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Content transcribed for Thrive15 business coach program

Rob Zoellner: The thing about it is it almost sounds too good to be true. I know people out there listen and go, “Where’s the scam? Where’s the upscale? Where’s the trickery? What’s gonna happen?” And that’s why more and more and more you go on Thrive 15 conference and business coach reviews. I believe that’s how they can probably google it and get it and you can actually see real people, live people, with real businesses that have gone through the program that have great things to say about it. And it’s not some scam.

Clay Clark: I want to brag on a dentist. I won’t mention his name ’cause I didn’t get permission to mention his name specifically but he’s a dentist in the region, okay. So I said region between Oklahoma City, Tulsa area. And he had been in the practice for almost 20 years and he Jeff, did exactly what you said, because I thought of him. He was into perfectionism. He was a OCD. He had to see every patient himself. And every time he would try to work on his business he would go, “Yeah, but the new dentist I hired can’t quite do things the way I used to.” And it came down to, it’s so funny, but he would sing when he did dental work. Not kidding. And he has a voice almost like a man angel. I’m not kidding. He would sing it’s like is Sam Smith singing right now?

So a lot of people are nervous when they’re getting their teeth worked on. He would sing and it sounds crazy but he would do it and people would comment and be like, “Man, you’re awesome.” And he would just put on these little concerts while doing it. And it sounds crazy but that was his niche. I had to sit him down and go, “Nobody will ever be as good as you are at what you do the way you do it. But they might be better than you in a different way. And I know your bedside manner really matters to you, the way you treat patients, but if you don’t get over this perfectionism, and you’re the one who personally works with every patient, you’re never going to achieve financial freedom.”

What advice would you have Jeff for the person who’s listening who goes, “That’s me. I’m a perfectionist.”

Jeff Rant: Well, you have to be confident enough really not to worry about whether you’re gonna fail in a change that you make. Because changing is scary, people don’t like to do it, but they have to if they’re gonna grow. So the only way you can get them out of perfectionism, is to say, “Look, you have to try something new. You have to make a change and you might fail at it for awhile but you will ultimately not fail if you keep going.”

Clay Clark: You know, this next business coach move is I don’t feel like it. And I’ll just say this. The reason why recently, about last month I’ve had a personal trainer I work out with this guy at 4 am, four days a week. We go there to work out. And I can tell you this, I never feel like going. But I understand the inspiration is the reward. So I get there, and it’s usually me and it’s like the whole former Marine … I guess once you’re a Marine, you’re always a Marine, but the former military … It’s all these military people who are there at 4 am.

Rob Zoellner: The only thing that upsets me about today’s show Clay-

Clay Clark: What’s that?

Rob Zoellner: Is that I’m not a dentist because I could go work with that guy ’cause I’m often told I sound like a man angel when I sing.

Clay Clark: Oh yeah.

Rob Zoellner: I could do a little giddy and sing while I’m cleaning the teeth, doing a root canal.

Clay Clark: You know your problem-

Rob Zoellner: I’d give him enough gas, that’s about all I could say-

Clay Clark: Let me tell you the problem. Let me tell you why we have a radio show and not a TV show. Your beauty, your excessive business coach beauty is a liability and it’s so distracting-

Jeff Rant: Yeah, it’s hard to stand next to.

Clay Clark: He had to get out of the optometry game, he no longer sees patients ’cause patients he would say, “Can you see better now or now?” And he would look over and they’re not even looking through the thing they’re supposed to be looking at. They’re just looking at him going, “How is that possible?”

Rob Zoellner: This is not true.

Clay Clark: We don’t have any facts to back this, but we’ve heard rumors that people were distracted by your beauty and they would go to other eyecare facilities. They just couldn’t look at the chart.

Jeff Rant: That singing thing too may not be true, I’m not sure about that.

Clay Clark: Stay tuned.

All right Thrive Nation and business coach clients, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show where it is always a beautiful day and if you are new to this planet, maybe you’re new to the Midwest Bible Belt thing, this thing called church. There is one verse I want to give you and if you don’t like church and you’re saying you know, forget that thing. I’m not gonna get into your … Quit trying to preach at me. I’m going to give you two quotes so work with me. The quote number one does not come from the church and this is Henry Ford. Henry Ford, the famous guy who built Ford Automotive, famously who lost everything twice before achieving success. He says this, “It’s hard to build a reputation based upon what you are going to do.” Oh, Z that right there. That hurts, that hurts.

Rob Zoellner: Well you know why? Because truth.

Jeff Rant: Yeah, sure is.

Clay Clark: Dr. Z, they stole my idea. I was gonna open a restaurant like that. I had that idea to put to open up that shop on that corner. I was going to do a pumpkin patch. I thought it’d be a great idea to open up that fireworks stand. I wanted to start a carpet cleaning business. I was going to do it and you know, I just missed it because I … Z, they stole my idea.

Jeff Rant: Yeah.

Rob Zoellner: We’ve put a lot of guys into two different categories. We have the entrepreneurs so those are the people out there that are actually doing it, starting it, growing it, trying to figure it out you know.

