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Business Coach : Concept of Business Coaching

Stinger: [music] And now, oh, broadcasting from the center of the business coach universe, and The business coach world headquarters. Let’s go. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with Optometrist and Entrepreneur, Dr.Robert Zoellner, and the former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s The Thrivetime Show, on Talk Radio, 1170. Three, two, one, boom.
Clay Clark: Boom, boom, boom. Welcome back into the room. It’s The Thrivetime Show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, and today, do we have a show for you. We are honored to have you listen to this program. I can tell you are one of the elite minds out there. You, my friend, you could be listening to a political show. You could be the guy who buys like a newspaper at a QuickTrip and then you go and try to return the newspaper to get the money back after you’ve read the newspaper.
I’ve actually seen somebody attempt to do this before. You are not those kind of people. No, no, you are investing your time, and by the way, you can make a ton of money. You can always make more money but you can’t make more time. You’ve chosen to invest your time into your self-improvement. We are excited about the show we have for you today. My name is Clay Clark. I’m a former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, sit here, on a mission, to help you get yourself in the right financial situation, in the right financial position.
Today, we are talking about business coach. Specifically, what does a business coach do? Why do you need a business coach? Where did the concept of business coaching come from? So many aspects of business coaching but I’ll just take it up with this. If you’ve ever started a business, and you’ve ever felt yourself stuck, or if you currently own a business, and you feel stuck, and you have no idea how to take that business to the next level, then maybe, a Business Coaching is right for you. I guess the best example I could give you would be in sports.
If you’ve ever played a sport, many of us have played hockey. We’ve played baseball. We’ve played football. I know that my son played hockey there, for about a year and a half there.
When he played hockey, the coaches wanted to push every player to be the very best they could be. But by default, I find it highly unlikely that any of the parents, myself included, would take our kids to a given piece of ice.

Let’s assume, we did have the ice, I don’t know how many parents would take the kids to the ice, and then, methodically, teach skating, and to teach the kids to push them themselves to be the best stick handlers possible. I don’t know that many of us would push our kids to perform at their very best, athletic best, without a coach whose entire focus and mission is to do that.
Another example would be personal training. Many of us want to get in shape. Unfortunately, the statistics show that most of us are not in any physical shape we want to be in. The research has shown that when someone hires a coach, or has a class, or has a partner, who is in shape, who can push you, you will get far beyond where you would be by default if you didn’t have somebody pushing you. It’s no different in business but for some reason, in business, people feel like they don’t need to have a coach.
Therefore, they accept mediocrity and they get stuck in that rut. Benefit number one of having a business coach is you’ll have the support of a coach to give you honest feedback, and an integrated library of small business solutions to help you think strategically about long-term goals. Here’s a notable quotable for you, coming in hot from a Bill Gates’ and his Ted talks to be delivered on May of 2013. He says this. He says he is speaking to a group of educators.
He says everyone needs a coach. With no feedback, no Business Coach, there is just no way to improve. Now, I am sure that you, the listener who had never done this but if you don’t believe that — if you find yourself into believing that you have the ability to improve, if you begin to believe that you are stuck because you’ve always been stuck, and that’s why you are stuck, and now, it’s something else, you are going to start to say things like, “Well, it’s the economy really. I would grow better if we had a new president.”
Then, President Obama gets elected, and now, you are going, “Well, it’s going to take him a long time to make the changes needed to fix my industry.”
Then, President Trump gets elected and you are thinking, “Well, I could probably this time try a different side of political aisle. I hope he can help my business.” But at the end of the day, nobody is going to come and help you but you. Dr.Z and I, we care a lot about you and your business. We are obsessed with helping your business succeed but nobody cares about your business more than you. You’ve got to understand that.

