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Business Coach : Decide Your Mood

Business Coach : Decide Your Mood
-These are the people we get to have these– to me it’s comfortable. Uncomfortable? No, it’s comfortable. I want to get rid of people that aren’t helping me. Just listen. You need to find a work environment that rewards the way you work. That’s corporate-speak for saying you need to find a pathetic environment that will reward your pathetic behavior and your low-energy behavior. Because it doesn’t work. A business coach will tell you that.

-I want to say this for anybody out watching this right now who’s kind of offended and upset. I think it’s important that we get this.

-You think I offended somebody?

-Probably. It’s good, though. I think it’s good. I know that for me, growing up and trying to start a company and these sorts of things, you have your staff meeting or business coach meeting, and everybody’s always tired. And you talk about thermodynamics– everything stays in motion until it encounters a force greater than or equal to itself.

TIM REDMOND: Or it stays still and doesn’t move.

-And I know you’ll run into people are like– so, I guess I’ll get on the phone a little bit later today. No, no– right now. In this second, you need to get on the phone. And I think it’s important– if you’re watching this and you’re having a hard time growing your company, it’s either because you are not bringing the enthusiasm you need or because you’re encountering opposition from people who are slowing you down. And you have to have that discussion with yourself and ask yourself– are you being the right character?

In the same way that any great movie always has a character, and there’s a plot, and there’s adversity, and there’s some type of conflict resolution, in business, a character that has to be in every movie is the enthusiastic person. Every business coach has to have that character. You can get mad at it– you can get bitter– or you can get better and decide that you’re going to turn on the jets there.

This is a question I have here for you. Napoleon Hill wrote a lot about how people should keep a log, actually a thing called an enthusiasm log, where we would actually write down the circumstances that have inspired us and the manifestations of that enthusiasm. So basically, whenever something awesome happens and you’re feeling– Eureka!– write it down. And then write down all the things that really demotivate you. So you can start to learn how to motivate yourself. Do know what motivates you? Do you know that? Have you discovered, at this point in your life, what motivates you? A business coach can help you discover what motivates you.

-I got different stages of that. There’s was a movie about this boxer called the Cinderella man. He’s played perfectly by the actor in there. He’s asked– why do you put your life at risk? Why are you going out there to fight this? And he had a one-word response. He said– milk. Milk. And it goes back to this time where he saw his family having to water down the milk, down to where you could hardly see that it was white. And his family was struggling, and it’s just barely getting by and not even getting by. And it motivated him to say– I am not going to put my family back where they can’t even get the milk for their cereal.

What motivates me sometimes, Clay, is I’ve made some big mistakes. I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have had to tell my clients– let me make sure I disclose this– that I have had to start from zero. I’ve gone from a couple million dollars in net worth down to zero, and I’ve had to build back up. And I’ve done that primarily because of stupidity, primarily because I didn’t listen to God’s sexy voice in my life. I didn’t listen to my wife on some things– I want to do it!

And I go back to say I want to make sure. I do it because I don’t want the pain of struggling for milk. That’s part of it. The other part of it, I motivate myself to say you know what? I have been created uniquely to express this unique aspect– for me, personally, of God’s heart in the world. This compassion, this creativity, this possibility.

I have had more than a dozen things that should have killed me during my time, to push me down and to put me in this box. And I know that every time it does that, when I look at that, I am motivated to say I’ve got something big that the world desperately needs. I am convinced that the world is starving for what I have.


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