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Transcribed for the business coach program at

Announcer 1: And now broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters.

Announcer 2: Let’s go!

Announcer 1: Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist, and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zellner, and the former Small business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive time show. 3-2-1, Boom!

Clay: All right t-town, green country. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio, my name is Clay Clark, the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and business coach, sent here on a mission to help mentor millions. This is the number one business coaching show on the planet, and Z, according to the ratings, apparently you’re sending me an email, you very rarely email. You sent me an email and you said, “Clay, we are now Tulsa’s number one business radio show. You really got my day started off nicely, my friend.

Z: Yeah, I like positive things and right now, I tell you what, if you’re watching on Facebook Live, you’re probably saying to yourself, “What just happened?”

Clay: What just happened?

Z: What just happened? Because the guys, and I’m assuming Sam the lumberjack probably had something to do with this. I walk in today, and everything’s flip flopped.

Clay: It’s a-

Z: I feel like I’ve been handed a left set of golf clubs and said, “Go play 18 holes,” and I’m right handed.

Clay: I would describe myself as OCD. I don’t know if you describe yourself that way. But I will just tell you, it is a little bit stressful when things are moved around for me. When you touch my stapler, it kind of –

Z: – [crosstalk 00:01:33] Yeah, that moved all my stuff. I just got my Dayquil, and my ice and my pen, so I’m good. I think I can make it through the show.

Clay: That’s all I need. This lamp, that’s all I need.

Z: It’s a great day. The box that rocks is still going to … You know, we’re still going to rock it.

Clay: Oh yeah.

Z: Even though we’ve had the flip flop. All the little stuff going on. You’ve got all the new monitors. All this kind of craziness going on, so we’ll try to solider through the day.

Clay: We’re pushing through the changes in the name of increased audio quality, by each and every guest we have on the show. That’s the idea. We want to get that audio quality to a perfect level, when we have great guests on like Mr. Jeff Rindt. Jeff, how are you, my friend?

Jeff: I’m good Clay, how are you doing?

Clay: I’m doing excellent there. I’m doing excellent. Let me ask you, for anybody who is not familiar with you and what you do, what exactly does the Jeff Rindt Foundation, what are you doing there, Mr. Jeff?

Jeff: [00:02:30]Well, thanks for asking. We’ve been doing a lot in the early days counseling in Tulsa. We had a counseling practice. A lot of families, a lot of kids and that kind of stuff. But lately, in the last five years, we’ve headed towards emotional intelligence testing, and then taken that to business. Which has really been fascinating, because we can show you how when you take a test, every time you improve a point, and we’ve got ways of doing that, you make more money, so increase the bottom line.

Clay: And we have Robert Redmond, a business coach with He is on the show today. Mr. Robert, how you doing, my man?

Robert: I am doing excellent, dare I say, sensational.

Z: Yeah.

Clay: Really? Wow. From the root word, “send”, so be careful.

Z: Root word.

Clay: Root word. Root word, okay. Here we go. Robert had a question from one of his clients, he had a Thrive client he’s working with, and this is a design contractor’s, my understanding, Robert, is that correct?

Robert: [00:03:23]It’s a concrete company that does a lot of high-end decorative arrangements. looking to fin d a no-brainer offer. They came in to our business coach meeting with some ideas and i wanted to see what you though. 

Clay: And we’re not gonna mention the specifics of where he’s located or what his business name is, we never divulge into the secrets, but we are gonna answer the question here. So I’m gonna cue up my music here. I’ve got this music ready. I’m so excited. I haven’t got a chance to play this song on the air yet, so here we go.

Z: Yeah.

Clay: Quick reminder for the thrivers and business coach clients out there, make sure to have your pets spayed or neutered at least twice this spring. Nothing says I love you than like, neutering or spaying your animal once and then twice for the two-for-one special here. No, but this just in here. This is a pricing question from a thriver, and this guy writes, he says, “If I can’t change the price of my services, what’s the best way to come up with a no-brainer?” Oh, so we’re talking like a commodity, almost. It’s like he doesn’t have the ability to change his prices. So Z, I’m gonna kinda let you marinée, just kinda marinée.

Z: Marinating!

Clay: Mr. Jeff, I’m letting you kinda marinate. I’m going to go, I’m going to go first. I’m gonna take my stab in helping this thriver because I saw this happened twice in the past year. Both situations blew my mind, so here we go. I go to Caesar’s hotel. Z, have you’ve been to Caesar’s in Vegas before? Have you ever been to Caesar’s?

Z: Yes.

