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Business Coach : Business Owner Success

This business coach transcript and content is written exclusively for the Thrivetime Show.

Consider this business coach scenario: Imagine the pilot of a plane leaving the cockpit to work in coach to serve you your drinks. Wouldn’t you wonder who was doing his job? Who was flying the plane?  Isn’t he the one who is trained to fly it? I would think it would be a bit dangerous if that were to happen. Hopefully it never will happen. Still, he cannot do every job on the plane and still do what he does best. To fly a plane, you have a whole team of people. The ground crew who see to the outside of the plane, the mechanics- who keep it running, the luggage handlers, the stewards,-who see to the passengers. You have those who fill it with gasoline, and some who work in the airport kitchen so you have food and drinks during your flight. As a business owner, you also need a team to get your company off the ground. Clay Clark, founder of the business coach company- Thrive15,855-9557469, has put together a team of mentors and business coach specialists just for you. You can listen In on the Thrivetime Show and hear him and his cohost volley shots back and forth about all things business and business coaching.


For that plane to run smoothly and at its optimum, you need a dependable crew who only do their specific job and none other. This frees them from the pressure and stress of doing too much and leaves them free to do their job with care and expertise. The same goes for a launching a business. You need a crew where each skilled person only does one job. This frees them to perform with excellence and on time. Nothing is rushed because they find they have too much to do. Thrive 15 is set up like this. It is a business coach company that has a team of experts in each area of business.

Thrive 15 has specialists waiting to work for you in graphic design, franchising and every area your business has a need. That is how business coach company should operate. You check the web and see if you find one. Thrive15 is the only one who offers all these services under one roof. Clay Clark is the founder and visionary behind this idea.

You bring your business to Clay Clark.  He will correctly assess it and point out your strengths and weaknesses. His team find your greatest competition and find their weaknesses. Then they develop a strategy to make you the best and stand above your competition. Sound smart?  There a whole host of opportunities for you with a membership to Thrive 15. Go to and see what opportunities Clark offers.

Join the list of happy clients and join forces with Thrive 15. Boeing, Farmers Insurance, IBM, and many many more say they are satisfied customers. You can verify this and Clay Clark says you should.  Always verify, never take someone at their word. Give Clay Clark a call at 855-955-7469 and tell him about your business dreams. In the meantime you can listen to him on his radio the Thrivetime Show any day of the week.

Business Coach : Succeed Not Fail.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Investing in your business is a tough choice at times. The choice between two investments can be the difference of tripling your profits in a year, or taking the longer route to success. There are no certainties in life, but what if I told you, you have a choice of bringing your odds higher for success. Every business owner would rather have their efforts succeed than fail. What if there was a way to cut your business error in half? I have good news for you, there is. The single greatest investment for your business is business coach. They bring experience and a faster route to success. The passion of a coach is to see you and your business succeed. For more explanation on this, visit the best coach in the United States. Clay Clark, co-owner of the Thrivetime show, has an enormous amount of business growth information.

Business coach brings experience to your business. A coach has built their own business. Sometimes, they have built multiple businesses themselves. Not only have they successfully built theirs, they have built countless other businesses as well. Because of this, the experience they obtain is immeasurable. With their business, they started at step one and worked very hard to be successful. You can start at step seven by investing in a program. The programs are affordable and pay off significantly well because of the profit increase you will experience. Working with a coach will allow you to be ahead. When starting a business, you don’t know the most efficient way to grow and be successful. Working with a coach will give you that exact information. This will cut the bumps in the road by half and double your profits.

Even with experience, running a business takes a lot of work. It is dedication to be successful. Invest in business coach because they have studied the most successful business owners. It is important to mimic what really successful people do. Mimic them because they are not normal. Because they are not normal, they soar in business growth. You can google what successful people do differently. For example, successful people set goals and achieve them. They do not make excuses for why they didn’t get finished. This brings me into the next point.

Successful people have mentors and accountability partners. After a while, it is very easy to talk yourself out of the tasks you need to complete for a day. Because of this, your business suffers. Success will not come as fast when you give in to your excuses. A coach acts as a great accountability figure in your business life. They will not accept the excuses you give them. With them, business will run smoother, and business will obtain goals two times faster.

Do not prolong your success. Doing this will cause your goals to be in the far future. Reach the desired goals in half the time with half the bumps. Having a coach will not magically make growing a business easy. Business growth will still take plenty of hard work. Get the right resources for your growth. The best coach in the United States, Clay Clark, will direct you in the path to your dreams. Call him at the Thrivetime Show at 855-955-7469.


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