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Business Coach : Advantage Over Your Competition

This content is business coach certified and written for the Thrivetime Show.

Invest in a business coach if you want to grow your business the correct way. Have you ever been faced with a dilemma on what to invest in? Sometimes, it can be the difference of doubling your profits or cutting your profits by half. Big decisions are required for business success. As a business owner, you want to have a business coach show you the most strategic action possible when it comes to growth. You can work hard, but not be very efficient. This is when you need to call in an expert. Having an expert, a mentor, or a business coach is the greatest investment to make for your company. Business coach brings instant expertise into your company. They will help you organize, double your profits, and keep you accountable for your goals. The number one resource, for any topic related to business growth, is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, and the world’s best business coach answers your questions at 855-955-7469.


Clay is the number one coach for business in the world. He has many years of experience. His first business was a DJ business. When that grew large, he sold it and started multiple other businesses. Throughout this process of growth, he failed and learned many lessons along the way. Through lessons and research, he has discovered the formula for business growth. Through his business coach program, he has successfully taught hundreds of businesses on how to grow. Not only has he taught them, he has ran alongside each and every one of them. Because of the program, these businesses have double their profits and cut their marketing costs by half. With a coach like Clay, your business will start several steps ahead because of their experience.

Allow your business to have an advantage over the competition. This will allow you to be steps ahead of the competition. There is dedication and hard work involved. Growing a business is not the easiest, but you can make it more efficient. Investing in business coach will allow you to double your profits. Sure, it does take money for a coach, but doubling your profits and setting it up for growth will outweigh the investment cost. Doubling your profits leads to financial freedom. This in return will lead to time freedom to do the things you love. Get to success faster with an experienced business owner alongside you.

Lastly, coaching will allow you to have accountability. Accountability and mentorship leads to success. Even the most successful people in the world have a business coach. Do you know why? It is not because they aren’t sure what they are doing. It is because they need an outside eye. Successful people also need someone to keep them accountable to their goals. It can be easy to accept the excuses that arise everyday for not getting your work done. Don’t be stuck answering only to yourself.

Let a coach know your goals and give you the strategic steps to get there as efficiently as possible. You will be so grateful for investing when you did. Become success sooner, rather than later. Invest in the best coach in the world, Clay Clark. Find his extremely relevant content at the Thrivetime Show. He would love to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.

Business Coach : Business Problems Solved.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison. Edison was one of the most famous and hard-working entrepreneurs in history. When he died in 1931 he had 1093 patents.  One of his most famous and most common inventions is the everyday light bulb. We still use it today One of the problems in life is that people just give up too soon. Imagine if he had given up on the light bulb? But he didn’t and you shouldn’t either. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and just see how close you are too success. Visit his coaching business radio show called the Thrivetime Show.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
 Ahh, hard work is what propels you forward to your next step. Are you looking for that “magic” pill that gives you success without actually having to do any hard work? If you have a new idea, put it to use. Step forward and put it to work. What most people don’t understand is how hard successful people actually work. Sure, genius can fall into at some point, but you can get from point A to point B without genius but not without hard work. Let Thrive 15- a successful business coaching company that helps you get from point A to point B 7 times faster.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford  That’s hilarious. He gave the world what it needed and not what it asked for. What does your world need?  Find it, then create it, and then call Thrive 15- business coach – to help you implement it. Go to their website at and see how they can change the face of your business.

Ray Kroc is the founder of McDonald’s He turned McDonald’s into the world’s most leading fast-food franchise.  He was quoted to say, “I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night.” If he didn’t have drive and perseverance he would not have built his hamburger empire. I wonder if he ever just wanted to lie down and give up. I’m sure he had that thought at least once. That’s the difference between successful people and those that fail. One set might think that thought where the others actually act on it.

Don’t give up on your dream. Employ the services of Thrive 15. They offer the entrepreneur services of excellence combined with successful tools and strategies to turn your ideas into a business and get your business up and running. They have help large businesses such as IBM, Farmers Insurance, Trinity Employment, QuikTrip, and so many more. They will write your SEOs, do your copywriting, advertising, graphic design and anything your company needs. They don’t have to send you anywhere else, they do it all. Tune into the Thrivetime Show where hosts Clay Clark and Dr Z inform you on the intricacies of business. Clay Clark invites you to call him at 855-955-7469 to meet your business needs.


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