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America’s #1 Business Coach Answers Your Mailbag Questions Part 2

Segment 1 – Hour 2

My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach as well as the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the year sent here on a mission to help you make your financial issues disappear because once you have begun to achieve financial freedom and time freedom you can begin to focus on a great many other things and you can actually move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and to begin to focus on self actualization giving back poetry. Artwork. Playing a guitar. Why do I keep focusing on artistic things.

Raising chickens. You could go see all the Rocky movies consecutively you could watch your favorite Netflix show you could work out until your brain explodes.

There’s so many things you could do with your time in fact I would ask you today what would you do with your time if you did in fact have all the time freedom and financial freedom that you need. I mean what if you had all of the time and financial freedom that you needed.

How would you choose to spend your day?

Well for me I would actually choose to spend my day here with you the business coach listeners.

What you mean you’d rather spend your day inside a glass box that rocks.

Answering questions from people like us. Are you kidding me? No I actually what I enjoy this I enjoy time with my family and I enjoy time with you and I enjoy helping you when I see used to have success in the world of business.

It gets me going. So a quick recap what would you do if you had this financial freedom and the time freedom it is so important that you know that.

Because if you dont know that specific answer if you cant be crystal clear about what you would do with your time and your financial and if you had that if you had the time and financial freedom what you would do with your time.

If you don’t have that crystal clear in your mind its hard to do the hard things.

You know its hard to stay focused and to do something like a to make a landing page that works.

Its hard to stay focused to create a sales script that works its hard to stay focused.

So for me I just do it in my business coach life. I we talk a lot here in the thrivetime show about the F 6 goals your f six goals. So what are your f six goals if you’re just now turning to the program for the first time or maybe you’ve yet to do this your f six goals or your goals for the six core areas. Dr Zoellners perspective and my perspective would be involved in making a great life.

So how would you know your goals for your faith your goals for your family your goals for your finances your goals for your fitness your goals for your friendship and your goals for your fun and once you’ve clearly written out your goals for these six areas it becomes very easy to stay motivated to build a business that can create that time freedom and financial freedom for you. You know your business is really nothing more than a vehicle. A business is nothing more than a vehicle they’ll get all emotional about it. Business is a vehicle that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. So as an example as a kid you know we once went to Disney World. OK. We went to Disney World when we got there. We went to the park. You know we rode the rides we saw Mickey Mouse. You know I think we paid $5000 for a movie you know that kind of thing you almost like a home equity line just to get a concession item at Disney. But it was a good experience but it’s expensive and it’s so humid you feel like you’re on the surface of the sun melting and maybe come to think about it. I was traumatized by the trip but the point is when you go to Disney World imagine you had rented a very expensive luxury car to drive to Disney World. So it’s you’d spent all of your financial resources on the rental car.

So when you finally got to Orlando and you finally pulled in to the amusement park you discovered regrettably that you’ve spent all of your money on the rental car that got you to the park and now you no longer have any money to actually enjoy the park itself because you spend your money getting to the park. That’s why I see a lot of business owners doing with their business. They spend all their time in creating this vehicle creating this business that they have no time to enjoy the other aspects of their life. So I encourage you. I just plead with you as we’re talking today about a topic. We have a thriver who asked us how do I build an effective landing page. The specific question was How do you execute a best practice. Google Adwords strategy and the thriver is in New Mexico and we talked to him about one determine the winnable terms to determine the winnable long tail search engine terms the long tail are the are the more descriptive keywords that people type into Google. The third is you develop a no brainer add. And the fourth is you make a landing page. Are not going to be motivated to do any of this stuff if you don’t have it clearly resolved in your mind what you would do with your time if you did have all the financial freedom and time freedom that you needed. So I want to share with you my my my time freedom you know goals and things I’m into. I decided years ago you know hey I want to have enough time freedom so that I could record a radio show. And now here it is. And so I’m doing this radio show. That’s what I do.

I have businesses that make money for me while I’m right here with you and I want to basically take my time to do the following three activities. One I want to do the business conferences with the in person thrivetime workshops. I want to do the radio show with you I want to help coach individual businesses that’s what I do professionally with the family I want to spend time with my wife and my four daughters and my son I want to enjoy the time with them and I want to go to as many Patriots games or watch as many Patriots games on TV as possible logistically and so on today’s business coach show. Regrettably we’re not going to get a chance to dive into all things Patriots but if I had my way occasionally on this show we would have shows focused on topics like this.

