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Business Coach : Business Decisions

This is content written by a business coach  for the Thrivetime Show.

Business coach decisions aren’t the most pleasant at times. As an entrepreneur,many different hats are worn. You are the accountant. You are the marketer. You are the janitor, sometimes. Because of this, you need to invest in business coach for your business. Coaching brings experience as well as the right moves. They will show you exactly what you need to do to create time freedom and financial freedom. The best resource to find information is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, can be reached at 855-955-7469


The first step to creating time freedom is documenting your business. Let’s go through an example. Business has started. Customer service, sales calls, and everything else has been set up. Because you set up everything, you are convinced that nobody else can do it as well as you can. First, business is slow. It takes time to get larger and accumulate more customers. Because of this, you rely on yourself. Next, your business starts to pick up. You are getting a little bit overwhelmed, but working 55 hours a week really isn’t that bad. Even though you would like to only work about 30 hours a week, you make the sacrifice because “this is how it has to be as an entrepreneur.” You keep pushing and working. Before you know it, you work 80 hours a week because you still have the same mentality that nobody else can do as good of a job that you do. This is where documenting your business comes into play with business coach.

You say, “how am I supposed to document my business?” The answer is: Anything that can be repeated should be written down. For example, let’s take your sales calls. When you jump on a call, you can close the deal usually 100% of the time. There are exceptions, but at this point you’re pretty skilled at what you do. There is a way to still get the closing rate that you did before. A script needs to be written out, by you, for other people to use. The script will be rough at first. Over time, the script will be tweaked enough that anyone can close a deal. Documenting your business can be through checklists. Documenting your business can be through workflows. Again, anything repeatable in your business can be documented. At first, this can be overwhelming. don’t worry, you do not have to document your business all at once. When you are going along in your every day, when you see something repeatable, document. Have an employee document it. Business Coach will teach you this.

Allowing your business to be documented, makes hiring available for character. You do not want your employee positions to require skill. Obviously, you need employees with a hard-working mentality. This is where you hire for character. Character can learn anything. If you have your business documented, the greatest people, and loyal people, will be available to hire for your business. Your business will run smoother and faster than ever before. Not every employee is going to stay forever. When you hire skill, your business will be in trouble when they leave. When you hire for character, the position is replaceable.

Time freedom is only one aspect, of many, that coaches help with. You want to find the right coach for your needs. Get support in every area of your business. The greatest resource for business help is though the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark drops knowledge bombs left and right at 855-955-7469.

Business Coach : Free Consultation.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s say you are an expert in laying tile. Because you are an expert in laying tile, would you imagine that you could build the whole house yourself?  Ridiculous, right? Ok, so you’re smart enough to know you personally cannot build the whole house yourself. So then, what do you do,  do you find someone to lay the foundation? And then,  do you look to hire someone to build the frame, install plumbing, wire the electrical , paint, put in flooring until the house in complete?  You could, but why would you when it would cost you way more money and time and research to do all that. Why not use the services of a builder, who has a team of experts in each of the areas that’s needed to build a house?  Smart right?  It also saves a lot of time, money, and frustration leaving you more time for what’s important in life. That is exactly why you use the business coach services of Thrive 15 to build your company. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 for a free 30 minute consultation. Check out Thrivetimeshow.Com for a complete list of their services.

Just as I made plain above that you do not build a house yourself  just because you are an expert in one area. I also pointed out how ridiculous it would be for you to hire each contractor separately for each job and that it would amount to an enormous cost on your part if you decided to do this. Wisdom says to hire a builder who has a team of experts. Wisdom also says when building a business ,hire a builder of businesses who has a team of experts. Don’t use the services of a business coach who can “possibly” help you in one or two areas, leaving you grasping at straws to find others to fill the gaps in building your business. Go to the only company out there in the business building business. Thrive 15, business coaching with an edge.

Thrive 15 is a one stop business coach company. Does that make it sound a little like Walmart?  I don’t mean to. Though it is extremely affordable like Walmart, that is its only likeness. Thrive 15 was created by Clay Clark   He is passionate about excellence. His passion for excellence, means his team is a group of men and women who excel in their field of expertise.

Thrive 15 offers, with a very affordable  membership, the services of copywriting all the way to franchising. You can go to their website at the and see everything they have to offer. Using Clay Clark’s coaching services, you will find you will be able to grow your business 7 times faster.  You then will have the freedom of time to do what is most important to you. It is a win win combination.

Businesses such as Barbee Cookies and Dunrite Plumbing, among many others, used Thrive 15. They found with the expert services of Thrive 15 they were able to grow big fast.  With these amazing results don’t you want to look into Theive 15?. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 for your roadmap to success. Visit the Thrivetime Show for answers to all your business questions.


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