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America’s #1 Business Coach answers your mailbag questions

America’s #1 and most humble business coach, Clay Clark answers the following questions from business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs just like you:
1. What is the best way to market to former customers in my database that have already bought my core product? – Thriver in Illinois
2. It seems like there are SO many companies I can include in my Dream 100, how do I narrow the list? – Thriver in Tulsa
3. How do you execute a Google Adwords Strategy? – Thriver in New Mexico
4. What’s the importance of recording my calls? – Thriver in Florida

All right all right all right. All right welcome back to the Thrivetime show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year sent here to make your financial issues disappear as a business coach.

Now on today’s show we have a big stack of stuff we’re going to be getting into a lot of questions that great thrivers like you have been asking. There’s many business problems that you have. You’re asking a specific questions by e-mailing us info at Thrive15,com and starting to get slightly overwhelming because we’re getting so many great questions and my commitment is to record each and every answer for you. And so if you have a business question any question at all that’s a practical business question please feel free to email us. And again info at Thrive Now during today’s program we have got many specific questions we’re going to get into. But before we do that I have a couple of housekeeping notes here and a big thank you for the Arab nation as many of you know have been battling the allergies many of us we know in Oklahoma. You wake up during the month of May and you go oh no here comes May because you realize when May comes you get up and you wake up and you look to your left and you look to your right and you realize the month of May for me means allergies in you me and you start to feel awful and not really sure if it’s Paul and if it’s some kind of ragweed or I don’t know. People always ask me you know what are you allergic to.

Them’s the word to Oklahoma during the summer I mean it just wears me out every year and so I have been taking copious amounts of day quill I’ve been taking you know just dayquil you know just whatever I can do to make it happen. But you thrive nation you’ve come through in a big way. Have you given me flown days. No excuse me had you me flown. No. Have you given me Dayquil. No but what you have given me is you’ve given me the gift of trees which maybe even cause me to have more hours geez I’m not sure but the Thrive nation you realize Dr. nation that I’m on a quest every weekend to plant at least one tree at Camp Clark in chicken palace and you have decided you want to get behind this and you want to sort of help contribute to the to the reforesting of camp Clark in chicken Palace and so to date you the tribe nation have now given me six trees so today it’s where we count the benevolence of the Thrive nation. Today you’ve given me a Patriots embroidered chair and New England Patriots embroidered chair. You’ve given me Patriots to court everywhere you’ve given me a Michael Jordan Wheaties box. I’m talking about the vintage Michael Jordan Wheaties box says Jordan’s back and you’ve given me an unbelievable amount of things. Now I want to say thank you Dr. nation for sending me your Michael Jordan Wheaties box for getting me your Patriots chair for sending me all that Patriots decor a guy could want and for sending me now trees. So if you’re saying to yourself this holiday season what can I get.

The talk show host of Thrive time of the thrivetime business coach show what can I get him this year what is a gift a thoughtful gift that you get him for Christmas in May. Well my friends I would love more trees. So you just keep those trees come in. Well how do you get the trees to me. Why do you get the trees to me is what you do is you want to drive up here to thrive 15 world headquarters that thrive in world headquarters in office there. And if you just Google 315 Jinx you’ll find it and it’s at eleven hundred Riverwalk terrace suite number one hundred and GICs Oklahoma in a zip code there is 7 4 0 3 7 and what you do is you just drop by an unwrapped tree and I will plant the tree at Camp Clark and chicken palace and I’ll take a photo of it or put it up on Facebook or some other relevant social media. So you’ll have proof that I am in fact planting the trees and will do that for you. But today the first question that comes in hot from the Thrive nation and I’m reading it to you this is from a thrive in Illinois who writes what is the best way to market to former customers and my database that have all ready bought my core product. Again what is the best way to market to former customers. In my database that I’ve already bought my core product well thrived nation. You my friends must do the wolf the wolf yet does what you want to write down you want to do the wolf times three to stay in touch with people that have already done business with me. It rhymes I know it’s convenient but it works. So you want to do that Wolf.

