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Business Coach : Busy Business

This content is written by business coach, Clay Tiberius Clark for the Thrivetime Show.

Here’s a proposition from a business coach for you: Ever wonder how Walt Disney, Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) Nestle, Starbucks , Apple, General Electric, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Lowes got to be where they are today?  They had to start somewhere. They started small just like you. Most worked for other companies. Sam Walton lived in the country and opened a very small grocery store to meet the needs of those that lived in his very rural area. He expanded his stores, only opening them in rural areas to meet the needs of those people. At that time all stores were in large busy cities and so people had to make the drive in town to buy what they needed. Sam Walton filled a need that no one else saw. His company is now a household name. He has expanded so far, that his stores are now in all major cities and small cities. In fact the larger cities have a walmart every few miles or so. He multiplied his business coaching vision. He did not give up. Renowned business coach, Clay Clark started his first business, DJ Connection, meeting a need no one else saw. He now has many different successful companies. Call Clay Clark, business coach for the entrepreneur, for his proven strategies at 855-955-7469 today. To get answers to your business coach questions, he cohosts a business coaching radio talk show called the Thrivetime Show with Dr Z.


Walt Disney started out working for other companies making animations. His ideas didn’t sell at first, in fact he was turned down by everyone until he came up with an animated mouse which eventually evolved into Mickey Mouse, another household name. Oprah was fired from one of her earlier jobs. Now she is the one hiring thousands of people for her companies. The one opportunity you have that these people didn’t have in their beginnings is the opportunity to work with Thrive 15, Clay Clark’s business coach company.

Thrive 15 takes business coach company does more than take it to the next level. They aimed straight for the top. They offer everything your company needs. Advertising to franchising, and everything in between is what they offer. You can go to their website at the and read everything they offer.

As an entrepreneur, you join the ranks with these household names. Yes, you too can become one. Clay Clark says he can grow your business 7 times faster if you join forces with Thrive 15. His proven strategies and tools of the business create a successful recipe for success. That’s a pretty bold statement. How can he make that?

Clay Clark can make that statement because he has proven it countless times through his own successful businesses and the businesses of others that he has helped. He has helped IBM, Barbee Cookies, Hewlett-Packard to name a few. Each share their success with Thrive 15. Clay Clark invites you to call I’m at 855-955-7469 for a consultation today. Listen in on his Thrivetime Show, where he and Dr Z host cover subject on business from franchising to quitting your day job and everything in between.

Business Coach : Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

If you could put your business several steps ahead, would you do it? Investing is scary at times. Many times, investments are chances taken. Sometimes, the choice between two investments can be the difference of tripling you profits or taking a loss in profits. The greatest way to cut out the uncertainty is to hire a business coach. They have experience and strategic direction. This combination will help you bring your success to a new level. Finding the right business coaching program can be a difficult task. Through research and reviews, you can find the right one! The best business coach in the world, Clay Clark, has the information you need for any type of business growth and organization. Find his Thrivetime Show for great knowledge bombs of success.

You need to invest in business coaching for experience. Coaches have built their own companies from ground zero. Many lessons are learned along the way. This allows your business to start several steps ahead. You will have an advantage over other businesses. They will teach you how to beat your competition, organize your business, and set yourself up for the time and financial freedom you desire. Because someone else has already built a business, it will bring you to your success quicker by investing.

Believe it or not, there is a formula or business grow. It takes hard work. It takes dedication. Even though there are many different industries, the formula for success is the same. Sure, there will be different numbers to plug into the formula. Just because Your business is different from the flower shop business down the road, doesn’t mean there isn’t a specific formula for success. This formula may need a little bit of re-organization, but if you follow it, you will succeed faster. this formula comes from the successful people who have built a business. This formula comes from teachable experiences along the way through business coach.

You want to grow your business. You also want to choose the right investment. Research and reviews must be looked at while choosing a coach. It is very important to find out if the coach knows the strategic moves for business growth. A great way to find out is by looking at their content. Do they deliver content, or do they say they have the secret to success, but don’t deliver it? Great coaches realize that their services isn’t only from the information about success. Great coaches know that coaching is all about accountability, being several steps ahead of their clients, and giving the linear path to growth for a specific business.

Don’t get caught up in the “get rich quick” movement going on. Do research and find the best coach to fit your business. Look for the experience they have been through and who they are teamed up with. Follow their client’s success as well. The best coach in the United States, Clay Clark, will give you all the information about business growth. Call his Thrivetime Show at 855-955-7469 for more information today.


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