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Business Coach – Discover The Problem

This business coach content is written for the world’s best business coaching radio show, The Thrivetime Show.

Clay Clark discovered a problem and developed a solution. The area he lived in did not provide a service in the marketplace that delivered customizable and consistent entertainment services for weddings. His solution was to invest his time and energy to discover a new entertainment service. He developed the award-winning DJ Connection. He became the U.S. SBA entrepreneur of the year, metro chamber entrepreneur of the year, US chamber national blue ribbon quality award winner, 40 under 40 Oklahoma Magazine award winner, one of the Oklahoma’s fastest growing businesses. Why?  To solve a problem. Do you have a problem with your business?  You need a good business coach. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 to find solutions. Go to his award winning Thrivetime Show radio show and learn the ins and outs of good business.


Are you likely Clay Clark? Have you found a solution to a problem? Do you want to turn it into a business? There is no reason that you have to do all the work yourself when someone has already paved the way. Clay Clark has made great strides in making the business of creating a new business much easier. He is coaching business is like none other. Let him help develop your new business seven times faster through business coach.

As an entrepreneur,you will need the services of many business. This can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. As a start up business, the issue of money can be a major problem.  When you use the business coach, Thrive 15, you will save thousands and thousands of dollars. Clay Clark has made it possible to use one company to get all your needs met as an entrepreneur. Thrive 15 offers exceptional services in the area of online marketing, advertising, management training, social media, business development and branding. They also offer graphic design,  website design, advertising, IT tech support, workflow design plus many more.

Clay Clark has written many books on the subject of business. One of these books, the Wheel of Wealth, is an entrepreneur’s action guide.  It is a very simple practical guide that is a step-by-step process that teaches specific action steps the entrepreneur needs to  take to start and grow a successful business. Clark states that if you do everything in this book ,you can make millions. Who doesn’t want to make millions? By using his coaching business, Who doesn’t want to make millions? By using his coaching business, Thrive 15, you too can make millions. Go to his website at the drivetime and see what his business offers.

Many businesses have sought his help and become successful. They became financially stable and independent bring their time so they can concentrate on the important things in life. Some of these  companies are: Southwest Airlines, Barbee Cookies, IBM, Boeing, QuikTrip, ORU,Valspar Paints, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Farmers Insurance and many more. Clay Clark 855-955-7469 and Dr Z cohost the radio talk show the Thrivetime Show, the business show that offers practical insights to the business entrepreneur. Go to his website for more information at the

Business Coach – Expertise.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Are you having trouble investing in your business? Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the perfect answer. There are many different opportunities to invest every day. You might need to invest in a virtual assistant. You might need to invest in a marketing agency. The list goes on and on. The only way to invest, in the correct opportunity, is to have someone experienced show you the way. When you find an experienced business owner, they can give you the corrected method for growth. The greatest investment for your business is through business coaching. The coach can give you the right steps, keep you accountable, and help you grow seven times faster. The best resource to find more information is the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark, the car owner, will answer your questions at 855-955-7469.

The correct steps to take is crucial to success. When owning a business, you do not want to take two steps forward and one step back. Investing in business coach will allow you to find the exact linear path to success. Coaches have plenty experience. They have built their own businesses from the ground up. Coaches have also guided many other business owners into their success. Allow your business to start ahead. When starting a their business, your coach started from square one. Mistakes were made along the way, and lessons were learned. The mistakes of their clients have given them further experience. Start out ahead and with advantage.

You need a coach to keep you accountable in business growth. When answering to yourself, it is easy to allow excuses to slide. Business coaching will get rid of excuses. You will receive an agenda each week with a deadline on each task. Receiving a deadline will give you motivation to complete tasks sooner. When you complete a task, it brings you closer to success. Stay accountable. Stay on track.

Lastly, grow seven times quicker. When starting a business, you aren’t an expert on growth. A coach is an expert on business success. Because of this, you save time by not having to research every article and podcast about success. Time is money. Investing will allow you to focus on the tasks you really need to focus on. Your coach has done all the legwork for you. They have researched the exact formula to success. Trust in their ability and save time.

What is keeping you from investing? Do you know this investment will be worthwhile. The next step is to research business coaches. You need to find a phenomenal business coach to grow your business. There are many scams out there that want you to believe you can get rich quick. Owning a business requires dedication. Owning a business also requires a lot of hard work. A business coach will take a load off of you because they know the exact strategic actions. For more strategic actions for growth, go find the Thrivetime Show by Clay Clark and Dr. Z. They will answer your growth questions at 855-955-7469.


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