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Business Coach How To Apply Pressure

Announcer: And now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters, presenting the world’s only business coach school without the b.s., With optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner, and the four small business administration entrepreneur of the year, in your ear. [inaudible 00:00:24]Playing quietly it’s the Prime Time Show. Three, two, one, boom.
Clay Clark: All right, all right and all right. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio, my name is Clay Clark and I could not be more excited to be here with you today. Join inside the box that rocks with Sam, our executive producer, my incredible wife of 15 years, Mrs. Vanessa Clark, and the man, the myth, the legend, the man who has put the Z all over Tulsa like his name was Zorro, it is … Oh, no, no, no, it’s not happening tomorrow, it is today. It is Dr. Robert Zoellner. Sir, how are you?
Robert Zoellner: I am fantastic, I am having microphone issues over here so if you are watching on Facebook Live, I am fighting the microphone and I won.
Clay Clark: [crosstalk 00:01:09]It’s because I moved around the box that rocks and it creates a … it doesn’t feel comfortable. [crosstalk 00:01:14]
Robert Zoellner: I know it flipping flip flopped me, I had my little space, I had it all dialed in. Now it is like giving me left handed golf clubs and I am a right hander, I feel out of sorts.
Vanessa Clark: I wasn’t ready for it either. I didn’t know what was going on when [inaudible 00:01:28] I thought he was just hanging out with me for a second, Sam, and then he had to make his way back past.
Clay Clark: [crosstalk 00:01:31]
Robert Zoellner: … got issues.
Clay Clark: Let me say on the vision, the vision is you and I can now look there onto the screen and monitor our mic volumes. For instance, I could say … See the mic volumes? As I am talking, the wave forms beautifully, everyone is going to be equally loud. It is a beautiful thing for America, America has improved as a result of this change. [inaudible 00:01:49] you see.
Vanessa Clark: I actually like being able to look there. There’s some certain satisfaction that’s saying, “that is my voice on the mic and it is right.”
Clay Clark: Oh, wow.
Robert Zoellner: Yeah, I just … I went old school, I would just use my ears last time. [crosstalk 00:02:02] I know it’s crazy. I know, but when it sounded loud enough, I knew it was.
Clay Clark: Now today’s-
Robert Zoellner: I like the thing though.
Clay Clark: Today’s show has the potential to be the deepest and most helpful show we have ever done and we are talking about how to apply pressure to get things done and are you rejecting the motive or the method? Oh, so again, how to apply pressure to get things done Z. Z are you ready for this?
Robert Zoellner: Oh, this is one of my favorite topics. How to apply pressure? How to get thing … how to get ‘er done.
Clay Clark: Page two of our notes, here are our scenarios for you. Okay, here are the business coach scenarios. Let’s say you own a business and you are trying to gather Google reviews, but you can’t seem to get people to do it. Maybe you don’t know how to apply the right pressure. Let’s say you’re struggling to close some deals, maybe it is because you don’t know how to apply the pressure. Maybe you’re struggling to recruit people. Maybe you’re struggling to get a seat at a bar. You’re just trying to get a seat to sit down at the bar, at the bar stool. Maybe you’re having a hard time upselling. Maybe you’re having a hard time dealing with the price objection.
Z, why is it so hard for many people to overcome that feeling, of feeling bad when they pressure somebody to do something that they sincerely believe in. What’s that all about?
Robert Zoellner: Well, here’s what a business coach would say we’ve all been pressured to do something that is either something we should do or shouldn’t do. Growing up, we’ve all had positive peer pressure. We’ve all had negative peer pressure. We’ve had pressure from our spouses, pressure from our kids, pressure from our family, pressure from bosses. We’ve all been in it and none of us really … Nobody really runs towards pressure. If you’re a person who wakes up and says, “Oh man, I sure hope I get in the pressure cooker today. Squeezing my head in a vise to do something, I can hardly wait.”
No, it’s natural to deviate from that, or run from that. That being our default. That being the way we are. For us to be able to put other people in it, then most of us know that it’s uncomfortable on them and therefore we’re like, “I don’t really want to do that because I just started my own business and now I’m a boss and I want everyone to like me, I want them to work for me and I want them to row the boat with me because rowing the boat is how I am gonna get financial freedom- [crosstalk 00:04:15] freedom, and so I don’t want to upset anybody.”
Clay Clark: Now, Vanessa, you are somebody who … We have been married for 15 years, and you tell me if I ma wrongly describing you.
Vanessa Clark: Okay.
Clay Clark: You are somebody that doesn’t like to rock the boat, won’t rock the business coach boat if possible. Is that a correct description? Or am I gonna be …
Vanessa Clark: No, that is right. Actually, I think I’ve had to learn over the years the correct way to say, okay, this is when I need to say something, or the right way to say it. But my default is to keep the peace, which is so funny. Just in different situations that we come up, I’ve learned to address things. I like that peace. I’d like to sit there.
