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Business Coach : Only The Best

Business Coach : Only The Best

-There’s, I guess, that the whole nine to five, it’s hard to get a lot done. You’ve got to have some extended hours in order to really achieve and do something. Right? I mean, you can’t just be a nine to five-er and be an entrepreneur.

-No. Oh, no, no, no. You know, I kind it funny because a lot of times when I’m leaving my office on Friday, and people are in the elevator, and they’re very excited. And said, oh, it’s the weekend!

-Weekend, baby!

-I and always just kind of say, oh, yeah, good deal. But that really doesn’t mean a lot to me because my days are not set on if it’s Friday or Saturday. It’s have I got what I needed to get done. And if I need to get something done, then I just have to get it done the next day.

-You know, what I’ve discovered is for me, if you’re watching this, if you can find your passion and pursue something that you’re excited about going for.


-I don’t ever really consider my day at work. I mean, it’s hard. I do things I don’t want to do.


-But I don’t really look for that weekend.

-Right. Exactly. I’m the same exact way. Even holidays. I mean, I love the holidays, obviously, to spend time with family and stuf f but–

-Oh, you have the same problem I have. Here we go.

-I enjoy doing what I do. And like you said, it’s work. And this is what I tell young people all the time, anyone that’s watching, find something you’re passionate about because work is work. But if you are passionate about it, it’s like, this is what you do. This is what I do. I solve problems for people. I create solutions. That’s what I do for a living. That’s what I like to do. And when I leave here today, when I get home, I’m going to be thinking about the solutions I can solve for somebody. Because that’s what I do. As a business coach.

-So, let me ask you this here, then. You’re waking up early, but you’re saying, some creative people have to stay later. That’s kind of their zen time, or their peak time. How do you organize your day, though? Because I see a lot of people– this is what I see. This is what I see here. I see a lot of clients that come and they hire me to come and work as their consultant. And they have a list of, let’s just say, 20 things that they need to get done today. 20 things.

And I always tell then, you start off by asking, what needs to be done? Then we ask ourselves, who needs to do it? And then we ask ourselves, when? And that’s basically my process. And if it’s a big task, I’ll ask myself, how long will it take? And then we have to schedule it. Because it all has to fit into this day timer. It all has to fit in this, in your case, 6:00 to 6:30, we have to fit our whole day in here. Right?

But I see people that don’t write anything down, and I’m wondering, how are you able to get anything done? How do you stay organized? Do you use your phone or computer?

-Man, I use a team concept.

-Team concept.

-I need a team to stay organized. I’m all over the place, naturally. I almost have a little touch of the ADD. So, if I don’t use a team concept– and what I mean by that, as soon as we talk, if I talk to someone, I try to put it in my phone.

-So, that’s kind of your weakness. Everyone has weakness. And you’re saying you need a team to help you?

-Absolutely. I absolutely need a team. Because what happens if I don’t– if we talk, and if I don’t put it right here at the same time and write myself a note, put it on my calender, send it to my wife, send it to my assistant, send it to my computer, my desktop– I’m going to forget about it. Send it to my business coach.

-The reason why I ask if it’s a weakness is because a lot of entrepreneurs– in college we actually got grades based on our ability to memorize large amounts of information.


-But in the world of entrepreneurship, I have found that really it’s not about how much you can memorize. It’s about if you can find it later. A business coach can help with this.


-It’s about how quickly you can access the information. I’ve always found that entrepreneurs– I don’t even know what I did sometimes for the day. My wife says, what did you do today? I don’t know. I just have a big list.


-Let me go see what it was.

-Exactly. I’ve been there.

-OK, so putting it on paper. Or putting it in the phone. You recommend that.

-Oh, absolutely. I recommend having a list every day. And I can honestly say the days that I stick with my schedule– because we all get off sometimes. But a business coach helps!


-I feel much better at the end of the day. Because, for me, I like to know that I was productive. If I can look back and say, oh, OK, I get these seven things marked off, that makes me sleep better.

-Are there any apps you use? Phone apps? Any specific things used to keep track? Is it Google? Use Google Gmail? What do you use to keep track of your day timer and your to do lists?

-Well, on my phone, I will email myself. I put it on my calendar. And on my calendar it can say invite a guest. And always place my wife, because two reasons. Number one, I like for her to know where I am, because I’m always moving around. And number two, she can remind me. Like, if I’m at home, and she says, wait a minute, don’t you have this thing you need to be getting going, something like that.

And I also send an invite to my assistant, so it can be on her calendar. So she can do the same thing. And then I send the invite to my desktop computer. I’m known to sometimes be at my desk working, not have the phone on me, forgetting about something, but it might pop up on my screen, hey, you need to get somewhere in 15 minutes. Like a personal assistant. A business coach would recommend this.


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