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Business Coach – Don’t Give Up

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

At the you will meet 2 absolutely incredible men. These men have years of experience in entrepreneurship and business coach. Between them, they have a combination of off the wall humor, explosive energy, and desperately important information every entrepreneur needs. I say desperate, because without their insights and tools, proven strategic steps of action and skill set, you can flounder, grow slow, pay big big bucks for something they offer as a membership at an extremely affordable cost.  Listen in on the Thrivetime Show, where you can be a fly on the wall and experience for yourself what I am writing about. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and make that change happen today.

Hosts Clay Clark, serial entrepreneur, and Dr Z, entrepreneur extraordinaire and investor, go round after round after round explaining and exhausting each essential  topic of business. They host daily guests that share from their own experiences how they got where they are today. Why pave the way yourself when someone has already made the first pass and is willing to share their dos and don’ts in this business? Business Coach is taken to the extreme with these two. They leave nothing out and go so far they are politically incorrect sometimes. They don’t tip toe around but instead if it will help your business they will get brutally honest.

I said they have taken business coach to the extreme. I’ll let you decide. Thrive 15 was created with the entrepreneur at heart. It is a company that was developed to meet every need of the entrepreneur and their dream business. They conduct 2 day business workshops which are comprehensive and intensive. They have the Thrivetime Show and podcasts that relate business as no one has ever done before. Clay Clark has written book after book on business and entrepreneurship. They offer a free 30 minute business strategy session, after which you will ask yourself… if they offer that fro free, just imagine what I will get when I join forces with them!!  They offer access to 1000+ videos,one on one coaching. They offer a free 90 minute meeting with a Thrive business coach so you can see how your business will grow with their proven strategies. All this just for you and your business, so you too can get to the top of your game and be a success.

8 out of 19 entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months. – Forbes. How sad is that? Everything they invested, all their time, their energy, their dreams, their money, all for nothing. That doesn’t have to be you.  Thrive 15 has never met a business that has not flourished under their guidance. And that is as it should be. That is what they do best. That is Thrive 15’s expertise. That is Thrive 15.

Don’t miss out on what can change the face of your business. IBM did not. Farmers Insurance did not miss out. QuikTrip made the choice. Boeing took the step. American Airlines made the call. You will be in good company when you call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and schedule your free 30 minute phone call. Or go to the Thrivetime Show and schedule your first 90 minute coaching session for free.

Business Coach – Invest Wisely.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

What is the best way to invest in your business? You are starting to grow and can’t handle the work yourself. Do you invest in a website designer? Do you invest in a marketing agency? The list goes on and on. Each day you are faced with a brand new opportunity to invest. The options become extremely overwhelming and you just don’t want to think about it anymore. What if I told you there was a solution to all of this? The best way to invest in your business is through business coach. They have experience, the right moves, and accountability. MAny resources will tell you this is correct. The only resources you need for you business is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, loves to answer your exact questions at 855-955-7469.

Why do you need experience in your business? You started your business a couple months ago and haven’t seen the growth you want to see. You decide to take on every role possible because you need you be a ‘true entrepreneur’. While it is great to learn everything about your business, you need an expert to give you the interpretation of your efforts. When you make a marketing effort, do you record the numbers, profits, cost per customer, etc? How do you know if the marketing effort was a success or failure? You won’t. Business Coaching will be there to interpret the numbers you need to scale. Your business need to keep moving forward. This is very important.

You also need to invest in business coaching because they know the right moves. You won’t ever have to wonder what to invest in next. The question of what to get done each week will not be a thing anymore. A business coach has built their own business. They have built countless other businesses as well. Trust in their expertise and allow them to show you the correct next moves. You may know what moves to take in your business. Do you know in what order to take them? Your business needs to know the linear path in order to gain traction. Gain traction today with a coach. Do not let yourself wonder if you are doing the right steps. Gain experience in your business right away.

Lastly, you need the accountability from a coach. They won’t let you make excuses. That is what a coach is there for. Success of your business is important to them. Coaches succeed when you succeed. If you allow yourself to answer to only you, you will get lazy. You need someone to keep up with what you are doing in your business. A coach will be right next to you. Leading business owners into growth is what they know. Allow a coach to get rid of all your excuses. It cannot be a thing anymore.

A Coach is the exact thing you need for your business. YOu won’t have to listen to every podcast known to man, anymore. Business growth will come easier for you. Growth will be the byproduct of using a coach. There is one place you need for your business information. The answer is Clay Clark, on the Thrivetime show, gives you every nugget of knowledge you need for success. Don’t believe me? Call them at 855-955-7469 with any questions.


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