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Business Coach : Attainable Goals

Business Coach : Attainable Goals
-And a goal that’s general. Like, I want to be happy, to be healthy, and to have all the money I need.


-What? How do you hit that goal? That’s like I want the sky– I’m going to hit the sky.


-Bang. Ha. Got it.


-Nothing. No value whatsoever.


-So everybody wants to be happy, everybody wants to be healthy, everybody wants to have plenty of money, everybody wants to help other people. Fine, wonderful, but be specific. A business coach will tell you to be specific with your goals.


-How do you want to help other people? I want to be a doctor and alleviate suffering. Ah. Now we’re getting somewhere. Write that down.

-I like how you also said, because the other part is to specifically to find the outcome.

-Oh, absolutely, because if you don’t, if you just say, I just want to help people–


– –there’s no starting point. How do you get started on that goal? I don’t know, help someone. OK. I’ll hold the door for her.


-Well, fine, but I could’ve gotten a little prop that would do that. I could have called and made it a door.

-You want to make this your goal now?

-If you want to make a difference, be specific in how you’d like to make a difference, but– this is big but– be sure that you do not require yourself to know how to achieve the goal before you write the goal– or as you write the goal.

-OK. Wait, say that again. That was good.

-Be sure. Be absolutely certain that you do not require yourself to know how to pull it off before you put it in writing. So write down what you want when you want it. A business coach will tell you an unwritten goal is not a real goal you are after.


-OK? Then figure out how to get it done, because that’s the way the world works, the universe works.

-Because I’m guessing, if you do that, you’re limiting yourself?

-Well, let’s take an example.

-You’re limiting what you can achieve?

-Let’s take an example. No. That’s not quite it.

-OK. Why is it that I–

-Let’s say you buy a blue Jeep.




-Jeep automobile. All right? You bought a blue Jeep. The minute you buy a blue Jeep, you will start seeing more blue jeeps on the road.

-Oh, yeah.

-Are there more blue Jeeps on the road? There’s one more, yours, but that’s all. Everything else was already there, but you didn’t notice it before. That’s known as selective perception.


-Your mind selects what it will perceive. Here’s another way to do the same thing. Next time you go to a sporting event or a concert, get in a position where you can see the audience, where you see all the fans in a fully lit way, because this wouldn’t work in the dark, and while you’re looking at all those fans, think red, the color red, and what will happen is all of a sudden it’ll just sort of pop. You’ll go, wow, there’s a lot of red out there.

Think white. Ding. All of a sudden you start noticing patterns of white– big, big groupings of white clothing. And then green. Choose your color. Just go through the spectrum, and notice how your perception picks up on that just by the mere instruction to yourself to look for black, look for brown.

-So how does that then– I think I’m starting to see where you’re going, but how does that relate–

-That’s like for goal setting.

-Yeah, to goal setting.

-See, when you set a goal, you are telling your mind and you’re telling whoever else is communicated with by that, you’re telling them, this is what I want.


-So it’s like see red, OK, and all of a sudden you just notice enormous amounts of red. It’s like get a blue Jeep, and all of a sudden you say, gosh, there’s a blue– there’s another one. I never realized how many there were.


-And that’s the whole point. You never realize it. Reality didn’t change. Your perception changed. Why’d your perception change? Because you gave it a reason to. See, when you say, I want to be the president of this hospital. OK? Then all of a sudden, the world kind of organizes information as it flows toward you– it’s actually your mind filtering it this way, but it seems like the world is saying, oh, that’s what Caleb wants. Well, here. Set those aside. Here’s what he wants there, and here’s another, oh, and here’s another one, and I’ve got one over here, and all of a sudden all these things that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, because you weren’t tuned to that frequency–

-Wow, that’s good.

-There’s another metaphor, using the radio frequency analogy– when you tune to that frequency, you get all the channel programming.

-That’s so good.

-But the channel was already there. It was going through the air all round you, you just didn’t tune into it. Take it from a business coach and TUNE IN.


-All right? So you say, I want to be the president of a hospital. OK, which hospital? All right. Got it. Now, what do you need to know? Do I need to be a doctor? No. Oh.

-That’s good.

-President of the hospital is an administrator, not a doctor. Oh, OK, so I don’t have to go to med school, whew. Well, that shortened the curve. OK. So what do I need to do?

-Hopefully we just helped somebody and saved you some time there.

-Yeah. I need to know how to manage doctors. I need to know how to work with a board full of doctors. Doctors need to like me, because if they don’t, I’m going to have difficulty. Wow, so I need to understand doctors, but I don’t have to–

-This is huge.

– –be one.

-This is–

-So the whole thing. We can pick them out of a thin air here and fabricate a goal and just discussing that goal organizes information a very different way and starts showing you the path. A business coach would love to help show you the path.



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