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Business Coach The Deal Wheel

Transcribed for the business coach program at

Clay Clark: business coach Clay Clark here and Phil I want to ask you. You’re a master financial planner there. For anybody who’s new to the station. What is your website. How can people find out more about your financial planning company?

Phil Pickle: It’s is our website and you can go there and go under the financials services tab and see all that you would wanna see.

Clay Clark: I wouldn’t describe you as a funny man. Like oh this is Jim Carey, he’s a funny guy. You’re a man who appreciates humor-

Phil Pickle: Right. Right.

Clay Clark: You make people laugh.

Phil Pickle: Right.

Clay Clark: You’re kind of a little jokester there. Why is humor so important when you’re connecting with people?

Phil Pickle: It just puts people at ease. It also makes you come across as a person. We believe that we want our clients to get to know us, like us, and trust us, before they ever do business with us. I know that helps a lot. That’s one of the reasons why we do the cost recovery program.

If I can get in with the business owner and put money back in his pocket. First thing, before I even start talking about products. Or anything else that I can do for him. Before I show him the full scope, you’ve already put money back in his pocket. That relationship is off to good start.

Clay Clark: You can’t get the appointment … you know you can help people. Unless you’re meeting with them, you can’t help them.

Phil Pickle: Right.

Clay Clark: That humor sort of tills the way, tills the soil to get in there. If you’re listening right now and your struggling to script out humor or to discover humor. One, I’d recommend the book called Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Where he documents his journey to finding humor. I would also encourage you. There are five things that are funny and that’s all we have is our human race. One is the thing called the joke. I am not good at telling jokes but we’ve all met someone who is-

Robert Zoellner: Morris

Clay Clark: Half of selling the joke is what you do after you sell the joke.

Robert Zoellner: The timing- [crosstalk 01:02:15]

Clay Clark: We had a guy who came into our office here a few months ago. He goes, “hey guys, how you guys doing?” And we have a bar at the office. [inaudible 01:02:21] great. He said, “I gotta a joke for ya.” I said, “what’s the joke?” He goes, “well the other day, two guys walked into the bar, and they both said ouch.” The way he did it. The way he sold it afterwards. He’s, “you get it, you get it?” It really wasn’t funny funny. But he’s good selling the joke.

If you’re a joke seller, be a joke teller. Rule number two is random. A lot of times when you mix things that don’t fit together. It’s just as funny. A lot of times if you compare two unlike things, it’s funny. That’s why Steve Martin came out on stage wearing rabbit ears and a white suit. Cuz its like why does a man have rabbit ears on when he’s gonna do his comedy tour. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Third move is shock. I don’t have enough time to get into shock. But shocking is always a funny thing. That’s why Will Ferrell naked in movies is always funny.

Robert Zoellner: Always funny. You’re making me laugh.

Clay Clark: The fourth thing is stories. You have a great that ends in a funny way. The fifth is physical comedy. I would encourage you to figure out what is funny. We all know what funny isn’t. When you find something that is funny, that could be the first step in a great sales career for you. Z what’s the next move?

Robert Zoellner: The other thing too is that you always want to try and use really big words. That will make you sound more photosynthesis. Another thing that you are an expert at Clay. And that is when you get the no. How to ask one more time. All the moves. Go through all the little moves. You got your wounded dog. You got all your different moves you’ve done. Let’s say your closing the deal. You get that no. How do you ask one more time? How do you do that?

Clay Clark: Move number one, get out to the in-person Thrive Time Workshops because there I will teach you a half hour training of how to overcome every single sales objection that has ever been presented on the planet earth. It is awesome. The system is called the Deal Wheel. Here are the four parts of the Deal Wheel. Step number one, you always want to go (breathes in) and you want to make that sound and that sound makes the other person go oh oh oh-

Phil Pickle: We need some Deal Wheel music here- [crosstalk 01:04:21]

Clay Clark: Surly you do you …

Phil Pickle: This si the Deal Wheel music here.

