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Business Coach : Be Ambitious

Business Coach : Be Ambitious

-So let me ask you this here, as an ambitious person, there’s somewhat of a penalty that’s on you to be organized– very ambitious you have to be I think it’s a penalty that you have of being ambitious, that you have to be very organized, to be very detailed, you have to– you just have to have a methodical plan. But when you are an ambitious person you also tend to enjoy work. Get Your plan together with a business coach.

But you’ve done a good job during your life and I’m sure you’ll tell me you could’ve done it better, but managing your spiritual relationship, your mind, your physical body, your relationships with family members, and your finances, you try to manage them all. How do you try to balance all the spirit, mind, body, relationships, and finances? How do you manage all five of those? A business coach can help you find out how.

-Well, first of all I’ve come to the conclusion that life is not all about me. That’s the very first thing. I’m not the center, and everybody revolves around me. That’s not the way it is. I’m part of this incredible journey, and I have other people along that journey with me. My family, my immediate family, my extended family, my friends, and I try to live my life in such a way that I can be of value to them.

I met a guy on the plane, a young guy from South Africa. He has no family here in Tulsa. I got a call from him, I’ve only met him once. He said, I need to talk to you, I need to talk to someone. I may have to go back home, I don’t know what I’m going to do, and I said, OK, here’s my number, call me, we’ll go to lunch. I try to build my life in such a way that I can have time for others, because I wouldn’t be talking to you today if people had not built time into their lives for me. Did I answer your question?

-Yeah. And I guess– and this is– I’m just trying to marinate– rotisserie, marinate on this. What time do you specifically schedule family time?

-I don’t have a specific time.

-How do you decide that when you don’t have time for– OK, here’s a example. My wife used to coach cheerleading, so sometimes she would be at cheerleading practice, and so she’d be coaching and then I would want to meet with you or somebody like yourself. And I would suggest well, I can meet at 6 o’clock on Tuesday. And at some point you have to say no to a guy like me whose calling and wanting to meet at 7 o’clock on a Tuesday because you already have something committed with your wife or– how do you draw that boundary in the family?

-Well, I think there are a couple things. Quality of time, sincerity of effort, all of those things have to play in, and holding conversations, letting people know what’s going on. Because I have the bad habit of holding work to myself.

-Check one, I’m going to make sure to do that tomorrow.

-Holding work to myself. But now I think sharing what my day looks like. So if I come home and have to do something, it makes sense, but if I– if I have not shared any information and I come home, and right in the family time I have to do something, that’s really important, but it’s like a dangling participle, it’s not attached to anything that anybody else knows about except me.

-Do you share this with Barbara, your incredible wife, before the day starts, or how does she know what’s going on? Do you share a calendar?

-No. My incredible wife has a tendency to tell you that I am important, and that tells me, oh that’s right. Then I better reorganize some of this stuff

-OK. All right, well, so we– the relationships we know that, now physical fitness, you just get up right away, we talked– you just get up right away and you do that. Right away, do you not want to do it, but you just do it right away because you get it out of the way? Or do you like it?

-No. I like it when I’m about 90% through.

-OK, but you just do it right away.

-But I do it right away so I don’t have time to tell myself no.

-OK. And now your mind. Do you take time to read books, articles, trade journals, things to enrich your mind. Do you take time in the day to do that?

-Now, let me ask a question so I won’t get off of tangent here. Now there’s the mind, are we talking about the mind, or the mindset? Because I don’t want to jump ahead. Well, I’m going to say– I would say for the average entrepreneur, you hear it all the time, well most successful people read books. Most successful people listen to audio CD’s, most successful people study successful people. Do you schedule time in your day to do that? To, I guess help build your mindset, or to help study success? From a business coach, you should.

-Well I think the first thing that an entrepreneur has to know, or any person listening has to know, is that considerable work has been done at Stanford on the mindset. You either have a growth mindset, or a fixed mindset. And a growth mindset is the mindset that anticipates the future, and anticipates being part of that, and if you are anticipating the future then reading becomes important, because it is stretching you, it takes you to another place.

Having conversations with great people, and I’m using great in the sense, they have accomplished something within the sphere of their world, and they’re happy about that. And you can go into that.

-But there’s a growth mindset, or a set mindset that’s been identified. With the help of a business coach.

-Been identified, yes.



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