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Business Coach : Business Investment

Business Coach : Maximize Your Business Investment

This is business coach content is written for the world’s most successful business coaching radio show, The Thrivetime Show.

If you have been struggling with decisions in your business, allow a business coach to help you out.  Has it been difficult to figure out what to invest in? If so, you need to invest in the only smart option for your business. The single most greatest investment you can do is business coach. Investing in a program allows you to gain expertise, accountability, and an easier path to your goals. You need to find a business coach who has resources about business growth and study them. The only resource you need is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark hit every area about business with truth and facts. They love to answer questions at 855-955-7469.

Gaining expertise is very smart for your business through business coach. Business success has been achieved before. Because of this, coaches have done the research and mimicked the success of other owners. Not just any owners, they have mimicked the success of the top guys. Believe it  or not, there is a formula for business. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in. You will have different ‘numbers’ to plug into the formula, but it is all the same. You can waste your time trying to figure out the formula for your business, or you can hire a business coach to take that load off of you. Don’t waste your time researching when someone has already been through the experience of business growth. You want them to have experienced it first hand. Also, look for coaches who have implemented the formula in other businesses. Clay Clark, at, is the greatest coach in the United States. You can see his success through Barbee Cookies, Sprik Realty, Trinity, Quiktrip, Total Lending Concepts, and so many more.

Accountability is a major key to business success. When you answer to yourself, you may get distracted from your goals. Excuses will flood in overtime. The excuses might seem small at first, but it will add up. After a while, it will prolong your success by a long yard. Investing in business coach will no longer allow you to give excuses. A deadline for each task has to be met. Your agenda each week will keep you on the path to your goals.

Investing in a coach will allow you in easier path to success. Business coaches have experience. They have made many mistakes while trying to grow their business. Because of this, you will not start at ground zero where they did. You have an extreme advantage for your business success. Having this advantage will allow you to achieve your goals faster. Achieving your goals faster means gaining time and financial freedom. You will be able to work as long, or short, as you want and have the amount of income you desire.

Missing out on the opportunity to invest will setback your goals. Use strategic action in your daily life. Business takes dedication and determination. Don’t quit when the fire goes out. You know, the fire that keeps you motivated to work everyday. Have pig headed determination everyday. If you don’t know what ‘pig headed determination’ is, go check out the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, would love to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.

Business Coach – Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Clay Clark, visionary,self-starter, entrepreneur extraordinaire has started many businesses from the ground up. Something Clark found as he was building these businesses was that he was not an expert in every field that he needed to be to make his business the best they could be.  He had to use outside sources just to meet his business needs. He went to one source for website design and another source for copywriting and yet another source for branding. You get the picture. He found he was spending a lot of money between all these companies just to get his dream up and running. No business Coach offered everything he needed.  Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469. Visit the Thrivetime show and see what all he has to offer.

Clark never stands still. He’s never stagnant. He saw this pattern as a problem. The solution to this problem was to round up all these sources and put them under one roof, under one name and that was the birth of Thrive 15, business coach with an edge. You will not find another comprehensive business for entrepreneurs anywhere else.

Thrive 15 is a business all about business coach. When you bring your vision to Thrive 15 you will need their expertise in one or two or all areas. He doesn’t have to turn you away. The reason he doesn’t have to turn you away is because all your needs for your business can be met at Thrive 15. There is no other coaching business for entrepreneurs like this out there.  Check it out on his website at the

To say that he is not an expert in all these areas does not mean to say that he doesn’t know what your needs are. He can look at something and say you need some graphic design here. You may need someone to do your web layout, an expert in that field is on staff at Thrive 15. When hiring employees he only hires on A and B employees. He writes all about this in his book “Will Not Work for Food”. If you have employees, this is the book that you really should read. He covers topics about dumb and dishonest employees. Hiring only A and B employees. He says you should inspire the people you hire. Commonsense is no longer commonsense.

. He says management is the same as mentorship. Another chapter deals with candor. He says you have to inspect  and never expect your employees to do what you say. He ends the book stating that you choose to win or lose. There’s a very good reason for him to say this. He has the company that offers everything you need at an extremely affordable price. There is no reason for you to lose or fail at your business. His passion is to help entrepreneurs like yourself become a success and become financially independent and stable. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469. Visit his radio talk show The Thrivetime Show for more information.


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