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Business Coach : Avoid Mistakes

Business Coach : Avoid Mistakes

So number five here, step number 5, is: when stuck, look for a mentor to avoid mistakes. –

[Voiceover] Wow. –

[Man] Why is this so important? –

[Older Man] When in doubt, reach out. – Why is this so important? Come back here, business coach! – Seriously, when in doubt, reach out! – Right. – Any time you’re stuck any time you feel overwhelmed or confused or you know you’re, hey wait a minute, I was doing all the things I thought I needed to do but this isn’t working, reach out to a business coach. –

[Voiceover] Okay. –

[Business Coach] Because you’ve got, you’ve got the mentors here, –

[Voiceover] Yep. – and we respond directly to your questions. It’s not, you know, this isn’t just a one way thing. – [Voiceover] That ‘ask the guru’ button. – Yeah. –

[Voiceover] Now, I mean it’s right there as you’re watching this player If you guys click that ‘ask the guru’ question go check the mail bag, but, today you were answering mail bag, emails questions. – Yeah we did, what, 25 of them or something like that today. – If you’ve got questions, send them in and we’ll answer them. – Yeah. And look for people who’ve already traveled the path that you’re trying to travel. –

[Man] That’s good.

– [Business Coach] And they don’t have to be in the same field as you but they have to have dealt with the same kind of things that you’re going to be dealing with. And just seek their advice, learn from them. I’ve been a life long learner since about age 26. Now you say, well, wait a minute, what about the 26 years before that, that’s part of your life, yeah, but I was just ordinary in that first 26 years. Then I decided to become progressively extraordinary after that and it’s working. –

[Voiceover] That’s incredible I love it. –

[Business Coach] Thank you, Lord. – One thing that I want to do here, I mean we’ve given the five steps, right, and we’ve talked about how you’ve got to write it down, have a goal, write it down, and you’ve got to have the outcomes, gotta be specific. –

[Business Coach] Yep. – Then, you start looking at those specific little small steps to get to that goal, –

[Business Coach] Yeah. –

[Man] you’ve gotta, we talked about being tenacious, we talked about how with number three, you’ve got to actually set a deadline, you know, then you be tenacious, and now, if you’re stuck, you find a mentor. But I want to spend some time here looking at three different notable quotables, OK, and I want you to, I’m gonna read one and then have you break it down, the first one, so we’re gonna go, three of them will be one by Tony Robbins, one by Jim Rohn, and then one by Pablo Picasso, you knew, you knew Tony Robbins, no? – No, it was Pablo Picasso, he and I used to be roomates. – Oh, you and Pablo were friends! – No, I know Tony Robbins and I knew Jim Rohn, yeah. – So Pablo’s the only one you haven’t quite met. – Right. –

[Man] Here’s the, here’s the –

[Business Coach] I got his T-shirt, –

[Man] I love it. –

[Mentor] I do. – [

Man] I believe it. So here we go, first we’re starting with Tony Robbins, and if you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, he’s a best selling author, internally renowned business and life coach speaker, how did you guys meet initially? – In 1985, or somewhere around in there, he was holding a fire walk experience, yes, walking barefoot on hot coals. And, I signed up. –

[Man] Really? – Yeah, I went to the fire walk experience in San Diego at the Marriott Hotel, out in the parking lot, of course, and they had glowing hot coals, a big pile of them about, I don’t know, maybe 12, 15 feet long, and about this wide. And we would each stand at the end of that, and then practice the techniques he had taught us and walk the length of that, of that path, –

[Man] Wow. –

[Mentor] on hot glowing coals, barefoot, –

[Man] Oh my gosh, –

[Mentor] and survived. –

[Man] Wow. – Really, yeah, really, look it up, I mean, we could make this hole thing about that. – You can look that up, this, – But yeah, the fire walk experience, business coach Tony Robbins, Anthony Robbins, and he was a young budding guru at the time, and he had been a student of Jim Rohn at the time among others, as I had, and, and, he decided I’ll take this fire walking metaphor and I’ll make that the thing, now when he did the seminar, he said this is, this was the opening five minutes of the seminar, “Welcome everyone, um, how many of you “came here to walk on fire?” He said, “OK, you need to understand “tonight is not about the fire walk. “This is about learning to overcome fear. “So if you’re here to learn to overcome fear, “stay with us, if you’re here just to walk on fire, “please go home, you’ll get hurt.” So he made it very focused, this is about dealing with and overcoming fear, – A good business coach will help you to deal with fear.

[Man] Yeah. – and he said the fire walk is simply a manifestation of that. –

[Man] I love it. –

[Mentor] Because it goes against all logic, you know, and yet it works. – And he’s a, and you guys, like you said, very successful life coach, this, this, – So he knows his stuff. – Oh yeah. This is what he said, “Setting goals “is the first step in turning the invisible “into visible.” – Totally. – That is the notable quotable, what strikes you, – Well think about it, you know, what’s invisible, a thought, OK, I want a 1957 Chevrolet, with a 389 cubic inch engine inserted into it with racing slicks on the backend with a, tuck and roll leather interior, –

[Man] Wow, this is detailed. –

[Mentor] Yeah, yeah, if you set a goal, get specific, right? And I’d like it to be that beautiful stock copper color that came out in ’57, and I want it to be hard top, you know, OK. –

[Man] I think this is a real goal of yours, – No it’s not, but it’s a cool car. –

[Man] Well there you go. – I don’t have any use for that one but I just like to look at ’em.


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