Clay Clark: Tell me I’m not interested

Robert Zoellner: I’m not interested, no

Clay Clark: What do you mean by that?

Robert Zoellner: It means I don’t [inaudible 01:04:31]

Clay Clark: Let me ask you this, what’s the major cause, assume all the companies charge the same price, what’s the number one reason that you just don’t want to move forward today.

Phil Pickle: Well I just I don’t think I’m ready to commit

Clay Clark: Okay, well you know what we found is that a lot of people we work today, once felt exactly the same way that you feel now and what they found is by using our service they’re able to improve X, Y, Z, one, two, three, give you a bunch of facts, testimonials, which [inaudible 01:05:04] seems best. Pull them, turn around, works every time.

Robert Zoellner: Boom business coach boom!

Clay Clark: Its a ninja move now thrivers I’m telling you what we will teach you in depth intricacies of the Deal Wheel, we’ll teach you that at our in person workshop

Robert Zoellner: We got more Deal Wheeling coming up, when we come back, you haven’t done all of your Deal wheel moves on me.

Clay Clark: Got to get registered for our next in person workshop we’ll see you soon, stay tuned. If you are listening to this show, because you were born in this great country. If you’re listening to this show, because you’ve moved into this country. If you are listening to this show, because somehow your radio was stuck on this station in this country and you can’t turn it off. You can’t mute. Either way we welcome you in to the Thrive Time Show. Where our entire focus is helping you to improve your level of financial and time freedom. If you are born in this USA you are so fortunate to be here its kinda like you’ve won the genetic lottery when you’re in the United States. Whether you moved here, whether you’re born here. There’s never been a greater time to start a business then right now and according to Forbes, 57% of the people listening to this show and 57% of the people in our country want to start a business at some point. We are honored to be here with you. To teach you the stuff behind the stuff.

Join with us today. Inside the box that rocks we have Dr. Robert Zoellner. The co-host with the most.

Robert Zoellner: Oh thrive nation. How you doin out there?

Clay Clark: How you doin?

Robert Zoellner: How you doin?

Clay Clark: And we have a man who’s celebrating a birthday today. It’s a man who … if you want to get out of the financial pickle that you’re in. If you want to get financially free. He is one of the cities top financial experts, top financial planners. It is Mr. Phil Pickle. Phil how are you?

Phil Pickle: I’m doing great. Glad to be here and visit with you outside of our business coach meeting.

Clay Clark: Do you ever get asked to be a male model? How often do you get asked to be a male model? I know we asked you to be on the show today as a radio guy. How often are you going, no, I can’t. I don’t have time to be a male model today. I’ve got a lot of other things going on. How often are you asked?

Phil Pickle: Two or three times a week. At least. I always say, no. I’m sticking to the radio.

Clay Clark: Oh man. If you’re on Facebook live right now. It’s really a buffet of beauty. It’s just Dr. Z, and Phil. Two doctors. Dr. Phil, Dr. Z. Wow. Hopefully you’re not heavily medicated thrivers you want to take in this glory as it is. It’s beautiful.

Robert Zoellner: It’s a beautiful thang. And when we left, right before the break. We were going over the Wheel Deal. We’re talking about the 12 commandments to closing a deal. You as a boss, you as a manager, you as a person in charge. Today’s show is all about how you can encourage, put pressure upon people, to do the things they need to do. We’re giving you the 12 steps that you can help them closing the deal.

Number seven was, ask one more time. When you get the no, you continue on with the ask. We have a system here at Thrive. If you show up at our in-person workshop, March 24th and 25th. You’ll get all the details of that. We call it the Wheel Deal. Clay was going over a little bit of it. He went over the one that first passes … right before the break. Do a little more of Wheel Deal before we go to number eight.

Clay Clark: The Deal Wheel or the Wheel Deal, either way, the idea is that there’s a circular reasoning method. What happens is as humans none of us want to be confronted by a sales person and point out to us that we’re wrong. I’m going to use an example. Phil will be the sales person in this example. I am the person who is looking into the product. Okay.