Times Three to stay in touch with the customers that have already bought from me not me but from you right. So write that down Wolf. Now what is the word. Well Wolf the office there’s a show called the office back in the day. I’ve seen that show. And on the show the office maybe funny little segments from time to time during the sitcom and one of the segments is they come up with this thing called the wolf and basically in the office one of the main characters claims to have invented or is trying to invent an app that will help reach the people of today. And I love the premise of it. And so I’m gonna do that. I’m going to play the audio clip for you so you can hear that excerpt from the show The Office. And then as your humble business coach I’m going to get into the specific details of how you implement the wolf system here today on the raft. You.

Say I’m on I’m Facebook what’s up Facebook. I sent you a Facebook message yesterday still haven’t heard anything back because it is something worth a why would you send a wolf it goes your home phone cell phone e-mail Facebook Twitter and home screen all the same time.

. OK. So that’s what we’re talking about as the wolf.

Now in the show The Office the idea of the premise of it is that people today some people and we all know these people but some people only respond to the phone calls from people they know. Right. Some people some of you out there are going oh no that’s not me I respond to every phone call the phone and I don’t even know the number. I answer it. Well you my friend are probably selling something right. But then there’s another group of people who only respond to text messages. There are other people that absolutely would never respond to a voicemail. I don’t care how detailed of a voicemail you leave them the voicemail to them is dead the voicemails dead. So you can leave them a voicemail. You can be very passionate about the voicemail you can leave the detail on the clarity that you could not expect on a on a normal voicemail and yet they would still not respond to it because they prefer the text. Then there are some people who communicate through Facebook messages. That’s their move. They send a Facebook message for everything. So the concept of the wolf in the show the office is that he created this fictitious app that allows you to reach everybody at one time. Now here’s what I will tell you that’s not fictitious according to CNN. A study they did on July 29 of 2016. Well this is old information now is it is that super old information will give a quote in staff from 26 days. That’s all stuff. Well OK I’ll try to quote some more relevant stats here for you.

But the average American is spending approximately 10 hours per day on the screen 10 hours a day on a screen. I mean on a flat screen on an iPod on an iPad on a smartphone on a computer on a laptop on a desktop whatever they’re on a screen over 10 hours a day according to CNN. So here’s the deal. If you were to reach people today you have to do with some of break down the specific moves of what you do to do the will as your as your humble business coach. My job is to break it down like fractions and to give you the detail that you’re not going to give you anywhere else that said knowledge is that business coach knowledge you’re not going to get in college as I attempt to not die from allergies today if I can make it through the show today without passing away as a result of intense allergies and I could teach you how to do that Wolf. I feel like it’s a win for America. OK. So what you want to call everybody call everybody it seems like it would take a long time. OK come now. There’s a program out there called Slye broadcast Slye broadcast that’s business like broadcasting on the sly. Check it out and what you do on site broadcasts. You can send a voicemail to every single one of your former customers all at the touch of a button. Check it out. Just leave one voicemail and you hit send. Bam and you get it. And I’m sure it’s happened to you during the election season.

I’m sure it’s happened to you some time but it works very well. The second is the text is your business coach. I highly recommend that you do a group text to everybody. I can’t stand text messages for a lot of things because there’s people that will break up with each other now via text. There’s employees that will call in sick now via text there is text is just so weak for so many things but it’s also very effective. It’s kind of a move for to move into. So what you want to do is a program called Twilio T.W.. Well I go into ileo allows you to send out a text a text message to every single person in your database all the touch of a button. And the third move is the email you want to send in an email to every single human in your database. And we probably you probably have a program called vertical response or a constant contact or some kind of mass e-mailing programs move number one is the call through Slye broadcast to is the text through Twilley. And three I like Twitter yo I’d like to say like that Twilio set up the text via Tulio and that is the e mails and then out there through constant contact or VerticalResponse there’s survey monkey there’s many lines but I personally recommend Survey Monkey. But you can send it out through whatever platform you want. And the next and next one is social media. I highly recommend use a program called huit suite or hoot suite. Some of you are listening going to actually it’s sweet you know it’s sweet it’s not. What it’s it’s. OK fine.

