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Business Coach How To Avoid Drifting

Content transcribed for the business coach program at Thrive15

Coach Calbert: There’s the old adage that you’re either growing or you’re dying. So one of the things we do is we require our coaches and myself, to read every night. And we’re reading and learning and growing and our meetings on Monday are critical. Because we’re going over what we’re going to do better, what we’re going to do worse. We have a checklist on what we need to improve on and we’re always holding ourselves accountable to how we’re developing, what our numbers are, so that we’ve got that checklist we can look back at every Monday just like clockwork.

Clay Clark: Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts and mentor to our business coach team, imagine this scenario. Think about this scenario. What would it feel like to manage 40,000 people? 40,000! That’s more people that can fit inside Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, for the baseball fans out there. It’s like two and a half times the capacity of the Bok Center. That stadium was full here recently right? For a basketball tournament. Imagine two and a half of those and that’s your staff. Imagine what that would feel like. He says, “What you don’t get scheduled will not get done.” That’s unbelievable.

Rob Zoellner: That’s a lot of cats to herd. I mean, I like herding cats. I’m a cat herder by nature. But that’s a lot … 40,000 cats, that’s a big herd of cats. You might need to hire a business coach to learn how to herd that many, 

Clay Clark: When we come back, we’re gonna get even deeper into this concept of avoiding drifting and how a business coach can help you with that. Stay tuned.

All right Thrive Nation and Counting Crow fans, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, I’m the father of five human kids. I enjoy planting trees all over my property like my name was Johnny Appleseed and I am excited to be here with you because we are all about helping you plant the seeds that you need to succeed because you’re gonna learn … You’re gonna get these nuggets of knowledge that they do not teach in college, and that a business coach can teach you how to apply and implement these little nuggets on a daily basis, you will absolutely put a smile on our faces, Z. Because you’re gonna succeed if you implement what you’re learning on this show.

Rob Zoellner: Absolutely. We’re trying to give you practical business tips. You’re not gonna learn as much as Clay likes to talk about how to do gardening here, we don’t know when to plant a tulip. I don’t even know when to plant a tulip-

Clay Clark: Photosynthesis is coming up after the break!

Rob Zoellner: We’re not gonna talk about politics, there’s plenty of that on the other channels. We’re not gonna do cooking. In fact, I don’t know how to cook.

Clay Clark: There’s an excellent souffle that we’re gonna talk about tomorrow, folks.

Rob Zoellner: I don’t know how to cook. And we’re not gonna be talking about religion, though every now and then Clay will throw out a biblical principal but we’re not gonna talk about those things. What we’re focused on, is helping you start and grow your business that’s gonna lead you to financial freedom and time freedom. And our business coach program can help you reach that goal. 

Clay Clark: Now here we go, here we go. I’m gonna read a notable quotable. I’m gonna get Coach Calbert’s feedback. This is a guy who … Coach, how long have you been coaching basketball to score basketball?

Coach Calbert: 21 years coaching and I have been a business coach client for the past few years. 

Clay Clark: True story. You and I have been working together for awhile, and there was one time about three years ago, maybe two years ago, where somebody tried to steal your customers. Do you remember this?

Coach Calbert: Yes.

Clay Clark: We saw them trying to poach the customers and guess what, they’re out of business. And then a few years before that, we saw a guy get into the business and guess what? He’s out of business. And everyone I’ve ever seen get into the basketball coaching game in Tulsa always quits and I am convinced that they could be successful if they wanted to but they don’t have the staying power because they are drifters and they never hired a business coach. So if you are wanting to become a successful basketball coach, please turn off this program. So here we go coach. I’m gonna give you the notable quotable. This comes to us from Oprah Winfrey, she’s a billionaire. She’s a media mogul. She says, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to life you higher.” Coach, talk to us.

Coach Calbert: I’ve got two secretaries. One, I particularly she’s always encouraging me. My two coaches are great positive people. If I wouldn’t be around my two coaches, my positive coaches, I would get … It would be hard because in the gym everyday I come in I’m ready to see them. They add to the atmosphere of my gym. They’re encouraging to me. They hold me accountable of what we need to do better, what we need to change in our business. I give them that right though. They can tell me what’s wrong with our business from time to time.

Clay Clark: Well people always ask me why are you always reading autobiographies. Well here’s an example. Let’s hear the story behind the story. Oprah was sexually abused repeatedly by the very person who was supposed to raise her. So you look at her success and you don’t realize what she went through. I quoted Henry Ford earlier. People don’t realize people thought he was stupid. They thought he was an idiot. And he went through … What does it feel like when you’ve lost it all twice? Napoleon Hill, who we’ve quoted earlier, he basically wanted to study success and he was a writer for a women’s magazine and he was like, “I want to be successful. I want to …” He didn’t achieve success until late into his thirties.

So so many of us, we don’t know the story behind the story and I’m just encourage you, I encourage you, get up to It’s $1. $1 for you to try out the world’s best business school! It’s $1. And if you can’t afford $1, what you need to do is you need to pull on over. You want to pull on over so you don’t want to do this while you’re driving. You want to pull over. And what you want to do is you want to look for a lead pipe or a bat, maybe some very hard Tupperware, maybe look in your trunk. Anything you can use to … Or a rock. Something you could use to change your tire, anything metallic. And you want to hit yourself in the face until you find a dollar.

Because you are an idiot if you can’t find a dollar or need change. I’m just being sincere with you. as a business coachI want to help you.

