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Business Coach : Achieve Your Goals

Business Coach : Achieve Your Goals
-Just a second. Did you see the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance?

-I did not. It was what’s his name? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


-Yeah. Will Smith. He played the Bagger Vance character. In that movie, they were playing golf, of course. And he taught a technique of visualization where the golfer would get into a mindset, and all of a sudden– of course, they do this with cameras and everything– the whole scenery would change. He’s looking down a fairway, and all the sudden, the only thing you can see is the most direct path to the hole. And that’s when the guy would swing. And of course his game was wonderful.

And when he didn’t have that experience, that focus of attention, then he’d go all over the course. The same thing’s true here.

-Everybody be careful. This is mind-blowing content right here. This is awesome.

-Yeah. Don’t hurt yourself.

-This is so good, though. This specific action item is you’ve got to write a specific goal and the outcome, and now it’s time to actually start. You don’t have to know how to do it. A business coach would advise that you get very specific.

-But the biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest problem– did I say was the biggest problem?–

CALEB TAYLOR: It seems like a big problem.

-is that the vast majority of people think– I’ve got to know how to achieve my goal if I’m going to set the goal. No!


-As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t know how to achieve the goal. If so, you’re setting a goal to low. Get a goal that’s worthy of you.

CALEB TAYLOR: That’s good.

-And you’re worthy of a lot more than you usually give yourself credit for. So get a goal that excites and thrills you. And you think– wow, if only. And then you go to work. That’s how you change the world. That’s how you make your life transform, how you make a difference that people talk about for generations after you’re gone. A business coach will tell you, it’s all about making a difference.

-Jim, you’re getting me fired up here! You’re getting me fired up!

Let’s going to step 2 here. Here we go– step 2, the second step, is break down those big goals into small, detailed, and specific action steps. Getting a business coach can help you to put things into smaller action items.

-Yeah. Because you can’t do big action steps. You can only do a specific thing. If I want to go from here to China, I can only take the next step. I can’t leap in one big move to China or jump across the Pacific Ocean in one fell swoop. I’ve got to take each step along the way. I’ve got a schedule the flights– everything.

Any goal is the same way. I want to be a better parent. Well, what does that mean? Better parent in what ways? Well, I want to be more patient with my kids. I want to be more loving for my spouse. I want to be more responsible in taking care of my home and my responsibilities. I want to be a better neighbor. Blah, blah, blah.

OK. Write it down. Because if I say I want to be a better parent or a better neighbor or whatever and I write it down, then I can start thinking– OK, what do better neighbors do that lousy neighbors don’t do? That’s good. Well, they take care of the yard, they keep their house clean, they respect their neighbors’ space. They are friendly toward their neighbors. They anticipate needs. And if they see a weed that’s growing in both lawns, they pull the whole weed and not just their half.

-So you’re advocating writing down goals for every area of life.

-Yeah. Yeah. Only for the things you want to happen.

-Oh, wow. Okay, that’s good. Good clarification there.

-So anything that’s a goal that you don’t want to happen, don’t bother writing it down.

-Don’t write it down.


-And then once you’ve got it written down, you start thinking step by step, what does that look like?

-Let’s take something. You can pull it out of the air if you want to, but something that seems daunting.

CALEB TAYLOR: I thought parenting was incredible. I don’t think anybody thinks to write down that goal. If you talk about– I want to be a good parent, that seems daunting.

-Yeah. I can see where it would. And for some people, that’s a very worthy goal. Because think of the positive outcome when you are a good parent. You get well-adjusted kids who are not a threat to the world. It just goes on and on and on. Parenting is one of the most important activities on earth.


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