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Business Coach : Confidence And Creativity

Business Coach : Confidence And Creativity

-Confidence and creativity– Tim, how does being physically fit help entrepreneurs with their confidence and creativity.

-Well, you think about your view your brain and your thinking processes. If you’re in better shape, you’re breathing, you’re providing more oxygen to your brain. You’re going to think better. It’s literally a physiological thing that happens there. But also your whole attitude– when you get up early– and one of my recommendations here is like, well, I don’t have time to– and it’s a half hour, an hour. It’s 15 minutes there, 15 minutes back. A business coach can tell you this as well.

Just sit down. Do 200 crunches. Do 50 push-ups. It’s done in five minutes. You get your blood flowing. That’s what I did on the way out here myself. I fasted from a little bit of sleep last night. So it’s going to give you that confidence. It’s going to stir yourself up where you’re ready to take on the challenge. Again, the big battle is if you perceive the problem as being bigger than you, you’re going kowtow to it. You’re going to give into it. You’re not going to think that there’s a way around this.

-Now, there’s some powerful statistics I want to share it with the Thrivers here during this business coach training. This is from A great site. Dave Ramsey is a super fan of this site. So Dave Ramsey’s always talking about this. Dave Ramsey is a self help author– if you’re watching this– and radio talk show host. But he says “70% of wealthy people eat less than 300 junk food calories a day.” 70% of wealthy people eat less than 300 junk food calories per day. “97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories a day.” Do you see a correlation there? So Tim, Thomas Jefferson then hammers home. He’s the former president and former founding father. He says, “health is worth more than learning.”

TIM REDMOND: I read that quote and I’m thinking, wow, that is absolutely brilliant.

-Because we’re into learning. That’s what we do. That’s what Thrive is. But yet the statistics are overwhelming, that Thomas Jefferson is sharing this. And I’m going to give you another statistic here. This is one I’ve been doing some pretty intense research on my own. I went off the reservation. I didn’t run it by the Thrive board. And what I found was that 100% of the people that are dead, they’re not actually able to pursue their passions. You don’t need a business coach to know that.

TIM REDMOND: Wait, wait, wait. Has that been statistically and clinically proven.

-It’s a mystical statistical. It’s awe inspired. But they can’t increase their profits. They can’t make to do lists. They can’t spend time with family. There’s a lot of things that dead people can’t do. They can’t read a book. They can’t go to the beach. There’s a lot of things. I want to get into all of them. There’s just a lot of research that I’ve been doing here. So what I’m saying is, you have to take care of yourself.

-Phenomenal thought here. There’s this pastor of this huge 250,000 person church in Bogota, Colombia. And there’s this famous preacher who was there and he says, tell me about priorities. What are the priorities? What should be the order? He said, number one, your relationship with God. Because how can you speak from the public pulpit if you don’t have a private relationship? He said, number two– now I would figure number two would be about your wife and your kids and– he said number two, the second most important priority, is your body. He said, because it’s your only ticket to stay on this planet.

-Your body.

-Your body.

-Your only ticket to stay on this planet.

-And so you want to look at this as something you keep healthy, because you’re going to come in there– your business growth is going to require you to be confident, to be creative, to be energetic. You’ve got to be bigger than the problems that come your way.

-And you’ve got to be alive.

-Alive, alive, alive in the fire of desire.

-Ha. Moving on here. Now we’re moving on. Now Leonardo da Vinci, this guy’s legendary. Check this out. Let me just read some of the stuff he was good at. Don’t freak out. But he was a painter, a sculptor, an architect, a musician, a mathematician, an engineer, an inventor, an anatomist.

-Yeah. He pulled up dead bodies from the grave and he’d dissect them.

-That’s exciting. He’s a geologist, a cartographer, a botanist, and a– anyway, this guy was busy. And he says, “a well spent day brings happy sleep.” Tim, it’s important that we take care of our bodies and that we make sure that we treat it more like a temple and not like a bowling alley. Is that right?


-I’m a little distracted at the metaphor here. But, yeah–

-Maybe you’d take care of your bowling alley. I just typically don’t. I typically will put gum on the bottom of a chair, and I’ll–

-Well, look at the kind of food that’s served in a bowling alley. That’s the kind of food you don’t want to need to build your business. And if you have a bowling alley, and that is your business, then you can make choices on that. But you’ve got to have energy and confidence to move forward, to hover over–


We’re going to have to


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