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Transcript provide for business coach program.

Clay: If you google thrive15 conference reviews, conference reviews… not business coach reviews. you’ll know our next one is March 24th and March 25th, it’s a 2-day workshop. If you go to, you’ll get the information on the business coach conference. But I’m telling you what, these in-person workshops are great, but I’m selling you something, right? So [inaudible 00:28:08] they’re great, but yet I’m selling you something. We have a scholarship which is available for those who cannot afford the ticket price of $500 and I think it’s great, but just listen to that, thrivers, just marinate in what I’m saying. I think the workshop is great, and you’re going “That’s ’cause you’re selling it.” That’s right. So it’s good that I’m confident, but when you go read those reviews, it’s amazing when you hear people that are not being paid, who actually attended and they’re testifying and they’re sharing their own experiences. And so, Jeff, I want to ask you this, I mean, you’re an emotional intelligence expert. You have a lot of referrals you’ve generated.

You’ve been in Tulsa for years, doing what you do. Talk to me about how much easier it is to convert a lead that’s been referred to you than one that you’re maybe cold-calling or reaching out to.

Jeff: Oh, it’s incredible. Like on the counseling side of my business,  i mean I am not a business coach but I got a few doctors that send me patients, and basically, they don’t even ask me any questions, whereas if somebody sees me in the phone book or on the internet, they’ll call, they’ll want to know a lot of different questions, and so they just trust automatically. People are collegial in the way that they think, like when you and I think about something that we like like Star Trek for example, I see Captain Kirk. [crosstalk 00:29:15] Yeah, that’s not Spock but when we have a joint think about something, then it’s really a lot more- it’s the way we build trust like if Dr. Z and I get in a maze, and he gets out, he might stand out there and kinda laugh, but generally, the people that get out of the maze better will do it together. They’ll get together. They’ll get together, great, but you take a group of 8th graders and put them in a maze and they’re gonna walk together until they all get out or not.

It’s because they trust, they learn to trust that way. That’s why gossip is so important.

Clay: Oh, keep going. I think you had something else for us. You were saying gossip is so important?

Jeff: Oh man, it’s like, I don’t like gossip because it can be untrue and it’s untested, but the value of collegial thinking is what’s really important, that people think together, and that’s how they solve problems, and that’s how men and women through the ages have solved problems, is collegial. That’s why it matters.

Clay: Now, Braxton Fears, if you’re listening, or if you know Braxton Fears, send him a text and say “Clay Clark is bragging on you. My old partner before the business coach days, ” Braxton taught me the importance of taking a cold lead and using testimonials to warm it up, because we were doing commercial real estate and there’s this rule that he introduced me to from Jerry Vass’s book, called “Soft Selling in a Hard World.” Z, I think you’ll like this one.

Z: Oh, I like it already.

Clay: It’s called the Law of Credibility.

Z: Oh yeah.

Clay: And it says don’t say anything that you’re currently not proving.

Jeff: Yeah.

Clay: So, not that you could prove it, but that you’re currently not proving. So Braxton taught me this, and so as an example, we’re on the phone talking to somebody about their commercial real estate. And I said, “Hey now, as far as our service, we do three things and Fears and Clark that nobody else does.” One, we use cutting-edge technology, we’ll get you to the top of Google. Hey, are you in front of your computer? Yeah, go ahead and google “Tulsa commercial real estate.” You see how we’re topped? We’ll be doing that for you. Two is, we have a satisfaction guarantee. Are you in front of your computer? Yeah, go ahead and type in “reviews” and you can read those. And I published the cellphone numbers from clients that allowed me to do that, so you can call them. Three, and I just kept doing that.

Well, by the time that someone’s called somebody and talks to a testimonial who actually has used your services, they went from being a cold lead to a warm lead, and the biggest challenge I had was to say, “Mr. Smith, could you commit to calling 10 of my testimonials today or asking me for some that aren’t on that list and I’ll give them to you, but if you do your research, I know that you’ll find the truth and we can take care of you.” Powerful, powerful stuff. Testimonials are powerful.

Z: I heard, I heard a testimonial.

Clay: When we come back, we’re gonna be talking more about testimonials and whatever Dr. Z is hinting about.

All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your AM radio. My name is Clay Clark business coach, I’m the father of five human kids, the founder of, the founder of Camp Clark and Chicken Palace, what palace, we have through executive order ,this is not a political show, but we are now starting construction of the wall.

Z: I know, I’m so excited about the wall.

Clay: We picked out the stone this weekend

Z: I know, I know, it’s gonna be so awesome.

Clay: Let me walk you through the dimensions here, okay?

Z: Okay, here we go.

Clay: It’s gonna be about 28 feet wide, and it’s going to be about 8 to 9 feet tall with barbed wire behind it with a stone faux on the front, and there’ll be 3 pine trees in front and- six pine trees in front of the wall and six behind the wall. It will be an unpenetrable source of business coach fortitude.

