that come in and again, those systems we talked about earlier in this hour conversation, having those systems of how people can get access to me helps me be able to focus on the things that I have deemed important that day. Having systems in your office are very, very important so that you can focus on what you need to continue to driving your business forward.

Dr Z, what’s the final question you have for ms Dot Sharon Lechter. Mrs Electra, I have a question for you and that is what is your process? I mean, you obviously Britain, many successful books in a relatively short timeframe. What’s your process in writing? Are you the. I go to a beach and I get a Pina Colada and I sit in a hammock and just write all day. Or You. What would your actual physical process of writing the book?

Well, one part of what you said is accurate. Typically I’ve written 22 books, so every book has been slightly different, but all of them have had an element of me at the beach. Um, I typically runaway the ocean is food for my soul and for me, um, I have to literally immerse myself in a book and I live with it for two or three days. I turn off the phones, I’m by myself. I get up really, really early and no, no Pina coladas both

no early in the morning

and I work until late at night and then I get up and do it again and then I literally walk away from the book for probably up to a month and then I come back with a fresh mind and a fresh thought and I’ll read something and go, that was pretty darn good, Sharon. Then I’ll read something to go what was I thinking? But it allows me that separation and then to be able to cleanse my mind and I’d come back and I continued working on it, but in a very focused focus way. Some people have dear friends of mine who are very famous authors write an hour a day. I would never work for me. I have to totally focused and turn off everything else around me that’s going on so that I can experience the book because to, for a book to be successful, you need is. It needs to come as if you’re speaking to the reader. So it’s not the words on the page, it’s the message on the page and so when I’m immersed in it, I feel like I’m having a conversation with the person reading the book and that’s important to me so that when I reread it, I want to read the conversation. I want to connect with them emotionally, not just intelligently.

Very good site. Little sidebar question here. What are some of your favorite beaches that you’ve done some of your best work?

My favorite speeches?

Yeah. Your favorite beach?

No beaches?


Vast majority of them are San Diego, um, because I live in Phoenix, so I can go jet over there and a few hours and um, sit and watch the ocean and listen to business podcasts. But I have been to British Virgin Islands. I’ve been to Costa Rica, but the vast majority of my writing has been in, sent me in the San Diego area in La Jolla, San Diego.

Excellent. Well, I want, I want to respect your time. I will tell you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to, uh, educate our hundreds of thousands of listeners. It means the world to me and I feel really good because I can stop being nervous. I’ve just been nervous the entire time. Yeah. I can now breathe Z. I could read. So thank you so much. Why were you nervous? Because you’re nervous because big deal. I was worried about Sharon. Do you remember when you wrote that book? What was awesome? Next question. Yeah. We’re so excited. We’re a bunch of nerds here. We appreciate you very much. Thrive nation. Now we’d like to end each and every show with a boom on this outwitting the devil edition of the thrive time show. So here we go.

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