Clay: Okay, so you go there, and there’s these bellman, and for anybody who’s maybe not been to Vegas before, could you kind of explain what it’s like checking into a hotel in Vegas, for maybe someone who’s never, you know, because a lot of Oklahomies, they’ve never maybe seen a hotel like Caesar’s, I mean, what’s that process like? I mean, when you check into a hotel on a busy week.

Z: Well, it depends on your level of, if you have different areas to check in. To be very honest with you, so you have, like a VIP section which is a different experience, but the average person, you show up and you get dropped off and then you get in line and you wait and you check in like every other hotel, I’m trying to-

Clay: See, here’s where I see the difference. I see it in Tulsa. We can check in to the Renaissance hotel.

Z: Yeah.

Clay: And there’ll typically a line consisting of you, so it’s not quite a line, it’s just you and then there’s no one behind you because it’s Oklahoma, and the hotel might be full but there’s not like a line. In Vegas, it’s like a line.

Z: Yeah, there’s a line.

Clay: So there’s a bellman there who looked just like President Obama, and before I could point it out to him, he says, “Hey, do you guys need some help? My name’s Barack Obama”, and he looked just like him. And so I’m like, “Well, yeah.” And so he says, “Well, hey, what room are you in?” Remember, we’re online, every other bellman could’ve probably grabbed our attention, but he says, “What’s your name, what room are you in? My name’s Barack Obama.” And he says, “Here’s my cellphone number if you need something, give me a call, and what room are you in?” Well, I come back from, we went up to see the Boyz II Men concert.

Z: But, so did he help you expediate in a line or did he just give you a cell phone number and want to hook up with you later?

Robert: Yeah, he just thought you were cute.

Clay: Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. That’s a good point.

Z: I guess the former president needs a job.

Clay: Well, let me explain to you what made it great. Is one, he was the only bellman who was kinda branding himself. He chose to reach out. Those other guys were just kinda hanging out. He chose to come up to us, then as I checked into the room, you’re checking in at the front desk there, you go up to your room, once we get up there, he says, “What are you guys into?”, you know, “What kinda stuff are you guys into?” “Oh, okay, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but this show’s awesome. Boyz II Men live’s great. This one, I’m not hearing any good reviews. If you guys ever need something, call me, text me. There’s a huge line everywhere, and if you just text me, I’ll come out right away, boom boom ba business coach boom.”

So anyway, he kinda made it where he was super fun to talk too, but he made himself memorable. He said, “My name is Barack … Obama.” and he always paused at Barack … Obama. And so anyway, when we come back from the Boyz II Men concert, I’m looking for my guy. I’m getting myself up, I’m gonna reach out to Obama, you know? I’m gonna reach out.

Z: Barack … Obama.

Clay: When I get there, there’s another guest getting there, he goes, “Obama!” And he’s like, “Obama!” And then I’m like, really, this guy has- the other bellman are sitting waiting for something to do, and this guy has people coming in going, “Obama!” So the next day I text the guy, trying to get ahold of him, and he’s like, “I am so sorry, I’m booked up, Mr. Clark, totally booked up today.” He’s a bellman, how is he booked up? Like what’s his deal? And then I realized he branded himself.

Z: He must’ve kind of tipped him as much as the others.

Clay: I’m just-

Z: [crosstalk 00:07:37] did you? Give him a little bit of financial reimbursement.

Clay: Yeah, we tipped him very well and the thing is though, is I noticed that he was by far the most busy bellman. You look around the hotel-

Z: Wait a second, how much did you tip him?

Clay: I like to do 5 dollars a bag.

Robert: Oh, that’s why he didn’t call back.

Z: Yeah, that’s why he didn’t call-

Jeff: I think that’s good.

Clay: How much are you-[crosstalk 00:07:56]

Z: You were at the bottom of the thing.

Clay: How much are you doing?

Z: Hey, that kind of bellman, that fancy with the name of Barack … Obama, who is not a business coach. 

Clay: Obama!

Z: And geddy, eddy, and he’s giving stuff out to everybody. I mean, he put you in a category too, he’s like, “Okay, Clay, I put you in there. I’m 5 dollars, Clay.

Jeff: He’s got two Barack Obamas in his phone. He’s that kind of guy.

Clay: All I would just say, is that I went there and I’m looking at other bellmen, just kind of looking at it, and none of these guys seemed busy at all, but that guy seemed super-busy the entire time we were there.

Announcer 3: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time show.

Clay: So my tip for this thriver and all business coach clients would be, one, make yourself an oddity if you are currently a commodity. I would encourage you to make yourself an oddity whenever you’re a commodity. Do whatever you need to do to stand out, and my other little abbreviated story, so as not to hog the time for the price in question, is there was a cab driver in New York. I hopped inside the cab. The cab smelled great and I’m going, “What? Smells great?”

Z: Not like day-old business coach cabbage?

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