But you want to use put sweet or how sweet. It is a great way to send out a social media message to everybody who is a former customer of yours. And as a business coach I will tell you you need to stay in touch with your current and former customers. This happens to be all the time. There’s an example. Back in the day when I owned the company called d.j connection I would meet somebody at a bridal shower and go to a bridal show and a bridal show for the men and women listening out there have you ever been to a bridal show. Imagine that. Every mother of the bride and bride combo is usually the mother the bride and the bride combo and maybe the maybe maybe the maid of honor.

But typically it’s the mother the bride and the bride combo. They are now going to the Renaissance Hotel or some kind of hotel event center and they go there and they’re trying to plan the perfect wedding. Now it’s not a perfect wedding for the bride to be. Typically they’re trying to plan the perfect wedding for the mother of the bride because the mother of the bride is typically planning her wedding that she did not get to have. And she’s calling it her daughter’s wedding. So what you’re going to the wedding show the mother the bride goes with the bride and she’s sort of serving as a director slash dictator of all things wedding. And so you go to this wedding show. The mother of the bride is there and she’s going hey listen we’re going to get to the show and we’re going to find a deejay. We’re going to find a photographer and then we’re going to Starbucks. And so they get in and they buy this thing called the VIP it’s the very important brides and get an extra early. By the way if you won’t go to Tulsa wedding show that you can get your tickets to the next wedding show. But it’s called the The Tulsa wedding show where you can plan your day in a day at the Tulsa wedding show. So what happens is they buy their tickets in advance. They get out to the bridal show and then it’s like a cattle call of estrogen and people who are planning a wedding if you’re planning a wedding and you have a disproportionate amount of estrogen a.k.a. You are a woman.

There’s a lot of perfume there. There’s a lot of floral talk going on. There’s a lot of use of the word Perry Winkle is a guy I have never used the word lavender or Perry Winkle but everyone there has yoga pants on and is referring to periwinkle and lavender and is talking about various pageantry accoutrements and decor needed to make the incredible wedding reception. And what happens is they go to this event and then when they go to the event they want to meet the vendors when they meet the vendors It’s like a cattle call there’s like thousands of people all there at one time all moving around as fast as possible trying to find their wedding vendors. They go from booth to booth trying to get the information to get the quote try to get their bag. They have a bag. They typically give you a bag that you can load up with samples of various things and coupons and they’re trying to get all this information and they want to take those information and not take it back to the house where they will then begin to make their wedding planning decisions and you want to stay in touch with these people after you meet them.

Segment 2 – Hour 1

Hello thriving nation and welcome back to the Thrive time radio show The thrive time business coach show when I am your business coach captain clay Clark. And on today’s show I am not attempting to bench press 400 pounds like our producer Sam Parker. No I’m not attempting to do pole vaulting competition.

No I’m not attempting to set the record straight record sprinting time.

I’m not attempting to run a marathon.

I’m not timid to hit more home runs than Barry Bonds on steroids. No no no.

I’m trying to do something more difficult than that.

I’m trying to get through an entire broadcast completely solo while completely hopped up on Dayquil

Just so we’re clear taking dayquil is my move this time of the year. I wake up and may I say to myself Oh now I don’t know if I wanna do that.

If I was like a polar bear I could go into like a some kind of I don’t know do polar bears tribe nation do polar bears hibernate. I measure what kind of bear hibernates. But if I could go into some kind of deep hibernation for like a month like Han Solo back from like the Empire Strikes Back where he goes into this Carbonite phase that’s probably what I would do to avoid feeling the hour G’s that I feel every year but I’m pushing through with the help of the day. Well and thrive nation. I want to continue to say on the on today’s Thropp time business coach show thank you so much as sure as your humble business coach I really do appreciate you dropping by the pine trees the evergreens. Many of you know I’m attempting to turn camp Clark in chicken palp palace my residential outpost into a completely reforested area. I’m trying to completely surround myself with trees and many of you have dropped off trees we don’t have a dogwood. We have pine trees it’s just unbelievable. The benevolence of the Thrive nation. So again if you have an extra tree in your life and you’re saying to yourself This tree I don’t even want this tree anymore. What you want to do is you want to bring that tree up there to thrive. world headquarters at eleven hundred Riverwalk terrace suite number one hundred Jenks Oklahoma preferably preferably thriven I’m looking for evergreens because I want to be ever growing green in the winter.