Rob Zoellner: Or go over to your buddy’s house and pull up the cushions on his couch. I’m sure rummage around in there and I’m sure you can find maybe some old gum, a piece of pizza, maybe some change that will equal up to a dollar you know, I don’t know.

Clay Clark: Because according to USA Today, the average American is wasting over $1200 a year on Starbucks … I love Starbucks. On coffee maybe. On lottery tickets. On whatever. Jeff, I’m gonna give you this next notable quotable. This is Jeff Rant, he’s a clinical psychologist. He knows what he’s talking about. He didn’t spend several hours watching YouTube, okay? He knows what he’s talking about. Here’s the notable quotable from Tim Ferriss, the author of The Four Hour Work Week, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and one of the top podcasters in the planet. He says, “Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.”

As it relates to drifting, I want to be successful. People are telling me I can’t do it, pulling me into the crowd of intenders. Talk to me if I was one of your … If the listener was one of your patients. Someone sitting down with you. What would you tell them?

Jeff Rant: I’d say that there’s a tipping point in life that will either propel you towards success or it will put you in what I call a neurotic position where you say, “I could have done that,” but now they’ll make all kinds of excuses as why they can’t and then they set still and they get more miserable and make bigger excuses. And the only way out of that is to go back to the beginning, talk about vision, and then steps, one at a time, no excuses. Make it manageable, doable, and build on that until they tip toward being successful as a habit.

Clay Clark: If you are listening right now, and you’ve ever wanted to make a $100,000 as promised, I’m going to give you two more ways to do it. Z, are you ready for the two additional ways?

Rob Zoellner: Lay it on me business coach buddy.

Clay Clark: Okay. Move number two is go out there and get yourself a real estate license. Okay. It’s probably gonna cost you about $500 to take some classes. And then come on over to our in person workshop. And I will teach you the specific step by step moves that I have used to now help multiple Tulsans do this but one lady in particular, I shall not mention her first or last name because I don’t have permission from her to do that on today’s show, but she did $23 million of sales last year. Now Z, let’s get the calculator out because to look at the math correctly, in real estate if you represent the buyer, you get 3%. If you represent the seller, you get 3%. But very rarely, do you represent both parties. And she discounts from time to time. So let’s just take $23 million times 0.2, you know 2%. Let’s just say she discounted and she didn’t have any deals where she represented the buyer and the seller. What does that math come out to Dr. Z?

Rob Zoellner: $460,000.

Clay Clark: And that is how much money she made and that was within 18 months of doing our program and if that’s what you want to do … Now work with me. Money is just fuel for your vehicle. It’s getting you where you want to go. I’m telling you, there’s a person that I’m thinking of right now who wanted to jump full into missions. He now does missions. He wanted to do missions full time. So you know what he did? He hung up his missions career, put it on pause for three years, he did over $40 million of transactions, drops the mike, and now he’s doing full time missions on a pastor’s salary living debt free so that’s another move.

Business coach move number two is to get the real estate license, come out to a workshop, and your life will never be the same financially.

Rob Zoellner: It just seems so simple.

Clay Clark: It is.

Rob Zoellner: It really just seems simple. You know I mean why not?

Clay Clark: Move number three is go ahead and get your mortgage license. Mortgage banker. Get a license to be a mortgage banker and if you google Tulsa mortgages, you’ll see the success trail, I call it the google trail. Back in the day you used to have a resume, now you have a success trail you can find on Google and there’s business coach client Steve Currington, top on Google making it bank! Z, he’s making bank like he’s the FDIC, you feel me?

Rob Zoellner: Just printing money! Like he’s the Treasury Department.

Clay Clark: Shameless! So you can do that. But I’m telling you, step number one though is to get that license. You gotta be licensed you gotta have that core skill to pay the bills.

Rob Zoellner: Okay, so Clay Clark. March 24th and 25th we’ve been talking about this in person workshop and we’ve been saying and figure things out, but really break down some of the things that you’re gonna spend some time on this weekend or this weekend coming up, that you’re gonna spend time on going over.

Clay Clark: Well one is I want to help you figure out where you want to go with our life. Don’t let me put my goals on you. If your goals are to make $72,000 $172,000 … I don’t care whatever your goals are I care deeply about goals but I’m not gonna tell you what your goals should be. Step two we’re gonna talk about how much money it’s gonna cost you to achieve those goals, whatever they are. Then we’re gonna break it into a systemic, how to market your business, how to sell stuff, how to market it online, how to sell things, how to do your accounting, how to do your financial planning, how to hire people, how to motivate people, how to figure when needed, how to do all the aspects of your business. It’s 15 hours of power from 7 am to 3 pm each day. We break for times for questions in between each 45 minute session. It’s a game changer.

Rob Zoellner: One of my favorite segments is time management because I hear that over and over and over and Jeff I’m sure you do too as you’re going out and you’re doing the testing the businesses. Is I don’t have the time.

Jeff Rant: Yep.

Rob Zoellner: So time management I feel like is one of the keys to unlock so many things in your life.

Clay Clark: Now thrivers, because we just talked about time management, I think that we should make sure that we end this incredible episode on time so I’ve got four tips for you real quick. One, go to Subscribe to the podcast. Never miss out on another podcast again. Step number two, sign up for in person one on one business coaching if that is what you need. Three, if you have a functional brain, go to and try it out for $1. What if I squander a dollar? Well, I mean we can have another show about that but it’s a dollar. Just give it a whirl. And move number four, is go up to and book your ticket. Learn how to join the six figure club. If you already make six figures, learn how to gain financial freedom and time freedom.

As always, thank you for being here and Z, here we go. Three … Two … One … Business Coach Boom!


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