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Business Coach | You are the Big Kahuna

This transcription was provided for the business coach program at

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Business Coach Show.
Clay Clark: His motive was right. He wanted to gain independence from England and he didn’t want to die in the process. That was his motive. His method, here are the methods that he did that everyone thought were unethical. Method number one, they said, “You cannot hide behind trees.” They thought that was totally shady to hide behind a tree. Literally shady.
Robert Zoellner: Shady, yes.
Clay Clark: The second thing they thought was, “You definitely cannot shoot the leaders.” Back in the day, the leader of the army would be up on a horse and the men were all subservient to the leader. The leader, there’s kind of a gentleman’s rule that you don’t shoot the guy on the horse. Cuz he’s the boss.
Vanessa Clark: And really, he’s a perfect target. He’s on a horse. You know who he is, it’s obvious. Why would you not?
Clay Clark: G-Dub is like, “Here’s the deal guys, we’re gonna shoot the leader, because once they do all the people will scatter.” They’re like, “Is that ethical?” “I don’t know if it’s ethical or not, but I am doing it.” They basically hid behind a tree, climbed in the tree and went (makes shooting noise), and they shot the leader. All of a sudden, the British disperse and this happens.
Now they’re starting to win, but we’re still out numbered. The final super ridiculous thing he did that many people back in the day disagreed with him. People thought these motives were okay, but they thought the methods were terrible. They thought his motive was pure, but his method was wrong. Method number one, you can’t hide behind trees. Two, you can’t shoot the leaders and three, mandatory inoculation. Smallpox was killing more people than the war was. They thought back in the day, if you believed in inoculation, you were a witch or a demonic spirit of some kind.
He goes, “Here is the deal, if we take the disease from one man and we cut off part of his skin, and put it on another guy. That’ll inoculate you and keep you from getting the full blown disease.” They’re like, “He is a crazy witch doctor, I ain’t going to do that.” He is like, “You have to do it, it’s required.” He required his people to do inoculation and that’s why we overcame smallpox. The first person in the history of modern warfare to do these crazy things.
The motive, we all agree with the motive. But, many people were rejecting the method. If you’re listening right now and you want to convince your client to take action, you want to get some Google reviews, you want to close deals, you want to sell more stuff. First off, before we teach you these methods. please 100% mentally either agree or disagree with your motive. If you believe in your products … Z should you ever be embarrassed to sell a product that you personally believe in?
Robert Zoellner: No, you shouldn’t be. They called that back in the day, Gorilla Warfare, by the way. Do you know why they call it Gorilla Warfare? This kind of explains out business coach system.
Vanessa Clark: It was primitive.
Robert Zoellner: Lot of monkeys? Business coach monkeys?
Clay Clark: They were hiding and they were kind of like the gorilla’s in the forest. GW started it, but it was all kind of the non-military guys that adopted it first.
Vanessa Clark: It was called the America’s self-made- [crosstalk 00:11:13]
Clay Clark: The military, yeah, the farmers with the pitchforks, because the traditional army [crosstalk 00:11:19]
Vanessa Clark: They were defending their lands and everything from the taxes [crosstalk 00:11:21]
Robert Zoellner: Yeah, they were doing all the shady kind of stuff. Which, back in the day, it was groundbreaking. They needed to do it, they just couldn’t match up person for person to try to beat them.
Clay Clark: This show is all about helping the small business owners win. You can’t just match up … You can’t just go head to head with the biggest [crosstalk 00:11:39]
Robert Zoellner: … Walmart and you just say, “Hey, I’m a do what you do and you do what you do and let’s just both do the same thing and may that … “No, they’ll crush you.”
Clay Clark: If you are listening right now and you’re a aspiring optometrist, we hope you changed the station. But doin, Z, back in the day, when you started … Listen, when you started your business, you were going up against the big guys.
Robert Zoellner: The big boys.
Clay Clark: The big kahunas.
Robert Zoellner: The big kahunas.
Clay Clark: Now you are the big kahuna.
Robert Zoellner: Yeah. In the way I took care of things and looked at things back then was different than the way I look at them now. Seriously.
Clay Clark: We’re trying to teach everybody who’s listening today how to become successful. Except for anybody who is an optometrist. If you’re an optometrist-
Robert Zoellner: NO!
Clay Clark: don’t [crosstalk 00:12:17]
Robert Zoellner: No, no, there’s a lot of communities, a lot of fine people out there. There’s a big enough pod that we can all make a live in, we can all get along.
Clay Clark: He’ll leave crumbs on the pie tin.
Robert Zoellner: We can all get along.
Clay Clark: We’re gonna teach you, after the break, the specific business coach moves that you can implement to get things done. They don’t work if you’re not 100% mentally resolved that you have the right motive. If you do these moves and you don’t agree with the motive and you don’t agree that you’re even doing something that should be done, you won’t want to do them. Again, just a quick recap. If you’ve ever struggled to get Google reviews? We’re gonna to teach you how.
Have you ever struggled to close a deal? We’re gonna to teach you how to do it. Have you ever struggled to recruit people? To get a seat at the bar? To upsell something? To deflect the price question? Z, if you have ever struggled to get something done, we’re going to teach the power pressure moves. The power pressure moves.