Season finale of Phil turning. A full hour on one of the best games ever. Six players Mike. Including Julian Edelman and Dante Hightower. Two of the biggest players of Super Bowl 51.

I need it right there. Oh my God.

I could talk about the Patriots for weeks and for days. I just love the New England Patriots as your business coach I could tell you the coach that I look up to the most Is the New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. He’s a beautiful man. He’s not a business coach. But if he was a business coach I would love to welcome him into the business coaching fold and just give him a man hug. But in the meantime Mr. Bill Belichick you go out there and you coach your team thrivers. Let me help you coach your business to success. And so here we go. On the landing page here are the variables you have to have when you’ve got to have a compelling no brainer. And again so you’re looking at something with me go to landing at Tulsa Oilers go to And when you go there you’ll see the landing pages for the Tulsa Oilers and on that page it has all of the variables that I’m teaching you today so it’s not just theory. I mean and we’ve helped the Oilers double their season attendance over the last two and a half years. This is a very very doable move for youth thrivers. So get out that no brainer. A no brainer has to be a smokin hot offer. Make a offer that people can’t say no to if you’re looking for some ideas. You could do buy one get one free. Your first purchase is a dollar. You could do a 30 day trial. I mean there’s so many examples.

Elephant in the room are men’s grooming lounge that I’m a part owner of. Your first haircut is always a dollar. So you could go in a dollar it’s a dollar. I mean if you’re listening right now and you are a man who lives in Tulsa you’ve got to go check it out. It’s a dollar for your first haircut at the elephant in the room. Men’s Grooming Lounge. I don’t know why you haven’t tried it yet it’s a dollar. I mean it is a dollar. It’s a no brainer right. It’s like how could you make money doing that. We can’t. We actually don’t make any money at all at that offer. We actually have to get you to come back over and over and over and to bring friends if we’re going to make a profit with that. But that is a no brainer offer. The second is you’ve got to have a testimonial video if you’re just tuning in we’re teaching you how to make landing pages go to landing.Tulsa to follow along. You have to have testimonial videos. If you don’t have testimonial videos you’re missing out. We’re in a culture today where according to Ad Week 81 percent of consumers are reading reviews before they buy something you know for our in-person workshops. We have so many people that will Google thrive 15 Jenks or thrive 15 reviews or thrive time if they’ll read the reviews up there.

They’ll read reviews from actual people who’ve attended the workshop and they’ll find some familiar faces or people they know people they don’t know they’ll read the reviews and they’ll say well I mean OK I am somebody who wants a I feel kind of overwhelmed with the idea of owning a business. I don’t know what I’m doing. I need a proven path. I am afraid of somebody up selling me and trying to scam me into some get rich quick system. And so I’m going to read the reviews and see if this is actually a good thing. And if you go to and you click on conferences you can not only read reviews from thrivers like yourself but you can actually buy tickets to our next in-person workshop.

If you are sufficiently wowed or if the offer makes sense to you but I ask you this question why would you not buy tickets mean what are the reasons what I mean let’s think about is price and there’s really three reasons the human race has come up with Hi I’m the human race here the three reasons that I’ve come up with. Reason number one is price right. Is I don’t have time right. In three. I don’t know if it’s going to be good that these are the questions people have. You know I don’t have time. I don’t have the money. I don’t know if it’s going to be good. They have the same questions thrivers about your product or service. I don’t have the time I don’t have the money.

I don’t know if it’s going to be any good. And so you have to help them solve all of those problems. But because they’re online you don’t get a chance to hear what they’re saying to you. You don’t get a chance to hear their feedback. Right. And you could put Google Analytics on your Web site you can do that you could put on these old tools that give you the numbers and they say this is how many people went to the site. And this is how many people bought but you really really really want to solve these three issues. So I encourage you so we’re all looking at the same thing. Why don’t you go to thrive time show with me and really go to thrive time showed up with me OK pull it up and let’s click on conferences when we click on that.

OK. There it is. You don’t think about it. The consumers asking hey I don’t know if I can afford it.

