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This has been transcribed for the business coach program at and Clay Clark.

Business Coach 119

As an example, here’s an example. Have you ever been to Target. Can you picture the last time you went to Target? Think about this. You go to Target and the last time you were at Target they probably had something on sale. Probably everything’s on sale, by the way. I just bought TV’s this weekend from Hahn Appliance. Okay, so I go into Hahn and there’s two TV’s, they’re 49″ LG TV’s, I think. LG TV’s. Two 49″ LG TV’s for the office. I go in there to buy those TV’s and when I buy those TV’s it says they’re on sale. Of course they’re on sale. There’s always something on sale. There’s never a time where something’s not on sale. Have you ever been … Am I the only one who goes into Hobby Lobby and notices that everything is always on sale. That sale that’s going to end on Saturday because they’re not open on Sundays, we have to buy the thing. We gotta buy the clock that says “Blessed is our God.” We gotta buy the clock that says, “Mary had a little-” they’re very Christian Hobby Lobby kind of phrases like, “Blessed are the persecuted” or, “Success is a choice.”

I don’t even know if you’d find one like that at Hobby Lobby. You’d probably find one at Hobby Lobby that says “For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son.” Something like that. They [inaudible 00:21:25] realize you’re not going to buy that. You’re not going to buy those encouraging words. Those scripture verses that are somehow painted on a beat up rustic clock that we know that was manufactured overseas but we somehow are enthralled, we have to buy that beat up clock that looks aged but it’s really not. You want to buy that clock but we can’t buy that clock, we just can’t motivate ourselves to do it unless we feel like there is a special.  You also won’t find one at Total Lending Concepts your source for everything mortgage. 

For some reason once there’s a special we then start to say things to our wives and our husbands. We say [inaudible 00:21:58], they say, “How much was the new truck.” “Oh, baby, I saved a ton of money. I bought this new truck and I saved so much, it was on sale.” “How much was the clock.” “Oh, I saved so much money on that clock. I mean, the clock, I saved, like, $80.”

Well, I don’t know how you do math, but in my mind when you spend money you actually decrease the money you have not increased it. They’ve convinced us thought marketing that saving is a move and a reason why you should buy because [inaudible 00:22:26] are the special that will expire.

These are the kind of moves that a business coach will help you implement. Branding, sales, marketing. When we come back we’re going to teach you more about business coaching and how a business coach can help you build a business that can really work without you physically being present. Stay tuned.

Speaker 5: (singing)

Speaker 3: It could get dangerous today inside the audio dojo of mojo. The world headquarters is typically where we broadcast from but today I’m broadcasting from the man cave. A place where earning, learning and burning never stop. Can’t stop won’t stop. We recently, just a few minutes ago, the fire has gone out and I must go out there in between breaks and rekindle the flame. You remember how Oral Robert University was known for, and they still have the flame that never stops burning. That’s kind of how I view it, I don’t know what it is, I’m not sure I’m afraid of, I just feel like if we’re not burning something, bad things are going to happen. I just really, really enjoy man burning.

Today we’re talking all about business coaching. Specifically why do you need a business coach. Do you need a business coach. What we’re talking socially about how does a business coach work.

Step number five, business coach helps you build a business that really works without you but for you. I don’t know that people understand what that means so I’m going to assume that you’ve never seen it before. Before I had seen Dr. Zoellner build a business that worked for him I had never seen it up close. Let me just talk about Dr. Z for a moment. He deeply cares about all of the patients and he deeply cares about the people who work with Dr. Robert Zoellner and associates. In fact, if you go to his holiday parties, you will see an army of people that have worked with him for a long, long time. You’re going to see hundreds of people there, many of which have worked with him for over 10 years.

He obviously cares about employees. People don’t stick around if they don’t think the boss cares, right. Also, he deeply cares about his own time freedom, and his financial, and his family’s time freedom more than anything else. He cares about his family’s financial freedom and his family’s time freedom more than anything else. The business has been clearly built to help the business work without him.

