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Business Coach : Become Successful

Business Coach, Clay Clark: Hey, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio and I’m telling you what today, you are in for a real business coach treat. You are an intelligent Oklahomie. You’re the kind of person– I’ll tell you what kind of person you are. You’re the kind of person– you’re the kind of sick freak who– it doesn’t just accept mediocrity.

 You don’t just say to a business coach “Well, my life, my income isn’t very good because of the president and therefore I’m going to focus all my time on the president because that’s what’s keeping my income down.” No, you are a solution minded person. You are a solution-minded and future-focused person and you have what it takes to become successful because that’s how you view the world.


You realize if your marriage isn’t that good right now, you can learn how to make it better. You realize if your business isn’t that good right now, you could learn how to make it better. You’ve learned to be able accept the things you cannot control. So those situations like my father– again, my name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year. Dad if you’re listening from upstairs and I know you are.

My dad passed away this year from ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease and I know that he’s up there in heaven right now listening with Ted Williams, his a baseball hero and Wilt Chamberlain and the cast of characters. He’s up there. He’s hanging out there. I don’t know if he’s hanging out with Prince or Michael Jackson, he’d probably be a little bit worried about those guys but he definitely will spending time with Ted Williams up there and he’s listening.

Dad if you’re listening, I miss you. I do. I miss you quite a bit and for everybody listening right now, if you’ve ever lost a loved one, you missed that person to right? But you as a person who’s solution minded and future-focused, you’ve realized I got to focus on doing my best and forgetting the rest.

Business Coach 257

Someone should probably write that down. I got to do my best and forget the rest. I got to focus on what I can control and block out what I can’t. Before we left, we were talking about business coaching, the value of a business coach. Now, we’re talking about what makes me specifically Clay Clark and us, Dr. Zoellner and I, qualified to have built a business coaching program. That’s a great question there, you’re putting me on the spot and so I’m going to get into it.

One is I built a company called If you look at, what it was, essentially was, a wedding entertainment service and before I sold it, we were teaching thousands of people how to have a good time at a wedding. People go to a wedding and a lot of times they don’t have any fun. DJ connection was successful because our entertainers would get out there and inspire a crowd of people to have a fun time at a wedding.

But the magic was, is that almost every single one of the disc jockeys that we had at the peak before I sold the company, had never DJed before.

So we had to teach a repeatable system to teach adults how to become a disc jockeys. We also had to market. We had to get the business. We had to go out there and get the– it was a start-up back in ’99 and we had to get the business. We landed the accounts for UPS, for Boeing, we did events for Southwest Airlines. Insert the name of the big company American airlines, QuickTrip, we’ve done all their holiday parties. UPS, like I mentioned, Hewlett-Packard, we’ve done all other entertainment. We’ve done those parties.

Business Coaching So one, we had to learn marketing, had to learn sales, had to learn branding, had to build repeatable systems and it allowed my wife and I to achieve financial success. My whole goal was to build a multi-million dollar business before I was 30 and to hire my dad someday, and at the age of 27, I did that.

And so I sold the business and I ended up getting asked by business owners to help me grow their business. One lady called me and said “Hey my business is stuck. I am currently the only person in my business, my retail shop, who has the mental capacity to– or the skill or the whatever it is, to sell things and I’m so frustrated. How did you do it?” And it all starts with curiosity, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it all start– isn’t self-improvement start with curiosity? Wanting to know; how are they doing that?

Then I had a person reach out to me about their mortgage company. I had a Hewlett-Packard reach out to me for speaking. I had Maytag, O’Reillys, Valspar paint, the paint people Valspar V-A-L-S-P-A-R paint, just some big companies, funeral homes for whatever reason. For some reason I’m a big deal in the funeral home community group called Messenger Services I recently spoke to.

Mortgage companies in Toronto, dermatologists, dentists, roofers, at this point it feels like I’m just naming industries but I’ve worked with almost every kind of industry. Retail, men’s hair, women’s hair, personal training group fitness, fitness gyms and every time I work with the business, when they execute the proven plan, it grows. I’m not a genius. I didn’t you know invent this system. It’s just I documented the systems that were out there and made it executable.

