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Business coach tips 101:  “Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, “Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to jack squat.”

Business Coach 273

Sort of mean how you ended that there, Z.

Speaker 2: Well, you know, I was just trying to punch it home, you know.

Speaker 1: All right, now.

Speaker 2: His name was actually Jack, so.

Speaker 1: Oh.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Now, here’s the deal Thrivers. No, seriously. If you want to start a successful company, we as business coach ninjas can teach you how to do that. We can teach you the steps that you need to take to build a scalable business as long as you have a real product or service. As long as you’re solving a problem that the world is willing to pay for, and that’s why when I teamed up with Coach Calvert years ago I was so excited because he is legitimately, authentically, credibly one of the top basketball coaches in the region, and all he needed was some systems and those kind of things, so Coach, what advice would you give to the Thrivers listening out there who maybe are currently where you were maybe years before you learned all these systems?

Speaker 4: I’m thinking through it. There’s a few things I did. One is I went in and developed my credibility. I went and got references from college business coach and MBA players that I had trained. College coaches that need me or knew me. Parents that knew me. The second thing I did was I went to everybody. I started marketing to everyone you can think of in my target group like Dr. Z said. I talked to every mom and dad you could find, every kid that I could find I started talking to. I advertised everywhere I could because I was like broke and I had to make things happen immediately.

Speaker 1: Did you make a flyer yourself or did you have a whole team of graphic designers? Did you have … Did you start off immediately with a team of graphic designers?

Speaker 4: I did everything myself and I didn’t know nothing. I found an Apple computer on sale and I went and learned myself how to use the Apple computer. I bought it on sale one night at Best Buy on the sales table, it wasn’t in a box and I took that and I started figuring out how to put my brochures together. I put my references on there. I came up with a program that I wanted to do that I thought I could, you know, make a living off of.

Speaker 1: Where did you get stuck? Where did you find yourself where you said okay, now that I’ve got the few customers, where was the first moment where you said, I am stuck. I do not know what I’m doing.

Speaker 4: One is knowing where to put your advertisement up. Everybody was calling me asking me you want to advertise here and there. It’s like I can’t spend all this money, so I had to figure out first where is my money going to be best used.

Speaker 1: Now, Z, what advice would you have for the Thriver who’s listening who says I don’t know where to spend my advertisement dollars. I mean I don’t know. I’m throwing money here, I’m putting an ad in this magazine, I’m buying an ad, you know, we’re in just two or three commercials on this radio station. I’m doing these mailers. I mean what business coach advice would you have for the Thrivers on a limited budget who really wants to be a good steward of their finances.

Speaker 2: Well, first of all you got to do … You know, if you missed that earlier in the show … Excuse me, I’ve got a little cough today, but if you missed it earlier in the show, you to re-listen to the number 1 business coach show, We have all the shows on there, there’s podcast forms so you can binge listen to all of them. You’re welcome. Now, what we said first of all, once you get your branding down, once you know who your demographics are, in other words, who’s the most likely person to buy, then it’s really pretty simple.

What you do is you go around to radio stations and say I would like to see your demographic reports and they don’t lie about it because they’re hopeful that … They’ll say well, what demographic do you need, and you’re like, no, no, just tell me your demographic reports, tell me young magazine, tell me this, tell me that, and you gather that from all the different sources, so when they call you business coach and say hey spend money here, you say who do you reach and how can you reach them, what’s your reach, how many people are you reaching, I mean people put their eyeballs in this or ears to this, and they have all ways to track this and they know this.

Then what you can do is you can say okay, how much does it cost to spend money here. How much of my demographic am I reaching and how many times am I reaching them, then it becomes a math formula and you say it’s a business coach no-brainer. I’m going to take my limited budget, because we all have a limited budget, I don’t care how big your budget is, it is limited, and you can’t do everything all the time, every time, so what you then do is you say okay this makes the most sense mathematically to do this station or this magazine or this Facebook with these parameters on there or these ads or that ads are actually costs … It makes more sense for me to, you know, spend my money and just try to get on the top of Google.


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