His optometry clinic, when you go in there, you’ll probably never be greeted by him. You’ll probably never be seated by him. He’ll probably never answer your phone call. I doubt that he’s going to go, “Can you see better now? Can you see better now?” You know that little thing that they do where they put the little … The blow a puff of air in your eye.

My wife used to do that when my wife worked at his facility when she was 19 years old. He won’t pretest the eye, he’s not going to be going over the chart going, “Well, it looks like you have a little bit of a this and a that. Can you see better now? Can you see better now?” He’s not going to sit down with you and help you choose the right glasses for your face type. What he does is he has built a system that allows him the time freedom to do this.

This is how you know if this is not you. If this is not you, if you’re not to that level where you’ve built a business that works for you this is how you know.  Get a business coach to help you. 

It’s where you get stuck where you, personally, are making most of the decisions. You generate most of the business. You are meeting with most of the key clients. You are in charge of everything. Even if you somehow disappeared for a vacation for like a weekend. You are the one who has to do every conference call and there’s constantly things breaking and falling apart when you’re not there.

The question is, how do you build a system like that? How do you do it? Well, what you want to do is you want to work with a business coach that will help you to build a linear business process. A systematic linear workflow. Like a blueprint, right? Like a blueprint for a house, that’s the next example. My wife and I, years ago, we built a house at 111th and Memorial in the neighborhood called Silverwood. If you lived there during that time in American history I’m apologizing for all the times that I violated the HOA rules, repeatedly. I always tried to apologize before I broke the rule and then after I broke the rule as a way to let everybody know that I really cared. We moved out of the neighborhood now so we’re no longer having that problem.

We built our house and you meet with the builder. You tell him what kind of wood floor you want. You tell him what kind of cabinets you want. You tell him what kind of trim you want. The builder kind of becomes your business coach. You tell him all these things you want. And then he makes, he comes back and a builds a plan, and they usually have a nifty name for it like, “We call this the Bonaparte.” And you’re like, “Okay, cool. Okay, cool.” They have epic names for paint. My son’s on the show today listening in here. His 9 year old mind is absorbing it all. They name the paint after a bizarre animal. They’ll call the paint, “This is doe skin. This is the doe skin paint.” Rather than calling it brown, they’re going, “This is the doe skin.” And they come back and you say, “So, let’s look at the plans.” They go, “Well, let me pull out the Bonaparte.” And they have a big old huge blueprint they roll out for you. They roll it out, “Okay, this right here is the Bonaparte. This will allow you to live life at the fullest. You’ll have a beautiful dining area that you can walk in and enjoy time with family around the dining table.” And I’m going, “I’ve never had a dinner in a dining room other than the holidays.” “You’ll be in there all the time.”

“Then you have what we would call, right here when you first walk in, this is the office. This is a great place for your family, you can work while still being at home.” The entire time I’m thinking, “I actually have 5 kids, do you know how that works. I mean, typically one of them is pooping or is upset. One is touching the other person. One is like, ‘Stop touching me.'” When you have kids under the age of 12, let alone 5 kids. Someone’s always touching somebody, someone’s always leaving a metallic toy in your “office.” Yeah, yeah. We’ll see how much work gets done in my office.

Then you go up and then they go [inaudible 00:29:19], “Up here this is the theater room. The prices of movies today have gone up so much. I mean to see a good movie now at Warren Theater it’s like $14. We put in this $3,500 room. You can watch all of your DVDs and all your Netflix and all.” They kind of sell you on that plan, right?

Then you say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, home skillet. That’s not the plan that I want here. Here’s the plan I want.” You go back and forth, you bat it around, pretty soon you decide on a plan. You agree on a plan. By the way, the guy that we used to build our house the first time, who was awesome, awesome. This guy is great. If you’re trying to build a house in Tulsa, use this guy. Rob Brewer with Spartan Construction. He’s still in business, he’s still around. Use Rob Brewer. That guy was awesome.


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