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Clay Clark: All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time show on your radio. This is the business coach show all about how to make your wallet grow, how to grow that business, and I’m going to tell you what … We’re so excited, that’s Dr. Z, Dr. Zoellner, myself, I’m Clay Clark, SBA entrepreneur of the year, he’s the optometrist turned tycoon. We’re so excited to help you grow your business that we would take time out of our schedule to teach you how to grow a business and we thank you for taking time out of your schedule to learn how to grow your business. So it’s sort of a symbiotic relationship because we love helping you grow your business and we love hearing feedback from you and the specific questions that you have. And so today, we are going to be inside the Box That Rocks, broadcasting to you, answering your business coach questions that you’ve emailed us to [email protected].

Business Coach 179

And inside the Box That Rocks today, we are joined with my incredible wife of 15 years, she’s wearing an incredible white coat, if you’re on Facebook Live right now. Apparently the office temperatures have gotten too cold for her. Vanessa, how are you?

Vanessa: [crosstalk 00:01:33] I’m great, doing great, loving the coat, loving the warmth in here.

Clay Clark: You don’t like the 60 degree weather that’s designed to keep everybody awake all the time?

Vanessa: I felt awake … This is how I deal with it, I just wear coats all the time.

Clay Clark: Mmm. All right. SHe’s kind of almost, she’s kind of almost in defiance of our cold culture.

Doctor Zoellner: I think she’s still on a chocolate high, I mean, Valentine’s Day was yesterday.

Vanessa: That’s right.

Doctor Zoellner: I think she still has a little chocolate around her mouth, I mean, she probably just pounded chocolate all night long.

Vanessa: Got it in my pocket, just carrying it around now.

Doctor Zoellner: Got it in her pocket, just little sweet, little sweet sweets, you know. Because I know, Clay, you probably just flood her with chocolates and candy and …

Clay Clark: [crosstalk 00:02:05] Here’s my deal with my wife.

Doctor Zoellner: … That little outfit you were talking about.

Vanessa: He’s got his [crosstalk 00:02:08].

Doctor Zoellner: … Got her in a cute outfit right around the house with your bow and arrow.

Clay Clark: My wife understands …

Doctor Zoellner: I mean, you know.

Clay Clark: … Moderation and I don’t get it. I’m serious. That’s one thing she can do. She can get a bunch of chocolates and just kind of put them around the house. And just have a couple at a time. For me, it’s like, I just want a bag at a time. Like, I want no chocolate or all of it.

Doctor Zoellner: When I grew up, I’d go to a friend’s house and they’d have these little bowls of candy out and I’d be like, what in the world is going on? And I’d put it all in my pockets as fast as I could.

Clay Clark: Yeah, exactly.

Doctor Zoellner: Because what? What are they thinking? [crosstalk 00:02:35]

Clay Clark: It’s either all in or all out. I think it’s an entrepreneur trait. It’s like either, when I’m not going to have any chocolates or I’m having all of your chocolates.

Doctor Zoellner: Yeah, exactly. You know, and around our house we had a lot of kids, and I mean, if you put out a bowl of candy, I mean, you’d better watch your hands because it’s phoo, phoo, phoo, it’s going fast.

Vanessa: Well, my things are hidden, I will say that, I don’t just leave them lying around because they would all be gone.

Clay Clark: Mmm.

Doctor Zoellner: Mmm.

Clay Clark: Now here’s the deal Thrivers. We have some great business coach questions today in our stack of stuff. We have 4 incredible questions. But before we do that, I want to start, Z, with another Business Coaching Win of the Week. Z, are you excited for the Business Coaching Win of the Week here?

Doctor Zoellner: Woo!

Clay Clark: This is our Win of the … This is actually our Win of the Day, I guess.

Doctor Zoellner: Hey listen, I tell you what. We had a whole list of questions to get to yesterday. We only got to about half of them. But those questions were awesome, by the way, that we deep-dived into. So if you missed yesterday’s show, get on and you can listen to the podcast as much as you want to. You can just kind of re-listen to that thing all day long if you’d like.

Clay Clark: Well, today, we have 4 questions and I’ll get into our big Win of the Day here. So we have 4 questions, okay. We have Thrivers who want to know about, how do you find time to optimize your website? That’s question number one.

Vanessa: Ooh.

Doctor Zoellner: Okay. All right. All right.

Clay Clark: Business coach question number two is pricing. How do you price something? How do you actually go out there and price a product? The next is, how do you stay in touch with leads? You know, former leads, former customers, people who maybe said, not now, maybe later, how do you do that? And the fourth question is, how do you determine your biggest limiting factor? Like if your business won’t grow, how do you know what you need to do to grow? And we’re going to get into all of those, but here is the Win of the Week. Z, are you excited about the Win of the Week?

Doctor Zoellner: I love winning. Winning is just the best. And that’s why we’re on this show is to coach people to win, right?

Clay Clark: Here we go. It is the Thrive Win of the Day and the Week.

Vanessa: Woo-hoo!

Clay Clark: This just in: [Fish Flicks 00:04:14], if you go to

Vanessa: Yaah!

Clay Clark: They’re now #4 in Google. So if you type in Christian movies, in the whole world, in Google.

Vanessa: Wow.