But today we’re talking about is how to make your business evergreen through staying in touch with the customer you’ve already done business with. So we have a thriven Illinois who writes what is the best way to market to former customers. In my database that I’ve already bought my core product and I was telling you this idea that specific moves one you want to call them all through the power of Slye broadcast. You could leave every single person on your database of voicemail. They might say you know no one even leaves. I don’t even listen to voicemails anymore. No one does it. I don’t know anybody who even listens to voicemail. Well about. Let’s go with 10 percent of the customers do. And when they do they’ll respond to you. The second is you want to send them all a group text. Now group text is possible through our great friends at Twilio. Now what is to. Tullio is a an app that makes it possible to mass text everyone in your database. The third is you want to email them all and you can email them all through. You can do survey monkey. You can do vertical response. You can do constant contact. You could. There’s a lot of ways to do that. The next is you want to do a social media update where you stay in touch with all of your former and current customers via social media and you can use a program called Sweet noncom to do this to stay in touch with your ideal unlikely buyers so that this scenario teed up for you as you go to the bridal show.

And when you go to the bridal show like I used to do in my former career you go there. There’s thousands of women all at the bridal show trying to book a deejay or a photographer or they’re all there trying to find the caterer and they all come by the booth. They’re all having cake samples. There’s a lot of estrogen a lot of perfume a lot of energy. Mothers are excited to plan their wedding I mean their daughter’s wedding. The daughters are excited to team up with their mother to plan their wedding. And so there’s this energy and they go around and they grab pieces and they grab quotes from the other wedding vendors after they’ve grabbed the quotes from the vendors they go home to make decisions. Now it’s whoever follows up gets to win. Right. If you go out on the limb that’s where the fruit is. Right. So the low hanging fruit I mean people who came to the winning show with the deposit ready. And there is going to book somebody there that is so rare. But I used to book at a typical wedding show for our company deejay connection to the book about $80000 That’s 80000 8 0 $80000 of weddings at a wedding show. Now some shows were small book 15000 You know some shows were huge you book over a hundred thousand but on average about $80000 of wedding events at a bridal show at an average ticket price of about seven hundred dollars apiece. So this is how you do the wedding show you go to the wedding show and you collect all that information and when you come back you want to be the first one to send out your contact information to these people.

And if you don’t know how to do this that is why I encourage you to come out to our today in person business coach workshop. I’m going up on the Web site right now so I don’t mangle the the the accurate information that you need in order to actually book a ticket to an actual conference but here we go if you go to thrive time show dotcom and you click with me up there on the word conferences. You will notice that our next in-person thrivetime workshop is going to be coming up here on May 19th and may 20th. So you still have time to book those tickets in at the workshop. It is a very interactive two day workshop and there I will hopefully be free of the need of Dayquil and I will help you learn specifically how to do things like Twilio like Tullio is just so important you learn Twilley but I’ll teach you things like Twilio I’ll teach you how to do hood sweet I’ll teach you how to broadcast. I’ll teach you how to do these things at the workshop. My team will be with me. We will teach you no question will go on answered. It’s a two day 15 hour workshop and I encourage you to go up there and read the reviews. We get great feedback from everybody but I encourage you to do that so again the question was what is the best way to market to former customers in my database that have already bought my product from a driver in Illinois who apparently listens to the three time show business coach podcast so hello and then. Good to talk to you.