I don’t know if I have the time to attend it. And I don’t know if it’s going to be worth it. So you have to on your landing page for your company help. The Web site user the viewer solve those problems or they won’t fill out the form. So how do we do it. Well if you go to the right time if you go to thrive time should I clock common you click on conferences you’ll see we have reviews available right there you can read them all. We have the dates of our next in-person workshop may 19th on May 20th that’s right there for you. We have video testimonials as you scroll scroll down you can watch testimonials from real Reivers sharing their experience about the workshops and the sort of value they got out of it or what they learned or what they didn’t learn or just you could see all that right. So we saw the issue of I don’t know if I can afford it I don’t know if I have the time and I don’t know if it’s if I ever have them. You know if I have to teach what I need to learn. And it’s all so there’s if you scroll down we’re going to see a show on there what we’re going to teach you. We’re going to teach you lead generation the millionaire mindset to time management. We’re going to teach online marketing mastery. We’re going to teach you how to build build a business that works without you and it’s all.

We lay it out there for you we show you that the conference starts at 7:00 a.m. And it goes till 3:00 p.m. It’s a two day 15 hour workshop so we answer the price. And what is the cost it’s $500 to attend. And you can bring up to three guests but if you can’t afford it there’s a scholarship. So you could get in for as little as 50 bucks I mean it’s a move. So we’ve got no time right. No need. And the no money it’s all solved right there. That’s what has to go in to your landing page. Now we come back we’re going to get more into the specifics of the items you want to put on an effective landing page. But in the meantime I encourage you to go to thrive time show dot com and click on the word conferences and read the reviews of our conference. Check out the landing page and I’m going to go get some day quill and some flow A’s and some morphine and some been a drill and some whatever else they’ll give me at Walgreens. And then when I come back when you come back let’s rendezvous here in about two and let’s get deeper into how to make an effective landing page.

Segment 2 – Hour 2

My name is Clay Clark America’s number one and most humble business coach. This is a show where we coach you to build a successful business. We show you the proven path the millionaire map that you need to follow to build.

A repeatable. And scalable business model. And why would you want to do that. Well you want to do it so you can have time freedom and financial freedom to pursue. The things that you want to do. That’s why you would fly out in your X-Wing. Out to our next in-person workshop go to to get your seat.

I am your business coach broda from Minnesota sent here to teach you what you need to do to make your business grow. And if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level I highly recommend that you get out to our next in-person workshop. And I also recommend that you really dial it in and take those notes. On today’s show but how to make an effective landing page and how to launch an effective Google adwords campaign. The question that came in from the thriver who e-mailed us info at was how do you execute a best practice Google Adwords strategy and this comes to us from a thriver in New Mexico. That is the Mexico that is new. So one is you want to determine the winnable key words. If you missed it check out the previous episode the previous portion of today’s radio show or go to thrive time showed up to hear the entire podcast or attend an in-person workshop. And we will show you to you one to determine the long tail keywords that are the most winnable. That’s the longer descriptive word. As an example if I wanted to buy a TV you know if you want to buy a TV Some people would type in Tulsa. New TVs. Somebody else that would type in the Samsung 52 inch yada yada. TV The Long Tail is the more descriptive term. And if someone’s typing in that much detail the chances are they’ve already determined they want to buy that particular product or service. And now there’s now they’re just trying to figure out where to buy it from.

And that’s why longtail marketing is very effective and it’s more affordable because pay per click is and is a bid based system that Google created. So if you want to be the top of Google searches you’ve got to pay per click and you might be spinning if you’re typing in Tulsa mortgages for instance and you want to be top for that term. You’d spend up to 20 dollars a click to be top and it usually takes 100 clicks before you get one person to fill out your form so you can be dropped in you know $2000 on one lead that can be very expensive. OK. So now once you finally drive people to your Web site you want to have a no brainer offer which is a very effective offer. And the fourth is you want to have a very effective landing page. So if everyone on here will go with me to thrive time show don’t come and go in there now. And you click the inner button that’s how you get there on the Internet if you’re new to the planet than what you do is you go up there to and click on the word conferences when you click on the word conferences on our landing page and on your landing page that you build. You have to find a way to solve the three following questions. I you know the one the three following objections. Objection number one is I can’t afford it. Number two is I don’t have the time. And number three is I don’t see the value and you want to be able to solve that on that page.

