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Business Coach Dealing With A Growing Business

Transcribed for the business coach program at

Clay: So when you see, I say this because I’ve met optometrists who maybe see a hundred patients in a week, and you’re seeing hundreds and so what happens is I didn’t know how to track the data. I didn’t know how to track the improvement, how to systemize it and, but I didn’t know how to sell it. And so today on the show, we have Coach Calvert. He’s the founder of and a business coach client. Coach, how are you, my friend?

Coach Calvert: I’m doing really good.

Clay: And I’m bragging on you a little bit, you’ve now built what is unquestionably the largest, most successful, basketball, full time basketball coaching facility in Tulsa, and we’re talking about tracking the progression, how Dr. Z would come into your business, and help enhance the system, because if you already have a coaching system that works, but you want to teach it to many many coaches now, you’re gonna tell us how to track, maybe your tip or what you would do if you’re the head of Score B-Ball and you wanted to scale that business into different cities, and make it a repeatable system.

Z: Yeah, during the break, I was actually deep diving with Coach on just his system and the walk up and the break down and so, basically when a kid comes in, there’s five levels that he could be in, correct?

Coach Calvert: Yes.

Z: Yeah, and so you do a quick little workout, and you ascertain which of those levels he’s in, and then you talk to the parents about that’s the one, you charge a monthly fee so the kid can come as often like a gym membership, right?

Coach Calvert: 5 or 6 times a week, yes.

Z: So, it’s like a gym membership, so he can boom boom boom. And you limit your coaches. You have 3 currently now on staff, you limit them to either 7 to 8 kids in their particular class, right?

Coach Calvert: Yes.

Z: And that’s huge. That’s huge, why? Because if you get many more kids than that with the one coach, he loses attention. The kids are over there chasing butterflies and squirrel and you know, trying to piddle with each other, they’re not paying attention. So it’s important that you have a small amount.

Coach Calvert: Yeah.

Z: And now what you have to do, from what I’m listening from [inaudible 01:08:57], each one of those coaches has to, and they’ll fuss about it a little bit, it’s like, wherever you give your employees something else to do, and this happens all the time.

Clay: Am I gonna get paid more?

Z: They fuss about it. I don’t know, it’s like-

Clay: [crosstalk 01:09:09]

Z: Wait a second, this wasn’t in day one. It’s, why am-

Clay: When I left early on Friday, I don’t feel like I should have to pay, be paid less, but now they’re giving me something else to do, I want to be paid more.

Z: They gotta have a clipboard and they gotta be taking notes throughout their training dill. Whistle around their neck, they gotta have that clipboard, they have to be taking notes because, here’s what’s gonna happen. If they don’t take notes, your memory’s not good enough. I know you’re walking the floor, you’re looking at all the kids, you’re overseeing, you maybe even have your own group of kids over here, each one of those kids has got to be accountable because you measure four different categories, right, and you scale them one to ten. Correct?

Coach Calvert: Now, I am not a business coach… Just a basketball coach but yes.

Z: Okay. And so I think you could actually probably do more categories and you could probably have a bigger scaling system so more information, the better. In other words, your four that you break them down to, go other them again, they are:

Coach Calvert: Ball handling.

Z: Ball handling …

Coach Calvert: Footwork.

Z: Footwork.

Coach Calvert: Your jumper.

Z: Your jumper. Your jump shot, right?

Coach Calvert: Yeah, jump shot and how you attack the basket.

Z: Okay, so is that the fourth one?

Coach Calvert: No, and then your fourth one is just the defense of the building.

Z: Oh, your defensive footwork?

Coach Calvert: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Z: Okay. So these are four things that you’ve broken down, that if I can get a ten out of ten on those, then I move on to the next level, or how does that work? Now for you business coach clients you need to find a way to relate what coach just said to your own business.

Clay: I have a little thing I want to bring up, that kinda validates your thing, your point. Um, I have a little thing that validates your thing. No, but I have a concept that validates what you’re saying. The Patriots just signed wide receiver, Michael Floyd, and they signed him because he was a guy-

Coach Calvert: He knew [crosstalk 01:10:37]

Clay: No, he was- they signed him, right, off of waivers, and it wasn’t like Bill Belechick goes, Oh Bill Belechick, wouldn’t he be a great business coach, butBill Belechick goes “Oh my gosh, I have this idea! We should sign this guy! No, no, he took notes, and he said, “If this guy ever comes available, he’s on our list.” More recently, this just happened a couple days ago. They ended up signing a wide receiver named Brandin Cooks, and I love the off seasons, because I never knew what they’re gonna do, but they’re tied in, who filled in for Gronkowski Bennett. He came out in the press and said he wants a $9,000,000 deal and Patriot rule number one is do not talk about your contract, so they traded for a obscure tied in I’ve never heard of from the Colts and-

Z: He’s actually a pretty good one. He’s not obscure.

