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Business Coach Common Successful Traits

Transcription provide for the business coach program at Thrive15

Sam: Are you asking what’s the difference between people who come in here and get a business coach and are successful versus the ones that do not get a business coach?

Clay Clark: Yeah, I mean what do you see it. From your perspective. You see them.

Sam: Basically, the common difference that I see is that the people that are successful are the ones that actually do what they’re told. I know that’s a crazy thought but I mean I’m somewhat of a gym rat and so I always see things through a gym view. So when there’s people that are in the gym and they have a goal set before them, just like with you guys, you have a goal set before your business coach clients. You say this is where you want to be and this is what you need to do to get there, when I see people in the gym they want to get somewhere but they don’t want to do the necessary steps to get there. It takes them forever to get there or they give up because they don’t see that.

So when you guys have clients in here and you tell them what to do and they don’t do it, then they just get encouraged and they give up.

Clay Clark: And that’s why I believe in hiring a personal trainer. i am a business coach. An expert in business. Not an expert in fitness. That’s why I do. That’s why I believe in hiring an attorney, that’s why I do. Because the attorney advises you legally. The accountant advises you with your finances. The fitness coach advises you … Everybody. Work with me on this. Your net worth is determined by your network and you begin to act like the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You begin to act like them and so Dr. Z is such a … And I mean this sincerely. He’s such a radiant light of positivity-

Rob Zoellner: Oh, that’s very kind of you, Clay by the way. Thank you to our head business coach. 

Clay Clark: You don’t even need to say it though, it’s just the way you choose to live ’cause since I’ve known you, we’ve gone through ups and downs in our personal life. Who doesn’t, right? But you choose to make it showtime and you bring it everyday. And so Z, for somebody who doesn’t have a positive influence in their life, what advice would you have for them if they begin drifting ’cause everyone around them drifts.

Rob Zoellner: Well here’s what I would tell you to do. Fire those friends and find some positive friends. And I know that sounds easy, but it’s really what you need to do because if you run with the dogs, you’re gonna get fleas.

Clay Clark: But we used to drink heavily together while playing billiards, why can’t we hang out anymore?

Rob Zoellner: Well you can, and I’m sure your billiards game will be fine and you’ll learn about-

Clay Clark: I just bought my new cue!

Rob Zoellner: Yeah but you know what? We’re for the guy that wants to go cash lottery ticket. So for those of you out there that want to cash lottery ticket, surround yourself with positive, great people. People that are more successful than you and I promise you this, high tide raises all votes.

Clay Clark: Stay tuned,

I heard that you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on your radio, which is amazing that I just heard that because you’re listening now, I am listening to you, it’s like we traveled to an alternate time and place in the universe where the space time continuum has somehow allowed me to hear what you’re thinking inside of your cranium. Z, how incredible is that that I can now hear the inner thoughts of our listeners as they have them or even before them?

Rob Zoellner: Well what’s crazy is how many bugs you have out there and how much you can actually videotape and I mean audiotape. I mean it’s amazing you’re catalog of thoughts that you’ve been listening to for years. I mean, I didn’t realize about 20 years ago you had like a bug in my head and you could like replay a thought that I had back then. It’s kind of like a superpower.

Clay Clark: For this example, many of you are listening right now and you’re saying to yourself, “I thought this was business school without the bs. Why is it so weird all of a sudden?” That’s what some of you are thinking and I’m just saying, “Hey, I get it and I’m just like a tractor beam Z was pulling me into that weird vortex that he operates in.” But no, seriously, inside the box that rocks today we are blessed. We have Mr. Jeff Rant, he’s a psychology. He helps people who are going through crises in life or people that need counseling. They need to … They realize they’re not in their right place and we have Coach Calbert who, you talk about coaching, not being a business coach but this guy mentors boys and girls to becoming productive men and women and he’s helped over … I mean, six people play now in the NBA and I think over a hundred play at the division one level. So you talk about success, you’ve had players come in who have now gone on to play in the professional basketball and division one, that’s gotta feel good there coach.

Coach Calbert: Yeah, I’ve learned where countries are ’cause I have a player playing in Luxembourg now.

Clay Clark: Luxembourg, wow.

Coach Calbert: I’ve had players come from Germany. I’ve had players come from Lithuania, Latvia. I didn’t even know that those were countries.

Clay Clark: Do you have any that have been pumped up in Austria?

Coach Calbert: I’ve had one play in Switzerland and one in Austria.

Clay Clark: How close to Thackerville is Latvia?

Coach Calbert: I couldn’t answer that. I have no clue.

Clay Clark: All right no. But seriously, you’re a basketball coach  not a business coach and we’re talking about drifting today … And drifting, if you’re just tuning in, drifting is this weird habit force that not you the listener, you as the listener you do not do this, but Napoleon Hill he wrote this book called Think and Grow Rich and his first step in writing that book was to interview thousands of people who were successful. And thousands of people who were not. I’m not talking about just randos. He hired Mr. Wrigley, you know Wrigley Field, Wrigley Gum, he interviewed Henry Ford, Thomas Edison. And one of the most disturbing patterns he found that 98% he said in his research, 98% of the people he interviewed, were doing and it was causing them not to succeed … So many people that they formed these stupid rallies and parades and they’re arguing on behalf of not being in the top 2%.

