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Business Coach : The Best Mentorship

Business Coach : The Best Mentorship

-I know when I first reached out to you, I’ve gone in my relationship with you– correct me if I’m wrong– but I feel like I went from the harassing guy that wouldn’t quit calling you, to the guy that you were kind of curious about why does this guy want to meet with me? To then the guy that you used some time to help me and then we’ve built, and I think to this point now, I consider you to be a friend and a business mentor. But it took awhile to get there. With help from a business coach.

-Well, you know, that’s kind of like life.


-People are worth more than a one shot.


-You know, you’re building something. You’re building something with a long-lasting persona around it.


-And so that’s why the first meeting is so important to set you up for the second one, and to the third one, in those type. And then again, you always want to be mindful of the time. If you say, I want 15 minute of your time, don’t take an hour.

-So I guess the closing thought here on the business coach, after you’ve met with the mentor, do you recommend we send a handwritten note to say thank you for your time? Or a courtesy email or anything like that?

Do you feel like you should do to stay in touch with that business coach so you do build that relationship? Kind of every couple months you stay in touch? Or what would you recommend I do if I want to bridge the gap from being this acquaintance who met that mentor one time.

-I think sustainable relationships requires physical evidence of connectivity. And that can–

-Can you repeat that? That was awesome. You said–

-The sustainability of relationships requires repeated connectivity. Is that what I said?

CLAY CLARK: It was awesome. We have it on tape.

-Maybe they got it on tape.

-We have it on tape. It’s like John Madden. We’re going to pause it, circle it. We’re going to– awesome.

-I think sustainable relationships requires physical evidence of connectivity. But yeah, your personality will dictate what you do, but doing something consistently is an important thing.

Some people, a note would be just great. For some people, call him for lunch when you have nothing to do but talk about the game or something. You’re not drilling them for questions and answers, you’re just thanking them for sharing their humanity with you.

-Well, I realize my last question here is kind of an impossible question, but I’m going to go for it anyway. Is there an overall mantra or underlying principle that you suggest that I and every entrepreneur should live by? Kind of your core philosophy, is there a core underlying philosophy, maybe a book, maybe a principal of which that I should rest my head upon, or a series of some ideas here?

-I would say, sustainability is the big word for me, because if you’re putting forth effort you want to sustain that effort over long periods of time. So I think every entrepreneur should focus on building a solid relationship bridge.




CLIFTON TAULBERT: Sustainability of your efforts. Because you’re going to expend efforts and you don’t want them to fizzle out.


-You want those efforts to be sustained. And what brings about that sustainability will be the relationships that you build and maintain.

-That’s huge. That’s huge. I appreciate you more than you know for taking your time to take me from the guy who harassed you, to kind of a business colleague guy, and to a guy you continue to mentor. And I just appreciate your time more than you know. So thank you again for being here.

-It has been a pleasure.



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