Z: Once you get through it, it’s just paradise.

Clay: It’s beautiful.

Z: It’s just paradise.

Clay: I planted two fig trees yesterday. I planted four different apple trees. I’m planting trees everywhere. It’s starting to happen, and we picked up another bunny at Atwood’s. Things are going down at Camp Clark and Chicken Palace.

Z: What’s it like [inaudible 00:33:06] the bobcat, by the way? The bobcat that was raiding and pillaging your chickens?

Clay: I think if you’re listening to this show and you’re a member of the local law enforcement community or whatever, just turn this show off. There’s nothing wrong. You can- we encourage the people-

Z: Hit the pause.

Clay: Hit the pause, whatever. Yeah, and so I got a guy that I found who will do some things.

Z: Okay.

Clay: And so, I got a guy who will uh, do some things and I talked to the guy, said “So I need, I have a bobcat, and I need it to, you know let’s just say-

Z: Go away.

Clay: Go away.” And so he says, “No, my wife’s on the phone with the guy.” And she says, “So what’s gonna happen to the bobcat after you’ve captured it?” “Uh, we really don’t want to talk about that.” Seriously, that’s the depth of the conversation. So, that’s what we’re doing. We have now, we’re gonna trap this ravenous beast. I believe it ate all the raccoons too, because we used to have a big family of raccoons. I think this poor thing has eaten every life form it can get its hands on, and that thing is, he’s a chicken killer, and we’re gonna make it go away. We’re gonna make it go- we know a guy, see. Oh, wow, gee. Gonna kill budda, gotta make the bobcat disappear. I know-

Z: I’m gonna make that bobcat an offer it can’t refuse.

Clay: I’ve got-

Z: See a cat.

Clay: See, I got your list of items you want me to pick up from Home Depot. I got-

Z: The shovel!

Clay: The shovel, the bleach, all the clubs. It looks like troll- a lead pipe. What are we building here, is this like an erector set? I mean what- what are you gonna do, see, what are you gonna do?

Z: I don’t know, those animals are pretty clever. You gotta stay pretty far ahead of a bobcat to get him, I’m just saying.

Clay: You got that crazy look in your eyes, see. You look like some thing. See, what are you doing? Put down the lead pipe, put down the bleach, put down the glove!

Z: Take a walk!

You know, I just don’t want the bobcat association or any PETA organizations to, they probably should be- You know what we need to do, we need to do codeword. Let’s start calling bobcat, let’s calling them like “Larry Dog” and then we’ll know the-

Clay: I think this is what’s going on inside the Trump White House right now. The word “Putin” is actually his code word for something like a bob cat. So that’s why they’re saying “Putin” so much, that’s why CNN’s so upset with him, right now. He just keeps saying, “We gotta deal with Putin”. And they’re like, “Man, he keeps saying Putin!”, No, he means a bobcat.

Z: A bobcat, yeah.

Clay: Okay, so here’s the deal, thrivers and business coach clients. Now we’re answer the questions that you- we have questions coming in from you, coming in hot, and one of the questions we have was from a thriver wanting to know, “How do you use testimonials, why do you need testimonials, and what do you say when you’re gathering testimonials?” Well, here’s the deal. Testimonials will help you sell. What other people are telling their story, you will sell more. When other people are telling, you’re gonna do more selling, okay. So here are the questions that I would ask, and we’ll fire off the five questions. Question number one, what is your name and how did you originally hear about the name of the service or product? So it’d be like, “My name is Clay, and I heard about the service online.”

That way, if I did find it online, that’s my truth, then I would say, “So if you were describing the service or product to someone who’s never experienced it before, what makes it so unique?

Third question. Why would you proudly refer this product or a service to a friend or family member? Pretty- next question, if somebody’s not using this product or service, what are they missing out on? Okay, and as I go through and I script out four or five questions, they’re all open-ended questions. I didn’t say, would you recommend this product? Because here’s how that video would look when it’s edited. “Yes.” But if you say, “So tell me, why would you recommend this product to family and friends?” They typically would say, “I would recommend this product to family and friends because …” and it makes a better edited video when it’s all said and done, but you gotta get very, very good at gathering testimonials and if you want to know how to do it, go to, it’s the best dollar, Z, you’ve ever spent. The best dollar.

Z: I tell you what. You’ll spend a dollar on a lot of things throughout the rest of your life, I promise you that. But you’ll save yourself, I will not spend one better than getting that membership to You see, the thing about it is, we’ve done all the hard work, we’ve gone around the country, we’ve got these great mentors, like for example, Lee Cockerol, who used to manage Walt Disney. Lee Cockerol, yes. He does the time management portion, which, I tell you what, is huge, because most entrepreneurs I talk to say, “Why are you not getting this done or that done?” And nine times out of ten, the answer I get, Clay, is what?

Clay: They say, “I ran out of time.”

Z: I don’t have the time.

Clay: I got busy. A business coach stays busy.

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