Clay Clark: Rise and grind. They get up and get it done. That’s the business coach motto.

Rob Zoellner: Get up and get it done. Then we have the wantrepreneurs. Who want to sit their in the stands with their buckets of popcorn going, watching life go by them. And they say, “You know what, I would like time freedom. I like financial freedom. I want those things that that guy over there has got. So I can do the things I’m really called to do.” Sometimes the business is the vehicle to get you to where you want and need to go.

Jeff Rant: That’s right. That’s right.

Clay Clark: I don’t want to say this to you, the listener, so I’m gonna say it to your friend, maybe his name is Carl or Kevin. No women do this. It’s just men that do this. But one thing they begin to do is they begin to make up these … ‘Cause we’re at a time and place in American history where we have it so good. We have it so good, by the way. This is such a great time, I mean we have economic freedom, we can get-

Rob Zoellner: Smart phones.

Clay Clark: But no seriously, I remember back in the day when I wanted to research something, you’re going to the library and you’re going to look through that microfiche for like an hour of power. You’re going to talk to a librarian in this oddly quiet, public environment.

Rob Zoellner: Who’s like dusty and moves slow.

Jeff Rant: Right. You’ll get the journal and make a copy.

Clay Clark: There’s never been a better time to start a business but these are the sort of pseudo fake injuries that you come up with. I’ll give you an example, back in the day Z if you were a farmer, right-

Rob Zoellner: Can I go down to the farm? Is this a-

Clay Clark: If you were a farmer back in the day, right? So this is the situation. So you have to till the soil, right?

Rob Zoellner: I like tilling the soil!

Clay Clark: So you gotta till the soil. Now the second step you want to do is you want to go ahead and sow that seed.

Rob Zoellner: I want to plant it. I want to put that down in the dirt.

Clay Clark: Now the third move you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna water that seed.

Rob Zoellner: Oh yeah.

Clay Clark: And that fourth business coach move is by about July thigh high, you get that corn going. You want to go ahead and get that harvest time, right?

Rob Zoellner: Come on now.

Clay Clark: But then you go, my ankle hurts! Cleatus, my ankle hurts. I feel like I got carpal tunnel man.

Rob Zoellner: Well, you don’t get carpal tunnel in your ankle, Cleatus. That’s on your wrists.

Clay Clark: But no, people today who are working in an office environment going, “I got carpal tunnel in my wrist I can’t motivate myself to type. What tips do you have?” This is what I would say if you worked in my office and I know it will offend you, but we have a little coffee bar here, Z.

Rob Zoellner: Yeah.

Clay Clark: And I used to say it at the other place when we had a coffee bar as well but I always offer people a nice warm glass of shut the h up. ‘Cause I don’t care.

Rob Zoellner: Shut the door!

Jeff Rant: Yeah.

Clay Clark: No, ’cause seriously if I don’t feel like doing something I still do it because I know that inspiration is the reward. But some people they make up these things like, “I just don’t want to type, my wrist hurts, my back hurts.” Or they’ll say, “The timing’s not right.” Or here is the new one I’ve heard, “What would you do Clay if you just fear success? You just fear success.” I don’t know what to tell you. You just gotta do it. Jeff, what would you say medically speaking, psychologically speaking as a psychologist speaking to a business coach, to somebody who says, “I fear success.”

Jeff Rant: Well, I would say that there’s no real growth and it’s just an excuse. There’s no real growth unless you delay gratification for a higher good and you have done this in your life. Clay, I was talking to you today and you say you get up at 2:30 in the morning.

Clay Clark: True.

Rob Zoellner: That’s crazy.

Jeff Rant: I get up at 3:45 and I thought I was doing good.

Clay Clark: I’m not trying to get competitive with it. I just realized that my body needs five and a half hours of sleep and recently, as these workshops have grown, what’s exciting is that through growth, right? As you start to grow, you gain strength through struggle and I’ve realized that in order for me to prioritize physical fitness with the new … You know, we have a two hour radio show, which is everyday, which is about three to four hours of prep for it every two hours. So now you have six hours of your schedule that’s no longer there so you know, I go to bed at 9 o’clock and get up at 2:30 and it works.

Jeff Rant: Well the reason why is because you’ve created a feeling of success that feeds you and you actually want to do it instead of you having to do it. Now I know you’ve gotta get up and move your feet sometimes but bottom line is, you’ve learned that if you delay gratification for a higher good, that higher good is worth having.

Clay Clark: Now Sam I want to ask, our show producer Sam, we finally have mic’d our show producer after many, many shows here so he can talk with the business coach we’ve made the controversial decision-

Rob Zoellner: Well let’s see how this works out. We may … He may not be mic’d much longer. Such a clever young man.

Clay Clark: So Sam, I want to ask you this question. You’ve seen us business coach clients, right? You’ve seen workshop people. You’ve seen people like Tip Top K9 come in here and have big, big success. So talk to us. From your perspective, outside perspective, having witnessed people come in and learn these moves and have success, what are some of the common denominators of the successful … I guess of the success stories for coaching.

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