Sorry your taxation is high but hang in there. Say no to gun violence and you only you can help improve. Chicago Illinois. Good to see you Cubs. Good job Cubs. Good job Cubs. Good job bulls. Good job. Good job. The state of Illinois. The next question that comes in to us hot from thriving right here in Tulsa Oh right here in Tulsa. Rare that we get a question from a driver in Tulsa. There are always from all over the planet but this is the question it says it seems like there are so many companies that I can include in my dream 100. How do Y narrow the list. Well for those of you that don’t know what a dream 100 list is a dream 100 is basically a list of your ideal and the likely buyers. So what you want to do is you want to make a list of 100. If you’re a home builder you’d want to make a list of 100 top producing realtors. Why would I want to do that. You want to make a list of a hundred and ideal unlikely buyers 100 of the best buyers possible. So that way those people would in theory over time begin to refer you to and ask yourself who are the people in the marketplace that if they started referring me business would absolutely change the game for me and my business ask yourself right now read and write and write down. But going to get to get a sheet of paper. I challenge you I challenge you as you go to Oklahoma Joe’s today to have your lunch.

I challenge you to get a napkin or a sheet of paper and enjoying your Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans and right down and right write this down right now who are 100 businesses or individuals that if they started buying for me it would absolutely change my life. And when we come back we’re going to talk to you we’re going to teach you specifically how to get in touch with your hundred ideal unlikely buyers and a sustainable and repeatable way and how to narrow down that list. Students the Thrivetime business coach show

Segment 3 – Hour 1

If you are listening to this show today and you suffer from allergies just all I’m asking is you could send me  some dayquil maybe some morphine and horse tranquilizers. Perhaps she’d be willing to hit me with a small truck whatever we need to do to speed up the month of May so that my head cold goes away my allergy thing I’ve got going on. Not so good. But Thrive nation what we’re talking about right now is we have a thriving who e-mailed us the question they said how it says it seems like there are so many companies that I can include in my dream 100. How do I narrow the list. Well we asked ourselves again what are what is the dream 100 with the dream 100 is where you make a list of your 100 most ideal and likely buyers 100 people that could absolutely change the game for you and your business. If you secured their referral source and I gave you the example of builder you’d want to make a list of the top realtors in Tulsa the realtors with the most magic the realtors who are doing the most business and you’d want to reach out to them and you’d want to get them to refer you and so you’d make a plan. You would make a system and you would reach out to them in a very sustainable and consistent way because you will be armed with the following information. So there’s a book called The Ultimate sales machine that was written by Chet Holmes and as your business coach I encourage you I always recommend certain books you.

I encourage you to read the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes. It’s kind of like a fundamental book that every entrepreneur should least own and have read at least once at once. Let me go and read you the notable quotable the excerpt from the ultimate sales machine much. He’s at about 3 percent of potential buyers at any given time are buying now 7 percent of the population is open to the idea of buying the remaining 90 percent fall into one of the three categories the top third are not thinking about it the next third Are they think they’re not interested in the final third are definitely not interested. So you’d want to do is you want to make a list of 100 ideal unlikely buyers so I own the company back in the day called Party perfect. It was a rental company. We rented tables and chairs. I tried to block it out of my mind because I didn’t enjoy the majority of that whole experience. It was as profitable we did well but it just a just something about dropping off tables and chairs and linens and a moving van every weekend just wasn’t that awesome and I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if it was the moving van. I don’t know if it was the tables chairs. I don’t know if it was the chain smokers that typically lined up to become delivery guys and gals. I don’t know if it was not what it was. All of that it was all of those things that made the party rental business not fun for me. But here’s the thing.

We made a list of all of the 100 ideal unlikely buyers that we wanted to go after in the great state of Oklahoma and the great city of Tulsa and on that list we made a list of the country clubs you know like the Meadow Brook country club the golf club of Oklahoma. What else do we have here. We had the white hawk country club Cedar Ridge. I mean we made a list of all of the top country clubs what we did is we decided that we would drop off donuts to all of them. So why do you have to drop off donuts to all of them. Well they’re probably suffering from allergies and you want to give them something nice. Now I don’t know but you want to make. So step number one two and make a list of all of the 100 on ideal and likely buyers. And the driver who says How do I narrow it down a narrow it down to the ones that are the best the ones that have the potential to refer you copious amounts of business. You don’t have time to market to every single human. You only have time to market to your ideal and likely buyers. That’s why you make a dream. HUNT So how do you get out. You make the list and you get on a white board and you write the name of every single one of those 100 on a white board. Come I can’t do it on a spreadsheet because you won’t do it. Put it on a whiteboard when you put on a whiteboard. Everyone in your office will see and they’ll come by and go.

