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Business Coach Balancing Work Family Life

Transcribed for the business coach program at Thrive15

Business Coach 133

Inside the box that rocks we have a fabulous cast of characters today. I’m going to start with you Robert. Family. Trying to put you on the spot. Trying to make it feel awkward. Trying to make you …

Robert R – business coach.: Let’s do it.

Clay – business coach program founder and head business coach: Here we go. Family. What are your family goals, bro? I know you’re the single guy out there living la vida loca. You’re staying out til 4 a.m. You’re waking up at 5 a.m. You know. You have like a red bull and vodka diet. You’re just sort of a crazy guy. Nonstop Bieber concerts. Tatoos, that kind of thing. You’re kind of straight lace guy. What are your family goals at this point?

Robert R.: Right now. Well I’m trying to conquer the world. Pursue my dreams. I realize that family still must remain a priority in my life. Especially when you have a mother, when you have siblings that really value getting together. Every week, I’ve committed to visiting my family on Sunday evenings. Just taking out that time on Sunday evenings and totally dedicating that family.

Clay: Yes. Come on now. You know the family’s saying can we keep each other company about 7 days a week. You know, I love your mom Sandy. She’s a great lady.

Robert R.: Incredible. You know that Sandy wants to get together 7 days a week. When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Let me tell you. In learning to plan my F 6, I have made my momma unhappy too many times.

Clay: She would like to get together 7 days a week.

Robert R.: That’s what my phone says right now. Mom, I love you so much.

Clay: I want to ask you. Because we have other great people on the set today inside the box that rocks. Mel, I’m going to ask you. Family goes. Melania Wright, the founder of Melania Wright Photography. As you’re building your business. You’re jumping out into that world of entrepreneurship. You’re getting things going. What are your family goals? Five years down the road. What do you see the family? What does that perfect picture look like to you?

Melena Wright: I’m married and I would to have some kids, and be able to go see my family in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Philadelphia. I need to make some money to travel with all my kids.

Clay: You want to see that family. How often do you want to see the family? a business coach could definitely help you reach those goals. 

Melania: I want to see my extended family, every year, a couple times a year.

Clay: Two times a year, you’re saying?

Melania: More. Like four.

Clay: Four. All I’m saying there thrivers is I encourage you to be very, very specific about what you want. Otherwise, it’s easy to sort of drift you know into that kind of settling for stuff. You’re saying four times a year, you want to go up to Michigan and visit those Spartans up there. Talk all about Desmond Howard, and various Irvin Johnson, and various Michigan things. That kind of thing. Four times a year, is that right?

Melania: Four.

Clay: Okay, why four? Why not 17?

Melania: Because I want to travel other places too, and …

Clay: Okay, keep going. Do tell. Tell us [inaudible 01:01:13] you interesting. Where else do you want to go? Do you want to go like [inaudible 01:01:16]. Something awesome like that.

Melania: No, I love to see like the west coast and the east coast. I’ve never been to Oregon. I love rivers. I want to see all the rivers I can in my lifetime. Michigan doesn’t have all that.

Clay: You know we interviewed a coder the other day by the name of River, just a little fun factoid for you. These are the things you deal with a a business coach. Megan, I want to ask you this. What are your family goals this point? You’re a successful entrepreneur. You have two locations. You’ve got time freedom. Everyone in Tulsa’s like, how is it possible she has time freedom? She is 25 years old. What in the world is wrong with my life? How did she do that? What are your family goals there?

Melania: Family goals. Gosh. Well, the next 10 years, my boyfriend and I have planned out semi …

Clay: Here comes …

Melania: Semi scheduled family goals. I’d like to start a family in the next 10 years.

Clay: How many kids do you have? You look like you’re like just one or two decisions away from becoming like where you could say, I understand what it means to have 75 kids. What’s the number of kids you want to have? 21, 2, 3, 4. You look someone who could go either way. You could have 21 kids or 1 kid. How many kids are you thinking about at this point?

Melania: I’m the youngest of five. I loved growing up with a big family. Then after spending the weekend with my sister and my niece, whom I love. I think that number might go back down to one. I do want twinsn but i could really use a business coach.

Clay: You do want twins. Wow. What kind of conjoined twins, where they basically can’t be separated, so they’re kind of like one human life form.

Melania: Yeah, or two.