Clay Clark: I think Z was talking about people wake up, hoping they get in the pressure cooker. I might have a psychological problem. I’m a tell you this. I actually, as a general rule, prefer confrontation.
Vanessa Clark: He likes it.
Clay Clark: When somebody is absolutely wrong-
Robert Zoellner: Yeah but you’re not normal.
Clay Clark: I understand that.
Robert Zoellner: You are far from normal. You are outside the bell curve of normal. Is that what makes you a great business coach.
Clay Clark: Here is an example [crosstalk 00:05:11]
Robert Zoellner: … way.
Vanessa Clark: This is why I think I’ve had to learn to step up. You’ve taught me that, because I will get steamrolled.
Clay Clark: Here is an example, I feel like a lot of listeners right now, a lot of our business coach clients when you have a problem with … we’re confusing the motive and the method. I have an example, see I’ve done some research for this example on page two. I’m ready to give it to you. Are you ready Z?
Robert Zoellner: Yes, yes. I am, yes.
Clay Clark: You are an American historian. You love history. So, I’m gonna give it to you. Here we go. Tell me if this example makes sense. Back in the day, 1776 is when we gained our independence right, but before that, 1774, 1775, we had this thing called The War going on, the Revolutionary War. Am I correct up to this point?
Robert Zoellner: Yes, you are being accurate now.
Clay Clark: Okay, so George Washington, general not business coach we’ll call him G-Dub to make it relevant, G-Dub.
Robert Zoellner: G-Dub.
Clay Clark: Our man’s got wooden teeth and he pulls his guys aside. He pulls out … Imagine that you and Vanessa are in the army of G-Dub back in 1770 whatever.
Robert Zoellner: (sings) We’re in the army now, we’re in the army now.
Clay Clark: This is what I would’ve said … This is what every leader would’ve said previous to George Washington.
Robert Zoellner: Okay.
Clay Clark: Alright Z, I want you to get in a row, your row one.
Robert Zoellner: Do I have my musket? Do I have a musket?
Clay Clark: Exactly, and Vanessa-
Robert Zoellner: Am I good enough to have a musket?
Clay Clark: You get a musket and Vanessa is in row two.
Vanessa Clark: I’d like to be behind him. I don’t wanna be the front of my row.
Clay Clark: Here’s the deal, you guys [inaudible 00:06:33] say. Alright guys, here’s the deal. [crosstalk 00:06:34]
Vanessa Clark: They’re coming for me.
Clay Clark: She would shield now.
Vanessa Clark: That’s what I need.
Clay Clark: Here we go guys.
Vanessa Clark: All right.
Clay Clark: You guys need to march in rows. Before we march into battle, you’re the guys that are going, “Do we need anything else, are you sure this idea of marching in rows is good …?” “You’re right, we forgot something. We need a drummer and a guy to play the trumpet …”
Vanessa Clark: A flag guy.
Clay Clark: … and a guy to hold the flag.” Yes. Get back … “Will that save us from certain death?” Absolutely not, get in rows and we’ll fight until somebody runs out of ammo. Then you just marched in rows. What was … Z, why did people do that back in the day? Do you know the logic behind that? Why previously did George Washington … did everybody march in rows? What was that all about?
Robert Zoellner: Well, it was a gentleman’s way of doing it. [crosstalk 00:07:16]
Clay Clark: A gentleman’s way.
Robert Zoellner: As gentlemen … See, back in the day, they would’ve had what they call … One on one, where you have a …
Vanessa Clark: Duel.
Robert Zoellner: Duels. Yes. They were duels style. They had, with the guns, kinda transformed into that. So you stood there … The accuracy of those things were not very good. Okay.
Vanessa Clark: I always thought the same thing. Why not shoot the guy before he is ready? Instead, they had this whole pageantry around it.
Robert Zoellner: That is not gentleman.
Vanessa Clark: That’s right.
Robert Zoellner: That’s not the way men did it back in the day.
Clay Clark: Here is what … I’d be going through my mind, “You guys march in rows? Meanwhile, I’m gonna fall in the ground and pretend like I’ve already been shot and you guys go ahead and do that. You guys carry out that plan.” George Washington says, “Okay, here is the deal. I got a new move.” The guys goes, “What?” “You guys can hide behind trees today.” “What, we get to live?”
He’s the first guy to do these three rules that allowed us to win. But, many of you listening right now, you’re rejecting the method and you’re confusing that with the motive. The motive that GW had was to win our independence from England. That was the goal. Man, he would have been a great business coach.

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