So what can you have a white board. What are you doing with your white board. What are you doing with that Karl.

Nothing. Just keep it blank. Doing nothing with it. No no you’re going to notice that you’ll have the dream 100 all written out on the white board. It’ll create kind of a a positive pressure for you to actually do the right thing. It’s hard to achieve it if you can’t see it. I could go on and on the power of visualization but you just want to get it out there then what you do is you want to make step one step one drop them all off donuts or or some kind of gift. Step number two you want to then do a follow up call. Why would you do a follow up call because you trying to set up a face to face meeting. Then step number three you would want to do what another gift. Step Number Four you’d want to do one follow up call. Step number five. Drop by a gift. Step Number Six. Guess what divers What does it follow up. Cool Yep. Step number seven. And you do this for all 100 until they cry buy or die. What does that mean. Cry buy or die.

What it means is that you have got to get off of your ass S.K. and you’ve got to ask for the business. You’ve got to understand that nobody cares about helping your business grow more than probably this business coach show you. I mean nobody cares more than you. You’ve got to get off of your ass. You’ve got to get out there and talk to your dream 100 you’ve got to get up early and you’ve got to do it. I mean I used to have a paper out as a kid. You go out every day and you ask for the business.

And then after you asked for the business and after you’ve been rejected many many times you go in listened to this soundtrack from the movie Creed and the movie Rocky. He listened to it. And you get yourself energized. You get yourself motivated. You get yourself a good night’s sleep after you go to chipotle. Get yourself an awesome organic burrito. You get an organic burrito. You start to coach yourself up. You start to cry those tears of rejection.

You. Are so much to I’ve been rejected a lot. I know what it means to reject that. I had my crappy moving van and my tables and chairs and they did what they wanted.

I had my burrito I had my dayquil and I’m ready to get out there in the market again. And so you get motivated and the next morning. With your dayquil and your Flonase you’re highly motivational.

Tony Robbins CDs you get out there and you begin to market your dream 100 over and over until I cry buy or die you call them. Right. Then you show up and you give them a gift and you call them and people say horrible things to you. There was once a lady at a country club in Tulsa who said very very horrible things to me. There was once a lady at a local facility who said horrible things to me. There was once a wedding chapel. I got married at that said horrible horrible things to me.

But over time with my company d.j connection I got them all to refer me because I will not stop marketing to you. Until you cry or die.

I mean cry as in your sex life when you work it too much. You buy you start buying from me or until you literally are dead. And I might even attend your funeral and market to your surviving family members because hell or high water I’m going to get that freakin account because I am not on the planet Earth since birth to be poor. I am moving beyond poverty. I got a success mentality. I know what it takes and I know why I was a what why I woke up today. I have a purpose. I have a mission and I am pumped up and that’s got to be you.

I don’t know what to do other than other than to play highly motivational rock music to get you pumped up. But you’ve got to get yourself encouraged and you’ve got to find a way to get out of that poverty mentality that says well I’m just going to market and I’m going to see if somebody responds that’s a bunch of crap you can’t do that. You’ve got to market to your ideal unlikely buyers until they cry buy or die. You remember back in school when your teacher would tell you no and you were told that you’re supposed to not do something if the teacher told you no. That’s the opposite of entrepreneurship. You’ve got to get out there and take action. And then you could ask for forgiveness later ask for permission later but just go take that massive action get your dream 100 done. I believe in you we come back we’re going to answer more questions from great thrivers like you.