You have a product. Correct me if I’m wrong. That’s called the credit card monitoring product. Okay.

Phil Pickle: That is correct.

Clay Clark: Educate the audience. Why in the world would anybody want to know about this program? This is what I would tell a business coach client.

Phil Pickle: It’s an analysis and a monitoring program for your credit card transaction fees.

Clay Clark – business coach: Okay.

Phil Pickle: Or your swipe fees. There’s thousands of mistakes made on those. It’s costing business owners’ money. We have a program that’s going to put that money back into their pockets. That’s savings

Clay Clark: Let’s say I have a restaurant and I do about $2,000,000 a year of sales. On average how much money could I be saving if I have you analyzed program? A business coach can help you put these items together.

Phil Pickle: On average for restaurants about 32,000.

Clay Clark: I’m a restaurant owner and your claiming that with the audit you guys could do. You could potentially give me $30,000 back in my pocket that I’m owed and you get a check to me. Is this what you’re saying?

Phil Pickle: That is correct.

Clay Clark: thrivers and business coach clients look at this scenario. He knows he could give me $32,000 after auditing my company. Because he knows the system and how to get me money back. Lets just say that … if you’re listening right now, I want you to doubt what Phil is saying and challenge him. Say yeah, audit my business. What can you save me. Doubt the guy. Challenge him. Trust but verify. Take the challenge.

I’m over here going, I’m not interested. You know that you can help me. You know that what you have can help me. If that is the scenario that you the thriver find yourself in, than you owe it to yourself to Deal Wheel. If you go out on the limb. That’s where the fruit is.

Here is the business coach deal wheel – Step number one, is you want to suck air through your teeth. What do you mean by that? You have to ask it like your either mildly mentally deficient, or you’re sincerely clueless to how the planet works. Either way-

Robert Zoellner: Yeah.

Clay Clark: The person just told you, I don’t have time to buy, and you go (breathes in air) so when you say you don’t have time to buy. What do you mean by that? You have to sound like you’re a gentle man. Like you’re a sweet man. You’re a gentle sweet- [crosstalk 01:10:43]

Robert Zoellner: With about a third grade education.

Clay Clark: Yeah, but you have to be … The late night commercial. The guy who’s typically asking us to donate to some cause. That’s how sweet of a man. You gonna be like … who was the guy who actually was Santa Clause. It was Christopher Cringle or something was his name.

Robert Zoellner: Chris Cringle. I think was a business coach right? Wait… was he a business coach or santa? i can’t remember.

Clay Clark: Yeah. So, your actually the original, the originator of Santa. That’s how sweet you are. You’re the kind of man who just, your at the city park petting a bunny and you’re happily married with five kids. Your like is this person really that sweet of a man? That’s how disturbing-

Robert Zoellner: Yes, yes, yes.

Clay Clark: Than they go, now’s not a good time to buy right now Phil or to meet because I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Tax season’s right around the corner. I don’t have time to audit my credit cards. Once you’re that far … what would … once you’ve got them to actually present the real objection. How would you overcome that Phil?

Phil Pickle: In this case, I would simply say that we were talking about thousands of dollars back in your pocket. Really we’re doing the analysis, we’re going to take that away from you where it’s not going to take your time.

Clay Clark: Oh really. Wow

Phil Pickle: Then, we’re also not going to charge you anything if we can’t get you any money back.

Clay Clark: See here’s where I would pile on with what Phil just said. Then I would say there’s the phrase. Somebody needs to write that down. What you say. It’s most people. Well most … you’re exactly right. You need to write that down. You say, you know most people that we work with felt exactly the way that you feel now, and you’re exactly right. What we found is that we just get the information from you now. It takes about 15 minutes. We go back to the office, we do all the leg work and when you get a check for $30,000 or $15,000, or let’s say you just get $5,000 back from us doing all the work and you taking 15 minutes. You’re gonna be thankful that I asked you again. So when’s a good time to do this?

Robert Zoellner: Boom.

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