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The business coach Clay Clark: Well what happens is, is that you have to decide right now. Do you wanna have a great lunch. I mean, it’s around the noon time and do you wanna have a great lunch or do you wanna have an okay lunch? Now, we, full transparency. We’re very transparent on the show here. I love Oklahoma Joe’s Baked Beans and they happen to be a sponsor, but I am obsessed with them. They’ve won these records for the world’s best baked beans and my wife over here, she won’t touch the beans. Right? Is this right?

Business Coach 309

Vanessa: I feel bad saying that. I’m not trying to be difficult, I just –

Dr. Zellner: She’s trying to be difficult.

Clay Clark: So if you’re somebody who doesn’t like meat-

Vanessa: Yeah, I’m not against their baked beans. I’m against like, all baked beans unless they’re a vegetarian.

Clay Clark: So this is not a shameless plug where I’m just saying thing, I am a trust worthy business coach. She won’t eat the baked beans and if you’re listening right now and you’re somebody who doesn’t appreciate the baked beans at all or any type of meat product, then you need to go and just go get some grass. Go get some grass, go get some kale. Do that whole thing. Meet my wife at Whole Foods. Get the kale. But for those of you who love food, you’re carnivores and you love meat and you love baked beans. You love barbecue. If you love baked beans, you love barbecue and you love meat then you’ve gotta accept the challenge. You gotta get on over the to Oklahoma Joe’s and buy yourself those baked beans. And you will try those baked beans and you will discover that they are in fact the world’s best baked beans. But if for some reason you believe they are not the world’s best baked beans-

Vanessa: – the world’s best baked beans, sorta punch to it.

Clay Clark: There is a kind of a punch to it. Kind of a nutty bite. You can head on over here to the river walk and you can tell me and I will, first off, I’ll call you a liar and then I will give you a copy of my book, Thrive. Now if they are the world’s best baked beans you can also drive over here to the river walk and I will also give you a high five now. I will not question your honesty and your integrity but I will give you a high five and I will give you a copy of my book.

Dr. Zellner: It sounds like a win-win challenge. I don’t know for sure, but it sure sounds like a winner. You get great baked beans, and while you’re there get the burnt ends by the way. It’s like meat candy. And you don’t have to be just a carnivore. You can be an omnivore. You can like vegetables and meat, so just throwing that out there. Didn’t wanna get all scientific on you.

Clay Clark: Not to one up you but you could also be a herbivore, right? Which means you wouldn’t want meat at all, right? I mean we’re naming all the different kind of ‘vores.

Business coach Dr. Zellner: Yeah, but then you wouldn’t wanna get Oklahoma Joe’s.

Clay Clark: I’m just trying to name off all the ‘vores to show that I do know all the ‘vores. All right, now here’s the deal, Thrivers, college was not wasted on me. I’ve learned about papyrus, I know about carnivores and omnivores and herbivores and –

Vanessa: The Tigress and Euphrates.

Clay Clark: Yeah, the Tigress and Euphrates. Stratus clouds and cumulous clouds and anyway, so we’re talking to day about stuff that does matter. The practical education. We’re talking about the high art of getting things done. So, in a perfect world, Z, go with me to a perfect world.

Dr. Zellner: Okay, I’m there.

Clay Clark: You would have no –

Vanessa: I wish everyone could see his face. He’s kind of in a really zen place.

Dr. Zoellner: Pine trees everywhere. Walls to keep people out.

Clay Clark: Distractions, no distractions. Interrupting us business coach experts when we’re trying to get things done. However, we are now in a world filled with text messages, emails, voicemails, mail. Mr Mailman, get that mail out of here. Males and females. Mr Mailman get that mail. Social media updates, people emotions, distractions, and so how in the world do the most productive people get so much done when everyone else just seems to be treading water? How is this possible, Z? How is it possible?

Dr. Zellner: It’s not. It’s just luck. Some days you just get lucky and you get something done and some days you just go, oh well. Darn it. Didn’t get anything done today.

Clay Clark: I’m gonna read a high brow article from Psychology Today. I’m gonna read it kind of an epic, kind of a professorial voice so here we go.

Dr. Zellner: Well okay, now we’re gonna go high brow.

Clay Clark: Here it is, get those brows high. All right here we go. Imagine that after a routine medical exam, your doctor delivers some devastating news.. This is an excerpt of the business coach radio show on 1170am


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