Segment 4 – Hour 1

Welcome back to thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark I’m a former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the year sent here to make your financial issues disappear. Typically I’m joined with my brother, my host with the co-host with the most. The man with the plan the optometrist turned tycoon and is your humble business coach. I always love having the good doctor Dr. Zoellner on the radio show but he is out expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire today. And so I am here humbly in front of you helping produce this incredible radio show where we answer the business questions from great people like you. You say you are part of the show. You are an integral part of the show you the listener you are sending in the US the great questions the specific business questions I mean you’re getting into the stuff behind the stuff. You have very specific questions and I want to answer them all for you today. And so we have a big stack of stuff on the thrivetime business coach show. So our next question is how do you execute a best practice Google Adwords strategy. This is from a Thriver in New Mexico. Oh the New Mexico. Not the original Mexico but the New Mexico. Great so how do you execute a best practice Google Adwords strategy. OK I’m going to walk you through the four steps. There’s so many sub steps on this. It’s like it’s like a stairway within a stairway within a stairway. It’s like some steps within the steps.

And so Thrivers get out a sheet of paper get out a notepad prepare to have copious amounts of notes here my mind might blow my mind during the segment it’s very detailed. So here we go. 1 you’ve got to figure out what are the winnable terms the winnable terms. So here’s how it works when you go on to Google AdWords. You just google search AdWords you’ll find the Google Adwords program when you go on to add words you’re going to discover that they are going to charge you per click based upon whatever word you want to advertise for. I’m just going to give you very specific example in Tulsa that I know very well if you’re trying to be top in Google so if you go and Google search the word Tulsa mortgages are going to do it with you. Just so we’re all looking at the same things. Type it up here Tulsa mortgages. If you went to mortgages you go into one mortgage but if you google Tulsa mortgages you’re going to find that total lending concepts comes up number one that is an active business coach client. Full disclosure and client number two ZFC mortgage that’s a former client. Why are they a former client. Could it change their business model and they’re doing some different things now and so many times as a business coach we get clients to where they want to go. And then we move on to another client. That’s how it works right. So here we go. So we’re working with total lending concepts they come up top. And then if you scroll down through the map through the cars the number one in the map is total ending concepts.

Number two is ZFG mortgage and if you go in the organic you’re going to see ZFG mortgage in the top and the organic and you’re going to see Steve Currington is number four. Well why is Steve Currington number four. Well one he has legendary service. They’re known for processing loans super fast getting back with you not gouging you on rates playing games with you on the on the cost of your mortgage they’re in it for the long haul. Steve Currington those guys do a great job. But but I want to make sure that we get this right nation. The reason why he’s top is because he has implemented the proven search engine optimization strategy that we will teach you at our next in-person workshop. So if you want to know everything you need to know to make your business grow you really do owe it to yourself to get out to our next in-person thrive time workshop. Now the next ones are looking at the same information here if you go to thrive 15. Well if you go to thrive time showed going to thrive time showed up and click on the word conferences. Once you go there you’re going to find the information for the next workshop. It is going to be held May 19th and 20th at the Jynx Riverwalk and seating is limited and it is an unbelievable two day workshop. We’re going to get into the millionaire mindset to time management. We’re going to get into lead generation social media marketing hiring and firing. How to become an effective executive customer service team management sales unbelievably detailed of workshop agenda.

It’s a two day 15 hour… Many are calling it the world’s best business workshop. I encourage you to read the reviews make your own decision but check it out. That’s drivetime show. And so the question of the ad words is the one you want to figure out the winnable term. You’ve got to figure out the terms that you want to optimize and then figure out which ones you can afford because the mortgage industry you’re going to be paying like 20 bucks a click probably 20 bucks a click no disrespect for the non-browser out there ma’am. You’re going to be paying 20 plus dollars per click. I’m not talking about per call I’m talking about per click. So if you want to be at the tip top of Google you want to come up top in those ads right there. You’ve got to pay per click if you want to figure out which words you can afford. And if you’re a genius you’re going to get 3 percent of people who click to buy something. So let’s do the math. Let’s say that you pay $20 a click at 100 bucks a pop. Oh man you’re paying like $2000 a lead. And then you better close something. I mean that’s expensive for that particular industry. So you want to figure out that number two the long tail terms that are winnable. Now how do you figure out the longtail terms the long tailed terms are the terms that add words won’t suggest to you. You know it’s not a short word like a short keyword phrase like Tulsa mortgages but it might be how can I find the best mortgages in Tulsa.