Robert Zoellner: I’ll tell you what. You don’t want to miss this show cuz we’re gonna give you practical steps on how you can use Gorilla Warfare-
Clay Clark: Yes.
Robert Zoellner: because business is war.
Clay Clark: It is.
Robert Zoellner: It is war.
Clay Clark: [crosstalk 00:13:23] If you’re on Facebook live. If you’re on Facebook Live right now looking for some business coach advise? It is also Phil Pickle’s birthday. Phil Pickle is one of the founders of the My Anchor Insurance Group. So, we got him a pickle jar in anticipation of his Phil Pickle performance, right there. I’m excited [crosstalk 00:13:39] Phil Pickle.
Robert Zoellner: That is kind of crazy.
Clay Clark: Yeah, what do you buy a guy who is financially free, has time, freedom? I’ll say what you buy him. You buy him a big jar of pickles [inaudible 00:13:46]because he is named pickle.
Robert Zoellner: So original.
Clay Clark: It took me about four hours to come up with that idea.
Robert Zoellner: He has probably never been given pickles before.
Clay Clark: Stay tuned, All right Thrive nation, welcome back to the conversation. It is the Thrive Time show on the radio, my name is Clay Clark, business coach and former SBA entrepreneur of the year. Sitting here to make your wallet happy. It’s the Thrive Time show and we’re joined here inside the box that rocks with Dr. Robert Zoellner and my incredible wife of 15 years. Dr. Z, how are ya? My friend.
Robert Zoellner: I am fantastic. I’m real excited about it. When we started off the show talking about Gorilla Warfare, that just gets me … my juices are kind of pumping. I’m ready to go.
Clay Clark: We’re talking today about how to pressure people to do the right thing when you believe what you are doing is the right thing. I’m a give you these ethical examples, ethical dilemmas.
Robert Zoellner: Instead of saying pressure, we can use a few other adjectives in there, or adverbs.
Vanessa Clark: Encourage them.
Robert Zoellner: Encourage.
Clay Clark: Threaten.
Robert Zoellner: Motivate.
Clay Clark: Force.
Vanessa Clark: So typical of the personalities right?
Clay Clark: Here’s an example though. If you are somebody who desperately wanted segregation to end? In the 1960’s, the Civil Right Movement, you had to convince people to vote in favor of ending segregation. Which, we all could look back now and go, “That was a stupid idea. Why did we ever do that?”
Robert Zoellner: Why did we ever do that?
Clay Clark: Let’s have “The pale people use that restroom and the people with a tan, use that one.” That wasn’t a smart move. We look back and we go, “that was dumb.”
Robert Zoellner: That was dumb.
Clay Clark: For hundreds of years, people were like, “Well, it just makes sense, that’s just how it is.” The thing is, you have to pressure people to get them to … you have to encourage.
Vanessa Clark: Yeah.
Clay Clark: You have to-
Robert Zoellner: Motivate. Like a business coach.
Clay Clark: Motivate. You have to persuade-
Vanessa Clark: With a reward or penalty. Yeah. That’s what a business coach would do.
Clay Clark: Here is the first example where learning some negotiation, some motivation, some persuasion techniques would be helpful. First one is to gather Google reviews. Here’s this scenario-
Robert Zoellner: This is kind of [inaudible 00:15:53] it’s a tricky, tricky deal here.
Clay Clark: Here is the deal, you’re not allowed- [crosstalk 00:15:55]
Robert Zoellner: … over what you can’t do.
Clay Clark: Okay. Let’s set the table here.
Robert Zoellner: Okay, set the table.
Clay Clark: I am an optometrist in Tulsa, my company is Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates.
Robert Zoellner: Okay.
Clay Clark: I have been in Tulsa for [crosstalk 00:16:12] 25 years and when people see me out to eat, when I go to restaurants, when my co-host goes with me, people go, “Oh, you’re Dr. Z,”
Robert Zoellner: I’m not your co-host.
Clay Clark: And your co-host goes, “That is, that’s the guy. I’m sitting next to the guy.” People always say nice things to you but, yet typically, the average person who likes a service does not naturally go on Google and go, “Oh wow, my glasses showed up on time. I know what I’ll do. I’ll take time out of my schedule to form an account and to write a Google review.” What happens is only the trolls are in control, so the troll says, “Well, I live with my mother, I don’t have anything going on, I have no job. I know what I’ll do, I’ll go online and write a review.”
Robert Zoellner: “My glasses came in one day later than they said.”
Clay Clark: “I was fired for not doing my job so I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and I’ll write a review. I am a competitor. I am going to write a review.” The trolls are in control of reviews. If you are listening right now, ask yourself, “Do you write reviews?” Do you read reviews? The thing is you have to incentivize people to want to write reviews but Google says you cannot incentivize someone to write a positive review.
Robert Zoellner: Back, back, back, back.
Vanessa Clark: There is a little technicality there right?
Robert Zoellner: Speak slowly and use your words.
Clay Clark: I cannot say hypothetically.
Robert Zoellner: Hypothetically.
Clay Clark: “Please, Thrive Time listeners go to Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates and write a positive review. If you do, I will give you a discount off of your glasses.” I cannot say that.
Robert Zoellner: You cannot say that. That is-
Vanessa Clark: He’s not saying that.
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