And that’s what we do for you if you go to thrive time showed up at comany click on conferences you can see that. So as far as the mechanics the practical steps you need to have a no brainer video a no brainer video that the video explains the offer that you’re making to you want to have testimonials preferably in the text form and video form 3. You want to have social proof Social Proof is like if you’ve been featured in a media outlet before maybe there’s a nice story written about you maybe you have won some business awards maybe you have been featured on a credible program maybe you have a degree certification some kind of verification that you are in fact not nuts and that you are the real deal. That is what I would encourage you to put on your landing page and then what you want to do is you want to go ahead and launch those ads. And when you launch those ads the goal is to every week to do the following four steps. You want to define what you think is going to work. You want to define what you think is going to work but then you want to act as a business coach. I tell people this is the rhythm of entrepreneurship. Do you have to get very comfortable with this is the four step rhythm of entrepreneurship. You have to define what you think’s going to work. Then you have to act then you have to measure the results and then you have to refine define act measure refine. Just this week I was talking to a thriver who launched his adwords campaign.

And then I guess for four consecutive weeks never checked the numbers. Not good. Not good. You’ve got to every week define what you think going to work. Then you have to act then you have to measure the results and then refine. So the best tool out there to measure the effectiveness of your marketing is a program called Lucky orange lucky orange Is your business coach. I kind of consider myself as like your Mr. Miyagi. You know sometimes teaching you concepts where you’re not familiar with what I’m saying so I’m going to give you just a second to pull up lucky as I play a shameless Mr. Miyagi audio clips from the movie Karate Kid. If you haven’t seen the movie Karate Kid Ralph Macchio performing at his best you definitely need to see this 80s classic.

It was incredible fast lush order. Then let. Live a little to. Remember. Do you. Know his. Wax on. Wax. Of. Wax on. Wax.

Oh. He knows.

How to get that relationship that Mr. Miyagi and Ralph Maggio had in the Karate Kid is sort of indicative of the business coach relationship for many of you. You’re going I’m going to Lucky orange. But why. Why do I have to wax on wax off. What why do I have to go to lucky you aren’t any good to lucky orange allows you to visually analyze data visually analyze data. I will tell you if you’re using Google Analytics to measure everything stop doing it. You’re lucky aren’t. Lucky Orange is the boss. It’s the dude. It’s the move. It is the super move on onlooking orange. You actually get video recordings of what your viewers are doing on your Web site you can actually see it in real time. The buttons that they are clicking where they’re clicking where they’re going. It is. It is disturbing. It is probably a violation of many human rights. It’s probably big brother it’s probably a sign of the Illuminati it’s probably a sign of the end times but man man is it effective and you’re able to see where people are clicking. Then they have this function called The Heat map where you can see where they’re visiting from.

What were they typed it in google to find you the whole lucky orange experience is a game changer and why would you want to use lucky orange Why would you want to make a landing page why would you want to learn all this stuff about afterwards so you can make copious amounts of cash so that you can create the time freedom and financial freedom that you need to do whatever you want to do with the Karate Kid.

Seek out mentorship Why did he get mentorship from Mr. Miyagi because he was chasing the girl right. He’s chasing the lady right. We’ve got to keep our eye on the prize.

This is our year to succeed Larry. You know over the years we’ve got some good.

Say wanted to take her to a castle far away. I. Love you. Singing. Peter Sitara everybody. I’m going to shut up and let Peter’s Diptera take us to the break do it Peter.

Segment 3 – Hour 2

What now have you started from the bottom and you’re still at the bottom. I am sorry but we are 100 percent committed to help you go from the bottom to the top. It is the nonstop business coach thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m heavily medicated today on some dayquil but I’m pushing through the pain because no pain no gain. Strength is gained through struggle you can’t live in a bubble so you got to take that dayquil until your liver quivers. And so I don’t know if that’s medically the kind of advice that you need but that’s what’s happening here today we’re pushing through the pain answering questions from great Thrrivers like you and we have another question coming in from a thriver that says what is the importance of recording my calls. This is from a thriver who just text us in right now on the Thrive business coach Text Line 918-851-6920 for just text us from somewhere in Florida. It appears here. So says what’s the importance of recording your calls before we get into that the detail of why you’d want to record a call.

