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Business Coach : Get A Better Education

Business Coach : Get A Better Education

-A final question for you. If I’m watching this right now– let’s say I’m working at a restaurant or I’m starting at some entry-level job, which, we’ve all been there. I had those jobs. I worked in construction, and I worked at Applebee’s. I was the worst waiter in the history of Applebee’s.

-Get a better education, that way you can get a better job. Get a better education from a business coach. 


-What would you tell us right now? It’s a little bit negative, though. You’re feeling a little negative, feeling a little down. What advice would you have to me? Just log onto Thrive, maybe this is the first thing they see. What advice would you have? What encouragement would you have for somebody’s who’s struggling financially, struggling emotionally to kind of stay positive?  A business coach can help to answer these questions.

-Attitude. You’ve got to have the right attitude to say, it’s going to get better. I got to find ways to get better. How are you going to get better– how are you going to get better? You talk to people. Share what you have, your thoughts.

And I tell my daughter all the time, if you don’t want to work this job, it’s not paying enough money, then you need to go back to school and finish and get your degree. And now you can apply to a different job. Because they want to see, oh, I see you finished high school. OK.

Three years of college? You didn’t finish? Oh, OK. And your first job, oh, your first job was– oh, you stayed there two months. Oh. So they recognizing that you never finish anything.

So have the right attitude. And finish this job you’ve got. While you’re working on it, go back to school if you need to finish your education. That would take you to the next level. And have the faith that you can do it.

-Paul, you are a great American–


– –and a connoisseur of really fine foods and smoked turkey legs. And I’m saying this in sort of a prophetic, sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in the future–

-It’s going to happen.

– –I will be be eating one of your smoked turkey legs. I am excited about this.

-Without a doubt, it’s going to happen.

-I love America. Thank you so much, my friend.

-Thank you, sir. I appreciate you.




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