Clay: Well, but I mean-

Z: You just don’t follow the Colts at all, so-

Clay: I’m saying for me though, as a fan, I don’t have any, people say, “Well, how does Bill Belechick” know all these players? I mean, there’s so many players!” He makes a list of guys that he wants to have, if he could. And one of them was, he was watching a practice squad, it was the Saints practicing with the Colts, or with the Patriots.

Z: Yeah, 13 years ago, yeah.

Clay: And he notices this guy, Brandin Cooks, in the practice, he’s like, “This guy’s not a number one or a number two,” [inaudible 01:11:40], but that guy’s good. If we could ever get him, I want that guy. And every year, they just keep signing these guys and I’m so excited to watch the new roster and hear “Brandin Cooks, welcome to the team, baby, yes!”

Z: That is a serious move and the reason why he knew and I love this, and he takes detailed notes on every player in the league, so he can know that, but he also measures and tracks things that you wouldn’t think about. The way a business coach would think about your business with you. They break down the film and it’s not, he wants a wide receiver, that maybe it’s not yards they caught, it’s not yak yards after catch, it’s not how many catches they did, but how will they block?

Clay: Yeah, he tracks the ste- I’m not sure how they do it, but I read about it in his book and I’ve heard another, I watched the Patriots show cup about this, but he tracks how many game breaking blocks that he sets, so if he sets a block that makes another guy now able to get into the end zone easier, he tracks that. If you’re a defensive end or a defensive lineman, he tracks turnarounds, which is where you don’t get a sec, but you keep the ballcarrier from leaving the pocket or from going where they want to go and he tracks that, and it’s unbelievable, but taking those notes, there’s no way for those coaches to do this here. If they don’t take notes on that clipboard. A business coach has a clipboard by the way.

Z: You have to take the notes, you have to put the time into it, and you have to tell those guys, “Hey, you can’t just think you’re gonna memorize seven or eight kids at the end of the day, write it down.” And they gotta say, “Well, I don’t want to take the notes while I’m doing it, I need my hands free, I need this.” You gotta have a system where they can take the notes as they’re doing, ’cause they’re, what, an hour each session? How long are they?

Clay: An hour.

Z: An hour. Yeah, so they have to be taking the notes so that therefore, they can sit down and talk with the parent with the kids, and they can also monitor where they’re going and you can track it and you can follow it and you can see it but without those, you know, it’s up to someone then to try to memorize every kid, try to memorize where they were that day, and they try to remember it, regurgitate it for the parents, because they want to know that stuff. They’re paying the money and they want to know how little Billy’s doing, you know, so-

Robert: And just to make sure I’m following you guys, because I know I work with a lot of different business owners, who sometimes have difficulty scheduling the time needed to sit down and keep track of things, you guys are actually saying that you need to sit down, take notes, write it out and keep track. Like Bill Belechick, how much time do you think he spends just watching film?

Clay: Uh, well I do know a lot of his stuff because I’m obsessed with the Patriots in an unhealthy way, but one thing that Bill Belechick, again not a business coach, does, is he analyzes game fill to the point where any player coming on to the team for the first time, Jake Long, who was assigned with the team last year, used to be on the Rams, he said, being on the Patriots is like going to school, and he, Bill Belechick will literally quiz players before the game to make sure they know their assignments after watching the game film. Unbelievable. Learn more.

Ah, see, I don’t even want to talk. This music is so incredible. “Hey Jude”, are you kidding me? Can we go ahead and let it play for a good 30 seconds, can we do that?

Z: I think we have the technology.

Clay: Okay, well, let’s just make it happen. Thrivers and business coach clients, if you know the words, feel free to sing along. If you’re at work, just tell the guy next to you, “Listen, bud, this is my jam.” Aw, yeah.

Z: And if his name’s Jude, it’s kind of a boner. It’s kinda like, “Hey, Jude, come listen to Hey Jude.”

Clay: Unbelievable. I’ve never met a guy named Jude. Would you trust a guy named Jude?

Z: I actually know a young man named Jude.

Clay: Really, you ever say to him, “Hey, Jude?”

Z: Yeah, when he was little, that’s his name, so you say, “Hey, Jude.” Yeah.


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