The fundamental score that ran throughout the Karate Kid movie that forever changed my life. That the karate kid is a movie about a young man who is out there trying to do life he’s like a 12 year old 13 year old adolescent boy. He’s struggling he moves to a new city somewhere in California I believe and he gets connected with Mr. Miyagi. The student is not ready so the teacher cannot appear. The student is getting beat up by other kids. The student wants to win the girl. The student is getting beat up. He wants to win the girl. He’s getting more and more beat up. Eventually he he is ready he’s ready to be trained. The student is now ready and now the teacher appears. And then Mr. Miyagi begins to teach him the ways of the of the Taekwando of the ninja horse of the judo whatever he’s teaching me teaching him some kind of martial arts and he goes on to famously win the movie on one leg with a crane kick which is probably how I’m going to win today’s show. I feel like I’m doing a one legged crane kick with all the day pumping through me. But in the song air in the movie there’s a song called The glory of love which I’m going to play in a minute. But how does this have anything to do with growing a successful business. Well when I teach you about how to record calls in just a minute it wouldn’t make any sense to record calls unless you’re trying to win the girl unless you’re trying to win the prize. Unless you’re trying to move beyond mediocrity.

Do you know that according to the Atlantic there was a study done in the Atlantic there is also a study that was featured in time magazine that was actually conducted by the Federal Reserve. The average American only has four hundred dollars saved total. And you know that according to Gallup well over half of the people out there are not you. I’m sure you are right. I’ve learned over time that the nation is perhaps the most intelligent listening audience. You are not the kind of people that would work at a job that you hate and you would exchange all of your time for money while not moving towards your goal not you. Do you thrive. Nation you are goal orientated people but the majority of people according to Gallup. You should type this in Taipan. The majority of people hate their job let’s go ahead and do it. Thrive nation. To say people hate Antipyrine and here thrives. People hate their jobs and they will type in Forbes after it. You can find the article but it’s unbelievable. The majority of people today do not like their jobs read the articles the research from Gallup is crazy. So most people don’t like their job but they stay at it and they have 400 dollars. What

do you do when you want to get the girl right. You want to win the prize. You want to do the crane kick and knock out the bad guys in the Karate Kid movie.

So to inspire you to want to learn about why you have to record calls. I’m going to cue up the the main part of the glory of love song that we all know and thrive nation. Please feel free to put on your quad skates your jean jackets your Dinham get a blacklight maybe go to a roller skating facility of your choice. Get a huge pickle find the game Galaga or centipede or Donkey Kong. Play that game as you listen to the song. We’re going back to the 80s. My only hope Emenike worry is that if we go to the eighties we may not want to come back if we go back to that time when Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi was the man and they were relevant. We may not want to come back. So a caution. Please come back with me after we go there to the 80s. See. Braves.

See. Don’t be discouraged thrive business coach nation. I don’t want to lose you here we go. Tara. Do it. Do it. Do it. Yes. I sing it for. Me. I.

All right. thrive nation. Peter Sitara did it all for the glory of love in your building your business all for the glory of what to build time freedom and financial freedom. And I realize we live in a time in American history where people who are ambitious people who are driven are oftentimes described as being selfish as being greedy as being whatever you want to call them. And I could not disagree more and I could not cheer for you more as your business coach. I want you to achieve financial success because when you achieve success it inspires everybody it creates jobs. It makes the economy go. Go out there and do it. And so you’re asking me this question here Mr. Florida. What’s the importance of recording my calls. Well the reason why you want to record your calls is one. Without it you are flying blind. If you do not record your calls you have no idea what your teammates are doing. thrivers if you come to an in-person workshop I promise I will play some recorded calls that you can hear from thrivers out there just like you who’ve told me it’s OK to play some of their calls for training purposes and some of them are brutal. I mean you don’t even know what you don’t know when you come out to a workshop and you hear and inbound sales call that’s being recorded for the first time in a small business. It is uncomfortable it’s unnerving the lack of quality and consistency that is out there on the majority of inbound calls. It’s brutal.

We’ve got one local small business I used to deal with in Wichita who the average time of the inbound call for his service was near 30 minutes and this was just people call and want to set up an appointment take them 30 minutes to set an appointment. I have one thriver I used to work with who’s inbound closing conversion was less than 5 percent and when they recorded the calls they found that it was actually lower than 5 percent. There’s one local business owner I worked with years ago who had a fitness facility and they discovered that they were only converting 2 percent of their leads. So one is you absolutely have to record the call so you’re not flying blind too. You have to measure whenever you treasure. Just philosophically fundamentally you’ve got to measure whatever you treasure if you really care about the quality of your sails. Then you need to record the calls so you can improve upon it. What you don’t focus on is not going to improve whatever you focus on as a general rule with an exception of your waistline will expand. Repeat whatever you focus on as a general rule will expand with the exception of your waistline. Typically you get thinner if you focus on eating less calories. But the thing is you want to focus on this. The third reason is repeatability. If you build financial freedom but you don’t build time freedom what’s the point. When we come back we’re going to talk to you more about everything you need to know about the importance of recording. Stay tuned. It’s the thrivetime show.