Clay: Thrivers, I encourage you to get out a pen. Write this stuff down. Write down what are your family goals. It’s so important to know that. You know. I remember when I was dating my wife in college. We’re talking about stuff and how many kids we want to have. I basically want to be married to somebody who doesn’t need to work. I really want to have baked beans, grilled cheese sandwiches. These kinds of things. I picture myself being married to someone who doesn’t work very much who wants to have a lot of kids. Basically you’re a sexist. Your born like the 1920s.

No, but seriously, she sort of connected on that idea of like I do want someone who can provide for me, but I also want to be able to work until we have kids. Then over time as we discussed it. We started talking about the concept of her working in the businesses with me. I can tell you this, I could not of built DJ Connection to where it got to before we sold that thing. We were doing 4,000 events a year. That’s like 80 events per week. I could not have done it without her accounting mind and her skill set. We sort of grew together.

I hear so many couples who are absolutely wrong and who have their heads completely stuck up their dairy air who say, well we just grew apart. Yeah, because you’re stupid because you didn’t agree on your vision going into it. You got to agree on your vision.

Did you just say that over half the people listening are stupid? Yeah you definitely were being stupid for a time and place. You want to agree on the vision and the values of your family before you get married, otherwise you’re going to grow apart. Once you agree on your vision and values, you’re going to grow together as a couple over time. That is awesome. As we’ve got older, we’ve got closer and closer to the point that I’m sure that at moments she wants me to go away for a minute or two. The thing is you can grow together. We’ve been married 15 years. Bird if you’re listening you’re a beautiful American. Tulsa if you’re listening, you’re beautiful Americans. Stay tuned. We’re talking more about your F 6 goals at the

All right, Tulsa. Great country. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. It is I, Mr. Clay Clark joining you today during your middle of your incredible afternoon. We’re talking today about the F 6 goals. What are F 6 goals? If you’re just tuning in, what is an F 6 goal? Well, an F 6 goal is the goals that you want to make in the six areas of life that matter most. It’s faith, it’s family, it’s finances, it’s fitness, it’s friendship, it’s fun. We’re moving on to finances here.

I want to ask you this Robert. Financially speaking we have these different goals. Robert Redman. He’s a business coach here. Robert, I want to ask you. You coach businesses. You help grow companies. You’ve probably coached some companies now that are bigger. Some that are smaller. Some that are thriving. Some that are struggling. You’ve seen it all.

Financially at this point, what are your goals though? You’ve met a lot of people with all different goals? What are your financial goals? You say, look out five years from now. What are you financial goals?

Robert R.: Yep. A big goal that I have right now is I want to save 50% of my income.

Clay: 50%.

Robert R.: I’ve realized that financial independence can happen much quicker if you save more. That may mean living a little bit less than lavish lifestyle. If it leads me closer to financial independence faster, I’m saying hey, I’m willing to do that.

Clay: At first, when I saw you sleeping in your car, I thought man, that’s weird. Then I realize he goes the same half. He’s like …

Robert R.: I’ve upgraded to a tent actually down by the Arkansas River. I’ve got a van there as well. I’m saving 50%.

Clay: You want to save 50%. I’ll just tell the thrivers out there kind of my goals. I just want to be left alone. That’s my whole deal. I just like, I mean we’re in the process of building a wall around our house. You’re going, you have a Make America Boom again hat. Are you sort of trying to personify our president? No, I’m building a wall. It’s an 8 foot tall wall and I’m putting barbed wire all around it. I’ve got like trees going up.

My whole thing is I define success as my ability to limit the interaction I spend with people I choose not to be with. As an example, I’m not just saying this because Robert’s on the show. I enjoy discussing with Robert. No, but I mean this. I could talk to you and I could listen to you. It never gets old to me listening to what Robert has to say, because I share the same values and the same faith as him. I feel like we’re headed sort of the same trajectory. It’s sort of a fun conversation. I enjoy it.

However, there’s some people, I hear them talk for like I don’t know, two seconds. Maybe 1/2 a second. The other day, I’m at Bed Bath and Beyond. This lady in front of me she just makes me want to just put her into a vise grip. Robert, I’m going to tell you how it happened. Okay? I’m trying to check and I’m trying to buy some stuff for my wife. Because I’m trying to trick my wife into staying married to a man, bear, pig like me. I’m checking out. This lady gets up there, and they say, would you like anything else today?

This is what she says, you tell me how you would be … What you would be thinking internally when you here this. Okay?

Robert R.: Okay.

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