I think it was one thing to observe nature and to observe these business laws. In my man cave and the Thrive studios, I have so many books and I’ve read them all. And when you take all those books and you can distill them into actionable items that people can implement and take and apply it on businesses, that’s a game changer. Because a lot of people are like, “I don’t want to read all of the books that you’ve read, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want my homework to be, go read these 17 books, I’d rather you tell me what to do.”

So as I was Business Coach to other businesses, we grew a company called Party Perfect and it’s now been acquired by Party Pro, it did well. Then I grew a wedding show that was then merged and so people been to a wedding show. I probably had my hand involved in that in some capacity, the Tulsa Wedding Shows, that kind of thing.

We started this thing called the Tulsa Bridal Association which had its own wedding show and that wedding show would be hosted– because I couldn’t get into the other wedding show, in the other wedding show was fully booked out, the one that Vicky Taylor started. You couldn’t get in because it was booked out.

So I said well screw that, I’m going to start my own wedding show. So I started my own wedding show, I grew it to be massive and then we merged it. I started Epic Photography which has gone on to be the largest wedding photography business on the planet and it still exists today. We’ve won all the awards and I never took any photos.

And so the thing is, you have to ask yourself how are you doing it? Well Dr. Zoellner, he started an optometry clinic and then he goes on and he starts an auto auction. He starts a durable medical equipment manufacturer. He starts a sleep diagnostic sleep center. He’s invested in a bank. He acquired a horse ranch and started producing some of the most successful horses out of that thing. I’m just telling you, it’s not that we’re geniuses. It’s because we know the path. We know how to build the proven business systems.

And to make it affordable for you, we decided to coach up a team of coaches that now can help you execute these business systems. Yes, I did as a fact went to Oral Roberts University, yes I was kicked out of Oral Roberts University or asked to leave I guess is the official deal, asked to leave by Oral Roberts University for writing a parody called the ORU Slim Shady that these schools leadership didn’t find me as funny as I did. But Adam Bagwell and I can be heard on that song, you can still find it on YouTube today, the ORU Slim Shady.

It’s well documented I did– asked to leave that college, yes I started a very successful DJ company called Yes, I started a very successful photography company. Yes the Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is very successful. Yes, my consulting PR company, Make Your Life Epic, is arguably– many people say it’s the largest marketing firm in Oklahoma and yes I’ve won the award from the US Chamber of Commerce as being the national Blue Ribbon quality award winner. Yes, I’ve won all the wedding awards.

Business coach speaking:  Yes, I’ve been the entrepreneur of the year for the city of Tulsa as well as the state of Oklahoma. Yes, I’ve won the innovator– the award for one of the fastest growing companies in Oklahoma, but let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you. You qualified to win those awards. You can do it. you need to say it, “I have what it takes to make the money I want to make.”

Say it with me now; “I have what it takes to make the money that I want to make.” Say it with me now, “I’m going to fake it until I’m going to make it.” You can go ahead, this is got a positive affirmation show, “I’m going to fake it until I make it.”

Now here’s the deal, we are teaching you the proven systems, so, our online school is a dollar. Just go to, it is a dollar. It is the best dollar you’ve ever spent and the last hour you just spent buying some random stuff at a convenience store was probably the worst dollar you’ve ever spent because you didn’t intentionally tell your money where to go.

A budget is telling your money where to go not having a budget asking where your money went.

We’re asking you to be intentional about investing in yourself and so we have built the world’s largest best online Business Coach platform, thousands of videos. If you want to learn management, the guy who used to manage Walt Disney World Resorts is the one teaching. I’m sure that he couldn’t possibly understand how tough it is to manage your business right? No, he knows the moves that you need to know, okay? We teach you search engine, marketing if you want to learn public relations, the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson’s estate, you know the singer? [sing] that guy, Prince, right? His PR guy, Charlton Heston, Nike, Pizza Hut, that is the PR guy, Michael Levine is going to teach you PR. Now, when we come back, we are going to talking about what does a coaching relationship look like? What is a relationship with your business coach look like?

Many people have never had a Business Coaching. They’ve never seen a healthy positive relationship with the business coach or a business coach at all, so when we come back, I’ll show you the path to success for your business.


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