Segment 4 – Hour 2

This is Clay Clark your host with the most in America number one in most humble business coach we get a request to join the rest of the song Glory of love. Peter Sotero So here we go let’s do it. I wish they’d make Karate Kid parts 75. I just love that movie it’s so good thrive nation thank you for requesting to hear the rest of that song.

And now we’re moving on to the importance of recording cold calls. Also for those of you who are listening today and you’re saying why do you sound so weird. Well it’s because I’ve had copious amounts of dyquil I’m being attacked by the allergy demons. I mean people talk about you know we’re kind of in the Bible Belt where people talk about spiritual warfare and angels and demons and principalities in the NFL them who were the Nephilim. Those are the angels that allegedly came down to the planet and mated with humans. Crazy look that up. That will blow your mind. I’m also look at the firmament. If you want to blow your mind with Biblical knowledge the firmament was allegedly the water dome that once surrounded the planet Earth previous to the piercing of the firmament. Thus the great flood. Why do you know all these things. Well in Genesis 6:04 I will read for you and then I will stop talking about the neph Ophelia and the firmament. But if a few oleum by the way if you want to spell that at home it’s N E P H I L I am the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward. And when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them they were the heroes of old men of renown. Wow that was some weird trippy Bible knowledge you can check the facts there Genesis 6:04 read it. It’ll blow your mind but now we’re talking about the answer to the Thrive question that came in was what’s the importance of recording my calls thriver in Florida.

Well one is if you don’t record the calls you are definitely flying blind. You’ll have no clue about the standard quality or lack there of. Reason number two is you have to measure whatever you treasure once you measure the calls once you listen to the calls you’re able to coach your team and to build a sales script that is repeatable. Reason Number three you want to make a repeatable sales system and why would you want it to be repeatable when you want it to be repeatable because allegedly the purpose of building a business is to create what time freedom and somebody say with me now. Financial freedom. Again the purpose of building a business is to create what time freedom and what financial freedom you’ve got to have time freedom and financial freedom if you just create financial freedom you’re going to end up making copious amounts of money but you won’t have the time needed to enjoy that. And I have actually got to a place in my life at one point with a. You know I built d.j connection and before I sold it we were doing about 4000 events per year the company still exists today if you go to d.j connection does come from all the awards all the reviews all the kind of data that’s out there since I sold the company. They continue to be the best d.j entertainment on the planet so to entertain for a deejay deejay for a wedding or a birthday party any kind of event. D.j connection is the resource. I would hardly highly recommend that you would check out and see if they’re the right fit for you.

But that company when I went to built it what happened was is about three years in I’d built this sales juggernaut. I mean we were absolutely dominating sales. We were we were booking so many more weddings than our than our competitors and I worked all of the time. I mean I was absolutely grinding. I answered every phone call when the phone rang I prided myself on answering every phone call whenever e-mail came in. I prided myself on doing that. I met with every couple face to face at panera bread. If you’re listening right now and I met you one many moons ago in my previous life at Panera Bread to book your wedding. Hello and welcome to the thrivetime show. That’s what I’m doing now right. You know some people say when you’re the deejay guy yeah that’s me I was I started a company called deejay connection out of my dorm room at Oral Roberts University and I grew it to be a monster. And I end up selling that and getting name the entrepreneur of the year and now I own a lot of different companies in town and team up with Dr. Zellner since I’ve teamed up with Dr. Z. Things are going very well. And but yeah I’d be built this juggernaut. When I said Juggernaut the word juggernaut juggernaut means a huge powerful and overwhelming force or institution. The problem was the institution was me. I was absolutely. The business was 100 percent dependent upon me. And so when every time that I would hire somebody I would they would come in with the best of intentions.