Maybe that’s the word. Maybe that’s the longtail keyword or what is the best mortgage rate in Tulsa. That’s that’s a key word. But you want to figure out the best long tail keywords long tail meaning that it’s longer words it’s a longer description it’s a longer keyword phrase I’ll read you the definition of longtail longtail key words are those three or four keyword phrases which are very very specific to whatever you are selling. You see whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase they tend to be looking for exactly what they are going to buy. And that would be the move. So you want to figure out the long tail search words that are most winnable for you and you do that by going into ad words and we will teach you at our in-person workshop how to do that. The third is you want to actually have a no brainer offer. You want to have an offer that’s so good that if you ever do get somebody to go to the landing page you’d better have an awesome offer. I mean if you don’t have an awesome offer it’s to expand have to just drive traffic to your website to get out awareness. And so the best landing pages that I could show you right now would be let’s go ahead and go to landing. Landing going to landing. It’s always awkward while typing while conducting a radio show but If you go up there go and I’ll I’ll wait over you over here take a dayquil flown as internets taking its sweet time anyway.

What you pull that page you’ll be able to see the landing page of the Tulsa Oilers have used to dramatically grow their season attendance this year and as a business coach that’s what I’m all about. They have is growing the business helping the business to grow. Another no brainer you can look at right now that we’ve had our. If you google Tulsa Cookie’s Tulsa cookies you’ll find Barbie cookies and you can see their no brainer as well but the no brainer offer that they’re offering right now for the Tulsa Oilers is your first game is just a dollar it’s a dollar for your first game or you get your season tickets for just $17 a month. It can’t go any lower than that it’s a great deal. It’s a dollar for your first game and $17 a month to be a season ticket holder. I mean that’s an unbelievable deal you’ve got to have some kind of no brainer. OK. If you google again Tulsa cookies and you pull up Barbie cookies you’re going to discover that Barbie cookies these guys for your first time customer you could claim your free cookie you can claim your free cookie right there will that mean a free cookie. If you’ve ever had Barbie cookies before. Wouldn’t you curious as to whether they taste good or not they’re a client we’ve helped to grow from one small location to now they have two locations they’re thriving. They’re doing very very well and I encourage you to go to Barbie cookies and check out their no brainer. But if you don’t have a no brainer you are absolutely going to be screwed you’re not going to make any money.

You’ve got to have a no brainer. OK. Move number four. You’ve got to have a landing page. That is a no brainer by the way is such a good deal that the brain literally it physically it it cannot say no to offers so good at the mall when someone is offering you those free Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwiches. When Arthur greeno and his chick fil a offered free samples of those Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwiches even though you’re on a diet you say to yourself well I shouldn’t. I’m on a diet but but well OK. I mean it’s just that kind of thing it’s just so good you can’t say now move number four is you got to make a landing page that has all of the motifs all the moves you’ve got to have all the moves in Atlantic Beach you can’t just have a landing page with one move. You’ve got to have all of them. Well what are the moves. Well I’m going to go ahead and encourage you to pull this up with what is going to be hard for you to grasp what I’m saying you know going to landing in Tulsa Oilers up and on this landing page you can see all of the moves in action. And by the way in our next in-person thrive time show workshop  get your tickets at We will teach you specifically how to do this. But one is you want to have the great offer if you talked about the no brainer offer on the landing page too. You’ve got to have testimonials. If you don’t have testimonials people aren’t going to trust that you are in fact the real deal.

So when we come back we’re going to get more into how to run an effective ad words marketing campaign it’s the Thrivetime show business without the b.s.. My name is Clay Clark your business coach. Stay tuned.



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