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This is all about the business coach ninjas at

Business Coach 277

Speaker 1: Sixteen thousand, two and a half times the attendance they were at two and a half years ago.

Speaker 2: How is that possible?

Speaker 1: Well, what we’ve done Z, is we’ve been working with them on some moves and we’re going to kind of break down the moves-

Speaker 2: The moves.

Speaker 1: For them. Okay, Business coach Z, move number one. I want you to kind of break it down walk us through why this is important.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: One, we fixed the branding so that they have a great website now, it looks solid. They’ve got a great logo. They’ve got great print pieces, the whole branding has now been modified. Why is that super important? People are out there listening going, “I don’t know why I need to get my branding done. What’s that all about?”

Speaker 2: Well, according to Forbes, 57% percent of you listening out there are saying to yourself, hey I want to do my own business. I want … I’m tired of working for the man, I want to be the man and I’m going to do my own thing, and one of the core things that you need to do to start off with is branding. Now you see, here’s the problem with the Oilers is that they had bad … Their branding needed to be improved. We’ll put it like that, okay, we’ll be kind because we’re very kind on this show.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you’re a very kind man.

Speaker 2: I’m a very kind man, so we’re not going to say that it was bad, we’re going to say that it could have been better, all right?

Speaker 1: Overall it had some area for some improvement. It could have been done better.

Speaker 2: It could have been done better, so day one when you’re starting your business you want to go get some professionals that know what they’re talking about. Now I know your Aunt Matilda does a little artistry on the side and she paints by numbers very well.

Speaker 1: “I drew that logo myself Robert, why don’t you appreciate my logo?” Such a mean business coach

Speaker 2: I know and she-

Speaker 1: “I did it myself.”

Speaker 2: She makes a fine Jell-O parfait thing for, you know, Easter. I get it, I get it.

Speaker 1: It’s a hot dish. It’s an unbelievable hot dish. Your brother likes it. Philip is so much nicer than you.

Speaker 2: Philip … Yeah, Philip likes hot Jell-O, but the point is, I’m trying to make is that you’ve got to get it professionally done. You have to get it by people that know what they’re talking about, and nothing is more disappointing than thinking that you meet someone that have a business and then you go to your website it looks like their 12-year old made it for a junior high school project. “I made it myself my vision has not been very good since I quit going to Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates, so I can’t really see my canvas so to speak, but the logo I made was very, very nice and I don’t appreciate you saying I look 12, Doctor Z, I could be your father’s father.”

You could be Mr. Oswald, but here’s the point, is that your branding is the first chance you have of making a first impression, and if it looks professional then people go to step two. They go, “Oh, yeah” because they expect that. They expect professionalism in your branding, your website, your business coach services You know if you get something in the mail and you open it up, you know, and looks like some kid drew it with a crayon versus it being professionally done makes it … You know that allows them now to go to step two and eventually that allows them to get in the auditorium which we’re going to get to, but now we’re like okay, these guys are legit. I will read more about them. I will look at step two, so that’s step one.


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