It’s always kind of exciting I think for people when they start a new job. They would come in eager to do a good job. I would be eager for them to do a good job. And then when they would come in I would give them the instructions on how to do sales and the instructions I would give them would be something like this I would say hey what you want to do is you’re going to want to build rapport and you’re going to want to you know find the needs of the person you’re talking to all you’re going to want to give them benefits and you’re going to want to go for the Kloves and you’re going to want to read how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie and you’re going to want to read soft selling buy in a hard world by Bass and you’re going to read the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes and you’re going to want to read the E-Myth at about this time. They’re going oh my gosh how many books is he going to give me. And then you want to make sure you read they can grow rich by Napoleon Hill and then you also want to make sure that your retightened and you go in there. Why don’t we have to read all these books it’s like overwhelming. All I want to do is answer the phone and make some money this is a job for me I don’t want some 15 year tour of duty some kind of a type of lifetime apprenticeship that I’m signing up for here.

I just want to be able to make enough money to feed my family and to make a little bit extra so I can enjoy life. And you’re telling me I’ve got to read 16 books before I can even start. And that’s the kind of stupid jackassery training I used to do. Well then over time through the mentorship of Dr. Zellner and Clifton Talbert and other top Tulsa entrepreneurs I’ve discovered that I needed to build a repeatable sales system because you don’t you want to nail it then you want to scale it but you can’t scale it you mean you can’t exponentially increase the size of something you can’t grow something until you’ve nailed it. If you if you try to scale the fail if you try to expand before you’ve you’ve nailed it. I mean if you can’t get it right and then you just try to scale that. That’s not a good thing. So you have to record your calls so that when someone starts working for you if you’re going to hire a new sales person by the way Travers this is these are the five things you want to give every new sales person that you hire. One you want to give them recorded calls you want to give them recorded calls is your business coach. I’m telling you you want to give your people recorded calls to listen to to you want to give them a sales script. They just have to have a script that runs parallel with the script need to be able to hear the words being said that he’d be able to see the words hear the words See the word. You want to give them a script if you want to give them recorded calls.

The third is you want to give them permission to fail with an A in A affordable way. They want to give them permission to to learn you know and when you learn when you learn to ride a bike I don’t know of anybody here listening says why I got on my bike the first time and I just nailed it. It was awesome.

You know when I rode my bike the first time I never fell off because I am the my god I’m the the bike God. I’m actually a guy who kind of guy that when I rode my bike it was like God was working within my body and I was able to ride the bike perfectly.

No nobody hears of a bike God. Come on God is the infinite infallible right omni present omni potent leader of the universe then we’re humans so we need to be able to fail. Now your parents would be idiots if they put you on your first bike and your first biking experience they say hey why don’t we bike up Pike’s Peak. And by the way if you fall off you’ll fall to your certain death. OK let’s do it. I know you’re not going to start off biking on pikes peak Pike’s Peak unless you’re a little bit. I have kind of a death wish there. You want to fail in a safe way you want to fall into some grass. You maybe want to start on a curb. You want to right I mean how does your dad teach you. Ride a bike. My dad you know he got behind me. I get on the bike you know I’m riding the bike. I had a little red radio he bought me on the bike and I’m riding my bike. It was like a BMX or something I’m on the bike and my dad’s behind me and as I’m going faster and faster and faster I’m falling and when I fall I fall onto the grass and that’s how I learned to ride the bike. You know I didn’t fall on a concrete to start. You wanted to set your people up with a way to have to fail so you need to sit there next to them when they’re making the calls. Why am I saying this because I see so many people doing wrong.

You want to sit next to people when they’re making the calls and when they fail they need to be able to fail in a way where you don’t mock them but you’re able to give them that feedback. Point Number four you want to schedule regular training with your people. Regular training I’m talking about daily or regular training with your people. And the fifth thing you want to do is you want to have daily metrics that you measure. You want to give everyone a call quota. So epic photography the company has sold back in the day you had to make 100 outbound calls a day someone saying 100 outbound calls a day. You know make 100 outbound calls a day because when you made 100 outbound calls a day that was the number of rejections that you needed in order to achieve your financial goals. You made 100 outbound calls. You would set about five appointments if you said five appointments you’d close about two deals and that’s what you would need. So that’s why you want to record your calls now thrive nation if you want to take your financial situation to the next level. Book your tickets for our next in-person workshop at Thrive time showdown.

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