You’ve got to become comfortable with that. You’ve got to understand that if you were not pushing yourself to be the very best you can be, and you are not just overwhelmed with solutions that will definitely work, if you find that your man-cave is not a library of case studies, if you find that your walls are not filled with the strategies and proven business systems, if you find that you don’t have the templates and the tools and the resources to grow your business, and you find yourself just working harder all the time, then you, my friend, need a business coach.
Now, reason number two of why you would need a business coach and how a business coach would help you, specifically, how would a business coach help you? Is the business coach will help you increase your revenue with turn key and proven systems. One of the business coaching programs that’s out there is called– this is a great program. It’s called Traction. The program was developed by Gino Wickman.
Again, that program is called Traction. This is a notable quotable that he says from his book called Traction. He says, “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest way to lose your diamond mine is to get bored.” To become over-ambitious– are you guilty of this?
Have you ever become bored with your business? Have you ever become over-ambitious or thinking that the grass is greener on the other side? Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Man, if I switch industries, I’m going to be better off than I was before.” You ever thought that? But when you switched industries, the problem was, is that you are everywhere that you are. Everywhere you go, you are there. Then, you bring the problem with you from job one to job two. I’m sure it’s not you.
I’m sure it’s other people listening to other shows.
The people listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show are the people who are thinking this way. But, the surest way to losing your diamond mine is to get bored, to become over-ambitious or to start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it. As an example, right now my son, we bought him his 48-inch Riding Husqvarna mower. Therefore, hid for Christmas. He is sitting right next to me, right now, in the man-cave, as we broadcast this episode of The Thrivetime Show. The thing was, when he got that mower, he has looked at other mowers too.
He knows about the riding mower. There is like, what other 60 something inch riding lawn mower. I’m not even sure. There’s a lot of riding mowers, circular, zero turn mowers. There’s mowers that glow in the dark. There’s mowers that have been created by alien planets. There’s mowers that will drive themselves. There’s mowers that you can– there’s all different kinds of mowers. But he has a 48-inch Riding Husqvarna. I want him to master that mower and to become the master of the mower before we move on to anything else.
He’s got to beget that thing to pay for itself. He’s got to make our– I want our yard to look like the inside of a Caesar’s Palace, the inside area. What’s the word?
I’m struggling to find that word. It’s the word in the middle where people gather. The commons maybe is what I’m looking for. Where they have the pool, and they have the landscaping. They have all that decor. I want my bushes, all my trees to be curly cue. I want to have the grass a perfect level. I want the pond to just never ever be anything but perfect. I want a fountain. I want to own a fountain. I want it all.
I want it all behind our walls. So, we are in the process of erecting a wall and the wall is going to be about nine feet tall. On the other side of the wall, we’re going to have full stone. He’s a nine-year-old but I want him to make this the total dojo of mojo.
Then, when he’s 16 years old, and that crazy guy has a driver’s license, I am going to get behind him and help him market his landscaping business. But here’s how it’s going to work. I don’t know if he knows this move but I’m only going to match him $1 for $1. Every time he puts a dollar in for marketing, I’ll match that dollar. That’s what I did with my brother-in-law but his business, The Elephant in the Room, men’s grooming lounge.
I’ve done it with so many other business opportunities but I’m telling you what? “There’s no way that I would give him any money for marketing.” There is no way that I would’ve invested any money in my brother-in-law’s business unless I knew that they knew the system.
Unless I knew that they were committed and unless I knew that they had the knowledge on how to create a turnkey way to increase their revenue. So, a coach is going to help you increase your revenue with these turnkey, proven processes, and systems. I’ll give you an example.Elephant in the Room are men’s grooming lounge. We now have three locations to serve you and the experience is awesome. So many men come in there and say, “Wow! that is awesome.” I mean the whole, barn wood and the Edison bulbs and the smell, “What is that smell? It smells so good.” The pinyon wood outside, the atmosphere, I don’t even know what it is. I mean it’s just awesome. Well, we had to get people inside of the business.
If I didn’t know how to get them to the top of Google, if I didn’t know how to launch no-brainer online ads, if I didn’t know how to design print pieces, if I didn’t know how to do strategic mailers, if I didn’t know how to run ads, if I didn’t know how to make YouTube commercials, if I didn’t have a team of graphic designers, if I did not have photographers, if I didn’t have videographers, if I didn’t have an entire team of business ninjas that were available to execute the business systems, then there’s absolutely no way that business would have succeeded even though the atmosphere, the experience– the product was good but there’s no way it would have succeeded without that team of business ninjas.
If you’ve ever found yourself where you’re going “Okay I need a team of business ninjas. I need a graphic designer.” that’s my ninja sound by the way. “I need a photographer.” [punch] that’s a punch. I need a search engine guy. [punch]
If I need a guy who just knows the whole strategy and talks those Asian movies back in the day the old Bruce Lee movies where they couldn’t match. They didn’t have subtitles yet, they hadn’t figured that out.
What they would do is they would have it was the subtitles were there but for they some reason they would have an American do the voice, an English speaking person do the voice but the face of an Asian ninja was on the screen. He would say stuff like “Come back here and I will fight you.” [punch]
If you don’t have an entire team of business ninjas who can help you grow your business for less money than you would spend on a barista, well then, you, my friend, are most people and that is why we built our business coaching platform here at
However, in fairness to our competitors who I believe are second best, third best, fourth best and fifth best, there are other programs out there. There is the traction program by Gino Wickman which is a very fine program.
It’s been written about, well-documented. Business Coaching  They’re a very successful company, very much more expensive than our program but then there’s also the E-myth program. E-myth by Michael Gerber. Michael Gerber, he wrote the E-myth, the book E-myth Revisited and used to be working on your business, not in your business he wrote that stuff okay.
The next program that exists that I believe to be a very good program is the Maui Mastermind program. The only problem is you have to spend $30,000 to go out to a seminar and if you don’t do that you got to spend, you got to sign a contract.
On business coaching programs has zero contracts. We include the entire team of business ninjas for less money than you would spend on hiring a full-time barista. When we come back we’re going to get into the other benefits, the other benefits of how a business coach can help you. How can a business coach help you grow your business?
If your business feels, if you feel stuck with your business, if you have a business and you feel stuck you definitely do not want to change the station because we’re going to get more into business coaching and help you create sustainable profits.
How to become profitable in a sustainable way, stay tuned, Thrive Time Show.


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