I want to get a parade going whatever they’re doing in that 2%, I want to do that. I like to study success. Some people like to complain about success but what happened is Napoleon Hill found out that 98% of people have this thing called drifting where they make a goal and then they don’t do the daily effort needed. So coach, kind of coach us through or walk us through this. You’ve had players who’ve played at the division one and the NBA level, how committed was the player on a daily level to not drifting?

Coach Calbert: It’s funny you say that ’cause I was just talking to a parent about helping her kid figure out exactly what they needed to do. You have to have a schedule and you have to make yourself accountable to somebody. Whether it’s a parent or a coach or somebody like myself, you have to be accountable. Most of us wake up every morning thinking we need a day off.

Clay Clark: You know that Kobe Bryant, who obviously played for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of our mentors Z, is Coach Paul Pressey and he coached Kobe his final year there for the Lakers. One of the things that he pointed out to me that was crazy, is he said when other players get to the gym and almost every time, Kobe was already fully, he was drenched in sweat. He had already been practicing for a couple of hours and he said that his daily routine he was obsessive about it. So I want to ask you, because you’re a guy about routine, you’re a guy who, Z I mean you come across as-

Rob Zoellner: Yeah, before we start the show in the box that rocks I’m often drenched in sweat. And I mean you’re talking about getting up early and you guys are talking about your schedules you know and now that we’re doing the show 12 to 2 Monday through Friday, I mean I’ve gotta get up and be here by noon everyday. I mean, that’s … I’m committed.

Clay Clark: Here’s the thing is people see you as a spontaneous guy but I know behind the scene there’s things that have to get done and you make sure they get done. You will not let it drift at your business. If you see something is wrong and it gets on your radar and you go, I gotta blow that up, you do it. Aside from working with a business coach, how do you keep yourself from drifting?

Rob Zoellner: Well, you just gotta do first things first. You’ve always got your lists, your checklists of things that you’ve gotta do next. Things that you want to improve. I mean we have I’ve been fortunate, blessed we have the busiest optometric practice in the city of Tulsa and was that good enough? No, I just expanded and grew one of the offices. We just moved into it this week.

Clay Clark: You had a record month, did you not?

Rob Zoellner: A record month on top of that.

Jeff Rant: Congratulations.

Rob Zoellner: Yeah, busiest month we’ve ever had in it will be 26 years later on this year, so 25+. And I’ve already bought a new building where I’m gonna expand the other office. And people say, aren’t you busy enough and I’m like-

Clay Clark: You’re gonna expand your memorial?

Rob Zoellner: Yes, I bought a building two buildings down from it and I’m going to double the size of it and so-

Clay Clark: What is in there now? Can you disclose that?

Rob Zoellner: Yeah yeah it’s a building in there now if you it’s on the other side of the Long John Silver’s there by my office on Memorial.

Clay Clark: Okay, yeah.

Rob Zoellner: It’s a building that’s got a laser center in there, which I’m gonna leave in there. Okay. [inaudible 01:11:27] Laser Center.

Clay Clark: Really.

Rob Zoellner: It’s on the West side. The rest of it is 8,600 square feet so that’s gonna let me double the size of my optometric practice at Memorial but right now it’s Daisy Exchange but they’re moving out in July and the Victorious Tea Garden, which they found a new place and they’re moving out over behind Toys “R” Us so then I’ll have 8,600 square feet and I’m going to make it super, super cool. And today, my daughter did a Facebook Live on our Facebook, at the new location. She did a walkthrough of it ’cause she’s a doctor now in my practice.

Clay Clark: I don’t want to one up you ’cause I think there’s a habit that we all have to one up the other people, but I have to one up you. While you were out there expanding your massive facility, I planted 11 trees this weekend. I know the thrivers are going, “How is it possible?” I mean, he’s only expanding one building but numerically speaking, I planted 11 trees.

Jeff Rant: 11 trees.

Rob Zoellner: Here’s the key to your tree success, though.

Clay Clark: Okay.

Rob Zoellner: For those of you out there who want to know how to be successful in like the tree planting industry, and that is you have a son that does basically all the work.

Clay Clark: Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Rob Zoellner: He waters them, he fertilizes them, he takes care of them, he keeps an eye on them. I mean he is going to be like a landscaper deluxe.

Clay Clark: Now coach, I want to ask you this okay. On the habit of not drifting, right, my son is becoming an expert of landscape because he just commits, I mean literally, commits hours to it everyday watching every video he can. For somebody who’s listening in a world of business or basketball or whatever area, if they are drifting, what advice would you give them? Because everybody who I know that has started a basketball facility, except for you, everyone I know, has failed.

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