Clay Clark: He’s been working on this, he’s been plugging away, with help of the business coaching team for over a year and a half, and he just now hit page 1 baby!

Doctor Zoellner: Woo!

Clay Clark: And I’m tell yah what …

Doctor Zoellner: It’s a big victory.

Clay Clark: If you are on page 2, it’s like your website doesn’t exist, but when you’re on page one, everybody’s buying his DVDs!

Vanessa: Money cometh!

Clay Clark: Oh, money cometh, wow.

Vanessa: It’s a throwback there.

Doctor Zoellner: Yeah, that could be a 7-figure move, easily, you know, just going from, like you said, page 2 to page 1 is a huge move. You know, you’re on page 7, you’re like, why are people not finding my website? And you’re like, well, it’s … I don’t know the last time you flipped through 7 pages of Google searches to get through the site.

Clay Clark: Not even your mom will do 7 pages.

Vanessa: Well, I will say this, now that I know how Google searches work, like, I’m the one person who will go and go deep-dive because I’m like, well, they could still be legit and just not know how to optimize, let me see if I can find them.

Doctor Zoellner: They could, they could. That could …

Vanessa: If I’m really looking for something.

Doctor Zoellner: That could be the case. You’re so sweet.

Clay Clark: I got to tell you something that Vanessa and I did this past weekend. It was a real, it was a time of love.

Vanessa: Oh, build it up, build it up. This is good, it’s good.

Clay Clark: Well, a lot of people say, what do you guys do on the weekends? What’s your move? And I’ll tell you what we did this weekend.

Vanessa: Tell them the moves.

Clay Clark: We said, you know what, we’ve got a spare 24 hours.

Doctor Zoellner: Oh, all right. Okay.

Clay Clark: So what we’re going to do is we want to get Thrive Time, you know …

Vanessa: We’re on a mission.

Clay Clark: Get out your computers, Thrivers, type it in here, Z.

Doctor Zoellner: Okay. All right. All right, all right, all right.

Clay Clark: If you type in, America’s number one business coach. Guess who is now page one, and the top of page one, in the Google, bing bing bing bing bing bing bing! And Z, and the answer is, do you see it, do you see it, Z?

Doctor Zoellner: (gasps)

Clay Clark: It’s a …

Doctor Zoellner: Clay Clark!

Vanessa: Yay! Woo-hoo!

Clay Clark: And then if you scroll down two more spots, what do you see there? Do you see the Thrive Time Show, Z? Do you see it?

Doctor Zoellner: Oh yeah.

Vanessa: This makes my heart so happy.

Clay Clark: So Vanessa and I, I’m just telling you, what we did is we optimized. And the reason why we didn’t delegate that is that it requires a certain amount of strategic thinking and so many people are typing in Thrive 15 reviews, and we have so many of you who have been kind enough to shoot a video testimonial or send us a text about how much our business coaching is helping your business, and so we optimized all that and so we spent, I’m not kidding, I think we spent about 24 man-hours.

Vanessa: We had a strategy too. Like, there are a couple different ways we could do it. We can either get out laptops and lie side by side, I’m not joking, and go through and do this, or Clay will be in super, hyper focused mode and he goes into the man-cave and he’s doing it and I’m bring him the food and stuff, so we’re kind of switching, and then later at night, we’re hanging out with the kids, we’re back on the laptops side-by-side and we’re telling them, guys, 30 more minutes and then we’re all going to watch this epic movie. We watched The Jungle Book, which was really, really, really, really good, surprisingly.

Doctor Zoellner: The new one?

Vanessa: Yes! We’d never seen it. We were entranced by all these animals.

Doctor Zoellner: Oh, I did … The Jungle Book has a special place in my heart. When my daughter was young, we’d always played and I always go to play the part of …

Vanessa: Mogli?

Doctor Zoellner: No, no. She was Mogli, she would strip down to her underwear.

Clay Clark: Woah!

Doctor Zoellner: If you’re listening, Dr. Anderson, I’m sorry, I’m sorry …

Vanessa: I hope you were Baloo, I hope you were Baloo.

Doctor Zoellner: I was Baloo.

Vanessa: Yes!

Doctor Zoellner: I was Baloo and she was Mogli, and we would reenact the entire Jungle Book. Not on a daily basis but on a pretty much every other day basis. As soon as that movie would start, bam! She’d be down in her underwear, jumping around the house, being Mogli and I’d be Baloo. And we performed Jungle Book many, many times, by the way.

Vanessa: I love it.

Clay Clark: Well, here’s the deal, Thrivers, I’m just telling you this. We’re going to answer a question now from a Thriver, this is a very great question. Ties right in here to this whole search engine game. This is from a Thriver in Toronto by the name of Sonya.

Radio Voice: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time show.

Clay Clark: And Z, I went ahead and got the Canadian national anthem queued up here because I know you’re a big Canadian national anthem fan.

Doctor Zoellner: Oh, yeah. Eh. See, eh.

Clay Clark: So let me get that going here. Let me kind of get that move here.

Vanessa: I’m a big Justin Bieber fan.

Clay Clark: Let me get it. Oh, here we go. He’s getting emotionally ready, this guy who’s singing it here. This guy is the, from auto.

Singer: … Perilous fight. O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?


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